How to freeze corn in grains

How to freeze corn in grains

Now we freeze a lot of vegetables and fruits. This method of preparation is just perfect - it does not require the addition of sugar, salt and other preservatives. Products are natural and retain the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins.

Of course, this method of preparation requires the presence of a freezer in the refrigerator or a separate freezer. It’s good that almost everyone has the possibility of freezing. You can store a lot of vegetables and fruits in the freezer. Some of them we froze before, and some will be laid in the freezer for the first time.

Frozen corn is just a universal billet - you can add it to a delicious salad, cook a pizza, scrambled eggs or closed pie.

Also with it you can cook a variety of vegetable stews, vegetable soup or diet casseroles.

Cooking time - 20 minutes

Number of servings - 1

What does it take to freeze the corn beans:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Water
  • Ice cubes

And also:

  • Pan
  • Sharp knife
  • Packages for freezing
How to freeze corn in grains


Corn choose sugar varieties, it is not only very tasty, but also the time of its preparation is only 15-20, since the usual stew for 2-3 hours. We clean the corn from hairs and green leaves. With a sharp knife cut off the grain.

The first row of grains may be spoiled, but further it will be easier. Just cut row by row, slowly moving in a circle.

How to freeze corn in grains

Pour the grains in boiling water and cook for 3 minutes, during which time individual grains will be fully prepared.

How to freeze corn in grains

Strain and pour with cold water, pour ice cubes.

How to freeze corn in grains

After the corn has cooled, pour it into a colander. Excess liquid during freezing damages products and the freezer.

How to freeze corn in grains

We expect a half hour-hour, not only should the water flow from the grains, but they should dry out a little. To freeze, scatter the corn in one layer on a tray and send in the freezer.

How to freeze corn in grains

Pour into freezer bags or containers and return to the freezer.

How to freeze corn in grains

Corn can be put in the freezer and on the cob, it will be just as tasty, but it takes a lot of space, which is not suitable for everyone.

Here we are with you and prepared a tasty and healthy freeze. How you will keep it - no matter what, the main thing is not to thaw the corn and not to freeze it again - this will spoil the taste and color of the corn.

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