Duck with apples in the oven is a step-by-step recipe for a culinary masterpiece. Duck with apples in the oven: carcass preparation technology

Duck with apples in the oven is a step-by-step recipe for a culinary masterpiece. Duck with apples in the oven: carcass preparation technology

Whole baked duck, it is always beautiful, tasty and appetizing. Not every housewife risks cooking the duck entirely, considering that the meat of this bird in the oven becomes tough. However, this is not the case. Follow some tips and tricks to get tender, fragrant and soft meat.

Duck with apples in the oven (step-by-step recipe) - the basic principles of cooking

For roasting, it is better to use not the domestic duck, but the one that grew on the poultry farm. The meat of such a bird is much softer and more tender. Many do not cook duck because of its peculiar smell. To get rid of it is quite simple: just cut the knuckle, which is its source.

Before cooking, the birds are washed under the tap and dried with napkins on the outside and inside.

The next important step is pickling duck. Some just rub it with salt, but this is not enough to make a truly tasty and flavorful dish. Marinade will add the finished duck spice. Bird rubbed with a mixture of lemon juice, ground pepper and salt. Leave for forty minutes. To get a dish with a spicy oriental flavor, duck rub with soy sauce, mixed with a small amount of sugar.

To make the meat juicy and soft, duck must be steamed before baking. This is done in the following way: they take a narrow high glass jar, fill it with water with 2/3 of it and put a duck on it with a slit. Place a can of duck in a large cauldron or pot and pour water so that it slightly covers the legs. Keep the duck from boiling for forty minutes. Then cool and remove the duck from the jar.

To do this, they use sour-sweet and juicy apples, which, during baking, will give their juice to meats. Due to this, the duck will turn out tasty and fragrant.

Apples are peeled, or use them with sandpaper. Then the fruit is cut in half and cut out the core. The flesh of the fruit is cut into slices. They start a duck with them and sew up the abdomen with a culinary thread, so that they do not fall out during baking. In addition to apples, you can add dried fruits, oranges or nuts to the filling. It is advisable to wrap a duck in foil so that the fat does not splash during frying and the meat remains juicy.

Bake the bird for two and a half hours. About 20 minutes before the end of cooking, remove the foil so that the duck will brown.

Duck can be baked in foil, sleeve or just on the baking sheet.

Recipe 1. Duck with apples in the oven: a step-by-step recipe in grepfruit syrup


poult carcass duck;


six grepfruits;

freshly ground pepper;

five apples;

vegetable oil;

liquid honey - 100 g;

one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon;

white sugar - 100 g;

a sprig of fresh rosemary;

butter - 100 g;

teaspoon of lemon juice.

Method of preparation

1. Take the duck carcass. If it is frozen, remove it from the freezer and move it to the refrigerator. We leave it there until complete defrosting. This method will preserve the beneficial properties and taste of meat. In no case do not resort to using a microwave or warm water. Inspect the thawed carcass for hair or feathers. We pull out the last tweezers. To get rid of hairs, singe the carcass above the gas burner. Carefully cut the abdomen and remove all the offal. Guzku necessarily cut. If this is not done, the odorous glands that are in it will give the dish an unpleasant taste and smell. The fat that surrounds this part of the carcass is cut off. We also remove fat from the neck along with the skin. Cut off the first phalanx from the wings.

2. We wash the prepared duck carcass under running water. We are waiting for the water to drain, and drain them with kitchen paper towels. We do it outside and inside the carcass.

3. Combine ground pepper with salt. Mix and coat the duck with the mixture inside and out, rubbing it well into the meat and skin. Remove the butter from the fridge. When it becomes soft, we oil all the surface of the duck. We spread on a plate and leave the bird for forty minutes. 4. My apples are under the tap. Wipe with a kitchen towel and peel. This can be done with a regular sharp knife, or with a special device for cleaning vegetables. Cut each fruit into four parts. Cut the core. The flesh of the fruit is cut into slices. Put them in a deep plate and sprinkle with lemon juice, which will not allow the apples to darken. We crush them with cinnamon and mix.

5. Spread the apple filling inside the carcass, tightly tamping it. The edges of the abdomen connect. You can do this, chipping them with toothpicks or skewers, or sew the edges of the carcass with a needle and cooking thread. Legs are also tied with a thick culinary thread so that they do not get burnt during baking. Legs can be wrapped with baking paper or foil.

6. Oven turn on 200 degrees. Baking or deep heat-resistant form lubricates the inside with vegetable oil. We put a duck in it so that the breast is at the bottom. We put in the oven at an average level. Bake for 15 minutes.

7. While the duck is baking, prepare the grapefruit sauce. Take five greyfruits and wash under the tap. Then put them in a sieve and scald with boiling water. We wipe with paper kitchen towels. Cut each fruit in half and survive the juice. It can be squeezed out manually, or you can use for this a special device for the survival of citrus juice. Grepfruit peel discarded.

8. Pour fresh grapefruit juice into a stewpot. We pour sugar into it and add honey. Stir until the sugar crystals dissolve completely in the juice. Put the saucepan on a slow fire and cook, stirring regularly, until the sauce begins to thicken. At the end of cooking add a sprig of rosemary. Remove from the stove the saucepan with grepfruit sauce and cool.

9. After 15 minutes, remove the form with a duck from the oven. Pour grepfruit syrup and bake another forty minutes. From time to time we take the duck out of the oven and pour syrup over it so that a caramel crust forms on the duck's surface. 10. Ready-made duck with apples in the oven (step-by-step recipe) is shifted to a beautiful dish. The remaining grapefruit is mine, cut into slices and spread around the duck.

Recipe 2. Duck with apples in the oven in wine: a step by step recipe


duck carcass;

a pinch of ground pepper;

five apples;

teaspoon of salt;

100 g of prunes;

teaspoon of white sugar;

four slices of white bread;

a teaspoon of Madera;

50 ml of vegetable oil;

5 ml of lemon juice;

100 g butter;

one and a half cups of chicken broth.

Method of preparation

1. We lay out the defrosted and plucked carcass of a duck on the board. Thoroughly check for feathers. If any, remove them with tweezers. Then singe the duck over the gas burner. We wash the carcass under the tap and dry them with inside and outside wipes. Carefully cut the abdomen and remove all the intestines. Cut out the tail. It contains the odorous glands that give the dish an unpleasant taste and smell. Cut the fat around this part of the carcass, as well as from the neck. Fat cut off with skin. Cut off the upper phalanx from the wings.

2. Rub the prepared carcass with salt. We do this carefully, rubbing the duck inside and out.

3. In a large frying pan, put the butter and pour the sunflower. We put it on the stove and turn on the fire. In a heated mixture of oils lay out the duck carcass and fry it on all sides for five minutes. Then we cover the pan with a lid and simmer over low heat for the same amount of time. We shift the roasted carcass into the duck.

4. In the pan with a mixture of oils and juice, which stood out in the process of roasting duck, pour in chicken broth and fortified wine Madeira. Turn on the fire and bring the mixture to boiling, stirring occasionally. We pour the duck in the sauce with the resulting sauce. Cover it with a lid and set it on a small fire. Stew from forty minutes to an hour. It all depends on the size of the duck. We take out the duck from the duck and cool it. 5. Apples are my. Peel them and cut them in half. Cut the core, and cut the flesh into small slices. Put the apples in a plate and pour with lemon juice. This is done so that they do not darken. Sprinkle apples with sugar and season with pepper. Stir.

6. Dissolve two tablespoons of butter in the pan. We put apples in it and we mix for half an hour, constantly mixing. The stuffed apple mixture stuffed duck. The edges of the abdomen are fastened with skewers or toothpicks, or sew with a needle and culinary thread.

7. Cut slices of bread from slices of bread. Fry the toast in the remaining butter and place them in the center of a large dish.

8. Oven turn on 200 degrees. Grease the duck carcass with butter and bake for half an hour. We spread the finished duck on toast, take out the apple filling and lay it around the carcass. Pour the duck with the sauce, which remained in the duck-dish, decorate with greens and serve to the table.

Duck with apples in the oven (step-by-step recipe) - tips and tricks

  • Before baking, grease the duck's carcass with melted butter.
  • If you are cooking a duck without foil and sleeves, water it with exuded juice every 15 minutes.
  • Juice that is released when roasting a duck can be used to make poultry sauce.
  • Marinade can be prepared on the basis of orange, pomegranate or lemon juice. You can also use apple cider vinegar or wine.
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