How to make soft pork chops: classic and original. The secret of the pork chops in the pan

How to make soft pork chops: classic and original. The secret of the pork chops in the pan

To feed a family or guests, no need to invent anything special. What could be better than a juicy, well-done piece of meat served with grilled vegetables, sliced ​​baked potatoes or another side dish?

If the hostess knows how to make soft pork chops, she can serve a delicious dish at any time.

Soft pork chops - general cooking principles

Successful chops are soft, juicy, have a beautiful shape and harmonious flavor.

The main thing is to buy good meat, from which you can cut pieces of the desired size and thickness. However, it is equally important to fry them correctly, not to spoil them. Here a lot depends on the culinary experience and knowledge of the theory. How to cook soft pork chops?

Here are the rules to follow:

• The best parts of pork for frying are the spatula, the ham or brisket. Both the fillet and the flesh with bone (it will add a special flavor to the dish) will do;

• fillets need to be cut not too thin, but not very thick. The ideal chop thickness is 1.5 cm;

• the size of the chop depends on the size of the piece, the ideal chop - from the human palm;

• veins, films, found in meat “flat cake”, should be cut in several places (be guided by the size of the chop), having the knife blade inclined, at an angle of 45 °. If this is not done, the vein, when heated, will shrink and spoil the shape of the chop;

• Beating meat, it is important not to overdo it. Broken in the lace meat cakes do not get juicy and soft, dry out.

Meat before cutting should not be washed, just wipe with a napkin. Every hunk is important to repel. The force must be sufficient to soften the fibers, but not excessive, so as not to grind them into lace. Novice is more convenient to work with a wooden mallet. If the meat is old or the piece is not very good (in such a fillet will be seen coarse, thick fibers), then the force of the blows can be increased. Gentle meat should be handled appropriately - gently. Before frying, do not salt the meat. The fact is that salt draws out meat juice, dries meat. If you are planning a classic chop, without spices, marinades, batter, then it can be peppered before frying, and salt already in the plate. Another option: salt the chop on one side and immediately put it on the hot oil in hot oil. When the bottom roasts, salt the top and immediately turn the slice.

The chop is roasted after the meat has reached room temperature, and the oil in the pan has become hot until the smoke appears. The high frying temperature will ensure an instant “sealing” of the meat juice inside the chop, and the room temperature of the meat will ensure even cooking. This is the main answer to the question of how to make soft pork chops.

As for marinating, it is desirable. Especially if the piece is not very good, harsh. You can pickle chops in spices, dried herbs, mustard, butter, tomato paste. In general, experiments are appropriate.

Cooking chops can be both in a frying pan by frying, and in the oven by baking. You can combine the process: fry the meat on both sides to form a crust, and then send the pieces into the oven so that they “reach” and become soft. As a rule, frying one side of the piece takes about four minutes.

Soft pork chops with spicy herbs

The classic chop has the aroma of fresh fresh meat. It is not easy to get it, so you can use some spicy herbs that go well with pork and improve its taste.


• 3-4 pork chops;

• four tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• sprig of rosemary;

• ready-made mixture of Provencal herbs or other herbs to your taste, including fresh ones.


Spread the prepared pieces of meat with vegetable oil, sprinkle with Provencal herbs and leave for pickling for half an hour.

Crush garlic with a knife tip.

The remaining oil pour into the pan, put on maximum heat.

Toss garlic and rosemary in butter. Fry until the oil is hot, then remove and discard. Put chops in garlic butter, fry on both sides until crusting.

Check the meat for readiness, put in a plate.

Cover with another plate or piece of food foil, let stand for five minutes and serve.

Soft pork chops with mustard and garlic

Mustard marinade is one of the most affordable and tasty. It goes well with any meat. If it is not clear how to make soft pork chops of the first freshness, it is the mustard in combination with garlic that will cope with the task best.


• a piece of pork meat weighing 600-700 grams;

• two tablespoons of mustard;

• three cloves of garlic;

• one third cup of vegetable oil.


Cut the meat into slices and discard them.

Garlic popped through a press or grate.

Each chop smear first mustard, then garlic mashed potatoes.

Heat oil in a thick-bottomed skillet and lay chops.

Fry each piece until crust appears on both sides over high heat.

Reducing the heat, bring chops to readiness, making sure that the crust does not overcook.

Soft pork chops in the oven with mushrooms and tomatoes

Broken meat is not necessary to fry in a skillet. If this is not possible or you just want to learn a new way, the oven can replace the stove. How to cook soft pork chops in this way?


• pork fillet weighing 500-600 grams;

• two large tomatoes;

• three hundred grams of fresh mushrooms;

• two cloves of garlic;

• two tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• lemon;

• salt;

• a mixture of peppers;

• pinch of thyme.


Meat slice carefully cut into slices and prepare chops.

Sprinkle the pieces with pepper, thyme, rub the mixture and leave the meat alone for half an hour.

Fresh mushrooms wash, dry and cut into slices.

Pour a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice over the mushrooms.

Peel the tomato, scalded with boiling water, and cut into pieces.

Chop the garlic with a knife or pass through the press.

Mix mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, salt and add herbs or spices to taste. Heat the pan, fry the meat on both sides until an appetizing crust is formed.

Cover the form or baking sheet with foil folded in two layers.

Lay chops on foil.

On each piece of meat decomposed tomato and mushroom stuffing.

Cover with a second piece of foil, seal the edges.

Stew meat in an oven preheated to 160 ° for about half an hour.

Soft pork chops in batter

Make meat from eggs, flour and milk will help to make meat soft and keep juiciness. Just such a batter is one of the secrets of how to make soft pork chops.


• seven hundred grams piece of pork loin or ham;

• five eggs;

• half a cup of oil;

• a glass of milk;

• a glass of white flour;

• salt and pepper to your taste.


From the piece of pork cut into chunks for beating.

Heat the oil.

Grate the meat with salt and pepper and fry right there.

Put the meat in a plate.

Cook the batter: beat the eggs with salt, pour in the milk rate and beat again.

Add flour to the egg-milk mixture, mix thoroughly. Smash all the lumps.

Heat up the butter again.

Dip warm chops into a batter and fry the “coat” until browning.

Soft pork chops stuffed with cheese

It happens that the traditional chop recipe is annoying or you want culinary experiments. You can learn in advance how to cook soft pork chops with cheese filling inside, and try to repeat this unusual dish.


• four chops prepared for frying;

• three tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• A slice of cheese weighing 100-150 grams;

• salt and pepper to your taste.


Rub each piece of broken pork with pepper and salt to taste.

Cut the meat horizontally with a long, sharp knife so that it is a pocket.

Cheese grate or chop finely.

Put the cheese mixture in the slot on the chop, stab with a wooden skewer or a toothpick.

Heat oil.

Fry chops on high heat until fry barrels form.

Reduce the heat to low and hold the chops in the pan until fully cooked for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pieces.

Soft pork chops in honey and apple sauce

An unusual recipe for chop meats in sweet and sour caramel glaze should be added to your cookbook. How to cook soft pork chops for this unusual recipe? Very simple.


• four ready chops;

• two tablespoons of honey;

• two sweet and sour apples;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• salt to your taste;

• half a teaspoon of black ground pepper.


Grate the pieces of pork with pepper and salt.

Heat the vegetable oil in the pan.

Fry chops on both sides, put in a plate.

Cut off the skin from apples, cut the core, cut into slices.

Fry the apple pieces in the pan, move to the edges of the dish.

Return the meat to the pan, distribute the apples on top of the pork.

Pour honey over the meat, pour in half a glass of water.

Simmer the chops, covered, for about fifteen minutes.

Arrange on plates and pour over honey sauce.

How to make soft pork chops - tips and helpful tips

The most delicious chops are made from tender pink pork. Allowed a thin, no thicker than 5 mm, layer of white fat from one edge of the chop.

If you wash the meat before frying, it will be impossible to get a crust. Too damp meat will be extinguished, not roasted. How to cook soft pork chops, if you had to rinse? Well blotted with napkins.

To check whether the oil in the pan is hot enough, you can throw a match there without a sulfuric “cap”. If bubbles formed instantly around it, it's time to fry the meat, the butter warmed up.

When frying chops can not cover the pan with a lid. In this case, the meat will make juice, and chops will be spoiled.

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