Cooking available air and sweet kefir pies. Cooking and serving of sweet cakes on kefir

Cooking available air and sweet kefir pies. Cooking and serving of sweet cakes on kefir

Sour milk and dairy products are commonly used in the preparation of various types of dough and creams for them. The acid contained in kefir, yogurt and whey is an excellent natural ingredient for baking soda. The gases formed in the process perfectly “lift” the dough, make it lush and airy.

Kefir cakes are simple to prepare, do not require rare products, or complex baking technology. However, experimenting with a supple kefir dough, of course, is possible. Often, housewives choose a proven, reliable recipe to allow more time to prepare the filling. Kefir technology here is just the way. Well, in the filling will go and a simple jam, and fresh fruit, or even exotic citrus. And do not be surprised later if the kids call your cake cake.

Sweet kefir pies - general principles of cooking

• Sweet cakes are baked with or without the filling. They can be filled with fresh or frozen berries, apples, sorrel, cottage cheese, either alone or with canned pineapples or even coconut chips.

• Most of the cakes on kefir are baked from batter, but there are also recipes that involve kneading thick dough, for example, yeast dough.

• To make baking good, use low-fat kefir. The freshness of the product does not matter, it will be even better if it has been for several days.

• In kefir dough for sweet cakes, eggs, sugar and dough ripper (baking soda or special powder) are required. Soda is quenched with solutions of food acids - acetic acid, citric acid, or added quicklime.

• In addition to basic products, mayonnaise, seedless and berry jam, creamy margarine or butter, vegetable fat (sunflower oil), cocoa, or specially prepared fruit purees can also be added.

• Bake sweet cakes on kefir in special detachable or regular round shapes, small deep baking sheets. You can also cook them in a slow cooker. • Top chilled baking powder powdered sugar, covered with chocolate icing or smeared with boiled condensed milk.

Sweet cake on kefir with berry filling


• three eggs;

• a little over 100 g of white flour (two-thirds cup);

• half a cup of medium-fat kefir;

• half a cup of mayonnaise;

• soda;

• sugar - 200 gr.

In the filling:

1. fresh or frozen berries - 500-600 g;

2. 100 gr. sugar sand;

3. five table. spoons of dry starch.

Cooking Method:

1. Jam combine with kefir. Add burnt soda (0.5 tsp), mix well and leave for five minutes.

2. Then add mayonnaise, add sugar, flour and knead the dough well.

3. Pour the granulated sugar into the prepared berries. Let stand for ten minutes and pour the juice. Add potato starch and mix well.

4. Smear the sides and bottom of the refractory mold with softened margarine and sprinkle well with semolina or white breadcrumbs. Pour about half of the dough into a mold and place it in the oven (220 degrees).

5. When the top “grabs” - will be non-liquid and at the same time will not begin to flush, remove the cake from the oven. Spread the berries on it, pour the dough left and put it back.

6. Bake without changing the temperature, until cooked, until the top is reddened. Readiness is checked by piercing the surface of the baking toothpick. If traces of dough are visible on the surface, the cake should be baked.

“Charlotte” - sweet cake on kefir with icing


• butter, natural oil - 100 gr .;

• 250 gr. white granulated sugar;

• one fresh egg;

• 500 gr. white flour;

• vanilla powder;

• 250 ml of 3.2% kefir;

• Lemon juice or vinegar - 1 tbsp. l .;

• five large apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut apples and peeled peels into small, oblong pieces or thin plates.

2. Low heat, preferably in a water bath, melt the butter. Cool, add sugar and break the egg. Add vanilla powder on the tip of the knife, pour in warm kefir and well whisk out the rim until smooth. 3. Put baking soda (0.5 tsp.) In a small ladle and put out lemon juice or vinegar. When the mixture stops bubbling and hissing, enter it into the kefir mass. When pouring flour, whisk well. The dough should be sufficiently liquid and completely homogeneous, without flour lumps.

4. Moisten the deep, small roasting pan with oil and pour in about half of the dough. Then spread apples on it and fill them with the rest.

5. Baked cake in the oven for half an hour, at 200 degrees, then take it out of the mold and cool slightly.

6. While the baking is cooling, break the chocolate into the condensed milk and put it to warm on a small fire. When the chocolate is completely melted, mix well and grease the cooled cake with the prepared glaze.

Tangerine sweet cake on kefir


• large tangerines - 6 pcs .;

• 100 gr. softened sweet cream butter;

• 200 gr. refined sugar (sand);

• egg is fresh;

• warm kefir - a full glass + 2 tbsp. l .;

• three full glasses of baking flour;

• baking powder - 2 tsp;

• some sugar powder for a decor.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the peel from all tangerines. Five pieces divide into slices, and break the kitchen processor to a puree state.

2. Spread white sugar with softened butter. Enter a slightly beaten egg, a small pinch of table salt. Pour in tangerine puree, kefir and mix well with a mixer.

3. Add the flour, the ripper, crossed over the rare sieve, and knead the dough without lingering.

4. Moisten the round shape with butter, smooth the dough over it and bake a beautiful ruddy cake at 180 degrees.

5. Cool the finished tangerine cake, sprinkle with an even layer of powdered sugar and decorate with slices of tangerine remaining peeled from the white film.

Yeast sweet cake on kefir with sorrel


• cream margarine - 65 grams;

• half a cup of 1% kefir;

• one raw egg;

• two tables. spoons of sugar;

• 30 gr. fresh alcohol yeast;

• a pinch of salt; • Half a kilogram of wheat flour / s.

In the filling:

• fresh sorrel - 300 gr .;

• powdered sugar;

• teaspoon of starch.

Cooking Method:

1. Sorrel, take away from the garbage, remove the hard stems and lay out to dry on a linen towel.

2. Dissolve the yeast in 50 ml of lukewarm water, add sugar to it. Stir the yeast mixture well and leave to heat for 15 minutes.

3. Pour melted chilled margarine and kefir into a large bowl. Add a small pinch of salt, break the egg and pour in the approached yeast, stir with a whisk. Knead plastic dough, adding flour in small portions. Properly cooked, it should not stick.

4. Cut the dried sorrel leaves into small-sized strips and mix with sugar (4 tablespoons) and starch.

5. Divide the dough into two equal parts and roll each round. One of them put in a greased with greased butter form and put on it oxalic filling. Then put the second circle and tweak the edges of the cake.

6. The roaster is placed in the oven for 40 minutes, maintaining the heating of 180 degrees.

Sweet cake on kefir with coconut chips in a slow cooker - “Kukhen”


• fresh chicken egg;

• 200 gr. white sugar;

• 250 ml of 2.5% kefir;

• one and a half glasses of flour;

• bag of vanilla sugar;

• A tablespoon of ripper dough.

• 200 ml of 22% cream;

• white coconut flakes - 100 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. In kefir dissolve granulated sugar. Add vanilla sugar, egg and whisk well. Enter the ripper, and, pouring portions of flour, knead the dough.

2. Brush with a softened butter or margarine bowl multicooker. Put the dough in it and sprinkle it with coconut and sugar on top.

3. Preparing 75 minutes, processor mode - “Baking”.

4. At the end, immediately open the lid, pour with cream and, again closing, press on the “Heating” for up to 20 minutes.

5. Carefully remove the ready cake from the bowl and put it on a serving dish.

Cottage cheese sweet pie on kefir with pineapples


• 180 gr. Sahara;

• 100 ml of vegetable oil; • two chicken eggs;

• 12 gr. baking powder;

• 2.5% kefir - 200 ml;

• wheat baking flour - 300 gr.

In the filling:

• 250 gr. 9% cottage cheese;

• one raw, fresh egg;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

• 350 gram cans of pineapples, preserved in slices;

• vanillin.

Cooking Method:

1. Well rub eggs with granulated sugar. Pour in kefir, vegetable oil and mix everything well with a spoon. Without stopping stirring, add the sifted flour twice, the ripper. To make it easier to achieve a homogeneous consistency, first pour only a third of the flour and stir it well. Then add the rest and stir again. The mass does not need to be whipped, so stir everything only with a spoon.

2. In a separate container, mix the egg and cottage cheese, add sugar, and vanillin after it. If curd with large grains, grind it on a sieve.

3. Take a detachable shape, optimally - with a diameter of 22-25 cm and lubricate its sides and bottom with vegetable oil. Pour into a thick form that resembles homemade sour cream, dough and gently flatten it with a spoon.

4. Lay out a half of the cottage cheese filling in a large spoon in a checkerboard pattern. The next layer is to put the pineapple pieces, and then, filling the free places, put the rest of the filling.

5. Heat the oven in 180 degree mode and place a roasting pan in it. Bake, following the surface color, no more than 50 minutes.

6. When finished, cool slightly, carefully remove from the mold and cut into pieces.

Fast chocolate sweet cake on kefir


• white granulated sugar - 200 gr .;

• two tablespoons of cocoa powder;

• 100 gr. natural butter, unsalted butter;

• 300 ml low-fat kefir;

• three chicken eggs;

• three glasses of wheat flour;

• table 9% vinegar;

• 100 gr. black, at least 74%, chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. Sugar and dry cocoa mix. Add eggs, melted cooled butter, pour in kefir and stir the mixture thoroughly. Sugar crystals should dissolve. Pour in flour and whisk well, breaking all the flour lumps. Vinegar quench a teaspoon of soda and pour the mixture into the dough after it stops “hissing”. Stir the dough with a whisk, but do not whisk. 2. Grease a small deep rectangular baking tray or a round roasting pan with oil and fill with liquid dough.

3. Bake when heated to 180 degrees for 25 minutes. Check the degree of readiness by piercing with a wooden toothpick or a match. After a puncture, they should remain dry.

4. Remove the cake from the mold and leave to cool by placing it on a wooden board.

5. In a small saucepan on a water bath, melt coarsely rubbed chocolate and grease them with the cooled pastries.

Sweet kefir pies - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Stir the cultivator with the flour while seeding or add to kefir. Mix sour medium extinguished with soda well with dough, and then soak for about a quarter of an hour. Pour into the form only after small “bubbles” of air begin to appear on its surface.

• If you add jam to the dough, then mix the soda first with it, and pour the kefir after the mixture has been set for a while.

• To make the cakes rise better, take a warm fermented milk product, or heat it slightly.

• Do not overdo it by adding sugar. From its excess dough will become stiff and will not rise.

• Berries and sorrel must be mixed with potato starch, then the juice will not flow out of the cake.

• Cover the surface of the pies with icing and sprinkle with powdered sugar only after they have cooled down completely. Otherwise, the powder will melt, and the icing will flow.

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