Garlic buns - savory pastries for first courses. Buns with garlic: yeast, puff, in the form of rolls and other

Garlic buns - savory pastries for first courses. Buns with garlic: yeast, puff, in the form of rolls and other

Of course, speaking of this type of bakery products, many people familiar with East Slavic cuisine immediately represent the Ukrainian dumplings. Honestly, they are really good.

But one can argue that the donut is a Ukrainian “invention” because “pampuhi” - garlic donuts appeared much earlier in Polish cuisine, and, as is known, the outskirts of Russia, the modern territory of Ukraine, were attacked by Poland until 1919 . The regions adjacent to the border of Poland since the times of Yaroslav the Wise experienced constant Polish influence, and even now in the western regions of Ukraine ethnic Poles constitute a significant part of the population. Most likely, Ukrainians no longer remember that the idea to bake garlic bread came to them from Poland. The Poles, in turn, borrowed a recipe in Germany: this is indicated by the German name, Pfannkuchen - pancake, pie in a frying pan.

There is another version of the origin of garlic buns, according to which fragrant and rich bread for soups and borscht migrated to the southern regions of Ukraine from Bessarabia. In any case, the donuts in the Odessa bourgeois kitchen are also known for more than two centuries. If you come to grips with the “pedigree” of garlic buns, you can find their roots on any continent, but it's better to talk about interesting recipes.

Buns with garlic - the basic technological principles

Based on the purpose of baking, we exclude an excessive amount of sugar in the dough, sweet flavors. For yeast dough, some sugar in the liquid, however, must be added to “feed” the microorganisms: the yeast works better with a sweet additive and in warm liquid. Sugar is added to unleavened dough for contrast: it enhances the taste of spicy additives, and also gives baking a beautiful golden crust.

The dough can be kneaded in water, milk, kefir, sour cream, if desired. Fats are added to the rich unsweetened dough, eggs - this gives the buns pomp, softness, pleasant taste.

The ratio of liquid and dry components, on average - 1: 1. If you want the baking to be very soft and tender, you can reduce the flour content by 10-15%, but then you have to work on the dough kneading. The longer the dough is kneaded, the better the gluten is dissolved flour, absorbing moisture. But considering that garlic buns should absorb greenery and garlic aromas, try not to knead the dough too cool for it to be porous enough. Please note that the flavor of garlic varies depending on what stage of processing it was added to the dish or pastry. If smeared buns with garlic mixture before planting in the oven, then the smell of the products will be at the best: overcooked garlic is good in meat and vegetables, but not in dough. Therefore, it is better to lubricate the buns with a mixture of chopped greens, garlic and butter immediately after baking, and cover them with a towel for a few minutes to better absorb the flavor.

Methods for cutting dough can be very different, as are the options for spreading with garlic. We don’t talk about donuts in the pan, cakes from Asian and Oriental cuisine, although these are also excellent options for bread for soups and other dishes. While you come up with your branded garlic buns, use the recipes of other housewives.

1. Garlic buns with greens - Ukrainian classic pampushkas


Eggs 2 pcs.

Butter (margarine) 70 g

35 g pressed yeast

Milk 250 ml

Sugar 35 g

Salt 10 g

Wheat flour 400 g

Garlic, sunflower oil, chopped dill


Heat milk to 25 ° C, dissolve sugar, yeast and a couple of spoons of flour in it. Stir the liquid with a whisk, cover with a film until foam appears on the surface. Sift flour, combine with salt. Make a well in the flour container, beat the eggs, then the milk with the yeast. Knead the dough. When it thickens, add the melted margarine or butter, in parts, continuing to knead.

Put the dough on the table, roll into a bowl, cover with a napkin for an hour or a half. When it increases in volume by 2-2.5 times, proceed to cutting. Form balls weighing 40-50 g. Immediately place them on the prepared sheet. Cover while proofing with a towel. Rising buns grease with a mixture of beaten egg, a teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of any fat. Place in preheated oven for 20 minutes. Baking temperature is medium.

Prepare a thick mixture of an equal amount of butter, garlic and finely chopped dill. It is better to pound the sauce in a mortar or punch with a blender so that its components are well connected. The number of ingredients for the sauce - to taste. Smear hot buns immediately, removing them from the oven. Place a sheet or baking sheet on a wooden board or grid, cover the smeared buns with a towel for a while, then put them on a dish and serve. They are excellent for many soups and Ukrainian borsch, vegetable appetizers and salads.

2. Buns with garlic and cheese from yeast dough


Flour 0.5 kg

Sour cream (15%) 180 g

Sugar 50 g

Dry yeast 12 g

Oil “Extra” (82.5%) 180 g

Eggs 2 pcs. + 2 yolks

Salt 16 g

For lubrication:

Seasoning "Provencal herbs"

Garlic 25-30 g

White cheese 150 g

Parsley, dill (leaves)

Cooking Technology:

Whip sour cream, 100 g butter and 2 eggs. In the sifted flour add all the dry ingredients, mix. Combine both mixtures, knead the dough. Sprinkle the working surface with flour and roll out the dough, 0.7-0.8 cm thick. 80 g of butter, combine with dry Provencal herbs, garlic, chopped greens and grated cheese. The resulting mixture smear layer of dough. Cut the squares and fold in envelopes. Place on a baking sheet, after proofing, brush with whipped yolks. Bake at 180 ° C. Hot buns cover with egg-butter mixture with chopped greens, cover with a napkin for five minutes.

3. Garlic buns with unleavened sesame dough in mayonnaise


Mayonnaise (67%) 450 g

Vinegar 70 ml

Eggs 1 1/2 pcs.

Soda 25 g

Salt 16 g

Vegetable oil, purified 150 ml

Flour 650 g

Garlic - to taste


Mix sifted flour with soda and salt. From the specified amount of oil, take 100 ml and combine with mayonnaise and vinegar. Knead the dough, connecting the dry and liquid parts. Wrap the dough in a film and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

In the morning on the sprinkled surface of the table, roll balls of 60-70 g. Put them on a baking sheet. While they come, beat the eggs. With a sharp blade of the knife, make notches on the surface of the buns in the form of a grid.

Brush with whipped eggs and sprinkle with sesame. Bake until done. Crushed garlic, add to 50 ml of butter, and mix the buns with the mixture immediately after baking. Cover with a towel or napkin, let sit a little.

4. Buns with garlic, eggs and greens


Dough - Prescription # 1

For spreading:

Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

Garlic - to taste

Mayonnaise 150g

Chopped greens (dill, parsley) 100 g


Prepare the yeast dough as described in the first recipe. Roll it into a rectangular bed. Combine finely chopped eggs with herbs and chopped garlic. Add the mayonnaise to the mixture and blend the mass with a blender to a pasty consistency. Egg paste paste layer, roll into a roll. Cut the semi-finished product into 3 cm pieces. Tighten the semi-finished products on one side so that the upper part becomes slightly convex and the filling from the bottom cannot flow onto the baking sheet. Lubricate the surface with oil or a beaten egg. Bake after proofing. Once again, after baking buns, cover them with chopped garlic and chopped greens.

5. Garlic buns - rolls with mushroom sauce

Composition of products:

Water, warm 180 ml

Flour 300 g

Sugar 8 g

Salt 5 g

Yeast instant 1.5 g

Refined oil 40 ml + 50 ml

Dried mushrooms 25 g

Garlic 40g

Chopped fresh parsley 70 g

Cheese, hard 120 g

Egg 1 pc. + water 50 ml + sugar 10 g


Pour the yeast and sugar into warm water, sift the third part of the flour, mix the liquid with a whisk and cover with foil. Put in the heat, wait until the yeast is working. In the tank sift the remaining flour, add salt, 40 ml of oil and sponge. Knead the dough. Cover for better and faster lifting with the film, let it stand warm.

Prepare the sauce: add finely chopped herbs, garlic and dried mushrooms to the refined oil (50 ml). Punch the mass with a blender and add hard cheese, after having rubbed it on a small grater.

Roll out the finished dough on the desktop, a layer of not more than 0.7 cm. Smear the surface, roll the dough tightly into a roll, cut into 5 cm pieces. Shape the formed rolls onto a baking sheet. Beat the egg with water and sugar. Smear the buns when they come up, increasing three times in volume. Bake at 180 ° C.

6. Buns with garlic made from yeast puff pastry - “Chamomile”


Milk 270 ml

Sugar 25g

Yeast, dry 8 g

Oil “Extra” with greens and garlic 220 g

Wheat flour 650 g

Salt 12 g


Combine sifted flour with salt, sugar and yeast. Do not heat the milk, but pour it into the flour mixture cold. Knead the dough. Put it in the refrigerator for a while, while cooking the butter, which you need to soften and beat, adding chopped garlic and greens.

Roll out very thinly, coat with fragrant oil, fold in half and roll out again and lubricate. Leave some oil to lubricate the surface of the buns after proofing. Form one ball and seven ovals. Lay in shape, in the form of chamomile. Lubricate the raised buns with oil on top. Put the mold in the preheated oven. If the oven is not equipped with a steam oven, then place a container with water, approximately 300 ml, next to the mold. Set the thermometer at 180 ° C, bake buns for 20-25 minutes.

Hot first, cover them with a cotton or linen cloth, and then serve.

Garlic buns - tips

Sometimes baking is burnt in the oven, top or bottom. To prevent this from happening, put a form or a baking sheet with products in the middle of the oven, place a pan under it, and so that the top does not roast strongly, cover the semi-finished products with a foil after they are well browned.

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