Cabbage solyanka - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook cabbage soup.

Cabbage solyanka - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook cabbage soup.

Cabbage Solyanka - general principles and methods of cooking

Cabbage solyanka is considered a traditional Russian dish, and for many centuries its admirers were not only the poor people in the villages, but also the high noble rank, and the royal court did not disdain. Solyanka is not only a tasty dish, but also very healthy, cabbage contains a large amount of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and magnesium. Doctors say that people who eat a lot of solyanka rarely suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Fans of this dish are always in good shape.

Cabbage Solyanka - food preparation

Solyanka is prepared from fresh or sauerkraut, preparation of products depends largely on the nature of the dish. Inveterate cooks are convinced that the basis of the soup is broth, as a rule, it consists of meat, fish or mushroom soup and cucumber pickle, so it should be prepared first (1.5 cups of broth should be taken 1.5 cups of brine).

Cabbage Solyanka - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Cabbage Solyanka

Solyanka does not have to be fat and rich, we offer the so-called diet option with mushrooms.


- 1/2 kilogram of cabbage;

- 300 grams of mushrooms (champignons, white, oyster mushrooms);

- 1/2 lemon;

- 1/2 cup of water;

- 2 pickled cucumbers;

- 1 onion;

- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste;

- 2 tablespoons of butter;

- 1 teaspoon sugar;

- Bay leaf;

- salt;

- vinegar;

- vegetable oil;

- ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

Chop the cabbage and put in a saucepan, add water, 1 spoon of butter, vinegar. Simmer on fire for 45 minutes.

Chop the onion, chop the mushrooms and cucumbers into small pieces. Fry mushrooms and onions in vegetable oil, not forgetting to pepper and salt in the process of heat treatment.

Tomato paste is added to the cabbage 15 minutes before the dish is ready, we also send shredded cucumbers, sugar, black pepper, bay leaf and salt. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, cover with lid and simmer until tender. Take a baking dish, grease it with butter, shift half the stewed vegetables, place a layer of mushrooms on top, cover it with a second layer of vegetables. In the process of baking, the hodgepodge is covered with a crisp crust, sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and sprinkle with vegetable oil. Put in preheated oven for 30 minutes.

Recipe 2: Sauerkraut Solyanka in a Country Style

In rural areas, solyanka was prepared most often from sauerkraut and lard; we offer one of the options for the hodgepodge in a rustic way.


- 2/3 kilograms of sauerkraut;

- 100 grams of lard;

- 200 grams of broth;

- 250 grams of bacon (smoked-boiled);

- 1 onion;

- 1 pickled cucumber;

- a few spoons of tomato paste;

- 15 grams of wheat flour;

- spices;

- ground black pepper;

- salt;

- greenery.

Method of preparation

Cabbage squeeze so that it does not leave a lot of pickle, not present a rich sour taste. Finely chop the onion, fry it in lard, here we also add spices, cabbage, tomato paste, bay leaf, all this weary not with a small fire. Peel and seed cucumbers, add to the cabbage, when it becomes quite soft. Put brisket chopped into small cubes. Mix the flour fried in a hot pan with warm meat broth and pour the hodgepodge. We continue to simmer the dish on a small fire for another 15-20 minutes. Served soup served on the table, seasoned with black pepper and sprinkled with chopped greens.

Recipe 3: Cabbage Solyanka with Eggplants

Cabbage, eggplants, tomatoes - what is not the composition for a useful and tasty solyanka? Believe me, this dish will be enjoyed by your guests and household ...


- 1.5 kilograms of cabbage;

- 1/2 kilogram of beef;

- 1 carrot;

- 1 onion;

- 2 eggplants;

- 2 tomatoes;

- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste;

- greenery;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Chop the beef and fry in vegetable oil, then add water to the pan (so that the meat is completely in the liquid), simmer over low heat until the beef is soft.

To leave the bitterness of the eggplant, they should be washed, then remove the edges, cut lengthwise, salt the half of the fruit and leave for half an hour. Fry carrots and chopped onion fry in vegetable oil, add to them tomatoes (chopped, skinless) and tomato paste. Cut the eggplants into small pieces, fry in a pan with the addition of vegetable oil.

Mix all the ingredients and add the finely chopped cabbage in it, salt the saltwort, cover the pan with a lid, simmer until fully cooked, stirring occasionally to prevent the dish from burning. If the liquid evaporates quickly, you can add boiled water.

Serve soup with eggplants and tomatoes on the table in portions, sprinkled with greens.

Recipe 4: Cabbage Solyanka with Sausages

In the cabbage soup of the housewife, in the absence of meat or brisket, boiled sausage or sausage is often added, the dish is quite edible.


- 1 kilogram of cabbage;

- 1/2 kilogram of sausages;

- 1 onion;

- 1 carrot;

- 4 tablespoons of ketchup;

- vegetable oil for roasting vegetables;

- 3 Lavrushka;

- ground black pepper;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Shred the cabbage, put it in a deep frying pan, in which 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil were previously placed, add a little water, cover with a lid, simmer on a low heat, stirring occasionally.

In vegetable oil (take another frying pan) fry chopped onion and grated carrots. Do not feel sorry for the oil, frying should be juicy and in no case burnt.

Cut sausages into small pieces, add to onions and carrots, send ketchup, spices and salt, and fry a little. If at the moment when the frying is ready, the cabbage has become soft, you can safely mix the ingredients.

Solyanka is ready!

Cabbage Solyanka - tips from experienced chefs

Remember! Solyanka is obtained rich and tasty, if it added a lot of different ingredients.

When cooking dishes based on sauerkraut, it is important to get rid of excess brine and acid. Put the cabbage in boiling water for a few minutes, then flip it in a colander and squeeze after cooling.

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