Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Today I wanted to reveal my most delicious recipe for lard in brine. She opened the cookbook and was confused. The thing is that Siberia is also very much in love with him, no less than in Ukraine.

And many pigs are kept in our village, so the whole book has turned out recipes, because every housewife with us gladly shares her secret secrets on cooking, in hot or cold pickle, in a jar, for long-term storage, with different spices, garlic and more tidings

For us, the product is almost universal. We love to chew a slice of meat with a layer of bread and onions. And tasty to make cracklings, and then fill them with borscht. Boiled, too many to taste. Well, I will keep silence about smoked meat, almost every yard has its own smokehouse. There such a delicacy you will do. Where to shop.

Here I am talking about delicacies, and in fact it is sometimes easier for city dwellers to buy ready-made in the store, few of them know about the correctness of choosing the right thing from which we will actually prepare the homemade delicacy.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

How to cook fat in brine at home

Not everyone has his own homebrew, so I think you will find useful advice on choosing. After all, on what quality piece you get, it will greatly affect the result.

  • Choose a piece with a layer of meat and, preferably, a young pig, it is thinner and the skin is softer.
  • Do not take potbelly, it is usually fatter and the fat on it harder. It is better to use for rolls.
  • Not suitable for salting frozen suet. You, of course, can defrost it and salt it, but it will be tough.
  • Some unscrupulous vendors trade in boar meat, uncastrated hog. Immediately the meat or fat is difficult to distinguish, but when heated, there is a sharp and strong smell of urine. You can try to warm the fat over the lighter and smell.
  • It is worth paying attention to the color, if it is yellowish or gray in color, and even “with a smell” means lying for a long time, it is not worth taking it. Buy the one that is pink, with a pleasant aroma, and even better when the piglet is necked in the straw.

Well, I have given all the secrets of choice, now let's move on to how to pickle the product in brine. This way is my favorite, because it turns out juicy, soft, fragrant and there are many recipes for every taste.

I advise you 7 recipes for bacon pickles at home. You will learn how to pickle royal brisket at home, and to taste it will be better than in a store.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Recipe in a Bank

We will use:

  • Kilo of Fresh Lard
  • A glass of cooking salt (200 grams)
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • Little star star (if you like)
  • By 3 peppercorn fragrant and black
  • 3 leaves of Lavrushka
  • Tablespoon of dried dill and parsley
  • Black Ground Pepper
  • Liter of pure water


First of all, we will prepare the product for salting, I don’t like it when there are red streaks of blood on the skin or fat itself, so I pour cold water over the pieces at night and send them to the fridge. In the morning I pull them out, put them on a paper towel to remove the excess water and cut them so that they can not only be folded into the jar, but also pulled out through a narrow neck.

We prepare the jar, it is not necessary to sterilize it, but there will not be more than a wash with soda. Immediately prepare garlic cloves, large ones can be cut in half lengthwise and laid, evenly distributing garlic between the slices. Only you can not tamp it too much, otherwise it will not salt out. It is necessary that around each piece was free space for brine. Next, we make a brine, boil water with salt, cool to 40 degrees. Top in the jar pour the necessary spices, pour the brine. Now you need to cover the jar with a lid, let it stand at room temperature, you can about 4 hours. Then remove for 4 days in the fridge. Although on the third day I am starting to try whether it is salted, I do not like too salty.

Then I take out of the jar and prepare a mixture of seasonings, a mixture of peppers, chopped garlic, paprika, pieces of bay cake. I take each slice, dry it and sprinkle it with this mixture, fold everything about the bags, put it in the freezer. Another such tasty fat to boil or bake in the oven with homemade adjika.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

In hot brine

Simply, quickly, and most importantly - an extraordinary yummy, every piece melts in your mouth. In general, try, all we need is:

  • Kilo of Fresh Fat
  • Ready seasoning for salting of lard
  • 5 tablespoons of salt
  • 5 cloves of garlic

Pickling in hot brine:

Salo cut into rectangular pieces, I always get about 3x6 cm. We fold into a saucepan, pour cold water to just cover, pour salt, give only boil, turn off the stove and for three minutes the saucepan must stand on the hot. Just salt is well dissolved. Set aside the saucepan for 12 hours just to stand at room temperature.

Next we get the pieces, remove excess water from them, sprinkle with seasoning mixed with crushed garlic. Put in a container or just on a plate and let stand in the refrigerator for several hours. Everything, you can try.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

With garlic

We need to take:

  • Kilo su
  • 200 grams of salt
  • Half a head of garlic
  • Laurel, allspice and black pepper, paprika, other spices at your discretion

Cooking process:

Soaked salo need to be cut into small pieces, somewhere 2 to 4 cm, it is possible more, the main thing is to get into the jar. We clean the garlic and cut each tooth into 2-4 pieces. In fat, with a sharp knife we ​​cut the pockets into which we stick garlic. Roll each piece in salt, put in a jar. Shifting slices of Lavrushka and spices.

We just make the pickle, dissolve the salt in warm boiled water, pour it into a jar. She then put in the refrigerator for 4 days. After we get and freeze, wrapped in parchment.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

How to salt in hot brine with onion peel

This famous recipe has been known for many years. Specially collected onion peel, podgadvali by the time how to cut a pig. Very, very tasty, soft, non-greasy fat. In general, I will not paint, try it yourself and understand everything.

We use the following ingredients:

  • Kilo su
  • Liter of cold raw water
  • Good onion peel
  • 200 grams of common cooking salt
  • Spiced Garlic


Prepare the product, cut into pieces, which is convenient. Fold in salt saucepan and add onion peel on top, pour water over and boil for ten minutes after boiling. Then set aside to cool and pull out on a paper towel. Rub the spices with garlic and put in the freezer.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Recipe in cold brine

We will take:

  • 2 kilo of fat
  • A glass of ordinary salt
  • 5 glasses of water
  • Head of garlic
  • 5 leaves of Lavrushka
  • Peas black pepper and allspice

Cold pickling:

Salo, pre-soaked, cut into cubes, put in a jar, distributing with laurel and cloves of garlic, just falling asleep peas pepper. Cook the brine until the salt is completely dissolved, cool it to become room temperature. Fill the pieces and hide in the cold for 5 days. After take out and put in the freezer.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Salo in a brine in Ukrainian

We need:

  • 1, 5 kilo of double fat
  • Liter of cold filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons of salt, you can sea
  • Half a head of garlic
  • 5 leaves of Lavrushka
  • 6 pea-scented and black peppercorns

Salting process:

The product will be cut into any size bars and put in a convenient dish, better enameled. In water, completely soluble salt, add spices. Garlic cut into cubes, bay leaf can be broken into several parts. This brine is poured into a bowl of bacon, we put the oppression on top, in this form we send it in the fridge for three days. After pulling out the bars, dry and rub with a mixture of pepper and garlic.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter


For this recipe, absorb fat without meat layers, as in the original. The way to salt is not complicated.

Would need:

  • Salo - 1 kg
  • Large table salt - 4 table. spoons
  • Sugar - 0, 5 tsp.
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs.
  • Garlic - 1 head
  • Cumin - to taste

Cooking process:

  1. Rinse pieces of fresh product under a tap, let it dry. At will it is possible to cut off a skin.
  2. Peel the garlic and finely chop with a knife. Stir it with salt and spices, rub each piece of bacon.
  3. Break bay leaves into pieces and sprinkle on top of the product. Cover and place in a dark place for 5 days.
  4. After five days, turn the pieces over and put them in the refrigerator for the same time.
  5. Before you try, you need to freeze the fat in the freezer.

Lard in brine - the most delicious recipe, in a jar, hot or cold, for the winter

Recipe for long-term storage under an iron lid

We use ingredients:

  • 2 kilograms of lard
  • A glass of coarse salt
  • 5 glasses of pure water
  • Lavrushka
  • Black Pepper

Cooking process:

Salo cut into pieces of this size to fit in a jar. Bank sterilized better. Lay layers of lard and shift it with bay leaf and peppercorns.

Cook the brine in advance and cook it. Fill the jar with lard and roll the lid. Always keep in the cold. You can eat in a week or leave for the winter.

Recipe for Smoking

Ingredients Required:

  • 2 kilograms of lard
  • Liter of water
  • A glass of regular cooking salt
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • 10 leaves of laurel
  • Spices

Cooking process:

Fat cut into large bars and lay in an enamel bowl. Cook the brine with salt, garlic and other spices. Cool it and pour over lard to completely hide it. Put on the cold for three days. After you can begin the process of smoking.

Recipe for delicious bacon in brine - video

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