How tasty to make salted cucumbers? Variants of salted cucumbers with oak bark, horseradish, lemon, mint, vinegar and bread

How tasty to make salted cucumbers? Variants of salted cucumbers with oak bark, horseradish, lemon, mint, vinegar and bread

Lightly pickled cucumbers are an excellent occasion for a feast. And if the feast is very soon and the guests are “on the doorstep”, you can make an amazing original snack in just two hours.

It can be safely called national in many countries where pickled cucumbers are part of the food and the daily lunch and festive dinner. Such cucumbers will be useful for cooking other dishes - hot sandwiches with rye bread and cheese, okroshka or pickle, snack salads. In any form, such cucumbers are eaten quickly. Below are the fastest and original recipes for cooking salted cucumbers.

Quick and tasty salted cucumbers - general principles of cooking

When choosing cucumbers for quick salting, give preference to small specimens with thin skin. These will not need to be cut into pieces, and salted cucumbers come out with a characteristic crunch.

Choose any type of jar for salting - jars, cups (not plastic) or pans, even wooden kegs or heavy plastic bags. Deep sterilization of containers is not necessary. It will be enough to hold glass or metal over the steam for a couple of minutes. But the keg will still have to be steamed with juniper branches for at least 10-15 minutes.

Since salted cucumbers are not intended for long-term storage, choose the salt for them to your liking. Possible with or without additives. The worst for billets is iodized salt - it badly spills the product and causes its premature damage. But, it is possible and in the old manner to take large salt “Extra”.

It is difficult to calculate the ratio of salt and vegetables in any recipe for homemade preparations. For pickling cucumbers fit this ratio - 1 tbsp. l salt per 1 liter cans or 1 kg of cucumbers. You can use this combination to pickle not only cucumbers, but also tomatoes or cabbage. Be sure to put spicy greens or vegetables in a jar of cucumbers: young horseradish leaves, onions, garlic cloves, dill inflorescences, leaves of fruit trees and shrubs (cherries, currants, plums). Choose a pair of species, no longer required.

How to quickly and tasty cook salted cucumbers - a recipe with currant leaves and horseradish


• three kg of cucumbers;

• a few inflorescences of dill;

• 3-4 pieces. leaves of any currant;

• three sheets of young horseradish;

• 5-6 cloves of home garlic;

• salt.


1. Pickles for salting, choose the same size, preferably small. Rinse well in a cup with cold water, then each under running water.

2. Reassemble and rinse all cooked spicy greens and garlic. In the latter, remove the scales. Look through each leaf currant, they should not be aphids or rust.

3. Prepare the jars - rinse them with clean warm water and then boiling water.

4. Place the garlic, cucumbers in the jars, and at the end the greens - dill inflorescence, currant leaf and half or one sheet of horseradish. Add salt - for 1 liter of 1 can of 1 tbsp. l without slides of coarse salt.

5. Pour boiling water into the jar and cover with a clean lid. Leave on the kitchen table or clean to another place for salting for two or three hours.

How to quickly cook salted cucumbers - a recipe with cranberries and mint


• kilogram of fresh cucumbers;

• a handful of cranberries (lingonberries or red currants);

• a couple of sprigs of mint (or basil);

• onion head (or a bunch of green feathers);

• a couple of peas allspice;

• coarse salt.


1. Put all the cucumbers in a cup and place it under a stream of cold water. Rinse each vegetable and transfer to a dry towel or to another bowl. You can simply wipe them with a napkin.

2. Prepare other salting products. Rinse the mint and dry with a paper towel. Peel the onions and rinse slightly. Cranberries are sorted and washed. 3. Now with baking soda or plain water, rinse the jars for salting. Put cucumbers in them, there is no need to crush them, otherwise you will not pull them out from there in the finished form. At the end, add mint, cranberries, sliced ​​onion head (if you have a small onion turnip, you do not need to cut it) and allspice.

4. Add salt at the rate of one tablespoon per liter of can.

5. Pour boiling water over the hanger. Try to keep all the cucumbers in the broth. Cover the jar with lid and allow to cool at room temperature. When this happens, the snack can be consumed. Before that, put it in the fridge for a quarter of an hour.

How to deliciously cook salted cucumbers - a recipe with vinegar


• kilogram of cucumbers;

• a pair of dill umbrellas;

• a pair of garlic cloves;

• 1 tsp. table vinegar 6%;

• coarse salt.


1. Prepare cucumbers. Choose only fresh, not flaccid specimens with delicate skin. After rinsing in water, immediately send them to the cutting ends. Each cucumber cut into quarters along the entire length of the vegetable. Put in clean, quick-sterilized jars.

2. Separately clean and rinse the dill and garlic. The latter can be crushed or cut into pieces for better juice yield. And cut the dill into pieces. If there is no umbrella, you can use ordinary dill.

3. Pour 1.5 liters of water into a saucepan and add garlic and chopped dill. Add 1.5 tbsp. l.ozhechki ordinary coarse salt without additives. Bring the liquid to a boil and add vinegar. Stir and remove from heat. Immediately pour the mixture into a jar of cucumbers. Cover with a lid, you can take a special glass.

4. You can do otherwise. Cucumbers shift into the pan with marinade and close the lid. Leave on the stove to cool completely - this is about an hour. And then cool the snack in the refrigerator or in the basement.

How tasty and quickly cook salted cucumbers - a recipe with bread

Ingredients: • kilogram of fresh cucumbers;

• 10-20 g horseradish root;

• Mature inflorescence of dill;

• a piece of rye (or black) bread;

• 1 tsp. vinegar 6%;

• salt.


1. Wash cucumbers and cut into pieces. If you have small vegetables, use whole ones.

2. At a horse-radish clean a skin with a knife. Cut the root into arbitrary pieces - adding it gives a characteristic crunchiness snack.

3. At the bottom of the tank, place a ripe inflorescence of dill and horseradish. Then cucumbers. Add bread (better than dry callous) - do not cut the crusts, as well as vinegar. Put them right on the cucumbers.

4. In another container, mix 25 g of salt with a liter of water. When the liquid boils, pour cucumbers with it.

5. Close the container with a lid and leave it on the kitchen table for a day, on the floor. Then put it in the fridge - they are ready to eat.

How to deliciously cook salted cucumbers - a recipe with oak bark


• kilogram of cucumbers;

• a bunch of young dill;

• 1 tbsp. l dried, crushed oak bark;

• leaf of laurel;

• several peas black pepper;

• pinch of coriander seeds;

• salt.


1. Cucumbers for this recipe, take only the whole. Rinse them and, in this form, place in a jar or a wooden keg steamed with juniper.

2. There also add a bunch of dill (no need to grind), laurel, peppercorns and coriander seeds.

3. Lastly pour salt (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of volume) and oak bark. It is better to buy bark in pharmacies - so you will be sure that the product is completely clean and does not have any traces of mold and insects. The effect of this ingredient on vegetables is similar to the leaves and roots of horseradish - lightly salted cucumbers will crunch like fresh ones.

4. Fill the components with boiling water. All cucumbers should be in the broth, but more liquid is not needed. Cover and wait to cool.

How to quickly cook salted cucumbers - recipe with lemon


• kilogram of cucumbers;

• 1.5 tsp. granulated sugar; • a couple of stalks (or inflorescences) of dill;

• one medium lemon;

• several black peppercorns;

• a few peas allspice;

• coarse salt “Extra”.


1. Carry out the initial processing of cucumbers - sorting and washing. Cut them into pieces - into two or three each fruit.

2. Treat the lemon. Scald with boiling water and cool with crushed ice or cold water. This procedure is required if you use zest at pickling. So one will give the brine more aromatic and flavoring substances. Then remove the zest from the fruit and get the juice. Instead of lemon, you can take any sour citrus. But keep in mind that the juice from the fruit for the recipe needs about 100 ml.

3. Prepare a decoction for salting. In 1.5 liters of water dissolve sugar and salt. You can taste it - it's the easiest way to determine if there is enough salt and sugar. If you wish, you can substitute the latter with flower honey. Then add dill, peas of two kinds of pepper and lemon juice with zest. Bring the liquid to a boil and pour in the cucumbers.

4. Cover with a lid. Two hours later, you can try cucumbers.

Quick and tasty salted cucumbers - tricks and useful tips

• The less salted cucumbers are, the tastier and crunchy they will be.

• The fastest way to cook salted cucumbers is to mix cucumbers with salt, dill and garlic in bags. This appetizer will be ready in 3 hours. The main thing is to periodically shake the bag.

• If desired, you can put dried spices or spices in a jar of vegetables for salting - peppercorns, clove blossoms or mustard seeds.

• Pickle will be more aromatic if you add a little table vinegar or citrus sour juice. Adding zest, both fresh and dried, is also allowed.

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