Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter is a healthy snack. How to ferment eggplants with carrots for the winter - a selection of the best blanks

Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter is a healthy snack. How to ferment eggplants with carrots for the winter - a selection of the best blanks

Sauerkraut, pickled apples and pickled cucumbers are popular in our country, but not every hostess cooks pickled eggplants. But it is worth at least once to try this snack, and you will make it every year, because pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter is incredibly tasty.

Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter - the basic principles of cooking

For fermentation, select young fruits of medium size with a thin skin. Vegetable should be tight and elastic. Sluggish, or eggplant, which lay in the refrigerator for a long time, will not work. And of course, eggplants should be free from damage and signs of rot.

Eggplants, before making sour, do not peel. They are well washed under a tap and pruned stalks.

It is advisable to sour eggplants in a wooden, earthenware or enamel pot, but glass jars can also be used. No matter what kind of dishes you use, it must be thoroughly washed and treated with boiling water a couple of times.

Prepared eggplants prick in several places and boil until soft in brine, which is prepared at the rate of a spoonful of table salt per liter of drinking water. Then the vegetables are removed with a slotted spoon and placed in a colander to get rid of excess water.

Eggplant is cut lengthwise, not finishing the cut. Carrots are ground on a coarse or Korean grater, or crumbled into thin strips. In addition to carrots, other vegetables are used, such as onions, peppers, garlic, or cabbage. Vegetables can be used raw, or fry them until soft in vegetable oil.

Eggplants are stuffed with prepared stuffing and tightly placed in a prepared container. Prepare a pickle from drinking water, salt, spices and sugar and pour vegetables into it. Leave for a couple of days at room temperature, and then incubated for another two weeks in a cold place.

Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter can be cooked whole, or cut them into pieces.

Recipe 1. How to ferment eggplants with carrots and cabbage


eggplants - five kilograms;

vegetable oil - 150 ml;

half a pound of cabbage;

150 grams of greenery;

carrots - 250 g;

half a pound of onion.

Method of preparation

1. Clean the onions and carrots. Wash and chop well: onions - half rings, and carrots on a coarse grater. Rinse greens, shake off excess moisture and finely crumble.

2. Heat the oil in a deep frying pan, spread the onion and fry it until transparent. Then add the carrots and continue to sauté until soft. At the end, put the greens and keep on fire a couple of minutes.

3. Shred cabbage with small, thin strips. We place it in a deep bowl and pour boiling water over it. Leave to cool. After that, drain the water, squeeze the cabbage and add to the fried vegetables. Salt and mix.

4. We take not too large eggplants. Wash them and remove the stem. Dip in boiling brine (30 g of salt per liter of drinking water) and cook for five minutes. Drain the water, put the vegetables in a colander and leave to cool completely.

5. Each eggplant is cut lengthwise and stuffed with vegetable minced meat. Place them tightly in a container for pickling, cover with a clean cloth and lay a wooden circle. From above we establish oppression. After a couple of days we take out the container in the cold.

Recipe 2. Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter in Korean


eight eggplants;

two pods of red bell pepper;

large carrots;

garlic - three slices;

table salt;

a bunch of parsley;

5 g seasonings for Korean carrots.


a quarter cup of vegetable oil;

a glass of drinking water;

a quarter cup of vinegar;

125 g of sugar;

5 grams of salt kitchen.

Method of preparation

1. Eggplant wash and trim tails. Boil the water with salt and boil eggplants in it until soft. Then take them out with a slotted spoon and place them under the yoke. Leave until all the water is drained. Eggplant cut into bars.

2. Clean the carrots, wash them under the tap and chop them into large chips. Put it in a bowl.

3. Pepper wash, remove the stem and cut into thin strips. Add to carrots.

4. Rinse the parsley, finely chop it and add to the rest of the vegetables. Squeeze the garlic here. 5. Put the eggplant sticks in a row in the pan. Put a layer of vegetables on top. We continue to lay out eggplants and vegetables in layers.

6. Pour a glass of drinking water into a saucepan, add vinegar, sugar, oil and salt. Stir and bring to a boil. Fill boiling brine with eggplants and vegetables. Top cover with a plate and set the load. Leave for a day, after which we place the container in the refrigerator.

Recipe 3. How to ferment eggplants with carrot and cabbage slices


half a glass table 9% vinegar;

a kilo of eggplants;

kilogram of fresh cabbage;

40 g of salt;

300 g carrots;

ten black peppercorns;

ten cloves of garlic;

hot pepper-pod.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the eggplants under the stream of water and cut off the tails. Put the prepared vegetable in a saucepan with boiling water, cover the top with a plate so that the eggplants do not emerge and boil evenly. Boil for seven minutes. Then lay them out with a slotted spoon in a bowl and cool completely.

2. Cabbage thin shred and place in a deep bowl.

3. We clean the carrots from the rind, wash and chop them into large chips. Add to cabbage.

4. Strictly pod pepper free from seeds and finely crumbled. Clean the garlic and pass through the garlic press. All this is added to the vegetables. Here we send pepper peas and mix thoroughly.

5. Cut the eggplants into small pieces and add them to the pot with the rest of the vegetables. Salt and pour vinegar. Mix and tightly laid in a small wooden or clay barrel. Top set on a plate with a jar of water. Keep in a cool place.

Recipe 4. How to ferment eggplants with carrots, bell pepper and garlic


half a bunch of fresh greens;

a kilo of eggplants;

garlic - three slices;

large carrot;

Bulgarian pepper - a large pod.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the eggplants under running water, cut the stalks and pierce the fruit with a fork in several places. Put eggplants in a pan with cold water and add salt in the amount of 30 g per liter of liquid. Boil the vegetable from the moment of boiling for ten minutes until soft. Then take the eggplants out of the water and place them under the press for three hours. 2. Wash cleaned carrots and coarsely rub. Finely chop the garlic, parsley and sweet pepper. Combine all the vegetables in a deep bowl and mix.

3. Cut each eggplant along not to the end. Between the two halves, place the vegetable stuffing and tightly connect them. Fold the stuffed eggplants into an enamel saucepan.

4. In a glass of boiling water, add 5 g of salt, bay leaf and a few peas of pepper. Boil for a couple of minutes and cool. Eggplants Pour chilled pickle. Place a plate on top and put pressure on it. In five days, the eggplants will be ready. Store the workpiece in the refrigerator or cellar.

Recipe 5. Pickled eggplants with Korean carrots



hot pepper;


stalked celery;




filtered water - liter;

bay leaf - three pcs .;

salt - 60 g;

allspice - ten peas.

Method of preparation

1. Wash eggplants, remove the stalks and make deep longitudinal cuts in each, without cutting through. Boil the vegetable in salted water until soft. Make sure the eggplants do not overcook. Remove the eggplants from the water and place them on a cutting board. Press on the second board from above and install the load.

2. Peel and chop the carrots for Korean salads. The pod of hot pepper with the seeds finely crumble. Rinse and chop the parsley and celery. Add all to carrots and mix.

3. Stuff each eggplant with carrot mixture, not sparing the filling. Place them tightly in an enamel saucepan.

4. Boil water with spices and salt. Carefully fill the eggplants with brine, place a plate on top and place a jar of water. Leave for a week at room temperature. Then remove the oppression, and send the eggplants to storage in a cellar or refrigerator.

Recipe 6. How to ferment eggplants with carrots and parsnips


three large carrots;

vegetable oil;

ten eggplants;


two parsnip roots;


a bunch of parsley and cilantro;

three onions;

garlic - two heads.

Method of preparation 1. Wash the eggplants and cut them in half, without finishing about two centimeters to the end. Put the saucepan with a liter of drinking water on the fire, add 30 g of salt and boil. Dip eggplants in boiling brine and boil for ten minutes. Remove the eggplants, place them under the press and leave to cool completely.

2. Clean and wash the carrots. Cut it into long thin straws or chop grated on Korean salads.

3. Peel and chop the parsnips just like carrots.

4. Peel and crumble the bulbs.

5. Fold all the vegetables into a deep frying pan, pour in the oil and simmer over moderate heat until soft for seven minutes.

6. Peel the garlic. Each tooth cut in half and crumble with plates. Add two thirds of the garlic to the vegetable filling and mix.

7. Stuff each eggplant with a vegetable mixture. Attach a few twigs of greenery. Fold the stuffed vegetables in enameled container, pouring garlic. Heat the vegetable oil until light smoke appears and fill it with eggplants. After a couple of days, place the container in a cold place for storage.

Pickled eggplants with carrots for the winter - tips and tricks

Before boiling eggplants, calcine them in several places with a fork so that they do not burst during the cooking process.

After boiling, place the eggplants under the press to get rid of excess moisture.

For the sourdough take small young fruits with thin skin.

Pickled eggplants are the perfect complement to meat or fish dishes.

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