Vegetable platter for the winter

Snack of pickled vegetables collected in their own garden, which can be more tasty. Beautifully picked up vegetables, a nice jar with an author's label and a bright lid, this platter will become a modest, but such a nice present for a home party with friends.

Vegetable platter for the winter

For the assorted vegetables for the winter, you can pick up absolutely any set of vegetables based on your crop and taste. It is more convenient to cook small platter vegetables and fold them into small jars. After all, whatever you say, and for the preservation you need quite a lot of salt, but also vinegar or citric acid, these ingredients are best used in limited quantities. I was always frightened by the frightening rows of three-liter cans, lined up in even rows in the grandmother's cellar, in total there was probably a ton of salt. Apparently for this, when I started homework, I began to lay them out in small containers — conveniently, quickly, and the eye pleases. But as they say, the taste and color ...

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Quantity: 1.5 liters

Ingredients for cooking vegetable platter for the winter:

  • 250 g carrots;
  • 250 g of cauliflower;
  • 250 g zucchini;
  • 150 g of fine onions;
  • 100 g of garlic;
  • 40 g of hot pepper;
  • 150 g bell peppers;
  • 150 g cucumbers;
  • celery, black pepper

For the marinade:

  • 20 g of salt;
  • 30 grams of sugar;
  • 6 g of citric acid;

Method of cooking vegetable platter for the winter

In thoroughly washed, sterilized jars are laid in turn, blanched vegetables in salted water. In one jar with a volume of 0.7 liters enough to put 2 pods of bitter green pepper. Blanche pepper 0.5 minutes, put on the bottom. Small onions and garlic cloves are blanched for 1 minute, immediately cooled, laid on the pepper - this is the second layer of assorted.

Vegetable platter for the winter Vegetable platter for the winter Vegetable platter for the winter

The carrot will add an assortment of bright colors. If you do not have a small carrot, then you can cut the stars go gears from large. Cut through an equal gap of 5 thin bars along the entire length of the carrot, then cut into pieces, 1 centimeter thick. Blanch carrots 2 minutes, laid on a layer of onion and garlic.

We clean cauliflower from stains and damages, and we divide them into small buds. Blanch 1 minute, put in a jar, shifting the cauliflower blossoms with carrot stars. Celery greens are divided into twigs, dipped in boiling water for 5 seconds, add to the rest of the vegetables.

Vegetable platter for the winter

Small bright zucchini cut into slices, 1 centimeter thick, blanch 1 minute.

Vegetable platter for the winter

Cucumbers, cut into thick circles, and sweet Bulgarian pepper, cleared of seeds, blanch 0, 5 minutes. Now the can filled with vegetables can be prepared for conservation.

Vegetable platter for the winter

Fill the vegetables with boiling water, cover with a lid, stand for 5 minutes, then repeat the procedure. Drain the water, add citric acid, sugar, salt, black peppercorns to it. We bring the marinade to a boil, pour the vegetables. The amount of salt, sugar and citric acid in the marinade is not necessary to add strictly according to the recipe, always taste the marinade.

Vegetable platter for the winter

Close the jars with assorted vegetable lids, pasteurized at a temperature of 85-90 degrees Celsius. Banks with a volume of 0.7-1 liters are sufficiently pasteurized for 10 minutes, this will allow to store vegetable platter at room temperature.

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