Pork knuckle baked in the oven in the sleeve - the replacement of sausage. Bake pork knuckle in the sleeve in the oven: on beer, with vegetables

Pork knuckle baked in the oven in the sleeve - the replacement of sausage. Bake pork knuckle in the sleeve in the oven: on beer, with vegetables

In old cookbooks, pictures with a pork carcass cutting scheme are among the most remarkable.

On the side, as a rule, a list of dishes that are prepared from different pieces. Almost the most extensive list in front of the pork thigh, or as it is also called - knuckles, buldijki, shanks. It can be said, not too sinning against the truth, that the buldijka is a whole pig carcass in miniature.

The most nourishing borscht - from it, the classic roast is also wonderful, like almost any other dish. Do you want - rice, you want - chops, it will turn out both pork and jelly and ham. But there is a recipe for which no other part of the pork carcass will work: today we will bake in the sleeve pork buldyzhka, and, believe me, few dishes can compare with this.

Pork knuckle baked in the oven in the sleeve - the general principles of cooking

• For baking, it is best to take the back shank, which, unlike the front one, is more meaty. When choosing a product, pay special attention to the appearance. In the pigs of common "white" breeds, the skin should be light, and the meat should be dense. If the fat layer has a yellowish tint, it is better to give up the purchase. As a rule, this means that the animal was not young and juicy, soft dishes will not work.

• Like all semi-finished meat products, you need to prepare them correctly for cooking. If there is a bristle on the skin, scorch it over the burner, then carefully scrape it with a knife and rinse with warm water. You can pre-soak buldy for about an hour in cold water.

• Before baking, shreds marinate for at least four hours. In order for the meat under the coarse skin to be well marinated, longitudinal cuts must be made along the bone, which can additionally be stuffed with garlic.

• After marinating, the shank is placed in a sleeve, the edges of which are tightly tied or fastened with special fixings. The surface must be pierced with a needle or other sharp object in several places. This is done so that the steam from the “package” goes outside and does not tear it. • In readiness of a dish it is possible to make sure that the pulp is pierced to the bone. The juice produced should not be cloudy.

• Pork baked according to the above recipes can be served with a side dish, cut into slices as a snack or put on slices of bread. Traditionally, it is customary to serve sauerkraut or stewed cabbage, pickled vegetables to such a dish.

Fragrant pork knuckle baked in the oven in the “Bavarian” sleeve


• pork knuckle, medium size;

• 200 ml of meat or chicken broth;

• Bay leaf;

• a glass of dark beer;

• a small head of garlic;

• 2 gr. juniper berries;

• allspice, peas - 5 pieces;

• 7 ml of fragrance “liquid smoke”;

• unsalted thick tomato - 90 gr .;

• lettuce;

• 10 gr. white sugar;

• one carrot;

• half a cup of honey;

• one Bulgarian pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Dilute tomato in five liters of water, add vegetable oil and salt, stir.

2. On medium-low heat in vegetable oil, fry the carrot rings, coarsely chopped peppers and onion half rings until soft. Add a liter of water to the vegetables, add juniper berries, lavrushka, sugar, sweet pepper peas, and peeled garlic (5 teeth).

3. Warm everything together, mix well for about a minute and place in a saucepan with the diluted tomato. Try marinade on salt, add salt if necessary, and bring to a boil.

4. Pat the knife, thoroughly rinse the shank, dry it, and make about five deep cuts on it. Transfer to a baking sheet and bake, placing in a hot oven for half an hour.

5. In the previously prepared marinade, add beer with broth, add liquid smoke and lower the hot leg, put the pan on an intense fire. As soon as there are signs of boiling, lower the temperature to a minimum and let it roast for three hours.

6. Ready, well-cooled, knuckle coat with honey on all sides, put in a sleeve, put on a baking sheet. Be sure to pierce the “packaging” in several places with a thin sharp object. Place the roaster in the middle level of the oven, soak at 220 degrees for about a quarter of an hour. Cut the top of the sleeves and soak the dish until an appetizing golden crust.

Recipe for pork knuckle baked in the oven with vegetables


• knuckle fresh, pork, weighing about a kilogram;

• chopped seasonings: bay leaves, thyme, black pepper, savory, rosemary, marjoram - a quarter of a spoon;

• 200 ml of mayonnaise;

• garlic;

• brewed, spicy mustard - 100 gr .;

• two black peppercorns;

• one-piece large bay leaf;

• a pound of potatoes;

• two small carrots.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the coil by dipping it in cool water for up to an hour. Scrape the skin well with a knife, rinse again and lower into boiling water. Add a little salt, a couple of peas pepper, lavrushka. After boiling, boil over the boil over a reduced heat until the skin has softened noticeably and cooled.

2. Cut the peeled garlic teeth lengthwise, halved and roll in a mixture of spices well. On the knuckle, make deep punctures and lay in them prepared pieces of garlic.

3. Mix mustard with mayonnaise. Coat the shin surface with the mixture, put it in a bowl, cover and leave for an hour in the cold.

4. Cut the peeled potatoes and carrots into large, approximately equal size, slices. Season raw vegetables with ground pepper and salt. Add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise, add a little oil, mix and put into the sleeve.

5. On the vegetables, lay the marinated knuckle, secure the edges of the sleeve and place on a baking sheet. Pierce the film in several places with a needle.

6. Place the roaster in the oven, warm it to 200 degrees, and after 50 minutes, carefully cut the top of the sleeve and check the readiness. If you want to get a more crisp crust, dissolve the edges of the sleeve and leave a bun in the oven for about ten minutes.

Marinated pork knuckle baked in the oven in the sleeve


• buldiyzh weighing up to 1.2 kg;

• small onion;

• a spoon of chopped dry garlic;

• coriander, jeera seeds, rosemary - 0.5 h. L .;

• a teaspoon of ground paprika, and ginger; • minced laurel - a third of a teaspoon;

• thyme, celery, oregano and basil - on a small pinch;

• 60 ml of soy concentrated sauce;

• fresh garlic;

• two full spoons of unsalted thick tomato.

Cooking Method:

1. With a spoon, preferably in a mortar, pound the cumin with coriander and rosemary, pour the spices into a small bowl. Add crushed lavrushka, on a small pinch of celery, oregano, basil and thyme. Pour in ginger and paprika, mix.

2. Add soy sauce to the spices, put the tomato, stir. Pour an incomplete teaspoon of salt, season the marinade with ground pepper, mix thoroughly. Add onion rings, chopped garlic.

3. Buldyzhku wash with a stream of warm water, carefully scraping off the skin with a knife, dry. Along the bone, apply longitudinal incisions of a centimeter depth, coat with cooked marinade. Then put it in the sleeve, pour the remaining marinade into it and leave it at room temperature for five hours. Systematically, approximately every forty minutes, open and rub well into the skin and cuts marinade.

4. From the sleeve with the marinated shred, select the onion, if you used fresh garlic, remove it as well. Tie the loose edge of the sleeve tight and place it on a baking sheet. So that the “packaging” does not burst, make three thin punctures in the upper part.

5. Bake the dish at 200 degrees for two hours.

Pork knuckle baked in the oven in a sleeve with honey marinade on beer


• rear pork knuckle;

• carrot;

• a half of a large head of garlic;

• small onion;

• pack of ready-made spices “For pork”;

• two glasses of dark beer;

• onion peel - full handful;

• two spoons of honey;

• 5 sweet pea peppercorns;

• Spoon of spicy mustard;

• soy, dark, salty, sauce - 75 ml;

• odorless vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour two liters of water into a large saucepan and boil. Add salt, no more than a dessert spoon, lower the washed husks of onions, allspice. Let simmer for at least three minutes and remove from heat. 2. Well scoop pork skin with a knife, rinse with water. Immerse the buldja in a well-cooled brine, set the pan to intense heat.

3. When the brine boils, collect foam from its surface, lower the onion and the whole carrot. Boil the meat at a moderate boil for about an hour, cover the pan with a lid. Put out of the broth, cool.

4. In the soy sauce, dissolve the honey. Add mustard, minced garlic cloves. Season the marinade with a set of ready-made pork spices, adding them to your taste.

5. Coat the cooled pork with the prepared mixture, place it in a bag and leave to warm for marinating for four hours.

6. Spread the whole bag out of the bag, peel off all the garlic, otherwise it will burn when baked. Lubricate the sleeve from the inside with vegetable oil, place the blank in it and tie the edges well. Do not forget to pierce the surface of the "package"

7. Bake by placing a baking sheet with a sleeve in a hot oven for an hour and a half.

8. Expose the baking tray, carefully cut the sleeve from the top. Pour a glass of beer, mixed with the remains of the marinade, and return to the oven. Adjust the heat to 170 degrees, bake for an hour. Every ten minutes, water the meat with a mixture of beer and marinade.

A simple recipe for pork knuckle baked in the oven with a citrus marinade


• back buldy;

• two spoons of spicy adjika, can be from the hops-suneli;

• 2 tablespoons of soy concentrated sauce;

• spoon of honey;

• mid-size lemon;

• half a small orange;

• favorite spices at your discretion or a mixture of spices “For meat”;

• fresh garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Squeeze out the juice from the citrus, strain it with gauze or through a strainer, mix with soy sauce. In the adjika add spices, mix. Peel the garlic teeth, cut them into thin, longitudinal plates.

2. Place the washed, dried buldyzhku in a deep bowl. Pour it with a mixture of soy sauce and juice, carefully rub the adjika into the skin. You can apply several deep longitudinal cuts to soak the marinade and meat. 3. Spread a garlic plate over the skin, tighten the bowl with film and put it in the refrigerator.

4. After five hours, remove, remove the garlic and put the marinated pork in the sleeve. Do not forget to tie the edges tightly and pierce the top of the bag.

5. Put the packaging in the form of a suitable size, put bake. Cooking time depends on the size of the buldig. On a kilogram billet when heated to 180 degrees, leave no more than two hours.

6. For a more ruddy crust, ten minutes before readiness, cut the sleeve and spread its edges.

Recipe for stuffed pork knuckle baked in the oven in a sleeve with prunes


• large pork knuckle (back);

• teaspoon ground paprika;

• 50 gr. liquid mayonnaise;

• soft prunes, pitted - 15 pcs .;

• teeth of fresh garlic - 5 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully scrape the pelt with a knife to remove any remaining hair and dirt. Then wash in warm water and wipe dry.

2. Place the bundie on a cutting board, deeply cut longitudinally, using a knife, separate the flesh and remove the bone. Cover the meat package and slightly repel.

3. Mix the crushed garlic cloves with mayonnaise, add the paprika and lightly salt. Put the mayonnaise mixture on the meat and spread it evenly. Turn, giving the form similar to the original.

4. Transfer the billet to a bowl and, covered with a lid, clean overnight in the cold.

5. One and a half hours before cooking, remove the bowl from the refrigerator, the meat should warm up a little warm.

6. Scald the prune with boiling water, soak it in cold water for up to a quarter of an hour to swell well, then put it in a colander and dry it.

7. Expand the buldijka, center the prunes in the center and fold again. Giving the roll to a knuckle shape, gently pull it out with thick threads and put it in the sleeve. Seal the edges tightly, pierce the top with a sharp object in several places.

8. Putting “packaging” on a baking sheet, bake at 180 degrees for an hour. 9. When serving, chilled, stuffed shred cut into pieces.

Pork knuckle baked in the oven in the sleeve - cooking tricks and useful tips

• It is easier to clean the skin on the buldijka if you soak it in advance. You can add quite a bit of baking soda to the water.

• If the marinade contains fresh onions or garlic, be sure to pick around the pieces of vegetables before packing the bundie into the sleeve. If this is not done, they can burn when baking, which will give the dish an unpleasant, bitter taste.

• It takes two hours to bake a pork shank weighing a kilogram. To reduce it, pre-boil the meat until half cooked. In addition, it will give the meat extra juiciness and make the skin soft.

• To form a brown crust on the surface of the dish, cut the sleeve a quarter of an hour before the readiness is ready and carefully spread the edges.

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