How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

Sauerkraut itself is very tasty, but it is not just harvested for the winter. Today I will tell you about the dishes in which it is the main ingredient. I will tell you about how cabbage is prepared with different types of meat ingredients, as it should be after cooking in a pan or in a slow cooker.

How to extinguish sauerkraut deliciously - a classic recipe

Classic. There is a classic in everything, always this word means something great that will always be delicious. And yes, even in the preparation of stewed sauerkraut there is a classic look.

To make classic stewed cabbage, we need:

• Pickled cabbage - one kilogram

• Onions - three medium onions

• Carrot - four hundred grams

• Tomato paste - three tablespoons

• Sugar - tablespoon

• Salt to taste

• Bay leaf - a pair of leaves

• Ground black pepper - one pinch.

In order for cabbage not to turn out to be like salt mixed with cabbage, it must be soaked in cold water in order to get rid of excess salt. Then squeeze, but so that it was still juicy, we put it on the sieve. When all the liquid is gone, you can cook the cabbage.

Onions clean and chop into small cube. Carrot shred straw.

We send onions to sauté to a transparent state, then add carrots to it. It should have a soft texture.

Add the tomato paste to the roasted vegetables, simmer for a couple of minutes and put the sugar and salt and chopped laurel. Stew for about two minutes and lay the cabbage. Stew it in a prepared tomato-vegetable sauce for twenty-twenty-five minutes. The finished cabbage is perfect in the form of a side dish to the meat dish, and will become an excellent independent dish on your table.

How to stew sauerkraut in a frying pan

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

Ingredients needed to prepare:

• Sauerkraut - a kilogram

• Onions - a pair of large bulbs

• Vegetable oil - one hundred milliliters

• Tomato paste - a tablespoon

• Cumin - half teaspoon

• Salt-sugar - a teaspoon

• Sour cream - a tablespoon

Cabbage is prepared as described above. Cut carrots and onions into strips. Send to the pan with hot oil and passeruem two or three minutes.

Send the cabbage to the pan, salt and simmer for forty-five minutes. At the end of cooking put the tomato paste, sugar and cumin. Add sour cream, mix. Can be served at the table.

How to put out sauerkraut in a slow cooker

The slow cooker is one of the best helpers in the kitchen of a modern hostess. Well, let's try to put out the sauerkraut in it!

• Sauerkraut - one kilo

• Sunflower oil - seventy milliliters

• Onion - two onions

• Salt and sugar - to taste

Prepare cabbage - wash, squeeze and leave to drain excess water.

Peel the onions and chop them into small cubes, cut the carrots into strips and send them to fry in hot oil.

Mix cabbage with sautéed vegetables and send to the slow cooker in baking mode.

In this mode, cabbage is cooked for an hour. After we switch the mode to “plov” and reheat another twenty-five minutes.

At the end of time we mix cabbage and serve it to the table.

How to extinguish sauerkraut with meat

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

How to make a man fall in love, or at least eat stewed cabbage? The answer is simple - add meat.

• Pickled cabbage - a kilogram

• Pork - five hundred grams

• Bulb onion - a pair of bulbs

• Tomato paste - three tablespoons

• Water - half a liter

• Sunflower oil - fifty grams

• Bay leaf - five leaves

• Salt-sugar - to taste

Cut the meat into a large dice, clean the onion and chop into half rings. Fry together in a heated deep frying pan for about ten minutes.

Cabbage prepared in the previously described way. Add it to the meat, fill it with water, mix well and simmer for sixty. After time, add water if it boils, add pasta, bay leaf and sugar. Mix and dogsovavlivaem even half an hour. That's all cooking.

How to extinguish delicious sauerkraut without meat


• Pickled cabbage - one and a half kilograms

• Onions - three onions

• Bulgarian pepper - two hundred grams

• Carrots - two hundred and fifty grams

• Sunflower oil - one hundred milliliters

• Tomato paste - a tablespoon

• Greens - one bunch

• Hot chili pepper - one small pod

• Salt pepper - as you wish

Prepare cabbage, peel onions and chop into small cubes. Rub carrots on a grater with straws, and Bulgarian pepper cut with triangle chargers. Fry vegetables with tomato paste for about five minutes and put our cabbage, salt and pepper and stir. Cover with a lid and leave on medium heat for twenty minutes. At the end, sprinkle with chopped greens and let stand, relax our meal.

How to stew sauerkraut with potatoes

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

Sauerkraut is quite a dietary dish. It has few calories, however, in order to eat stewed cabbage nourishingly, you can add a high-calorie product. Such as potatoes. It will not only make your dish more satisfying, but will also give a better taste by removing excess sourness.

• Sauerkraut - five hundred grams

• Potatoes - half a kilo

• Onion - one onion

• Vegetable oil - fifty milliliters

• Water - one hundred milliliters

Clean potatoes, rinse well and cut into large cubes. Cook in brackish water.

Onions clean and chop. Wash cabbage, squeeze and dry.

Paste onion in a deep skillet for two or three minutes. Add cabbage to it and simmer for fifteen minutes. Add for this potatoes, salt and pepper and simmer on for about twenty minutes. In fact, everything, our delicious cabbage is ready.

How to stew sauerkraut with sausage

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

You might think that only students cook sausages everywhere and everywhere. However, a good ingredient can be used even in a restaurant dish. Sausages are perfect for those who do not want to bother with meat or do not know how to cook it better.

The most important thing is to choose good sausages. Any consumer goods from the nearest stall, made from horn-hoof is clearly not suitable. Choose a trusted manufacturer who has in his assortment a lot of different meat products, including those of high quality. Well, pay attention to the reviews.

• Pickled cabbage - a kilogram

• Onions - two large onions

• Carrots - two hundred fifty-three hundred grams

• Sausages (from whom, you choose) - three hundred grams • Sunflower oil - one hundred milliliters

• Sugar - two teaspoons

• Salt pepper - at your discretion

• Water - depending on evaporation

Prepare the cabbage. Thoroughly wash it from excess salt, since it is also present in sausages. Onions cut into cubes, and cut the carrot, or rub with straw.

Put the onions and carrots on a red-hot frying pan, sprinkle them to softness. Add to them the sausages sliced ​​in a circle, fry a little. We mix cabbage with this business, close the lid and simmer, stirring occasionally. Stew the dish should be at least twenty minutes. After a little rest from the heat and can serve.

How to extinguish sauerkraut with chicken

The next meat ingredient in our cabbage stew is chicken. Her meat is almost the easiest to stew. Properly cooked chicken may well make your dish worthy of a restaurant. Let's see how to do it:

• Cabbage - four hundred grams

• Chicken thigh without bone - two hundred and fifty grams

• Tomato paste - forty grams

• Salts and sugar - to taste

• Vegetable oil - fifty milliliters

Fry chicken thigh until half cooked on high heat with salt and pepper. Should come out a ruddy crust. As soon as a crust is formed, turn off the fire and leave the meat a little later under the lid closed. So it will become more juicy.

Wash the cabbage, squeeze out excess salty juice and throw it back on the sieve. As soon as the excess liquid is drained, you can send the cabbage to the pan with hot oil and simmer for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes later put the cabbage meat cut into pieces and a half centimeters. Stew for ten minutes, add pasta and spices. We continue to quench for another fifteen minutes. At the end of cooking, serve immediately and enjoy the taste.

Useful tips - how to stew sauerkraut correctly

How to stew sauerkraut in a pan, in a slow cooker, with meat, potatoes, chicken and sausage

I will share with you some secrets as well.

Sometimes it happens that the cabbage seems to be rid of excess salt, but it is sour. This can be corrected by flashing cabbage in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Never forget to add water as you quench if it evaporates quickly, otherwise you will get sour coal.

Never be afraid to experiment with spices, but better wash the salt better. In the future, add it if something in the dish itself, rather than crunch it. To stewed cabbage sometimes it is not bad to add freshly ground allspice to add spice.

And the most probably important advice. Always use the freshest and best ingredients, just do not forget to show imagination when working with them. Have a nice meal!

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