Chicken fillet steamed - tasty meat for supporters of a healthy diet. The best recipes for a delicious steamed chicken

Chicken fillet steamed - tasty meat for supporters of a healthy diet. The best recipes for a delicious steamed chicken

Recently, more and more people adhere to the principles of healthy eating.

Therefore, many refuse to cook meat in a frying pan, knowing that such meat is not always useful and sometimes harmful to health.

Having cooked chicken fillet on a pair, you will be sure that you will feed your family with tasty and healthy food.

Steamed Chicken Fillet - Basic Cooking Principles

Many believe that steamed meat is tasteless and uninteresting. But this does not apply to chicken fillet at all. To make the meat spicy, tasty and fragrant, it is marinated in a variety of sauces.

This method of cooking allows you to save in the chicken fillet all the minerals and nutrients. In addition, steamed chicken fillet contains a minimum of calories.

Steamed chicken fillet is cooked in a slow cooker, double boiler or ordinary saucepan using a special device.

Meat can be cooked at the same time as a side dish. As a side dish can be vegetables and cereals.

Steamed chicken breast in whole or in slices. The meat is rubbed with spices and salt or marinated in the sauce. Marinate chicken fillet for at least half an hour. Then lay it in a steamer tank and cook for half an hour.

Down you can put vegetables or cereals. It turns out the dish is two in one.

Recipe 1. Steamed chicken fillet in a slow cooker


chicken fillet;

a pinch of sea salt;

three multi-cups of drinking water;

pinch of spices.

Method of preparation

1. Chicken fillet and defrost my. Cut the meat into small pieces. You can cook the fillet whole, but in this case, we increase the steaming time twice.

2. Rub the pieces of meat on all sides with salt. We sprinkle them with spices. You can use as a mixture of spices for chicken, and some fragrant herbs.

3. Pour drinking water into the multicooker container. Top set the bowl for cooking. Put chicken fillet in it. We set the device to “Steaming” mode and cook meat for 15 minutes.

4. Serve the chicken fillet with a pair of any garnish to your taste.

Recipe 2. Steamed Chicken Fillet in Soy Sauce


two large chicken breasts;

fresh or dried herbs;

80 ml of soy sauce;

red hot pepper;

75 ml of vegetable oil;

black pepper;

two cloves of garlic;

25 ml of lemon juice.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken breasts thoroughly and dry them with napkins. Cut them in half lengthwise.

2. In deep dishes mix vegetable oil with soy sauce. Squeeze lemon juice into this mixture and squeeze garlic. Season everything with herbs and spices. Mix well.

3. Put chicken fillet in this mixture and mix. Marinate meat for about an hour.

4. Put the chicken on the steamer and cook for half an hour. Cut the finished fillet into long slices and serve with a side dish of vegetables.

Recipe 3. Steamed Chicken Fillet with Lemon


two chicken breasts;

fresh greens;


corn starch - 25 ml;

rice vinegar - 50 ml;

a pinch of white pepper;

soy sauce - 25 ml;

vegetable oil - 75 ml;

soy sauce - 25 ml;

sesame oil - 25 ml;

Oyster sauce - 50 ml;

sugar - 30 g;

two pinches of sea salt.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken breasts under the tap. Dip them in napkins and cut into pieces.

2. Rinse and wipe the lemon. Cut off the zest with a sharp knife.

3. Mix soy and oyster sauce. Add vinegar, vegetable and sesame oil, sugar, white pepper, salt and starch to the mixture. Mix well and add the zest. Here, squeeze the juice from the lemon. Stir once more.

4. Pour the marinade over the chicken fillet and leave the meat for half an hour. Make foil-like "bowls". Put the marinated chicken fillet in it and place in a steamer for a quarter of an hour. Stir gently and remove the lemon zest.

5. Serve with rice or vegetable garnish.

Recipe 4. Steamed chicken fillet with potatoes and sage oil


one chicken breast;

sprigs of sage;

potato - half a kilo;

butter - 60 g;

spices for chicken.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken breast, if you have skin, cut it. Slice the meat and discard slightly. Salt and season with spices. Leave the chicken for half an hour so that it is saturated with the aromas of spices. 2. Put the meat in a steamer and cook it for half an hour. Put the chicken fillet on a plate.

3. Over low heat, melt butter. With sage sprigs tear off the leaves and put in oil. Tomit it until the sage leaves become crispy. Then strain the oil.

4. Peel the potatoes, peel and boil whole steamed.

5. Put a little potato on each plate, mash it slightly with a fork and pour it with fragrant sage oil and salt. Next, put the chicken fillet and serve.

Recipe 5. Steamed chicken fillet with vegetables and cheese in a slow cooker


half a kilo of chicken breasts;

a bunch of fresh greens;

two tomatoes;


50 grams of hard cheese;


50 ml of soy sauce;

freshly ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Wash chicken breast, lightly dry it with a paper towel and cut it across the fibers in small pieces.

2. Do not salt the chicken, as we use soy sauce. Pepper meat, lay it in a deep bowl and pour the sauce soy. Marinate chicken for half an hour

3. Peel the onion and cut into circles. We lay out the onions in the tank for steaming. Sprinkle it with chopped greens. Next layer evenly lay out the marinated chicken fillet in one row.

4. Slice the tomatoes and lay out one for each piece of chicken. On top, cover everything with cheese.

5. Pour boiled water into the multicooker bowl. In the bowl set the container with the meat. Close the lid of the device. We include the slow cooker in the “Steaming” mode and prepare the meat for forty minutes. Serve chicken fillet with a side dish or vegetable salad.

Recipe 6. Steamed chicken with potatoes in a slow cooker


eight potato tubers;

two pinches of freshly ground pepper;

pound of chicken fillet;

sea ​​salt;

5 g of turmeric.

Method of preparation

1. Carefully wash the potato tubers. Peel them off, wash them again and put them in the multicooker bowl. Fill the potatoes with water so that it completely covers the vegetable.

2. Place a steaming container on top of the bowl. Pour out spices in a plate and mix.

3. Wash my chicken breasts and dry them with napkins. Cut the meat into pieces and a half centimeters thick. Each piece is rolled in spices and wrap around with hands. Chicken meat is laid out in a container. Tightly close the multicooker lid. Turn it on in the “Steaming” mode. Cooking meat for half an hour. 4. After the beep, open the lid, cool slightly and remove the container of meat. We take boiled potatoes. Serve with vegetable salad.

Recipe 7. Chicken fillet steamed with broccoli


two chicken breasts;

table salt;

250 g sour cream;

freshly ground pepper;

four cloves of garlic;

150 g mozzarella cheese;

broccoli florets;


Method of preparation

1. Wash chicken fillet, cut off the film and excess fat. Dip the meat in a napkin. Cut the breast length along, not cutting to the end to make a pocket resemblance.

2. Finely rub the mozzarella. Rinse broccoli, pat dry and chop finely, cutting off the coarse pieces.

3. Breast slightly repel. Put broccoli and grated cheese in your pocket. Seal the hole with toothpicks. Pepper and salt the meat. Peel the garlic cloves and squeeze them directly onto the chicken using a garlic press. Place the chicken fillet in a steaming container.

4. Pour water into the bowl of the multicooker, place a container with chicken on top and close the unit lid tightly. Turn on Steam or Quench. Chicken fillet cook for half an hour. Take out the prepared meat, cut it into slices and serve with a side dish or vegetable salad.

Recipe 8. Steamed Chicken Fillet with Vegetables


50 ml of mayonnaise or cream;

two large chicken breasts;


two chicken thighs;

fresh dill;

black pepper;

half a kilo of champignons;

75 ml of dry white wine;

six potato tubers;


60 g of flour;


half a pack of butter;

50 g of green onions.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the chicken thighs with boiled water and set on medium heat. When the broth begins to boil, remove the foam. Cook until cooked meat.

2. Clean the mushrooms. Cut half large enough. Peeled potato tubers cut into layers. Rinse green onions and cut into large pieces. Tear off a piece of dill.

3. Onion and second half of champignons finely crumble. Put them in a pan with melted butter and fry, pepper and salt.

4. Separate the meat from the bones of the thighs, finely chop it and put it in the pan to the mushrooms. Add mayonnaise and mix. 5. Salt the chicken fillet, make a cut along it and stuff the breasts with mushroom stuffing. Secure the ends of the hole with wooden skewers or toothpicks.

6. Melt one and a half tablespoons of butter. Cover the lower tier of the double boiler with foil. Put on it layers of potatoes, dill, mushrooms, green onions. Lightly salt each layer. Top with all pour melted butter.

7. Put the stuffed chicken fillet on the second tier of the double boiler, season with spices and sprinkle with melted butter. Turn on the steamer for 35 minutes.

8. The remaining butter butter melt and pass in it the flour until golden brown, then gently pour the broth, constantly stirring, pepper. Pour in the wine and simmer all over low heat for five minutes. At the end, add chopped dill.

9. Cut the fillet into slices. Put a side dish on a plate, put a few slices of fillet on top and pour all the sauce.

Steamed Chicken Fillet - Tricks and Tips

  • In order for the chicken fillet to be steamed fragrant, lemon juice or zest, soy sauce, various spices and herbs are added to the marinade.
  • Chicken fillet can be used to make salads, appetizers or sandwiches.
  • If you do not have skewers or toothpicks to seal the edges of the stuffed fillet, you can wrap the meat with foil.
  • Steamed chicken fillet will add garlic. Squeeze it directly onto the meat before cooking.
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