A marshmallow cake without baking is used for the ideas for confectioners. Recipes for "cold" marshmallow cakes: without baking - also delicious

A marshmallow cake without baking is used for the ideas for confectioners. Recipes for

Dessert, which is unlikely to buy in the store - a marshmallow cake, a gentle and light delicacy, the cooking technology of which is available even to a child. There are a lot of recipes for this cake, but fresh ideas will never hurt. How and from which products to make a marshmallow cake, bypassing the most difficult and time-consuming process - making dough and baking cakes?

Let's take a look at simple technology and get acquainted with some recipes.

Marshmallow cake without baking - basic technological principles

To be honest, a cake without baking would be properly called dessert, because the original meaning of the word is cake, sweet bread, and there are no pies and bread without baking. The word "cake", in this case, means the appearance of the dessert. But some stages of making dessert of marshmallow in a cold way are preserved, as in the preparation of pastries in the classical way.

The “cold” cake also has a base, for which ready-made cookies of any kind, biscuit, sandy and wafer semi-finished products are quite suitable. But, given the rather dense and springy texture of marshmallow, the presence of cake in a marshmallow cake without baking is not even necessary, and it is quite possible to combine the marshmallow, sliced ​​or whole, with a cream, like the cake “Grafskie ruins”.

Marshmallow consists of fruit or berry puree, sugar, whipped with egg whites. The firm, dense texture of the pastry is preserved by the addition of pectin, gelatin, agar or other gelling components. All of these components are part of the cream souffle, jelly, marmalade, mastic, which is very harmoniously complement the dessert of marshmallow. In addition, you can add fruits, nuts, chocolate and ice cream to the “cold” cake.

From such an extensive list of ingredients you can make hundreds of unusual recipes to your liking.

1. Marshmallow cake without baking “Summer”

Ingredient list:

Puree, apple (baked apples) 300 g (net)

Lemons 2 pcs. (or 3 limes)

Agar-agar (7-8 g for applesauce, marshmallow mass and pumpkin puree) 25 g

Green dye

Pumpkin puree 400 g (net)


Muscat, ground

Honey 90 g

Orange, technical ripeness 1 pc.

Oil 50 g - for pumpkin puree; 120 g - for butter cream; 180 g - for marshmallow

Cream 300 ml

White marshmallow on agar 600 g

Essence (vanilla and coconut)

Berries (blueberries, raspberries) 200 g

Sugar and powder (for cream) - to taste

Cooking Technology:

Add grated lemon or lime zest, sugar, fresh citrus juice and green food coloring to grated applesauce. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and enter the dissolved agar-agar. When it cools down to 40-50C, strain the fruit mass, passing it through gauze rolled up in 3-4 layers. Pour the jelly into a round shape with a removable side (24 cm).

Divide the marshmallow into halves, chop finely. Add hot cream, perebeite mass until smooth. At a temperature of 20-25? C, beating, add soft oil in small portions. Add vanilla or coconut flavor. Put the marshmallow with cream on the frozen jelly mass of apples and citrus, a layer of 1 cm. Put in a cold to harden.

Prepare pumpkin puree:

Put 3-4 tablespoons of sugar on a hot and dry pan, melt it until light brown and add slices of peeled pumpkin. Stir until the pulp is covered with sugar and lightly cooked. Add a spoonful of butter, cover the pan with a lid. Stew until soft on low heat. At the end of quenching add cinnamon and ground nutmeg. Cool the pumpkin pieces with a blender, add orange zest. Puree should have a delicate creamy consistency. Add the agar-agar, dissolved with heated orange juice. Stir and put into shape, on the marshmallow layer. Smooth the surface again, let it cool a little in the fridge. On top of the pumpkin puree, put another layer of zephyr white mass of the same thickness. Put it in the fridge, now for 5-7 hours.

Immerse the form with the frozen dessert for 30 seconds in boiling water and, turning it over, put it on a stand or a dish. Beat the pastry cream to a creamy consistency, adding 90 g of powder. Cover the side of the cake with butter cream, and “scatter” berries on the top, green layer.

2. Marshmallow Cake without Baking “Pink Cloud”


Strawberry fresh 200 ml

Cream, drinking (pasteurized) 400 ml

White or pink marshmallow 500 g

Whipped cream 200 g

Powder 100 g

Dye, food (blue)

Gelatin 20 g

Bananas 300 g (net)

Sugar 150 g

Vanilla shortbread 0.5 kg

Oil 120 g

Essence - to taste

Cooking Method:

Put the cookie in the bag with the clasp. If the package is small, then lay the cookies in parts. Kill with a rolling pin cookies to obtain fine crumbs. Fold the crumb into the container, add drinking cream (150-200 ml) so that the crumb gets wet and stuck. Add soft butter and mix thoroughly until smooth.

Transfer the base of the cake to any form, filling it up to 1.0-1.5 cm in height. Tamp the base of the cake tightly and chill for 1-1.5 hours.

Peel 2 medium bananas. Put them in a large and deep dish, add the remaining cream, sugar and smash to a creamy consistency. Add the juice with agar. Stir.

In a bowl of spherical shape, put the large sliced ​​marshmallow pieces, pour them with the prepared cream souffle and also put them in the refrigerator.

Whip cream with powdered sugar. Separate about? part of the prepared butter cream and add a little blue dye into it, mix to obtain a light blue cream. Remove the cake blanks from the refrigerator. Sand cream basis lay on the dish. Over it, turning the bowl upside down, put the cream souffle. Blue cream, using a pastry bag and nozzles, lay out around the white and pink mass curb. “Cloud” cover with white cream: apply the picture randomly.

3. Marshmallow cake without baking “Truffle”


Chocolate 500 g

Cream (20%) 120 ml

Oil 240 g

180 g syrup


Cognac 70 mg

Chocolate Marshmallow 0.5 kg

Chocolate shortbread cookies 400 g

Powder 0.7 kg

White marshmallow on agar 350 g

Water 50 ml

Lemon juice 20 ml


To decorate:

Chocolate decor


Marshmallow mastic flowers

Cooking Method:

Put a container with chocolate pieces, butter in a water bath. Melt, add sugar and pour warm cream. Periodically stirring the chocolate mass, cook until thick.

Chop chocolate cookies into crumb and add to chocolate, mix.

Place a layer of marshmallow in chocolate in a cake pan with a removable side. Put half of the warm chocolate mass with cookies on top of it. Put the form in the fridge.

White marshmallow cut into small pieces, add warm water. Melt in a microwave or water bath until a thick and smooth mass is obtained. Add lemon juice: it will not only give taste to sugar mastic, but also facilitate the work with sugar dough, make it more malleable, uniform. Use essence for marshmallow mastic on your own.

If desired, divide the mastic into pieces, add a food coloring to each of them, and knead the dough, adding the powder, until it is uniform in color.

Leave half the sugar dough white. Roll out a thin layer of white mastic, the size of which should be larger than the surface of the cake so that you can cover the top and sides with mastic. In order to make it convenient to transfer a thin mastic coating to the cake, roll out the blank on a silicone napkin. Pre-powder the surface of the cake with icing or cocoa. Smooth out the coating with a rolling pin, level the sides with an angular spatula. Align the surface from the center to the edges of the cake. Cut off the excess sugar dough at the bottom. To give a gloss to the mastic surface, brush it with a brush using vodka and honey (or light syrup) in a 1: 1 ratio. To decorate, put on the cake marshmallows in chocolate, 2-3 truffle balls, chocolate decor. Sprinkle lightly with cocoa powder.

4. Marshmallow cake with fruit and cream “Wreath” souffle

Product Composition:

Biscuit biscuits 600 g

Cream for cream 300 g

Pink and white marshmallows, fruit 300 g and 0.5 kg

Oil 150 g

Powder 250 g

Peach or mango


Coconut milk 200 ml


White and pink marshmallows, crushing put in a separate deep dish. Melt the marshmallow by adding a little water or lemon juice to each part. Beat the butter with the powder, and, dividing the cream in proportion, add to both parts of the melted marshmallow. Beat up. Also proportionally separate the whipped cream and combine them with pink and white cream.

Prepare the fruit: pick a peach or mango with a dense texture, wash, remove the bones and cut into slices. Wash strawberries. To decorate the surface, set aside large berries without damage, use the rest for the berry layer in the cake (if necessary, they can be cut.

Take a large round dish. Place a glass or jar in the center of it, and around the ring lay out cookies, soaking each layer of coconut milk and lubricating, alternately, white and pink cream. Spread peaches or mangoes on white cream, strawberries on pink one. Cover the surface of the cake with a white souffle. Put flowers on top of cream of peach slices and strawberries.

Cover the outer side of the cake with butter cream, which is prepared separately, beating up 150 ml of fatty pastry cream with 50 g of powder.

5. Marshmallow ice cream cake without baking

Pistachio ice cream

Marshmallow on agar (in assortment: white, pink, chocolate)

Nuts (optional) 150 g

Mastic from marshmallow for decor 200-300 g

Chocolate 400 g

Oil 100 g

Rum 90 ml

Biscuit Cookies


Cooking Procedure:

Ice cream should be slightly melted. Add crushed pieces of marshmallow and nuts. Put a semi-circular capacious container with marshmallow halves in chocolate, on the inner surface, and fill it with ice cream. Put the mold in the freezer. From the multi-colored mastic (recipe preparation, see above) sculpt flowers or figurines for decoration.

Melt chocolate with butter, whisk, add rum or brandy, to a shine. Put cookies on the dish, in 2-3 layers. Sprinkle each layer with honey and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Invert the bowl of ice cream and place on a circle of cookies. Gaps between chocolate marshmallows pour melted chocolate. Put the cake in the freezer so that it does not melt.

Use the remaining chocolate to make the decor. On the parchment with a pattern printed on the back side of the paper, drop the chocolate from the cornet over the pattern. Transfer sheet to refrigerator. When the chocolate hardens, remove the chocolate ornament from the paper, using a blade, gently separating it from the paper. Decorate the cake.

6. Marshmallow cake without baking “Basket”


Sour cream, natural 200 g

Cottage cheese from whole unbaked milk (not less than 36%) 350 g


Marshmallow, fruit pink 200 g

Gelatin 20 g

Vanilla shortbread cookies 0.5 kg

Shortbread cookies, shortbread 800 g

Strawberry Jelly 2 Pack

Fresh strawberries 500 g

Marshmallow mastic 350 g (for cake decorating)

Working order:

For a cake without baking, you need a detachable round shape. Put her bottom with sand cookies.

Beat cottage cheese with vanilla and sour cream to a creamy consistency. Enter dissolved gelatin and melted pink marshmallow. Further mix the mass with a spatula, in a circular motion, until a marble pattern is formed. Put the cream in the form, setting sand tubules on the side: curd cream and a layer of biscuits should fix them. Put the mold in the fridge to set.

Put the strawberry halves on top of the curd cream, pour the strawberry jelly prepared according to the instructions. Transfer the mold back to a cold to set.

From the mastic make a handle for the basket, twisting two long “sausages” into a bundle, and letting it dry on the table, powdered with powder. Mold the other elements of the decor, at its discretion.

Marshmallow Cake without Baking - Tips and Tricks

For confectionery, try using agar-agar, not gelatin. Agar-agar is obtained from algae; gelatin - from the cartilage of animals. Agar-agar does not have the characteristic smell inherent in gelatin, so confectionery products based on it are more palatable. The smell of gelatin is not felt when using it in combination with products of animal origin.

When using gelatin for pastries, choose plates. Such gelatin is convenient to use: the plate has a standard weight of 5 g, it dissolves within one minute, without gluing, like powdered gelatin. In addition, in the production process, plate gelatin undergoes additional purification steps, and therefore has absolutely no characteristic protein smell.

Agar-agar is convenient in that the gelling of liquids begins already at 50 ° C. Creams and desserts based on agar withstand a higher temperature in the room, and gelatin jelly begins to melt at a lower temperature.

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