Stewed potatoes with chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook stew potatoes with chicken.

Stewed potatoes with chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook stew potatoes with chicken.

General principles of cooking stewed potatoes with chicken

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... often every hostess has a menu for all these days. There are several ordinary recipes that take place every day on the daily table. And sometimes you want to improve the tastes of familiar dishes a little.

Chicken stew is a traditional and casual dish, but despite this, with a strong desire you can give this dish an original taste. A variety of vegetables and spices will embellish its taste.

The important task of every housewife is not only cooking delicious dishes, but also healthy ones. Quenching, namely, this method of cooking is used when cooking stewed potatoes with chicken, is something between cooking and frying, which allows you to please your loved ones not only tasty, but also healthy dishes. It is possible to eat stewed potatoes during diets to those who watch their figure or have problems with the digestive system.

Potatoes are an indispensable product that is actively added to hot dishes and salads, even in some pastries. The list of useful components that make up the vegetables is amazing variety, which makes potatoes the most popular product in many countries. Not inferior in utility and chicken meat, which is notable for amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Their presence in the dish strengthens the immune system, and the use of such a gentle regime as “Quenching”, allows you to save most of the useful components. Ingredients used.

Preparing Products

For the preparation of stewed potatoes with chicken, two main ingredients are used - chicken and potatoes, in addition to them you can add onions, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, various greens and spices. You can use whole chicken, chicken fillet, thighs, wings - at the discretion of each. But it is more recommended to use white meat, breast, as this part is more low-calorie and healthy. In almost all recipes, meat is crushed into small pieces, which gives a holistic look to the dish. In addition, the meat is cooked longer than potatoes. It is recommended to fry it first in vegetable oil. To prevent meat from sticking to the jar (pan, pan, stew pan), you need to add a little water, where everything will be stewed. Chicken Stew Recipes

Recipe 1. Stewed potatoes with smoked chicken.

Using some tricks, you can slightly diversify the taste of even the most familiar dishes. The described recipe will allow you to slightly expand the boundaries of the usual and cook the usual stewed potatoes with chicken, but a little with an unusual taste. What is the secret? Perhaps in sour cream.

Ingredients Required:

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• small onion;

• 1 carrot;

• Breast - 600 g;

• sour cream - 200 g;

• salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

So, I want to please my loved ones a bit in the evening, proceed to the preparation of a delicious and delicate dish.

Preparing products.

Onions cut into half rings, rubbed carrots on a coarse grater. Put the vegetable or olive oil on the fire, where we add chopped onions and carrots. You can proceed to the meat, it is better to cut it into small cubes and gradually put it in a saucepan, where onions and carrots are stewed over low heat. Close the lid tightly and leave the meat to stew until a golden peel forms. In a separate pan, where it is planned to continue to simmer the potatoes with meat, put the cooked sour cream, which we dilute with salt, pepper, bay leaf and other spices. In the resulting sauce gently lay cooked meat with vegetables. Fill the whole mass with water, approximately a glass, and leave to extinguish. After 1 - 1.5 hours you can put the potatoes, cut into cubes. Add a little more water, simmer further, about 40 minutes. Stew until ready, then decorate the dish with fragrant greens.

Recipe 2. Braised potatoes with chicken in a slow cooker.

With the advent of the multicooker in the house, the woman has more free time, which she can spend on socializing and relaxing with loved ones. Fortunately, this device has a choice of modes that allows you to prepare a dish of varying complexity. Consider the recipe for cooking potato stew in a slow cooker. Ingredients Required:

• hen;

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• onions - 1 - 2 pcs .;

• carrots - 1 pc .;

• 3 tablespoons sour cream;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• salt, greens.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the chopped chicken into the bowl of the multicooker, pour water and set the “Cooking” mode for 1 hour.

2. Then put chopped potatoes and tomatoes, the mode of "Quenching" - 30 minutes.

3. In the meantime, while our products are being stewed, you can proceed to the preparation of roasting. In a heated pan fry the onions and grated carrots.

4. It was the turn to do flour. Fry the flour in a dry hot frying pan until it acquires a brownish tint. After pouring sour cream, mix thoroughly. After 3-4 minutes, turn off the fire.

5. In a slow cooker, add both zazharki, salt, add greens.

A tomato gives the potato some sourness, and the dish is excellent and satisfying.

Recipe 3. Stewed potatoes with chicken in the oven.

If you are not in the mood to stand in front of the stove and cook dinner, you can easily cook stewed potatoes with chicken in the oven. Quick and tasty.

Ingredients Required:

• potatoes - 1 kg;

• bacon - 500 g;

• onion;

• carrot;

• salt, spices.

Method of preparation.

Peel carrots, onions and potatoes and cut into cubes. Potatoes are also recommended to cut into small pieces, which contributes to quick cooking. Meat, too, cut into cubes.

It's time to start making. For cooking potato stew in the oven, you need to use a special heat-resistant dish, for example, a glass vessel. Put all ingredients in a glass form, salt, pepper and mix thoroughly. If you want to get a delicate and fragrant taste, you can add 2 spoons of mayonnaise. All the ingredients are mixed and placed in the oven for 1 - 1.5 hours.

Recipe 4. Stewed potatoes with chicken and mushrooms.

Mushrooms allow you to impart an exotic taste to the stewed potatoes. You can experiment a bit and add some mayonnaise to the recipe. Do not forget about the greens, they can also drastically change the taste of potatoes.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 500 g;

• mushrooms - 200 g;

• potatoes - 500 g;

• onions, carrots;

• butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop the chicken.

2. Fry onion, carrot and meat in a hot pan with butter.

3. Put the fried ingredients in the pan, add the potatoes (cut into small pieces) and pickled mushrooms.

4. Add water to the pan - 1 - 1.5 glasses.

5. Stew until done.

Secrets and useful tips

Do not be afraid to combine! Even such an ordinary dish as stewed potatoes with chicken can surprise you with an unusual and original taste. Enjoy your meal!

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