Meat patties for lunch, dinner or festive table. Recipes for delicious meatballs from beef, veal, pork

Meat patties for lunch, dinner or festive table. Recipes for delicious meatballs from beef, veal, pork

For certain, there is not a single person who would refuse a portion of juicy and tasty meat cutlets.

This dish is loved by both small children and adults.

And housewives like to cook cutlets, because the process is easy, does not take much time, and you can serve them with any traditional side dish.

Delicious meat patties - the general principles of cooking

In order for meat patties to turn out really tasty, juicy and soft, you need to follow some simple rules:

• Stuffing should be strictly home cooked, in any case not purchased. It is not so important what kind of meat you prefer, the main thing is that you will rinse, cut and twist or cut it yourself. It is better if you twist the stuffing immediately before cooking the chops. Frozen minced meatballs come out not so juicy and tasty.

• Meat for stuffing need to buy high-quality, in proven places. The third term, meat with streaks for making delicious meatballs does not fit, set it aside for another dish. Meat patties should be cooked from good pork, beef, veal tenderloin or chicken fillet.

• Grind meat through a coarse grate or cut into small cubes with a sharp knife. Thanks to this method of grinding, meat fibers retain all the juices, which will make the chops tasty. Strongly ground beef leads to dryness of products.

• Do not forget to add bread soaked in water or milk to mincemeat. This is necessary not in order to increase the volume of minced meat, but so that when roasting, meat juices do not flow out, but remain in the cutlet, soaking into the bread.

• Add to the stuffing juicy and fragrant onions, garlic. You can either twist it together with the meat in a meat grinder, or grind it with a blender. In addition, onions can be put in stuffing not only raw, but also pre-fried. • If you have only lean meat, do not take some fat.

• Spices in meatballs are a special question. It all depends on your taste, but usually ordinary black pepper is enough.

• Before making cutlets, do not be lazy for a long time and knead the stuffing thoroughly. Fight him, wrinkle, throw on the table. The longer and sharper you do it, the denser and juicier the chops will be. And they will not fall apart during frying, even if you do not put eggs in minced meat, which, by the way, make burgers not so soft and tender.

• Scrape patties, wetting your hands in water. So they will not stick to your hands, they will turn out beautifully the same shape.

• There are no special recommendations regarding the coating. Cutlets can not be breaded, but if you like crisp, take flour, crackers, semolina - which is more like.

• The frying pan for frying should be clean and dry, the oil in which you will put the tasty meat patties hot.

• Cutlets are fried on both sides, first to set on medium heat, then at minimum.

• Do not forget after each batch to remove the separated and burnt particles from the pan.

1. Delicious beef meat patties


• 800 grams of beef tenderloin;

• 200 grams of white loaf crumb;

• three small bulbs;

• tablespoon butter;

• a glass (200 ml) of water;

• 50 grams of sour cream;

• teaspoon of potato starch;

• salt, ground pepper;

• breading: crackers or flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed and dried cutting into small cubes. If the meat is slightly frost-bitten, it will be easier to cut it. You can also twist the beef through the meat grinder, choosing a large grill.

2. Peel the onions and cut them into small cubes, put them into a frying pan with heated butter, fry until softened.

3. Pour water into a bowl, chop bread into it, squeeze.

4. Mix twisted minced meat with roasted onions, squeezed bread. 5. Add salt, starch, pepper, salt and 100 ml of water.

6. Thoroughly mix the minced meat so that all ingredients are evenly distributed, and the mass is homogeneous.

7. Form with wet hands cutlets of the desired shape.

8. Roll the products in breading, flour or bread crumbs.

9. Put the patties in the pan in the hot oil, fry first with one side on high heat until golden brown. After turn the patty, turn down the heat, bring to readiness.

2. Delicious Homemade meat patties


• 300 grams of beef;

• 300 grams of pork;

• 120 grams of white bread;

• half a cup of milk;

• 30 ml of vegetable oil;

• salt pepper;

• breadcrumbs.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash beef and pork thoroughly, chop into chunks suitable for grinding in a meat grinder, twist.

2. Mix the minced meat with bread, finely chopped onion, soaked in milk.

3. Sprinkle to taste with salt and pepper, if desired, add other spices.

4. Form small rounded patties, roll them in breadcrumbs.

5. Fry in hot oil until tender.

3. Delicious Moscow-style meat patties with vegetables


• half a kilo of oily pork;

• 300 grams of beef fillet;

• two eggs;

• bow;

• carrot;

• three pieces of white bread;

• salt pepper;

• water or milk.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, pass through peeled and chopped vegetables: carrots and onions to softness and mouth-watering golden hues.

2. Rinse the meat. Beef cut into small pieces, and twist the fatty pork in a meat grinder.

3. Mix both types of minced meat, add crumb of bread soaked in water, salt, pepper, eggs, frying. Mix thoroughly.

4. Form a flat patties.

5. Put them on a greased baking sheet, put in a heated oven to 180 degrees.

6. Bake for 30 minutes, remembering to glance and, if necessary, turn the patties from side to side.

4. Delicious pork meat patties with rice in tomato


• a pound of pork;

• slice of white bread;

• two bulbs;

• a tablespoon of tomato sauce;

• half a cup of rice;

• 25-30 grams of butter;

• crackers for breading;

• salt, spices;

• oil for frying.

Cooking Method:

1. Pass the meat through the meat grinder twice. The first time, cut into large pieces, the second time - adding a slice of bread and peeled onions.

2. Wash rice and boil until half cooked in lightly salted water.

3. Put in the minced rice cereal, tomato sauce, salt and spices to taste.

4. Thoroughly mix the mass, blind cutlets.

5. Melt the butter in a pan, put the formed patties into it, trying to keep them away from each other and not touching.

6. Fry first on one side until golden brown, then turn over and fry on the other.

7. Put the finished burgers on a paper towel for a couple of minutes before serving.

5. Delicious meat patties from veal with mushrooms


• 700 grams of calf tenderloin;

• 200 grams of fresh mushrooms;

• five eggs;

• 100 ml of water;

• 150 grams of sweet butter;

• salt, pepper, flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the meat and cut into small cubes, mix the minced meat with salt, pepper. Form the patties, roll them in flour.

2. Rinse the mushrooms, cut into small plates, fry in 50 grams of oil to evaporate the liquid and light blush.

3. In a small bowl, beat the eggs with salt and water. On a dry nonstick frying pan, bake five omelette pancakes.

4. In the other pan, heat the butter, put the patties, fry on one side and the other.

5. Put the fried mushrooms on top of the cutlets.

6. Wrap each patty in an egg pancake.

7. Serve, watering broth, which remained after frying meatballs.

6. Delicious Meat Patties “Countryly”


• a pound of freshly made minced beef and pork;

• a pound of potatoes;

• large onion;

• egg;

• breadcrumbs;

• salt, spices.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel and rub the potatoes on a small grater segment.

2. Mix freshly prepared minced meat from different types of meat with potatoes and chopped onions.

3. Add salt, egg, spices to the mass. Knead minced thoroughly.

4. Blind the thin elongated cutlets, fry them in hot oil on both sides to a blush.

5. Put the meat patties on a greased baking sheet, bring to readiness in an oven heated to 160 degrees for 15 minutes

7. Delicious meat patties baked with mayonnaise


• 450 grams of beef;

• three onions;

• one potato;

• 150 grams of mayonnaise;

• salt pepper;

• three spoons of butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the meat well, if necessary - remove all the veins and film, cut into large cubes.

2. Peel and peel potatoes and chop.

3. Remove the meat grinder, put a large grill, twist all the prepared ingredients.

4. Salt and pepper the minced meat and mix thoroughly.

5. Remove the remaining two onions from the husk, cut into thinnest rings. Fry them in hot oil to a light golden hue.

6. Form the mince meat patties, put them on a baking sheet, pre-oiled or greased.

7. On top of carefully lay out the fried onions, fill all with mayonnaise.

8. Send a baking tray with chops to the oven for 15 minutes, setting the temperature to 180 degrees.

Delicious Meat Patties - Tips and Tricks

• Do not use a fine grate for twisting meat. The opinion that ground beef patties are more tender is wrong.

• For even more juiciness, you can add butter to the mince, twisted lard, sour cream, low-fat mayonnaise. • Thanks to the breading, delicious meat patties will acquire a crispy, crusty, appetizing color. It is better to brend the product two or three times: dip it, let it rest, dip it again in the breading.

• If, despite compliance with the recipe, you have turned out a dryish cutlet, do not worry. Fold the meat patties in a frying pan or saucepan, pour half a glass of the mixture of water and sour cream and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat.

• Fry the patties best on a mixture of oils: sweet cream and sunflower. So the chops will not splash, and the crust will turn out beautiful and uniform.

• When breading the chops, note that you can add your favorite spices to the flour or crackers, which will give the dish not only an additional flavor, but also a beautiful color. This may be paprika, coriander, dried herbs, granulated garlic and other spices.

• All these recipes are universal, that is, based on them, you can cook your dish from your favorite meat, be it chicken, rabbit, pheasant. For juiciness, do not forget to add a little lard, but if you do not like this kind of meat, put the butter.

• Cutlets combine with any side dishes, so you can cook pasta or cereals in a quick way, or more complex side dishes: mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and many others.

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