Baking carps in the oven in foil is a whole science! Carps in the oven in foil, stuffed, according to classic recipes

Baking carps in the oven in foil is a whole science! Carps in the oven in foil, stuffed, according to classic recipes

There are many options for cooking carp in the oven in foil.

Fish can be baked whole carcass, laying in the belly of oranges or stuffing beans.

Split into fillets and form rolls from it.

Fish minced meatballs will appeal to children, if you show a little imagination when serving.

Meals, baked in the oven in foil, are cooked in their own juice and are much juicier and softer than the same ones cooked in a pan.

Such foods can rightly be considered dietary, as they are prepared without the addition of oil or animal fats.

Carp in the oven in foil - the basic principles of cooking

• Carp is better to take not frozen, but fresh. Fresh carp always have dense, firm meat. Gills bright red and bulging transparent eyes.

• When choosing a fish, pay attention to the width of the back immediately behind the gill covers, the larger it is, the fish are usually fatter.

• Many try to choose a mirror carp, in fact, the taste of fish is no different, if the price is much higher, you should not overpay.

• With the selected fish, they clean off the scales, it is very convenient to use a tablespoon for this, swiping it over the fish, with the convex side up. The removed scales will not be scattered around. Gills are taken out of the head, washed thoroughly under running water, removing the remaining film, and then proceed according to the described recipe: they divide the fish into fillets, cut into pieces or loop through a meat grinder.

• Foil is best to take thick to avoid accidental damage. The broken integrity of the foil package can lead to the leakage of juice, resulting in a change in the taste of the dish, its desired consistency, and the carp will turn out hard and dry.

• If you do not find thick foil, use double wrapping.

• Foil to cover the shape with the best shiny side up, as the matte side attracts heat, and the shiny side retains it. • The special aroma and taste of carp in the oven in foil will be given by seasonings, which are ideally combined with fish dishes: basil, cloves, tarragon, rosemary, savory, saffron.

Carp in the oven in foil baked with oranges


• large carp carcass;

• nine tablespoons of honey without a hill;

• large onion;

• ground coriander - 1 tsp;

• 50 grams of butter;

• two medium oranges.


1. On the outer surface of the gutted, cleaned and washed under water carcass carcass make cross-shaped cuts with a knife at a distance of at least three centimeters from each other. Good rub on all sides of the fish with spices and salt.

2. Fry onion in a frying pan, chopped onion to rudderiness. Add honey, sunflower oil and, having carefully stirred, continue to stew for another four minutes.

3. Put the browned onions in a separate clean dish and cool.

4. Slice the washed oranges into thin rings and put them in the belly of the gutted carp. Do not forget to set aside a few orange rings for decoration.

5. Put the fish carcass stuffed with oranges into the lined food foil form, coat the onion mixture on all sides and, covering the top with foil, bake for half an hour in an oven with an air temperature of 180 degrees.

6. Open the top layer of foil and leave to bake in the oven for another five minutes.

7. Decorate baked fish with deferred orange ringlets and serve to the table.

Carp in oven in foil baked with beans


• 400 grams of red beans;

• four medium-sized carps;

• three small bulbs;

• 250 grams of “Russian” or similar hard cheese.


1. Soak the beans in cold water overnight.

2. Put the soaked beans in a saucepan and boil until cooked.

3. Peel the onion, chop it into small pieces, mix with the cooled boiled beans and fill the mixture with the prepared carcasses of fish, pre-rubbed with coarse salt. 4. Put carps stuffed with beans on the foil, after having smeared it with sunflower oil, sprinkle with coarsely grated cheese and bake for half an hour in the oven with heated bottom and top from 160 to 180 degrees.

5. Then open the foil and continue cooking only with the bottom heating for twenty minutes.

Roll of carp in the oven in foil


• two carp, weighing less than a kilogram each;

• one raw chicken egg;

• 160 grams of wheat flour;

• a mixture of salt and ground black pepper.


1. Peeled and gutted fish should be carefully divided into fillets, slightly beat off, rub with a mixture of seasonings and leave to soak for twenty minutes.

2. In a separate bowl, beat an egg with the addition of black pepper and salt.

3. Dip fish fillets in egg, roll in sifted flour, roll and roll tightly with food foil.

4. Place the fish-wrapped foil wrapped in a mold or on a baking sheet and place in an oven with an air temperature of 200 degrees for forty minutes.

Carp in the oven in foil on a vegetable cushion


• carcass carcass weighing at least one kilogram;

• two peppercorns of Bulgarian sweet pepper of different colors;

• three heads of onion salad onions;

• 600 grams of fresh champignons, can be frozen;

• two small carrots;

• small lemon;

• a bunch of young, fresh dill.


1. Take a whole peeled and gutted fish, rub inside and outside with spices selected to taste and salt. On the one hand, make several transverse cuts on the surface. When making cuts, hold the knife not perpendicularly, but at an angle of about 45 degrees.

2. Dab lemon with boiling water, cut across into two parts and thinly cut one of them into half rings. Then insert the half-rings of lemon in the cuts on the fish, and in its belly put a couple of dill twigs.

3. Pour water into a small saucepan, add the rest of the lemon, cut into small pieces, and boil. Put the sliced ​​mushrooms into hot water, bring to a boil and boil on medium heat for five minutes. Drain and drain cooked mushrooms in a colander. 4. Prepare the vegetables: cut the carrot thinly into slices, chop the Bulgarian pepper into small strips and cut the onion into rings.

5. In a skillet with a thick bottom, warm the ghee well, put onion and fry until transparent, add the carrot and continue frying for another five minutes, add chopped peppers, mushrooms and fry until the vegetables are ready, about seven minutes.

6. Spread the foil on the bottom of the baking dish, brush it with oil, and place the remaining dill in the middle. On both sides, spread the mushrooms fried with vegetables, and put the fish on the fennel up with the side stuffed with lemon.

7. Smear the top of the fish with sour cream or vegetable or olive oil, wrap the foil, pinching the edges well, and put the fish and the form in the oven, heated to 180 degrees.

8. When twenty minutes have passed, raise the temperature in the oven to 200 degrees and bring the fish to readiness, baking for another fifteen minutes.

Baby carp patties in the oven in foil - “Chupa-Chups”


• carcass weighing 1,800 kg;

• one large sized carrot;

• two large white onions;

• two chicken eggs;

• two small pieces of hard loaf;

• milk.


1. Put the bread in a bowl, cover with milk and leave for ten minutes.

2. With gutted cleaned carp, remove the skin, remove the head, separate the fillets from the bones and chop together with the loaf soaked in milk in a meat grinder. Before chopping bread, squeeze it well with your hands.

3. Pour some vegetable oil into the pan, put the onion, chopped carrot into small pieces and grate the carrot with a grater and pass over medium heat until ready.

4. Spread cooled, sauteed root vegetables to the minced meat, add salt, loose eggs and knead the minced meat, beating it against the cutting board. Since the cutlets are for children, no need to add spices.

5. Hands moistened in water with a spoon, form small round patties and stick a wooden toothpick in half or a broken skewer in half. 6. Cut the foil into squares, sixteen centimeters in size, brush with oil and wrap the cutlets with it, wrapping the edges of the foil around the toothpick.

7. In a dry frying pan, put the balls wrapped in foil up with toothpicks and fry over high heat for one minute.

8. After preheating the oven to 200 degrees, place a pan with fish chops in it and bake for half an hour.

Carp in the oven in foil in Arabic


• one and a half kilograms of carp;

• seven cherry tomatoes;

• one hundred grams of raisins;

• a quarter cup of dried apricots;

• 100 grams of prunes pitted;

• half a cup of walnut kernels;

• half a glass of almond, peeled;

• 2 tbsp. l olive oil;

• one and a half tablespoons of refined sunflower oil;

• half a lemon;

• a mixture of white and black ground peppers, curry, paprika and salt.


1. In carp free from scales, separate the head and, without cutting the abdomen, gut the carcass. Rinse under running water, removing residual film and trimming fins.

2. Cut the carp into small portions, sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and, roll in the spicy mixture, fry the fish in a frying pan with heated vegetable oil, over high heat until half cooked.

3. In a clean frying pan in olive oil, fry the chopped nuts and finely chopped dried fruits.

4. Stuff the fish with cool fruit mixture and place on a foil-lined baking tray. Before spreading the stuffed carp, smear the foil with vegetable or olive oil.

5. Cover the fish with foil, well wrapping its edges at the junctions.

6. Put bake in the oven at 220 degrees for twenty minutes.

7. Pierce the tomatoes in several places and fry them in a frying pan in hot oil.

8. Open the oven, partially unfold the foil and, putting the roasted tomatoes to the fish, put the pan back. Bring the carp in the oven in foil to readiness.

Carp in the oven in foil - tricks and tips

• It will be much easier to remove scales from carp if it is good to rub it with salt before cleaning.

• When baking, the fish will not curl if you make several small cuts on its skin.

• A special flavor to meatballs cutlets made from minced fish will add browned onions.

• If you add boiled chilled fish to fish cakes baked in the oven, the burgers will be more lush. Also in the stuffing, you can add a little bacon, butter or margarine.

• In order not to damage the foil by carving up fish, remove all fins.

• If there is no thick foil, you can wrap the carp in several layers of thin, but at the same time you should follow the following rule: do not put the sheets one over the other, turn them alternately.

• If during cleaning and gutting the fish accidentally crushed the gallbladder, and the bile spilled, the fish should be thoroughly rinsed under a tap, and the damaged areas sprinkled with salt, let the fish stand for fifteen minutes and again washed.

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