Persimmon - description, useful properties, use in cooking. Recipes with persimmon.

Persimmon - description, useful properties, use in cooking. Recipes with persimmon.

Persimmon - Description

Persimmon ripens in late fall. But residents of not all districts can tear it from a tree - it grows only in warm zones. Thermophilic fruit has great taste. The tree or shrub of the ebony family and its fruits have the same name. These are berries with juicy pulp, although in appearance they resemble fruits. In shape they are spherical, flat or angular, in color yellow-orange or dark, almost reddish. Weight is different: small, like an apple, or almost half a kilogram.

The fruit can be eaten entirely - only seeds and calyx are inedible. Ripe persimmon is surprisingly tasty, but if it is slightly unripe, then there is an unpleasant viscosity and tartness. Since the plant is extremely thermophilic, it grows in America and Australia, in the warm regions of Eurasia. It is found in southern Ukraine, particularly in the Crimea. There are a lot of varieties and names, but the most common are just two - sweet, almost chocolate “Korolek” and impatient varieties of Caucasian plants.

Ripe berry is almost transparent. It does not stay fresh for long, soon dark spots appear on it - it means that it starts to deteriorate. In the refrigerator, it is stored much longer. And in the frozen form, it can withstand six months. Immature fruits should be kept warm to maturity. When transporting it needs to be well packaged, as dents and other damage quickly rot.

Persimmon - Useful Properties

Persimmon has amazing properties. It contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is known to create an anti-cancer effect. Improving eyesight, and most importantly - the skin becomes soft and smooth, and this is only from 2-3 berries daily. The presence of vitamins C and P boosts immunity. Persimmon pulp has a bactericidal effect, and iodine monitors the state of the thyroid gland. Also, it should be used for cardiovascular diseases, bleeding gums and problems of the urogenital area. But that's not all.


- quickly saturates the body;

- stimulates performance;

- has a calming effect;

- tones and improves appetite.

Caution, contraindications persimmon

The astringent properties of persimmon can adversely affect the state of the stomach after surgery, or with pronounced adhesive processes. Even healthy people should not eat unripe persimmon - it is better to wait until it “comes to a condition”. Also, for the time being, it is necessary to forget about it for people with diabetes and for obesity, since the amount of sugars in it is very high, much higher than other fruits and berries. It is necessary to comply with the measure, if you only get acquainted with an exotic berry - for the first time eat no more than 1 piece, so as not to provoke intestinal obstruction.

Persimmon - caloric

Calorie persimmon - 62 calories per 100 grams.

Persimmon - for weight loss

In the ranking of healing fruits, persimmon goes immediately after citrus. A five-day persimmon-based diet can help lose a few pounds (4-5). You not only lose weight, but also strengthen your health.

Persimmon - use in cooking

The persimmon can be eaten perfectly and just like fruit. But if you want something tasty, you can make a salad, pastries, jelly or pudding with her participation. In some countries, it is dried, made molasses or boiled jam and marmalade. Recipes are known for cider, beer, wine, and coffee is made from dried seeds. The juice of fresh berries is called “bekmez” (“doshab”). Chocolate variety is used in milkshakes. And delicious desserts can be prepared with the addition of liqueurs, vanilla, whipped cream. As part of salad dressings, persimmon is combined with honey, cream cheese and orange juice.

Recipe examples with persimmon

Mature persimmon has a scattering of brown stripes on the skin. The more strips, the sweeter the fruit. The translucent peel must still be elastic, but with ripe semi-liquid pulp. Choose fruits without dark points.

Recipe 1: Salsa - Spicy Persimmon Mix with Spices

Prepare salsa and serve it as a sauce or salad along with meat and fish dishes.

Ingredients: fruit (2 pieces), onion (half head), ground ginger (quarter spoon), lime juice (2 spoons), cilantro, vegetable oil for refueling (1 spoon). Salt pepper.

Preparation Method

Wash the food, chop the herbs and onions, mix with the chopped persimmon and season with juice and vegetable oil. Mix with ground ginger, season with chili and salt a little.

Recipe 2: Radiccio and Persimmon Salad

Radichio-very spectacular type of lettuce, which grows in the heads of a reddish-purple color. This is an Italian plant, it is also called “winter flower of Italian cuisine”. Lush colored leaves - a beautiful decoration and interesting taste. In some chicory varieties of lettuce (for example, radikkye) there are very few leaves, but you can eat picturesque stems - a true natural work of art.

Ingredients: radicchio salad, bacon (100 grams), olive oil (3 spoons), wine vinegar (1 teaspoon), honey, salt, pepper, persimmon (1 large ripe).

Preparation Method

We choose only dense persimmon for making salad - after all, it will have to be cut into rectangular pieces. At the same time, it should be juicy, so that the dish is not dryish. So. We cut bacon into small pieces and fry it in a pan. Salad cut into strips, and persimmon sticks. Lay out the components on the plate, mix, pour the dressing.

Recipe 3: Persimmon Pie

Useful and tasty persimmon does not lose its properties after heat treatment. Remember this property in the case when you can not get rid of the binding properties. The dough made according to this recipe is unusually soft, the structure resembles pudding.

Ingredients: lemon (2 pieces), persimmon (2 large pieces or 3 small), eggs (3 pieces), sugar (100 grams), sour cream (150 grams), flour (200 grams), butter for lubrication form (30 grams), baking powder. Preparation Method

Washed lemons divide and cut the zest into strips. Squeeze lemon juice, cut persimmon into slices and remove all bones. Dough: beat eggs with sugar (50 gr.), Mix with sour cream, vanilla, flour. Put persimmon in a greased form, pour the resulting dough and sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 20 minutes, check readiness with a match or toothpick. The resulting cake consists of a fruit base and baking that perfectly complements it.

Recipe 4: Salad with Persimmon and Shrimps

It is hard to imagine, but sweet ripe persimmon goes well with some seafood, such as king prawns. This rich dish is good for dinner for two.

Ingredients: persimmon (2 ripe fruits), arugula (50 grams), sweet blue onions (half a bulb), olives (100 grams without seeds), olive oil (50 ml), flour (2 tablespoons ), balsamic vinegar (1 tsp.), pepper, salt, garlic (1 clove), large shrimps (8 pieces), lettuce.

Preparation Method

Wash and clean the shrimp, separate the shells and heads. On the abdomen, make a cut and remove the intestinal vein. Then flatten each shrimp with a knife, roll in flour. In a skillet, heat the olive oil and fry the garlic overnight, for about 30 seconds. Remove the garlic and fry the shrimp on both sides. Dry with grease on paper towels.

Mix a little and vinegar, pepper and salt - it turns out pouring. Lettuce leaves and arugula tear hands into small pieces and mix with chopped half rings onions. We will also cut the persimmon into slices, leave a few pieces for decoration. Slice the olives and put all the ingredients of the salad in a bowl. Fill and mix, pour the top with the remaining dressing.

Recipe 5: Smoked Loin with Persimmon

This wonderful dish does not need to cook or fry. Its rich composition and beautiful table setting are suitable for the most festive banquet. Ingredients: smoked loin (150 grams), cabbage lettuce (several leaves), black caviar (4 spoons), cheese (200 grams, can be soft), ripe persimmon (2 pieces), cream (4 tablespoons ), eggs (2 pieces), a little crushed ginger.

Preparation Method

Cut the loin into 12 thin slices and lay into 2 large serving plates. Prepared lettuce leaves are laid out on a plate entirely. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool and cut in half. We spread on a plate and top with black caviar. Cut the persimmon and pull out the bones. Cut the flesh into strips and mix the juice with the soft cheese. Add cream to cheese and sprinkle with ginger. Beat in the foam and put the mass in the pastry syringe. Squeeze out on each plate with beautiful shapes, put slices of persimmon on top.

Persimmon - useful tips from experienced chefs

With persimmon, you can cook more satisfying dishes, for example, pilaf, which in the east is called brocade-doshama. In this case, all the ingredients are cooked separately - lamb is roasted and stewed, then the meat is separated and removed. Pilaf is prepared from rice and vegetables, and the persimmon is a little leaked. Spread rice on the plate, then meat, stewed vegetables. All together watered with oil and sprinkled with cinnamon. 600 kg of rice, onions and carrots, 200 grams of clarified butter and 300 grams of persimmon are taken per kilogram of lamb with a stone. Try this delicious and hearty dish.

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