Chicken Chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook jelly with chicken.

Chicken Chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook jelly with chicken.

Chicken Chicken - general cooking principles

In essence, jellied meat (or jelly) is a meat broth condensed to a jelly state by long boiling. Previously, it was prepared exclusively from animal meat, but today many housewives in the manufacture of jelly use poultry, fish and even seafood with various combinations. One of the most delicious and low-fat kholodets is considered to be chicken jelly, which is very much appreciated by many gourmets of the world.

For the preparation of chicken aspic, parts of the carcass with a sufficient amount of gelling agents (cartilage, bone, tibia, legs, wings, neck, skin, dorsal part, etc.) are commonly used. The breast, as a rule, is not quite suitable for preparing jelly - how much it boil, and the broth will not thicken anyway. If in order to get jelly from pork or beef, the carcass needs to be cooked for at least 5-6 hours, then for cooking jelly from chicken it is enough to boil the meat for 2.5-3 hours.

Preparation (broth) for brawn is considered finished if the cartilage looks soft enough and well away from the bone. After the chicken has boiled soft, the meat and spices are removed from the broth, and the broth itself is filtered through a colander or sieve. To jelly was more elastic and dense, you can add gelatin. Although, if cooked correctly, chicken aspic should in any case thicken. Ready jelly is traditionally served with mustard or horseradish.

Chicken Chicken - food preparation

In addition to the gelling parts of the chicken, we will definitely need ingredients such as salt, garlic, pepper and water (by the way, you do not need to pour water too much, otherwise the jelly may not thicken). You can also add onions, carrots, roots and other favorite ingredients to the broth during the cooking process. When the broth is cooked, it must be drained and poured into molds, previously diluted with finely chopped meat, pepper, garlic, greens and other spices. Ready jelly can be decorated on your own, right in the molds. Chicken Chicken - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken Chicken

We present the traditional recipe of cooking chicken jelly, which will be loved by all members of your family. The main principle of this dish is: “do not use chicken breast, because it is too dry for the jelly, but take more of the cartilage part. The more cartilage, the better. ”

Ingredients Required:

- chicken wings, necks and legs 2 kg

- two average carrots

- two average bulbs

- a pair of teeth garlic

- celery stalk

- 5-7 black peppercorns

- three bay leaves

- salt

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the vegetables, cut them in minimum: halves in half, carrot in half, garlic in large circles, etc. Put them in the pan. Add well-washed chicken pieces, pour a small amount of water (to cover the vegetables with meat), add salt.

2. Put the ingredients on the fire, add Lavrushka, pepper. Cook jelly at least 2-2.5 hours. Periodically (especially at the beginning of cooking) removing the foam. After the cartilage begins to move away from the bones, get and throw away the pepper with a bay leaf.

3. Remove the chill from the heat and leave to cool until warm. Next, strain the broth through a colander. To throw out vegetables, and to cool the cooled broth in a cold before solidification. You can pre-add garlic, passed through a press, pepper and salt to taste.

Serve this jelly can be with horseradish, mustard, mayonnaise, mixed with garlic, or love another spicy sauce.

Recipe 2: Spicy chicken aspic with gelatin

There is an opinion that gelatin can ruin the taste of jelly, change it beyond recognition. In fact, it is not so! Chicken jelly with gelatin is obtained more dense and elastic, but this does not cease to be less tasty, fragrant and tender.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken weighing 1.5 kg

- two boiled eggs

- one onion

- carrots 1 pc.

- parsley root 2 pcs.

- 20 gr. gelatin

- a bunch of green dill - 1 hour l. cumin

- 1 table each. l grated horseradish and mustard

- 4 peppercorns

- laurel. sheet

- to taste salt and pepper ground

Cooking Method:

1. Vegetables (carrots, parsley) wash, peel and cut into cubes. Finely chop the dill, chop the onion with thin rings. Hard boiled eggs cut into circles.

2. Wash the carcass of the chicken, chop it into medium pieces, put it in a saucepan and add water, dropping parsley, vegetables, honey-cake, salt and a few peas. Cook jelly on low heat (after boiling) for 2.5 hours.

3. Next, remove all ingredients from the broth and add ground pepper to taste and cumin. Boil the broth for about seven minutes, then remove it from the heat, drain.

4. Pour the gelatin with warm water, wait until it swells and mix with the broth. Then boil it again. Separate the meat from the bones, chop it finely and mix with the broth.

5. Pour the mixture into the form, and put eggs, carrot slices and parsley on the jelly above. Lightly embed vegetables and egg circles. Remove jelly in the cold before freezing. Submit to the table, seasoned with grated horseradish, mustard and dill.

Recipe 3: Chicken Pork and Chicken

Chicken jelly will be even more rich and tastier if it is cooked with the addition of pork. Such an original snack will surely please your beloved man. Delight him with delicious and nutritious aspic prepared for this recipe!

Ingredients Required:

- pork ears and head 1 pc.

- two big chicken legs

- 3 average carrots

- two onions

- 3 small heads of garlic

- to taste pepper, laurel. leaf and salt

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the pig ears from the head, and soak the head in cold water for 12 hours. Next, cut it across so that the skull remains intact. Rinse the parts of the head with cool water, put them in a deep pan (or bucket) and put water on the fire.

2. After boiling, boil the head for at least 5-6 hours on low heat, periodically removing the formed fat and foam, as well as replenishing stocks of boiling water (little by little). 3. 2 hours after boiling add coarsely chopped onions, 4 tables. l salt. After another couple of hours, chicken legs need to be added to the jelly. Boil carrots separately and cut into slices. Garlic skip through the crush and lay it on the bottom of the form into which you will spill the jelly.

4. After the meat has cooked, remove all the ingredients, discard the onions. Remove skin, brain, bones and other fatty parts from the head. Everything else is cut into small pieces and folded in a form of garlic and carrots. Next, pour all the broth (it is advisable to use a sieve) and put the jelly to cool for several hours.

Recipe 4: Pork Shoulder Chicken

Shin - is part of the pork (or rather pork ham) adjacent to the knee joint. Also, the shank can be called the shin and forearm of pork carcass. To cook the jelly is better to take the rear knuckles, because they are more meaty.

Ingredients Required:

- pork knuckle 2 kg

- chicken 0.7 kg

- one carrot

- a pair of bulbs

- allspice 4 peas

- peppercorns 5 peas

- two bay leaves

- water 2.5 l

- 4-6 cloves of garlic

- salt, pepper hammer.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the knuckle, chop it into three parts, fold it into a saucepan, cover with clean water and put on the stove. After boiling remove the fat, foam and reduce the heat to the minimum boil. In the process of cooking, add water so that the knuckle is covered with liquid for about 3 cm. Do not forget to remove the fat during cooking.

2. After 2, 5 hours add to the shank the chicken without the skin. After boiling in a saucepan put pepper-peas, Lavrushka, peeled carrots and onions in the husk. Cook jelly for another 2 hours, then salt and keep on the stove for another 20-30 minutes.

3. Next, fold the meat with the knuckle into a colander, separate from the bones and chop the meat finely. Grind the garlic, mix it with meat, pepper and decompose the mixture into forms. Pour the form of strained broth and remove cold jelly before cold.

Recipe 5: Chicken Chicken in a Multicooker

Chicken jelly cooked in a slow cooker is no worse than jelly cooked in the traditional way. On the contrary, such jelly is more tender, rich and rich - it retains the maximum amount of nutrients and taste. A great option for those who do not like to stand at the stove for hours.

Ingredients Required:

- 5 chicken legs

- 3 chicken legs

- 3 leaves laurel. sheet

- boiled one carrot

- garlic (5 teeth), salt and pepper to taste

- water 1.5 l

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the chicken pieces, dry them and put them in the multicooker bowl. Pour all the water, salt and add laurel with peppercorns. Next, set the slow cooker to the “Quenching” mode for 5 hours.

2. After that, remove the chicken pieces from the bowl, cool and separate them from the bones and skin. Chop the carrot into small circles, chop the meat into small pieces.

3. Arrange the meat and carrots on the bottom of the form, pour the ingredients with cold broth (filtered). Top jelly crumble chopped garlic and remove it in the cold until it hardens.

Chicken Chicken - useful tips from the best chefs

1. If you want to see jelly of golden color at the exit, add unpeeled onions at the beginning of cooking, and then throw it away. Husk will give the jelly a golden hue;

2. In order to make the jelly transparent, in the process of cooking often remove the foam and fat from it.

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