Instant sauerkraut crunches! Recipes quick sauerkraut with vinegar, apples, beet

Instant sauerkraut crunches! Recipes quick sauerkraut with vinegar, apples, beet

Sauerkraut is a great snack and a rich source of vitamins that are so lacking in winter. With sauerkraut, you can cook a lot of dishes, cook soups with it, prepare main dishes, bake cakes.

It takes up to several weeks to prepare snacks in the usual way, but there are also known fast food recipes and there are a lot of them. We offer the six most popular cabbage starter recipes in accelerated ways.

Instant sauerkraut recipes - general technological principles

• For a long time cabbage used wooden containers, but modern housewives prefer to do this in enameled pans. There is a certain nuance, the enamel should not be damaged, otherwise the appetizer will get an unpleasant taste from the interaction of acids with metal. The most common variant of sauerkraut fast in glass jars.

• It is important what kind of cabbage to take for a quick ferment. Ideal for the sourdough cabbage fast ways will be strong, dense forks of autumn vegetable varieties. They are white and their leaves are usually juicier.

• In preparation for pickling, forks wash well and remove the upper leaves. Cutting in half, remove the stalk, then chopped or cut into pieces of the desired size. Cabbage can be chopped with a knife or a special shredder, cut into pieces or large pieces.

• If vegetables or apples are added, their amount should not be more than 3% by weight of prepared cabbage. To speed up the fermentation, the cabbage is poured with hot brine, in which, in addition to salt, sugar is also dissolved. Often vinegar is poured into such a dressing, less commonly vegetable oil.

• The optimum temperature for fast fermentation should not be below 24 degrees, so the containers with cabbage are left warm, and after they are ready, they are placed in a refrigerator.

Instant Sauerkraut Recipe - Two Days


• five kilos of white cabbage;

• 300 grams of sweet carrot.

For brine preparation, per liter of purified water:

• Spoon without sugar slides;

• two full spoons of garden salt.


1. Washing the forks, remove the upper dense leaves. Cut the cabbage and thin shred. It is convenient to use for this purpose a special shredder or potato peeler, although you can do this with a neat and just sharp knife.

2. After cleaning the carrots, rub the root in a large grater or cut into thin strips.

3. Combine the cabbage and carrots in a wide bowl, mix thoroughly. If the cabbage is stiff, lightly press it with your hands. Putting vegetables in a container for salting and preparing brine.

4. Fill the pan with two liters of water, add salt and pour sugar. Stirring, bring to a boil, then pour to the cabbage. If the pickle is not enough, but it must completely cover the vegetables, you can slowly prepare an additional portion.

5. Cover the cabbage with a plate of suitable diameter or with a wooden circle, press down a little. We place a small load on top and leave it warm for two days.

6. Capacity with pickled cabbage move to storage in a cool place.

Spicy fast sauerkraut: a sourdough recipe in a can


• large forks of cabbage;

• two laurel leaves;

• three large carrots;

• two small hot pepper pods;

• six pea-scented peppercorns.

In brine:

• two teaspoons of evaporated (fine) salt;

• liter of distilled drinking water.


1. Using a special device or a knife with a thin shred of cabbage. Grind carrots in a large grater or rub on the one that is used to prepare carrots in Korean.

2. Pouring carrots and cabbage into a spacious bowl, mix well. If in the previous recipe the cabbage needed a little knead, then this time, on the contrary, mix it carefully. It is best to do it by hand, “fluffing” vegetables. 3. Put the vegetable mixture in a clean three-liter jar, fill it in half and lightly tamp. From above we lay a leaf of Lavrushka, a pod of hot and three peas of pepper. Fill the jar for a centimeter below the shoulders of the remaining cabbage, lightly tamp it and lay out the spices. It is unforgettable to put a hot pepper, although, if you do not like hot, do not put it at all.

4. Cooking for pickle cabbage. Dissolve in cool, preferably at room temperature, salt water, the brine should be slightly saltier than the cabbage you want to get. Pour brine into the jar, and do it gradually. First, we pour in about a third of the pickle, gently pierce the cabbage layer with a long stick and slightly push the cabbage apart so that the water fills all the voids. After that, pour out the whole brine, fill the jar, without adding 1 cm to the neck.

5. Put the container in a deep bowl, bowl or pan and, without covering, leave it warm. Every day, in the afternoon and in the evening, slightly spread the cabbage layers with a wand in order to release gases. Withstand three days.

6. Store in a refrigerator, under a tightly closed, preferably non-metallic, lid.

Instant pickled cabbage: a recipe with garlic and vinegar for 5 hours


• kilogram of late cabbage;

• two large carrots;

• garlic.

To fill:

• half a cup of unrefined sugar;

• half a liter of drinking water;

• black pepper - five peas;

• Spoon large “pickled” salt;

• allspice - 4 peas;

• half a cup of refined oil;

• ten tablespoons of food vinegar.


1. Cutting the forks in two, then cut the cabbage, as far as thin, straw. Closely rub the carrots.

2. Mixing vegetables in a large bowl, press four large garlic cloves into the same place with a press and re-mix. It is convenient to do it by hand.

3. Bringing water to a boil, dilute the sugar and salt, add the oil and vinegar, drop the peppercorns. Mix, boil the brine for at least a minute. 4. Fill the cabbage with hot pouring, cover with a suitable plate and place a load on top of it. Insist the cabbage fast for at least 5 hours at ordinary room temperature. Then we shift it into a glass jar and put it away for storage, sealing it tightly.

Instant pickled cabbage: recipe with beetroot and garlic in a pot with vinegar


• two kilograms of fresh cabbage;

• large head of garlic;

• two large beets;

• six peppercorns;

• 0.5 spoons of cumin (optional).

Brine, per liter filtered water:

• spoonful of sugar;

• 35 ml of food vinegar;

• two spoons without a slide of salt.


1. Cut the head of stone into pieces - square chunks up to 4 cm.

2. Clear the beets, wash. We rub one root crop with the help of the largest trowel, another - we cut it into thin strips. Melenko chopped peeled garlic cloves.

3. We rinse the three-liter jar in hot water with soda, dry it with a towel. Along the bottom of the container, lay the straw-chopped beets and garlic, add peppercorns and spices (cumin).

4. Tightly, without tamping, lay the cabbage in the jar. Between the pieces should be a little place to fill. Put the grated beets on top of the cabbage.

5. Cooking fill. We bring to the boil a liter of water, pour sugar into it, then salt, stir, dissolving the bulk components completely. Pour in the vinegar and again bring it almost to the boil, but do not boil.

6. Pour hot pouring into a jar of vegetables. Tying the neck with several layers of gauze, leave to salt for two days in the heat. Then put it in the fridge where we store it under the capron lid.

Fast-sour cabbage: a recipe in Georgian for twelve hours


• large forks of white cabbage;

• small carrot;

• dark beet - a large root vegetable; • onion head;

• garlic;

• hot pepper - 1-2 small pods;

• black or, by choice, allspice - 5 peas.

To refueling from one liter of water:

• a glass of vinegar;

• coarse salt - 2 full spoons;

• half a cup of sugar.


1. Peel, thinly cutting off the skin layer, carrots, beets and onions. Cut the carrots into thin slices, beet straws, and onions into half rings.

2. Peeled large cloves of garlic, in the amount of 5-6 pieces, we push through a special device into a small bowl. As an option - chop with a knife.

3. Cut cabbage fork into four parts and completely remove the stalk. Cut the cabbage into large chunks.

4. Put the vegetables in a large bowl, add the hot and pea pepper, lay out the garlic. Thoroughly mix all, press down the cabbage is not necessary. Tightly packing, fill the vegetable mass of a three-liter jar, do not tamp.

5. Dilute the specified amount of salt and unrefined sugar in a liter of water. We bring the dressing to a boil, if litter is collected at the bottom, we filter it out and again we boil it. Mix the hot pot with vinegar, pour it into a jar of cabbage.

6. Sealing a clean lid, leave for 12 hours warm for “ripening”.

Instant pickled cabbage: a recipe without adding vinegar with apples

Ingredients per liter jar:

• sweet and sour apples - 200 gr .;

• 50 gr. carrots;

• spoon of sugar;

• white cabbage without cobs - 700 g;

• two umbrella carnations;

• allspice - two peas;

• A spoonful of special salt for pickling and salting.


1. Thinly chop the cabbage, shift to a spacious bowl.

2. Closely rub the same carrots and mix.

3. We wash the apples, cut into six slices, remove the core.

4. Spread half the cabbage into a clean liter jar, on top of it sliced ​​apples and again the cabbage. Laying tight, lightly tamping cabbage layers. 5. Pour sugar and salt into the container, put pea cabbage and cloves on top of the cabbage. Pour hot water so that it completely covers the top cabbage layer.

6. Tighten the neck of the jar with gauze and put it closer to the heat for two days. Several times throughout the day we pierce the mass with a wooden splinter in order to release the air accumulated inside.

Instant sauerkraut recipes - useful tips and advice.

• It is strictly forbidden to use aluminum dishes for souring cabbage in quick ways. Such a metal is rapidly oxidized upon contact with acid, and even the fastest cabbage will have time to acquire a grayish tint and an unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

• Do not use plastic utensils. Taste of sauerkraut with quick cooking in it turns out to be unsaturated.

• Before shredding forks, tear off and try one sheet. If the pulp is juicy, with a slightly sweet taste, you can sour. Not juicy, tasteless cabbage is better to put out with fatty pork.

• Store sauerkraut, cooked according to accelerated recipes, best in the refrigerator, tightly closing the nylon lids glass jars.

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