Useful and fragrant pickled eggplants with garlic in jars. Salt eggplants with garlic and various additives

Useful and fragrant pickled eggplants with garlic in jars. Salt eggplants with garlic and various additives

Eggplants can be closed for the winter in different ways. In winter and early spring, you want something bright and reminiscent of summer. And, perhaps, salted eggplants with garlic in jars - this is exactly what will be the way. After all, this dish is tasty, useful, and it is prepared not too long and difficult.

General principles for cooking salted eggplants with garlic in jars

Eggplants are great for blanks. They can be frozen, pre-cut into cubes or circles in raw or cooked form; can be preserved in tomato sauce; delicious eggplant caviar. But still one of the most delicious appetizers remains salted eggplant with garlic in jars. They are usually prepared in two steps: first they are salted by the open method, and then rolled. This allows you to get a “live” dish, which, at the same time, can be stored without a refrigerator.

However, if you wish, you can store salted eggplants with garlic for the winter in a bucket or pan (and in the jar too), without rolling it up, you just need to put them in a cold place: on the balcony, in the cellar, in the refrigerator, etc.

To taste the snack does not disappoint, you need to pick good, high-quality fruit.

Suitable vegetables for cooking salted eggplants with garlic for the winter should have a beautiful purple color without any brown or green spots. The skin should be smooth and shiny, and the flesh is homogeneous (without voids and stiff inclusions) and dense (spring when pressed).

Garlic and herbs, too, must be chosen carefully enough, bezperetno abandoning the spoiled and withered. Such additives will not improve the taste of salted eggplants with garlic in jars. If the recipe requires you to add any more vegetables, they also need to be carefully examined and ensure that their quality meets the requirements. It will be a shame if a delicious dish turns out to be spoiled due to stale parsley!

Pre-fermentation of vegetables is best done in an enamel pot, and for storing tasty and fragrant salty eggplants with garlic for the winter, glass jars with a wide neck (or even ordinary ones) are perfect.

Recipe 1. Salted eggplants with garlic in tarragon and horseradish jars


High-quality whole eggplants - about a kilogram

Salt, preferably large, not iodized - 25 g

Tarragon (tarragon) fresh - a good bunch

Dill - bunch

For brine per liter of water:

Salt - 60 g

Horseradish leaf, garlic cloves, basil, dill, tarragon; can be a little clove and allspice

Method of preparation

To prepare salted eggplants with garlic for the winter, it is necessary to choose fruits of approximately the same (not too large) size and rinse them thoroughly.

Make a deep cut on each fruit in the direction of the stem (approximately 2/3 -? Of the entire length), rub inside and outside with salt (you need to ensure that there is enough salt: no need to take more). Garlic is very finely chopped and put it inside the eggplant. Then put the fruit in an enamel or glass bowl (pan), pour with greens, cover with a lid or a plate of smaller diameter, and put a small load on top.

During the week, the billet should be leavened at room temperature, then put into jars and pour brine (take 60 g of salt, spices and herbs, sliced ​​garlic cloves in two liters of water).

Keep the workpiece should be in the refrigerator, but you can roll up. In this case it is necessary to use boiling brine, and sterilize the jars.

Recipe 2. Salted eggplants with garlic for the winter “Very garlic”


Fresh eggplants - 2 kg

Garlic - 4 - 5 heads

Horseradish root - one small; cut into thin slices

For brine to 1 liter of water:

Salt - two and a half tablespoons

Hot pepper - a piece of 1 cm long

Method of preparation

Salted eggplants with garlic are stored in jars, but are cooked in a saucepan, always enameled or glass.

To begin with, the fruits must be washed, the fruit stem cut from them, very large ones can be cut across. In a large saucepan, boil the water in which to dip the eggplants; boil for five minutes and immediately get on the dish. Place under a small load so that the glass has excess liquid (you can leave it at night). Garlic clean, wash, cut into plates or pins. Chop eggplants with garlic very generously and arrange them in a saucepan, add garlic if left. Pour tepid brine and put pressure on top.

Eggplants will be boiled for 10 days. After that, the brine must be drained and the eggplants placed in a jar. Boil the brine, pour over vegetables and sterilize the jars for 20 minutes.

Recipe 3. Salted eggplants stuffed with garlic for the winter

This is an original recipe for salted eggplants with garlic for the winter, the fruits prepared for it look very decorative and very tasty.


Eggplant - 2 kg

Carrot - half a kilo

Parsley root - one medium

Salt - 30 g

Parsley, dill and celery greens - bunch

Sunflower oil - a full glass

For cooking:

Water - 1 l

Salt - 30 g

Method of preparation

Eggplant fruits selected for pickling should be washed and put into boiling brine (30 g of salt per liter of water). Boil for half an hour and check the readiness of a toothpick.

Grate carrot and parsley root for Chinese carrots (or simply large ones) or chop and blanch them for a short time in a frying pan, adding chopped greens and salt.

Cut eggplants lengthways and stuff carrots and parsley with greens. Tie it so that it does not open, with feathers of onions or stems of spicy herbs and put them tightly in a jar, covering it with gauze or a napkin.

After a couple of days, heat up the vegetable oil and pour eggplants over it. Store in a cool place.

Recipe 4. Salted eggplants with garlic in jars “Like Mushrooms”


Eggplant - 2 kg

Garlic (peeled and divided into cloves) - one third of glass

Hot pepper - a piece of 2 cm long

Spicy greens (dill, parsley, celery, thyme, etc.) - just one bunch

Vinegar - half a cup

Vegetable oil - 2/3 cup

Salt - a tablespoon “with top”

Method of preparation

This recipe produces salted eggplants with garlic for the winter, similar in taste to mushrooms and perfectly suitable for serving to potatoes.

Peel the eggplants, sprinkle them with salt, let stand for half an hour and rinse. Dip in boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Place in a colander and let cool. Garlic, thoroughly washed greens, pepper mince and mix in the resulting paste salt, oil and vinegar. Stir everything with eggplant.

Mix the mixture on sterilized jars, cover with conventional lids and store in a cool place. Roll this workpiece is not necessary.

Recipe 5. Salty eggplants with garlic for the winter in circles


Garlic - 3 heads

Young eggplants - 2 kg

Herbs (parsley, dill, basil, tarragon and others) - to taste

Water - 1 liter

Sugar, salt - a full tablespoon

Vinegar 9% - 1 tsp

Method of preparation

First, you need to wash carefully selected high-quality fruit and, without peeling, cut into circles with a thickness of two fingers.

Pour water into a saucepan, pour in salt and sugar, put on the fire and after boiling gently immerse the eggplant circles in the brine and cook for 5 minutes, add vinegar and boil for just a couple of minutes.

Chop the garlic with a knife or even grate on a fine terke. Chop all the greens, mix with garlic and a small amount of salt.

Eggplant to fold in a colander, and when they are drained, spread on hot sterilized jars, adding garlic and herbs. Roll up and put in a cool dark place.

Recipe 6. Salted eggplants with garlic in jars with pepper


Eggplant Medium - 2 kg

Garlic - 1 - 3 heads (to taste)

Sweet Bulgarian pepper - 1 - 2 pieces; it is better to choose bright colors: red, orange ...

Hot pepper - 1 small pod

Bay leaf, dill and other spicy greens - to taste and optional

For brine (for 1 liter of water):

Salt - one and a half tablespoons

Sugar - half a tablespoon

Clove - teaspoon floor

Method of preparation

Eggplant about the same size wash and free from sepals. Make a deep cut along the side of the entire fruit.

Put the eggplants in a saucepan, add water, salt a little and boil for 3 - 4 minutes. Try not to overcook it, otherwise the vegetables will be too soft.

Remove the eggplants and spread them on a cutting board. Place another board on top, and a load on it. Leave to drain in this way for four hours. In the meantime, cut all the peppers, both sweet and bitter, into thinner slices, and peel the garlic and chop finely with a knife. Fresh greens are also chopped.

Put the garlic in the dripped eggplants inside the cut, then put the fruits in an enamel or glass dish (pan, bowl), sprinkle with pepper rings, bay leaf, greens and the remaining garlic. Pour cold brine out of water, one and a half tablespoons of salt and half a spoonful of granulated sugar. Cover the pan with a plate or lid, the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the pan, place the load over the plate (lid). Leave an eggplant to boil for five days.

Ready fruit gently remove from the pan and slightly squeeze. Tightly-tightly put them in sterilized jars. Eggplant jars sterilized by any method for 20 minutes, then immediately roll up.

This preform can be stored at room temperature.

Salty eggplants with garlic for the winter: tricks and tips

  • To make it easier and faster to cut garlic, first slightly crush it by pressing down with a knife.
  • To check if eggplants are ready when cooking, pierce the fruit with a wooden toothpick.
  • If desired, you can stuff the already-ready salted eggplants with greens, vegetables, meat or sausages, or you can simply serve them with potatoes or as a tasty snack.
  • When serving, salty eggplants sprinkle with greens well.
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