Pork in honey sauce - simple, tasty and always original! Recipes fried, stewed, baked pork in honey sauce

Pork in honey sauce - simple, tasty and always original! Recipes fried, stewed, baked pork in honey sauce

It is common to call honey dishes luxurious, with an unusual taste and aroma. And it is not at all the fact that honey is included in the composition of products. Well, if he is still there, then the epithet is almost deserved.

A light honey flavor is most suitable for pork dishes, where, as a rule, honey serves as one of the flavoring components of the sauce.

Honey gravy is usually tried to make not too thick, and spices are added very sparingly. The following recipes, if you reduce the amount of salt and fat, and completely eliminate the seasonings, are quite suitable for not too strict diet.

Pork in honey sauce - general principles of cooking

• Any type of honey will do, as long as it is not thick. The product is used to sweeten the sauce, other components complement the taste characteristics. As a rule, these are various spices, spicy herbs, strong alcoholic drinks, citrus juice, ginger, fresh garlic, concentrated soy sauce or mustard. The last two are added to the sauce not only for taste and flavor, they soften the fibers well, making the dish juicier and softer. For the same purpose, vinegar or fresh lemon juice is used.

• In a similar sauce, not only the tenderloin is cooked, but also the meat on the bone or rib. For stewing and frying, the meat is cut into medium sized pieces. Mostly large chunks of flesh or ribs are baked, but often pork tenderloin is prepared in this way.

• Pork in honey sauce is stewed, fried in a pan, baked. In the oven, meat is cooked on a baking sheet, in a sleeve, or in foil. There are recipes for dishes and multicookers. Using different methods of cooking, each time they get completely new dishes - with a sweetish crisp, rare or thick gravy. • Oven baked meat is served as a snack. For stewed or fried pork in honey sauce, any side dishes from cereals and potatoes, fresh or salted vegetables, and greens are suitable.

Fried pork in honey sesame sauce


• pork pulp - 400 gr .;

• three spoons of soy sauce;

• starch - 2 full spoons;

• Sesame spoon;

• half spoon of honey;

• highly refined refined oil.


1. Roll in the starch cut into pieces of pulp. You can lightly pre-meat the meat, but it should be done very carefully. In the future, soy sauce will be added, and it is already quite salty.

2. On the hot oil in a thick-walled frying pan, systematically stir, fry the pulp until ready.

3. Pour into the pan mixed with honey and starch soy sauce. Cook, stirring, until the mass becomes fast and noticeably thick. It usually takes no more than three minutes.

4. Add sesame to the dish, mix everything thoroughly and immediately remove from heat.

Pork in honey sauce in a pan


• carbonate - 400 gr .;

• two spoons of orange juice;

• garlic;

• rare honey - 3 tbsp. l .;

• two full spoons of corn or a mixture of refined and ordinary sunflower oil;

• soy, unsalted sauce, preferably dark - 40 ml;

• ground pepper and evaporated fine salt, “Extra” varieties - 1/5 tsp .;

• Two spoons of apple cider vinegar.


1. Wash a piece of pulp with cold water and dry with a clean cloth. Sprinkle with ground pepper and salt and carefully grind the mixture throughout the piece.

2. In a frying pan, at a moderate temperature, heat a little oil well. Increase heat to maximum. Put the meat and fry quickly with all sides, until brown, not too roast crust. Turn over periodically! 3. In a small bowl or saucepan, combine orange juice with soy concentrate. Add honey, apple cider vinegar and crushed two garlic cloves with a press, mix.

4. Pour half a honey saute into the pan and heat it at medium temperature, periodically carefully turning the piece. Add the rest of the sauce to the meat as you cook.

5. Put the finished pork on a dish, cut into portions and pour the liquid remaining in the pan.

Braised pork in honey sauce with tomato


• kilogram of pork pulp, neck or rib;

• a glass of thin honey;

• a small head of garlic;

• unsalted tomato - incomplete glass;

• a glass of soy unsalted sauce;

• spices “For meat”, in finished form.


1. Regardless of what kind of meat is at your disposal, rinse it, cut it into pieces and fold it into a deep, preferably thick-walled pan. You can use a stewpan with a multilayer bottom.

2. Dissolve tomato paste with soy concentrate, add honey, spices, pressed garlic cloves with a press. Stir and pour the mixture to the meat.

3. Set the pan to intense heat, wait for intense boiling. Lower the temperature to medium so that the liquid only boils slightly and cover with a lid.

4. Stew for about an hour, until the softness of the pieces and thickening of the gravy. Stir periodically, otherwise it will burn.

Pork in honey sauce with apples in the oven


• pork pulp - 700 gr .;

• three apples of any sour grade, with dense pulp;

• two spoons of brandy;

• 1/2 tsp. juice squeezed from fresh lemon;

• three spoons of honey;

• spoon of any vegetable, refined oil;

• water - half a cup.


1. Cut the prepared pulp strictly perpendicular to the direction of the fibers, into chunks, about one and a half centimeters thick. Spread them on a chopping board and slightly beat off, reducing the thickness to 0.8 cm. Rub with salt and small pepper and leave for a short time. 2. Wash the apples with warm water, remove the core and cut into small pieces. You can pre-peel, if it is hard.

3. Wipe a small roasting pan with a cloth dampened with oil and place the apple slices tightly together. Top off the broken meat chunks.

4. Cover everything with foil, put in a hot oven for half an hour.

5. Stir honey in warm water, bring to a boil and boil a little, so that the syrup thickens slightly. Cool slightly, pour in lemon juice and brandy, mix.

6. When the dish is ready, remove the foil, pour the fragrant honey sauce and place in the oven for five minutes.

Pork baked with mustard in honey sauce


• two kilograms of a neck or gammon;

• 3 full spoons of buckwheat honey;

• 100 gr. spicy mustard;

• ginger root - a piece of 2 cm;

• white pepper, pounded manually - 1/2 tsp;

• turmeric, tarragon - half a teaspoon;

• sprig of rosemary (replaceable with half a spoonful of dry);

• 1.5 spoons of basil;

• garlic;

• dried barberries - 3 berries.


1. Wash the flesh dry well, wet does not brown when roasting, as we would like.

2. Spread a large enough sheet of foil around the table. It should be enough to wrap the meat well and hermetically pack. Place another sheet of foil on top, put pork in the center.

3. Thoroughly mix the mustard with honey. Add cooked herbs with spices and a little salt.

4. From all sides of the pork slice make small punctures with the edge of a narrow knife and insert garlic teeth cut in half (4-5 pieces) into them. The dried berries of barberry, too, slightly push into the pulp.

5. Without moving from the foil, coat the entire piece with honey sauce and wrap in foil so that the seam is on top. Move the “packaging” to the baking tray. 6. Bake at 180 degrees, the usual temperature for such dishes, for one and a half hours. Then gently spread the edges of the foil and continue cooking. Every ten minutes, be sure to water the juice. Hook it gently with a spoon so as not to break the packaging. After 50 minutes, the meat must be removed and completely cooled, not freeing from the foil.

Pork in honey sauce: a recipe of fragrant ribs baked in a sleeve


• pork ribs - 500 gr .;

• 70 ml of soy concentrated sauce;

• table, 6% vinegar - 20 ml;

• two spoons of roasting olive oil;

• a mustard spoon according to a classic recipe, spicy, with a low content of vinegar;

• three garlic cloves;

• two spoons of fragrant honey, of any kind.


1. In the stream of running water, rinse the ribs, dry and rub with ground pepper without salt.

2. Mix olive oil with vinegar. Add soy concentrate, put honey with mustard and finely chopped garlic.

3. Stir the mass so that the honey is completely dispersed and, after pouring the ribs folded in the bowl, leave it for three hours.

4. Collect the marinated pork in the sleeve, firmly squeeze its edges and move it to the baking sheet. Be sure to make a few punctures on top of the needle so that the film does not burst.

5. Place the baking tray in the oven (200 degrees), cook for about 45 minutes. Ten minutes before readiness, carefully cut the sleeve from the top so that the ribs are well browned.

Recipe for pork in honey sauce with apples for the slow cooker


• two large, necessarily green, apples;

• a pound of pork tenderloin;

• Spoon quality olive oil;

• spoon of soy, salty sauce, dark;

• onion, medium size;

• 40 gr. honey


1. Cut the parted flesh into medium-sized pieces, peeled apples of the same size into slices. 2. Put the prepared meat into the cooking pot. In a small bowl, combine the butter, honey and soy concentrate. Stir and pour over the pork mixture.

3. Close the lid, install the “Quenching” program and turn it on by setting the timer to 20 minutes.

4. After the signal, add the chopped onion with apples and repeat cooking in the pre-set mode for another 50 minutes.

5. Ready, even hotter dish try on salt, if necessary, add soy concentrate.

Pork in honey sauce - cooking tricks and useful tips

• If there is no liquid honey, use a water bath to melt the thickened product. Before mixing with other ingredients, honey will need to be well cooled.

• Do not salt the dish if one of the ingredients of the gravy is soy tincture. It is usually enough salt to soak it and meat.

• Be sure to make several punctures with a thin sharp object in the sleeve before baking, otherwise the steam accumulated inside will burst it and the meat will dry out. Only need to pierce the surface. Through the holes made below, the juice will flow out, which will lead to drying of the pork.

• Ten minutes before the readiness, cut the sleeve or foil and spread the edges of the “packaging” to the side. If this is not done, the meat will not be browned.

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