Eggplant in a slow cooker: second courses and preparations for the winter. Eggplant recipes in a slow cooker are simple and unique in taste.

Eggplant in a slow cooker: second courses and preparations for the winter. Eggplant recipes in a slow cooker are simple and unique in taste.

Eggplant is a terrific product.

According to its useful properties, this purple vegetable is not the last among comrades.

It is rich in calcium, vitamins, iron and phosphorus, potassium and fiber. Some people believe that eggplant is a kind of longevity berry, which not only copes with cholesterol, improves kidney and heart activity, but also improves the bowels.

And copper contributes to blood formation, which is why eating eggplants in different types is recommended for pregnant women and those who suffer from anemia.

General principles of cooking eggplants in a multicooker

It is preferable to use dark blue eggplants, they are rich in plenty of vitamins.

Be sure to rinse the eggplant well, cut the stalk.

To make the dish softer, you can peel the eggplant.

The most delicious dish is where the eggplant is cooked with garlic, it adds flavor and taste.

Eggplants can be stuffed, pickled, dried, fried, steamed, boiled.

Eggplants absorb vegetable oil well and do it fairly quickly, so make sure that your dish does not burn, but also avoid excess oil so that it does not turn out to be too greasy.

Eggplant dishes are perfectly combined with such side dishes as potatoes, rice, buckwheat.

Eggplants are much tastier when cold, so we recommend that after you have prepared the eggplants in a slow cooker, let them cool.

You can decorate eggplant dishes with parsley or dill, this will add not only aesthetics to the dish, but also give you a wonderful aroma.

Eggplant in a Multivariate: Recipes for the Winter

This recipe is used as a billet for the winter. Eggplants are spicy and easy to digest. The cooking process itself takes no more than an hour, the main merit in this belongs to the slow cooker.


• a pair of kg of eggplants

• 3 large tomatoes • 3 large sweet perchins

• a pair of tablespoons of salt

• 3 large onions

• half a glass of vegetable oil

• a pair of garlic cloves

• spoon of vinegar

• spoon of sugar


Well washed eggplant, remove the stem. Divide the eggplants lengthwise into two halves, smear each with vegetable oil.

We warm the oven, put eggplants in it for half an hour.

After the eggplants are slightly baked, remove the peel from them, and press the remaining flesh with a knife until a mass like mashed potatoes is obtained.

Sweet pepper and onions are also well washed and cleaned, cut into half rings, fry in vegetable oil in a slow cooker. Use the Baking mode, set the timer for 6 minutes.

We wash the tomatoes and rub them on a sieve; we do not use the peel.

Add the resulting tomato mixture to the peppers and onions, cook another 5 minutes.

Peel the garlic, cut it with a thin and very sharp knife into small pieces and add to the slow cooker to the vegetables.

Pour salt there, sugar, and lay out eggplant mass. Multicooker timer set for 40 minutes. Shortly before the end of the program we pour in vinegar.

At this time we sterilize the jars, preferably using a half-liter. In them we lay out the finished mass, roll up and after the banks cool down, put them in the cellar.

Multicooker Eggplants: Pepper Recipes

Eggplants in a slow cooker according to this recipe are very juicy and tasty, and you can eat them hot and cold. Rice is perfect as a side dish. Then this dish will also be a great gift for those who are forced to diet, because by the number of calories it takes one of the last places.


• half a kg eggplant

• a pair of sweet peppercorns

• a pair of large tomatoes

• onion head

• dill

• a pair of garlic cloves

• vegetable oil


Eggplants wash well and cut into slightly thick rings.

Pepper also wash well, clean, remove seeds. Cut peppercorns into half rings.

Wash the tomatoes, it is advisable to peel them, cut into small quarters. All vegetables folded in a slow cooker. Set Baking mode, set time for an hour.

15 minutes before the end of the program, put greens, crushed garlic and finely chopped onion in a slow cooker.

After the dish is ready, let it cool.

Multicooker Eggplants: Recipe with Sweet Sour Sauce

The recipe for eggplants in a slow cooker is quite simple, the main ingredients are vegetables, which can always be found in the garden beds. Vinegar is desirable to use 9%, and the peppers take a different color, then the dish will turn out bright and appetizing.


• 4 medium eggplants

• three peppercorns of different colors

• one third cup of water

• a pair of garlic cloves

• one onion

• a couple of tablespoons of odorless vegetable oil

• a pair of spoons of soy sauce

• a piece of ginger root

• a couple of tablespoons of sugar

• a couple of tablespoons of vinegar

• spoon of starch


Wash the eggplants well, remove the tails, cut them into half rings, salt well and put in shade for 30 minutes. This will help get rid of the bitter taste.

Peppers also rinse, remove the seeds, cut lengthwise into halves. We will use half of each pepper.

Add starch to the water, add sugar, vinegar and sauce. Mix well.

Peel and chop the onion.

Crush the garlic with either a knife or a garlic press, as long as it is very small.

Wash the ginger root and cut it into small pieces.

In a bowl of the slow cooker, fry the eggplants in vegetable oil on both sides, add the garlic, ginger, and mix them.

Next, put the pepper, fry it with eggplants for a few minutes, then add the onions.

Fill all the vegetables with water, sugar, vinegar, starch and soy sauce.

Set Quenching mode to 50 minutes.

Decorate the finished dish with greens.

Eggplant in a Multicooker: Casserole Recipe

Eggplant - low-calorie berries, cooked in a slow cooker, they retain all their benefits and taste. In the casserole, meat is used besides eggplants, it is advisable to take pork, as it is softer and more tender.

Ingredients: • a pair of large eggplants

• one carrot

• half kg of tomatoes

• half hot peppers

• one onion

• half kg of pork

• half a glass of vegetable oil

• slice of durum cheese


Wash and clean carrots, onions, peppers. All very finely shred, mix with finely chopped cheese.

We wash the eggplants, cut them into slices, sprinkle them and for 10 minutes just let them stand, after which the juice selected with eggplants is drained.

Wash tomatoes and peel, then grind with a mixer.

Fry carrots, peppers and onions in vegetable oil in Baking mode, then add our tomato puree to them, mix.

We twist the meat in a meat grinder, mix it with cheese and vegetables, set the Quenching mode for 15 minutes.

At this time, fry the eggplants in the pan, and always on both sides.

In the bowl of the multicooker we put the finished products in layers: eggplants, meat, eggplants. Bake for half an hour. Decorate with greens.

Eggplant in a slow cooker: a recipe with sour cream

Eggplants are cooked very quickly, so try not to miss the moment of their readiness. Sour cream plays a crucial role in this recipe, it depends on it how much this dish will amaze your loved ones.


• half a kg eggplant

• salt

• vegetable oil

• a glass of sour cream

• one onion

• a pair of carrots


Rinse the eggplants and cut them into large strips, salt, let stand for 20 minutes, drain the juice.

Wash and clean the carrots, rub them on the largest side of the grater. Onions also peel and cut into half rings. Fry everything in a slow cooker in vegetable oil.

Mix vegetables with eggplants, pour sour cream and mix well. Use Baking mode, set the timer to an hour.

Once the dish is ready, decorate with greens.

Eggplant in a slow cooker: recipe with beef

Beef is one of the most delicious and healthy types of meat. It goes well with eggplants, this dish will give your loved ones an unforgettable taste.

Ingredients: • kg of beef

• a pair of tomatoes

• a pair of eggplants

• one carrot

• one head of garlic

• one onion

• pepper

• salt

• vegetable oil

• dill


Wash eggplants, cut into rings, salt and let stand, drain the juice.

Rinse the meat well, dry a little, cut into small cubes, while removing all the streaks and fat. Let stand for 20 minutes.

Wash and peel carrots and onions, rub carrots, cut onions into rings.

Wash tomatoes and divide into small slices.

Peel and crush the garlic.

Put vegetables, garlic and dill in a slow cooker, add beef there, stir and stew for half an hour with the lid closed in sunflower oil.

After the timer signals the end of the Quenching program, leave the dish to brew for another 20 minutes.

Serve with potatoes.

Tips and tricks of cooking eggplant recipes in a slow cooker

  • If you cook eggplants with meat, try to keep the meat under the vegetables, then the meat will be cooked and the vegetables will be stewed. In addition, the meat is soaked with vegetable juices.
  • Eggplants are always desirable to fry on both sides.
  • If you add tomatoes to an eggplant in a multicooker, be sure to peel them. Boiling water will help to do this, just scald them with tomatoes, dip them in cold water and the skin will be easily cleaned.
  • Onions and carrots always fry before eggplants, then the vegetables are saturated with each other's flavor more quickly.
  • Be sure to salt them and leave them for 15 minutes before cooking the eggplants. This is a necessary measure to deprive the eggplants of their natural bitterness.
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