Pumpkin pancakes - suns from the pan! Recipes bright and fragrant pumpkin pancakes with milk, kefir, water

Pumpkin pancakes - suns from the pan! Recipes bright and fragrant pumpkin pancakes with milk, kefir, water

Pumpkin pancakes are very bright.

From them and blows the spring sunshine.

At the same time preparing pancakes is quite simple.

There are many different recipes.

The most interesting of them can be found here.

Pumpkin Pancakes - General Cooking Principles

For pancakes, use fresh or frozen pumpkin. From the vegetable, you can make mashed potatoes, put it out in a pan or lay it raw. It all depends on the technology they liked recipes.

What to put in the dough:

• flour;

• dairy products or water;

• eggs;

• salt and sugar;

• butter.

A set of products does not differ originality, but a simple pancake dough also does not fit. Pumpkin has its own moisture, the required proportions of the liquid and flour.

Pumpkin pancakes are cooked in a skillet, it is better to use a pot with a thick bottom. For the first time you need to oil it well. The dough is usually poured ladle. At this point, you need to twist the pan so that the pancake turned out smooth, without holes.

Pumpkin pancakes with milk

A recipe for pumpkin sun pancakes, for which you can take a fresh or frozen vegetable. Milk fat is arbitrary.


• 200 ml of water;

• 2 eggs;

• 4 tbsp. l Sahara;

• 300 ml of water;

• 500 g pumpkin;

• 3 tbsp. l oils;

• 2 tbsp. flour.


1. Cut the pumpkin into small cubes, add water and boil until soft. If a frozen vegetable was used, the product will be cooked in just a few minutes. Drain the broth, mash the pumpkin in a puree, cool.

2. Beat eggs with sugar, salt, pour in milk and shake well.

3. Connect pumpkin puree with milk mixture, mix until smooth.

4. It remains only to fill the flour. First add 1.5 cups. Be sure to sift the flour, whip it when adding or just stir it well so that lumps do not appear. If the dough is watery, add more flour.

5. Heat the pan, brush with oil. 6. Just before frying, add the rest of the butter to the dough, stir it.

7. Gather a yellow dough with a ladle, pour it onto a hot surface, shake the pan so that the pancake spreads smoothly. Brown.

8. Turn over, fry pancake on the opposite side. Shift on a plate, grease with oil.

Pumpkin pancakes on kefir

A variant of pumpkin pancakes, in which you can add any fermented milk drink: ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt. Depending on the thickness of the product, the amount of flour may vary slightly.


• pumpkin 0.3 kg;

• three eggs;

• 0.14 kg of flour;

• kefir 0,2 l;

• salt;

• sugar 2 tbsp. l .;

• 20 g of oil draining .;

• 2 tbsp. l oils rast.


1. For these pancakes pumpkin need to be put out in the pan. It is better not to use the frozen product, as there will be a lot of water in it, you will have to evaporate it for a long time, the mass will not be the same

2. Grind the vegetable finely, put it in a frying pan with a piece of butter and cook until soft. First, do it under the lid, then add fire, open the pan, evaporate the water.

3. While the pumpkin cools down, you can beat the eggs with kefir, salt and sugar, add half the flour, stir.

4. Combine the dough with the stewed vegetables, stir. Evaluate the consistency of the dough, if necessary, add more flour.

5. Pour in vegetable oil, stir.

6. Spread on a hot frying pan, fry in the usual way, browning on both sides.

Yeast Pumpkin Pancakes

The recipe for lush and airy pancakes with pumpkin and yeast base on milk. The dough will need to stay warm for an hour, so you need to prepare it in advance.


• 5 g yeast;

• pumpkin 400 g;

• 40 g sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 30 g of butter;

• flour 300 g;

• 500 ml of milk;

• 4 eggs.


1. Crumble the cleaned pumpkin, boil until soft in water or steamed. Then turn into a smooth and smooth mash in any way. Cool it down.

2. Mix milk with sugar and salt, dissolve the yeast in it. The liquid should be slightly warmer than body temperature, about 40 degrees. 3. Beat eggs in a separate bowl, add to milk.

4. Lay out the puree cooled to a warm state.

5. Now comes the flour and ghee. Prepare a smooth dough. Pour into a large saucepan, as it will be well and quickly rise.

6. Cover with a napkin, leave in a warm place for 40-60 minutes.

7. As soon as the mass rises well, it will bubble, you can start frying pancakes. Spread the dough on a greased pan, from the yeast dough pancakes will not be very thin.

8. Fry to ruddy color on both sides, grease with butter, ghee.

Pumpkin Pancakes on Water

Pancake recipe for those who have run out of milk or just need to save it. Pumpkin can be used frozen fresh or already boiled.


• pumpkin 0.3 kg;

• 2 eggs;

• 150 ml of water;

• a glass of flour;

• sugar 20 g;

• 2 l. Art. oils.


1. Boil pumpkin, puree with a blender until smooth.

2. Break eggs into a bowl, add salt and sugar to them, whisk with a whisk, gradually pour in water. It is important to beat the mass well and until uniform, so that the water does not peel off on the surface of the dough.

3. Now combine the eggs with the pumpkin, mix the flour. The amount depends on the humidity of the puree, do not make too thin dough.

4. Let the dough stand for about ten minutes, add butter.

5. Cook pancakes on a hot skillet, fry until golden brown.

Quick raw pumpkin pancakes

Option fast pancakes, for which you do not need to soar or simmer the pumpkin, cook vegetable mash. It turns out that everything can be much easier. Pancakes are rather thick, suitable for cooking pumpkin cakes, you only need to miss the cakes with sauces, condensed milk, cream.


• 500 g pumpkin;

• 0.5 cups of flour;

• 3 eggs;

• butter;

• salt, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar.


1. Peeled pieces of pumpkin rub on the smallest grater, squeeze the juice is not necessary.

2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt, add a little sugar. If the pumpkin is ripe and sweet, then one spoon is enough. To taste we fill the dough with vanilla, cinnamon, but they can always be added to the sauce. 3. We combine the grated pumpkin with beaten eggs, we fill with flour, we stir. It is not necessary to add oil to such pancakes, it goes when frying.

4. Pour 2 spoons of oil into the heated pan.

5. Spread the grated dough with a spoon, smooth it.

6. Roast on one side, then flip. Bring pancake to readiness.

Fast pumpkin pancakes with almond milk

Instead of almond milk, you can use coconut or soy. The recipe is vegetarian, eggs are not added to the dough. Pumpkin puree can be prepared in any way or use a purchased product, such as baby food.


• wheat flour. 1 tbsp .;

• 0.5 Art. wholegrain flour;

• spices, salt and sugar;

• almond milk 0.3 liters;

• baking powder 0.3 tsp;

• 0.5 cups pumpkin puree;

• 4 l oil. Art.


1. Mix almond milk with sugar, add pumpkin puree, salt and whisk everything until smooth. You can use a combine.

2. Now you can pour cinnamon, ginger, any other spices.

3. Mix both types of flour: wheat and whole grains, add baking powder to them. You can use ground oatmeal or cornmeal, it also turns out delicious.

4. Pour the flour into the dough, whisk again.

5. Now the dough should be left to flour swelled. Twenty minutes is enough.

6. Add vegetable oil, stir.

7. Grease the pan with residues of oil, pour out the dough, bake pancakes of any size, shape and thickness.

Pumpkin and Apple Pancakes

A variant of very fragrant, palatable and wholesome pumpkin and apple pancakes. Fruits are laid raw, baked in the usual way. The only difficulty that can be encountered is the frequent smearing of the pan. Apple juice can cause pancakes to stick.


• 250 g pumpkin;

• 150 g apples;

• 300 ml of milk;

• 3 tbsp. flour;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 3 eggs;

• salt;

• a little soda.


1. Slice the pumpkin, boil it in a small amount of flour, mash to mashed potatoes, cool. 2. Mix eggs with milk, sugar and salt, whisk well until smooth, add pumpkin puree, mix.

3. Fill the dough with flour, add a pinch of soda and vegetable oil.

4. At the very last moment, pour fresh apples into the dough. They can be rubbed directly with the sandpaper or cleaned before.

5. Lay the pancake on the pan with a ladle, bake until done.

Pumpkin Pancakes - Tips and Tricks

• In order for flour not to clump in dough, it must be sieved. You can pour some of the liquid and knead the dough a little thicker, and then dilute. This technique will also prevent the appearance of lumps.

• To lubricate the pan, you can use not only oil. In the old days, fresh fat was taken for this purpose. A piece of nakalivaetsya on the plug, then drive it on a heated surface.

• Even if the first pancake is not lumpy, you definitely need to eat it. It is an indicator of readiness, it is checked for taste, the amount of sugar and salt, in time to correct minor flaws and bring the dish to your taste.

• If pancakes are torn and do not want to turn over, add another egg, after beating it until homogeneous in a separate bowl, you can additionally fill a couple of spoons of flour.

• If you still can't bake pancakes, add some more flour, add baking powder (if not in the dough) and bake pumpkin pancakes. They always roll over and rarely break.

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