How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

The most popular folk snack, invented by the Dutch fisherman five centuries ago, on our table almost every day. In butter, pieces, in brine, whole carcass, how quickly and tasty salt herring at home? Namely, about her, beloved, will be discussed today.

This fish seems to be created by nature only for salting, because few people love it fried, or boiled. Herring has an unpleasant bitter taste and a very peculiar smell, who was in the Vietnamese markets, met him.

The main source of all troubles is the gills of the fish, which, when salted, must be removed. Then the taste will be all right.

I myself do not remember when I last bought herring at the store, I mean, salty. How many times came across something dry, then salted, then somehow all collapsed, that I learned to salt it myself, at home to do it quite simply, quickly and much tastier than to buy in a store.

Most of the Russian people have an association of herring with a feast, at least with vodka. After all, this is the most grateful snack. Remember the famous professorial: - “Allow me, how do you dislike the herring? And what are you vodka snack if you please? ”

In fact, a good housewife not only knows a few ways to pickle, in brine and without, slices of fillet and a whole carcass, in Dutch, and more somehow, but also make many dishes with such a snack. Of course, mudflow under a fur coat in different variations, just a salty fillet, sprinkled with vinegar and sprinkled with green onions, and with potatoes, boiled, baked, fried, So, a salty herring product is almost universal and desirable for every housewife to be able to do well and tasty. Well, I can help with this.

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

Choosing the right herring for pickling

For salting you need to choose not only the “right” carcass, but also fish, depending on the habitat, because not all types of herring are equally tasty in salting. And which ones do you know?

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Black Sea
  • Icelandic
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • White Sea
  • Danube
  • Kerch
  • Baltic
  • Hall or royal herring (Black Back)

Atlantic and Pacific herring are most suitable for salting. When buying, ask about which shores the fish was caught.

What else do you need to know when choosing? Of course freshness. The best option would be salting freshly caught, but, unfortunately, in our big country this option is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, when buying carefully look fish in the eye. Yes, yes, eyes give a degree of freshness, they should not be stained or absent altogether.

Freshness can be determined by the gills, they should not be plaque and rust stains. In general, the carcass must be intact, and, of course, with the head.

Sea herring can also be salted, but it will be somewhat drier, and much of it accumulates harmful impurities, due to the concentration of these substances in a small space.

The taste of salted herring still depends on the time of its catch. Winter fish with fat is always more tender and juicier than that caught in summer. Take this into account when purchasing too.

I'll tell you what fish I always choose. I take the largest carcass, with shiny sides, a wide and even back, bulging eyes and tightly pressed fins. I pick up whenever possible without caviar, because with caviar fish is always drier and saltier.

A few more words about the degree of salting, there are three of them:

  1. Lightly salted from 7 to 10% salt
  2. Middle salted from 10 to 14%
  3. Strong salting, more than 14%

The degree you can easily adjust to your liking. In addition, when salting, use spices, various aromatic herbs, which are already specially selected.

Salted herring in different ways and in different containers, in barrels, in bags, in containers, at home in a brine using banks. But, before embarking on salting, let's properly prepare the carcass.

Preparing a herring carcass for salting

First of all, if you can not catch a fresh fish, and be content with frozen, it is necessary to defrost it properly. Do not immerse the fish in hot water or put it in the microwave. With such a defrost your carcass will quickly fall apart and lose all its beautiful presentation.

We leave frozen herring brought from the store in the fridge, on the lower shelf, where the temperature is about +5 degrees. Yes, it will defrost longer, but the meat will be elastic and tasty.

After defrosting, the fish should be washed. Ideally, it is salted entirely, not gutted and with the head, only remove the gills. But, if you need to quickly pickle, then with giblets and cut off the head. Such a fish may already be ready for the table in a few hours.

How to pickle herring tasty and quickly - simple recipes

The recipes that I will present to you today are checked by me personally, I make them to your liking, so you adjust the level of salt and spices in your own way. But salting always turns out delicious, everyone likes.

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

Salted herring in brine with whole carcass

We will prepare:

  • Kilo of fresh or fresh-frozen fish
  • One and a half liters of raw water
  • Five dining rooms without the top of spoons of cooking salt
  • Four teaspoons of sugar
  • Ten fragrant peas
  • Three middle-sized red roses

How tasty salting herring in brine:

Fish thawed in the refrigerator and giblets, cut off the head, take out the insides, milk, or caviar is separated. We wash them and fish in cold running water and put them in a convenient container with a lid. Caviar with milk need to return back into the fish.

Prepare the brine, throw all the spices in the water along with the salt and bring to a boil, let it cool completely and pour the fish carcasses so that they are completely in the liquid. Leave for five hours at normal room temperature, then twelve hours kept in the refrigerator. If you need a herring after, then the exposure time is increased. But I usually do salted and she is ready pretty quickly. After it is removed from the brine can be rinsed and cut.

Salt salted herring slices in a can

We will need:

  • Whole whole herring carcasses with heads
  • Per liter of water
  • Five tablespoons of salt
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Two tablespoons of 9% vinegar
  • Six pea-like allspice and black pepper
  • Two large onion bulbs

Cooking process:

Herring carcasses are thawed, weevil and washed, cut into fillets, remove the spine and bones and cut into pieces two centimeters wide. Onion cut into half rings and put alternately pieces of fish and onions in a jar. In the water, add all the spices, vinegar until we touch. Boil the brine and in the cooled form fill the fish, pour vinegar on top. After two days spent at a temperature of 6-8 degrees, herring is ready.

Herring salted in the bank with whole carcasses

We will prepare the following products:

  • Whole fish carcass
  • Per liter of water
  • Six tablespoons of cooking salt
  • Dining room without a spoonful of sugar
  • Two leaflets of Lavrushka
  • Tablespoon of mustard powder
  • Five black pepper peas

Cooking process:

Defrost the fish, wash it, do not gut, just remove the gills. We put loosely in a three-liter jar with tails up.

Cook the brine with spices, let cool completely, so that it is cool and pour it into the jar, pour mustard powder on top and put the fish in a cold place with a temperature of 6 degrees for two days. Two days later, you need to pull it out, if you do not like too salty.

We salt a tasty spicy salted herring, you will lick your fingers

We will need to take:

  • Kilo of fresh fish
  • Liter of water
  • Three spoons with a good hill of cooking salt
  • Three buds of carnation
  • Two Lavrushki
  • A pinch of coriander in beans
  • Six black peppercorns
  • A teaspoon of mustard powder

Cooking process:

Fish gut, remove the fins, tail and head, optionally the spine. We put the carcass in a convenient dish. Cook the brine with all the spices, mustard powder fall asleep after we remove from the heat. Give cool and pour the fish. So leave in the cold to salt two days.

Herring salted pieces in oil

We will need to take the following ingredients:

  • Kilo of herring carcasses
  • Three-quarters cup of refined sunflower oil
  • Half a kilo of onion salad varieties
  • Five tablespoons of fine salt
  • Three Lavrushki
  • Five each of fragrant and black pea pepper

Cooking process:

Herring slowly thawed, vypotroshim, remove the heads, tails and fins, rinse well and separate the fillets. Skin at will can be removed or left. Each filet cut into three parts, rub with salt. Onion cut into half rings, Lavrushka break into pieces.

We spread fish in dishes, shifting onions and spices. Pour oil on top to completely hide all the pieces. We keep one and a half days in the refrigerator.

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

Salting herring in brine in the classical way

We charge

  • Herring carcasses
  • Per liter of water
  • Two tablespoons of cooking fine salt
  • Three leaves of Lavrushka
  • Ten black pepper peas
  • Five Sweet Pea
  • Tablespoon of sugar
  • Five buds of carnation

Cooking process:

Fish giblets, you can leave the heads and tails, just do not forget to remove the gills. We put the prepared carcasses in a convenient container and begin to prepare a brine, pour all the spices into the water and boil it until dissolved. Fill the fish to completely cooled brine. Immediately remove the fish in the cold and at a temperature of + 5-6 degrees salt two days.

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

Herring pickling is quick and easy

We take the products:

  • Two herring carcasses
  • Dining-top spoon of common salt
  • Dining at the expense of a spoon of sugar
  • One third of a teaspoon of black pepper
  • Two Lavrushki

Cooking process:

Fish vypotrashivaym completely, remove all the fins, optionally head and tail. Put it in a deep saucepan and fill it with clean, filtered water for an hour.

After you need to wipe the carcass with paper towels. We make a mixture of all the spices, break the bay leaves into a crumb. We rub the fish with the resulting mixture and wrap it in food film, leave it for two hours in the cold, then we need to wash off the salt, fill the fish with oil and eat.

Correct Ambassador Donskoy Herring

We take:

  • Fish carcass
  • Liter of boiled water
  • One hundred grams of coarse salt

Cooking process:

Choosing a fatter carcass. We cut and gut them, be sure to remove the gills. You can pull out the spine and divide each fish along into two halves. Put them in a dish with a herring lid and fill it with the prepared brine, the water should be cooled.

To the fish was completely in the water, on top of it you need something to pin down and put for two days in the cold. After that, herring is salted salted.

How to salt herring at home is tasty and fast, in marinade and dry salting

Salt herring in Dutch

We use:

  • Two herring carcasses
  • Medium-sized carrot
  • Two medium-sized onion heads
  • Ten black peppercorns
  • Ten leaves of laurel
  • Half Lemon
  • Six large spoons of salt and sugar

Cooking process:

Herring gutted, washed and disassembled on filet, which we cut into pieces of two centimeters wide. Cut lemon and onion into thin slices and carrot into half rings. Grind bay leaf and pepper in a mortar, mix with sugar and salt.

Lay in jars in layers alternately pieces of fish and vegetables, sprinkling with spices. Banks close and leave at a temperature of 6 degrees for a couple of days.

Dry method of salting herring in package

We take for this:

  • Kilo of carcasses of thawed or fresh herring
  • Two large spoons of coarse salt
  • Spoonful of sugar
  • Eight Pea-Peppers
  • Two bay leaves

Cooking process:

So that the fish get ready as soon as possible, we divide it completely, you can leave the skin, remove everything else and wash the filet, make sure to dry it. We put all the halves in a bag, pour in the spices, lavrushka should be broken into pieces, crush the pepper in a mortar. We tie the package and shake it several times. At a temperature of + 5-6 degrees will be ready in a day.

I also propose to watch a video about how tasty and easy to pickle a fresh-frozen herring at home.

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