Turkey with cheese: tasty, beautiful, healthy. Original simple and original recipes for cooking delicious turkey with cheese

Turkey with cheese: tasty, beautiful, healthy. Original simple and original recipes for cooking delicious turkey with cheese

A wide variety of tasty dishes can be made from dietary and healthy turkey meat.

The meat is always tender and juicy, and when you add the necessary spices - fragrant and surprisingly tasty.

Turkey can be cooked as a separate dish in the oven, baked with cheese, stew with vegetables, make rolls or add it to salads.

Turkey with Cheese - General Cooking Principles

Most turkey recipes use such products:

• turkey fillet;

• fresh tomatoes;

• hard cheese;

• onion;

• fat, sunflower or butter;

• salt;

• spices.

1. Turkey fillet or carcass washed and left to dry.

2. For roasting in the form of chops - fillet is cut into flat pieces, for stewing or salad - in small cubes. For the preparation of the whole carcass - only tendons are cut.

3. Bulbs finely chopped or cut into rings (depending on the recipe).

4. Tomatoes are cut into circles or finely chopped into squares.

5. Add spices and salt to the meat.

6. Hard tinder cheese on a fine grater.

7. For frying use vegetable, butter or fat.

Turkey fillet baked with cheese under tomatoes

Turkey baked in the oven with cheese with fresh tomatoes will turn out with a crispy golden crust and will be an excellent dish for a festive table.


• A pound of turkey fillet.

• Two or three fresh tomatoes.

• Fifty grams of butter.

• One hundred grams of hard cheese.

• Provencal herbs, salt - to taste.

Cooking Method:

Turkey fillets are cut transversely in flat pieces, as on chops. Salt and sprinkle with both sides of the olive herbs. A baking sheet grease with butter and put on it pieces of a turkey at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. Tomatoes with a sharp knife are cut into circles and laid out on top of each piece of fillet. Spread cheese on each portion. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees. Cooking time 25-30 minutes.

Turkey stew with nuts and cheese

If you stew the turkey meat in sour cream sauce, it will turn out soft and tender, and the walnut will give the dish an unusual savory taste.


• One turkey.

• One hundred grams of walnuts.

• Butter.

• Fifty grams of hard cheese.

• Three onions.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Half a cup of sour cream.

• Parsley root and greens.

• Salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Washed turkey salt, cut into pieces. In a high frying pan with hot butter put the meat and fry until half cooked. Then pour sour cream medium fat and stew. The turkey should be steamed and soft. In another pan, fry the chopped onion, parsley root and garlic. The mixture is added to the meat. Five minutes before the readiness, chopped nuts and finely chopped fresh herbs are added. Before serving, a hot dish is sprinkled with grated cheese on top.

Turkey Napoli Cheese

Turkey meat is very quick and easy to bake in the oven. Such a dish can be prepared, if guests suddenly came, for half an hour a delicious dinner will be ready.


• Turkey or turkey (whole carcass).

• One onion.

• One hundred two hundred grams of bacon.

• A piece of butter.

• Fifty grams of hard cheese.

• One kilogram of sauerkraut.

• One tablespoon of red pepper.

• Fat for frying.

• Salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

The gutted and washed turkey carcass is cut into portions. Fat cut into pieces and fatty carcass. Meat is salted, sprinkled with black and red pepper to taste. On a baking sheet, greased, peel skin spread down slices of turkey meat. Sprinkle with onion rings on top. Roast about twenty minutes. In a separate container with fat stew sauerkraut for about ten minutes, stir. The meat is taken out, and cabbage is laid out on a fireproof dish. Place the turkey on top and continue baking to a reddish hue. Cooked turkey on top can be sprinkled with grated cheese and served as a separate dish or with a side dish.

Salad from a little idea with banquet cheese

The range of dishes on your table can be expanded snacks. Turkey salad with cherry juice will be a great decoration for any holiday table and will be equally enjoyed by both children and adults.


• Three hundred grams of turkey meat.

• Fifty grams of hard cheese.

• Two hundred grams of oranges.

• 2 bananas.

• One hundred grams of fresh or canned sweet cherries.

• Half a cup of cherry juice.

• Two hundred grams of mayonnaise.

• Salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Turkey fillet is boiled and cut into cubes. Oranges are peeled, divided into slices and cut them in half. Bananas are cut into rings, bobs are removed from the cherries. Sliced ​​fruits are mixed with turkey. Season with cherry juice mixed with mayonnaise. Salad spread in a small salad bowl, decorated with grated cheese. Served chilled to light cocktails.

Turkey cheese pillow “Mind off”

His Majesty's pilaf is a popular dish in any kitchen, everyone cooks it in their own way, and every nation considers it their own national dish. Pilaf is the main national dish of the peoples of Central Asia, as well as Persians and Azeris. It has two main constituents: rice and meat. One of the exquisite recipes of this dish is turkey cheese pilaf.


• A pound of turkey.

• Two hundred and fifty grams of Indian rice.

• Two tablespoons of sunflower oil.

• Half a cup of sour cream.

• One fresh red carrot.

• One onion.

• Fifty grams of cheese.

• Red pepper, salt.

• Thyme, extragonone, dill.

Cooking Method:

Rice is well washed with cold running water and left for one hour in hot water. Meanwhile, the turkey meat is finely chopped and fried. Onions and carrots, chopped into cubes, mixed with meat. Sprinkle with salt and spices, add sour cream and stew on slow gas for fifteen minutes. Then it is mixed with rice and water, put in a preheated oven for half an hour. You can serve on a heated dish. For decoration, sprinkle with plenty of greens, optionally with grated cheese.

Turkey cutlets with cheese

Turkey makes very tasty burgers. Cooking minced meat will take some time, but the dish will be tender and juicy. Hot turkey burgers sprinkled with grated cheese will be even more appetizing.


• One kilo of turkey meat.

• Onion.

• 3-4 slices of loaf.

• One chicken egg.

• 100 grams of hard cheese.

• Salt and ground black pepper to taste.

• Grated nutmeg.

Cooking Method:

The turkey is separated from the bones (they are used to cook the broth). Onions, soaked in milk or water with loaf, prepared meat are passed through a meat grinder. Mince salt, pepper, add a raw egg and grated nutmeg on the tip of a teaspoon. They all mix well. Wet hands form burgers. In a frying pan with heated sunflower oil put the patties, boned in breadcrumbs. First they fry over high heat from two sides, then leave for another five minutes to steam under a lid. When serving guests sprinkle with grated cheese.

White Silence Turkey Roll (with cheese)

Turkey fillet, cooked in the form of a roll, baked in its own juice. The filling gives the dish extra juiciness and calorie.


• One kilo of turkey meat.

• One egg is raw.

• One hard-boiled egg.

• 50 grams butter or spread.

• Three to five tablespoons of breadcrumbs.

• One tablespoon of lemon juice.

• Half a cup of grated hard cheese.

• Salt and ground black pepper to taste.

• Parsley, dill (fresh greens).

• Fat for frying.

Cooking Method:

The turkey fillets are lightly beaten, salted, sprinkled with pepper, sprinkled with lemon juice and left in a cool place for sixty minutes. In the meantime, prepare the roll stuffing. A hard-boiled egg is small and mixed with butter, cheese and finely chopped parsley and dill. Then salt and add pepper. Prepared stuffing spread on turkey fillet, tied with thread, moistened in a beaten egg. Then roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a pan. The finished roll is freed from the thread, spread on a dish. Roasted or boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables are suitable for garnish.

Christmas turkey with cheese

Christmas turkey is a unique festive dish, the highlight of your table.


• One turkey carcass.

• One kilogram of onions.

• Two hundred grams of wheat flour.

• Two hundred grams of olive oil.

• Two glasses of table acetic acid.

• One head of garlic.

• Half a cup of grated cheese.

• Salt, bay leaf, pepper - to taste.

Cooking Method:

Washed turkey carcass scalded with boiling water. The tip of a sharp knife gently pierce the carcass at 5-7 points. Halves of bay leaves, fine salt and black ground pepper are laid in the holes. Onions are cut into rings, pickled in acetic acid and put into the inside of the carcass. Turkey is well smeared with olive oil mixed with wheat flour. Then rub with salt, pepper and placed in a bowl for baking. Put in a hot oven and baked in vegetable oil. Experienced cooks advise every fifteen minutes to remove the turkey from the oven and pour over the fat formed under it. So the meat will not be dry. When serving, turkey is sprinkled with grated cheese, finely chopped garlic is crumbled on top and decorated with fresh greens.

Turkey in the oven with cheese “Candle flame”

The recipes for making Christmas turkey and serving them beautifully to the table are vast. This way of cooking is one of the most original and tasty. If desired, any recipe can be varied to your liking, make changes and even invent new recipes.


• Turkey (one bird).

• One kilogram of carrots.

• One kilogram of onion.

• Three hundred grams of hard cheese.

• One hundred grams of wheat flour.

• Two hundred grams of mayonnaise.

• Three tablespoons of lemon juice.

• Salt and black pepper to taste.

Cooking Method:

The turkey is placed in a saucepan with water and boiled on slow gas until half cooked. Meanwhile, peeled onions and carrots are chopped and mixed. Vegetables are fried in vegetable oil and left to cool. Cheese is passed through a fine grater and added to chilled roasted vegetables. In the resulting mixture put mayonnaise, salt and black pepper. In the boiled and dried carcass tightly lay the minced meat. Wheat flour is added to the remaining mince and mixed well. The resulting dough mass cover the carcass. Bake in the oven until a reddish crust appears. The finished dish is sprinkled with lemon juice and sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Deep-fried turkey cheese “Illusion”

For this magical dish of the Christmas night, a young, small turkey is needed. Spicy and unusual taste of turkey will give the sauce with the addition of red wine.


1. The carcass of a young turkey.

2. One glass of red wine.

3. One bag of nutmeg.

4. 100 grams of cheese.

5. One liter of deep fat.

6. Two hundred grams of mayonnaise.

7. One hundred grams of wheat flour.

8. Salt - to taste.

Cooking Method:

In a small saucepan with salted water and nutmeg, boil the prepared turkey carcass whole. After cooking, in order for it to dry better, it is removed from the water and transferred to a well heated but turned off oven. In a high bowl (in the amount to cover the turkey completely) melt the frying fat, stirring carefully, warm it up. Dried turkey is completely immersed in hot frying and left to purchase a golden color. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. The broth remaining from cooking turkey is still boiled to make it two times less. Then pour flour into it, add mayonnaise and red wine. The resulting mass is whipped with a whisk or blender. The sauce is ready! Ruddy carcass spread on a dish and decorate.

Turkey Cheese - Tricks and Tips

1. After the turkey is gutted, 7 tendons should be removed from each leg with pliers so that the meat fibers do not shrink when it is cooked. The legs of large turkeys are separated from the body, boiled beforehand and then fried along with the body. This reduces the cooking time.

2. To keep the turkey breast and legs dry, they are covered with pieces of lard and tied with white thread.

3. When the breast and legs are fried, but the meat is not ready yet, the turkey can be covered with aluminum foil or parchment so that it does not burn and does not dry out.

4. For cooking uncharted turkey with cheese, time is required at the rate of 50 minutes per 1 kg of weight, and for stuffed turkey - approximately 60 minutes per 1 kg of weight.

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