His Majesty Biscuit - step by step recipes of a magnificent miracle! Prepare a classic, chiffon or chocolate sponge cake using step-by-step recipes

His Majesty Biscuit - step by step recipes of a magnificent miracle! Prepare a classic, chiffon or chocolate sponge cake using step-by-step recipes

Biscuit cakes are the softest, most airy and light. They are combined with all types of creams, souffles, chocolate spreads and jam. They can be safely supplemented with berries and fruits, covered with mastic, decorated with whipped cream. The main thing - a lush and airy base. Here are the best step-by-step recipes for biscuits for festive and homemade tea.

Sponge cake - general cooking principles

Biscuit dough requires precise proportions. Did it seem watery or thick? It's okay, you should strictly follow the recipe and everything will work out. The only point that you need to pay attention to is the size of the eggs. In all formulations there is a mean egg weighing 40 g. If the second category is used, it is better to add more. If the egg is very large, even instances with double yolks come across, you can reduce the number.

What else is added to the biscuit dough:

• sugar or powder;

• flour;

• vegetable or cream oil;

• baking powder (not always).

Depending on the desired taste and recipe, cocoa, zest, boiled water and any other ingredients can go into the dough. There are recipes for biscuits with berries, poppy seeds, honey, nuts and candied fruits.

Cakes are baked most often in the oven, most recipes are designed for it. But at home you can also use a slow cooker. For this expose the baking program. On average, a cake of 4-5 eggs will be prepared for 50 minutes.

Step-by-step recipe for biscuit “Classic”

Traditional biscuit dough contains a minimum of ingredients. Usually there are only three. Nevertheless, baking is light, airy and sweet. In the step-by-step recipe for biscuit, you can use baking powder, if the eggs could not be whipped into a very lush foam. For this amount of food is enough one teaspoon.


• 6 eggs;

• 200 g of granulated sugar; • 160 g of flour;

• 5 g plums. oils.


1. This sponge cake is prepared with the separation of proteins and yolks. Often you can find recipes, which are whipped together. But if the eggs are not very fresh and high-quality, then the dough may not work. It is better to insure, whip separately. Separate the whites with yolks in different bowls.

2. To proteins add half the norm of sugar, that is about 100 grams. Take the mixer, immerse and start to beat. It is very important to use clean and dry dishes; there should not be any traces of grease on the mixer beaters either. Squirrels are capricious in this respect and may not be whipped up with a hard foam.

3. As soon as the mass becomes fluffy, it will increase threefold, and a beautiful pattern will be pulled behind the mixer beaters, stop beating. We shake protein from the mixer.

4. Add the remaining sugar to the yolks and beat for about five minutes until completely dissolved. The yolks are not so capricious in operation, the mixer can not be washed.

5. As soon as all the grains of sugar are dissolved, fall asleep flour to the yolks. It is desirable to sift it, you can immediately in a bowl, stir. If the ripper, vanillin is added, then immediately throw everything into the flour.

6. We introduce a thick protein foam, continue to stir, but we do it as carefully as possible, it is better to use a spatula, lift the yolk mass from the bottom in a circle. The dough should turn out fluffy, airy.

7. Slice a baking dish with a piece of butter. It is better if it is detachable, but you can take any pan or a small baking sheet.

8. Shift the egg dough. Carefully level the top of the cake with the same spatula, which was stirred into the mass.

9. The oven should have warmed up to 180 degrees. We put in the form with dough.

10. Baking time will vary from 30 to 40 minutes. It all depends on the oven and the thickness of the cake. But the first 20 minutes to open the oven is not worth it. Further, when checking you need to do this carefully, in any case, do not slam the door.

11. We pierce the central part of the biscuit with a toothpick, a match or any other wooden spike, remove and touch. If it is completely dry and the fingers do not stick, then the cake is ready. 12. While the oven form is not getting. Turn off the stove, slightly open the door. After another 5 minutes, open completely, letting the biscuit cool to a warm state.

13. Now we get. If the cake will be served in this form simply with powdered sugar, then you can shift, sprinkle. If the sponge cake will be used as a base for a cake or pastries, then he needs to rest for at least 6 hours. Only after that the cake can be cut, saturate, lubricate.

Step-by-step recipe for chiffon sponge cake

Chiffon sponge cake is distinguished not only by its name, but also by its ingredients and taste. Vegetable oil and whole milk are added to the dough; kneading technology is also different. In the step-by-step recipe, yolks use less than proteins.


• two yolks;

• 105 g of sugar;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• four proteins;

• 160 grams of flour;

• 90 ml of milk;

• 60 ml of oil;

• a pinch of salt;

• 10 g butter;

• 1 tsp. rind or vanilla.


1. Separate the yolks, drop in a bowl and add 80 grams of sugar to them, the rest of the sand (25 g) is left for proteins.

2. Beat yolks with sugar for a couple of minutes, you can do this just with a whisk, so as not to mix the mixer and not to wash it before beating the protein foam.

3. Add a pinch of salt to the yolks. It will enhance the taste.

4. Pour in fresh milk, use the product at room temperature, stir.

5. Add oil. We use refined sunflower oil. Biscuit seeds should not smell. Stir.

6. Add wheat flour, stirred and sifted together with a ripper. Often lemon zest is present in the step-by-step biscuit recipes. And it is not just like that, it gives a terrific aroma, which will appear in a few minutes of baking the cake, will fill the whole house. The main condition is to thoroughly chop the zest, usually the crust is removed with a fine grater, which is very convenient. Mix to flour, or pour a bag of vanilla, you can add both ingredients. The aroma will turn out even better.

7. Set the dough aside. We are engaged in whipping proteins. Combine them with the remaining sugar, immerse the mixer and at the highest speed turn into a lush white foam. 8. Put the proteins in the dough, stir.

9. Grease the inside of the form with a piece of butter, powder with white flour.

10. Spread chiffon dough.

11. Put the future biscuit in the oven, heated to 190 degrees. If the shape is less than 22 centimeters, then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees.

12. We bake chiffon sponge cake until ready, use for any desserts or simply sprinkle with powdered sugar, serve it to the table.

Step-by-step biscuit recipe “Chocolate on boiling water”

One of the most popular chocolate options. Cocoa powder is used in the biscuit step-by-step recipe. If possible, then we take a special product designed for baking. Or just use black powder without sugar. Nesquik and other similar mixes for hot chocolate and instant drinks will not work.


• two glasses (faceted) flour;

• a glass of boiling water;

• 6 spoons with a hill of cocoa powder;

• 1.5 tsp. soda;

• a glass of milk;

• a pair of eggs;

• two glasses of sugar;

• vanilla bag;

• 0.3 cups of oil (vegetable refined);

• 1.5 s. l ripper.


1. Beat in a large and deep egg bowl, add granulated sugar, whip to a good foam. You can do this with a mixer or a hand whisk.

2. Pour a glass of milk to the eggs, stir and you can immediately enter the vegetable oil.

3. Combine flour with 1.5 tsp. baking powder, add cocoa powder to them and sift together. If you neglect this procedure, then the dough will be lumps. Cocoa is especially badly dissolved, it can remain crumpled even after baking.

4. Gently pour the flour with cocoa, stir the dough. It should be homogeneous, slightly shiny from vegetable oil. Knead to the desired state, you can continue to do this with a whisk.

5. Add vanillin, you can use vanilla sugar or replace with essence. By the way, if there is a chocolate flavor, feel free to add it. A few drops will give the biscuit an unusual smell.

6. Boil the kettle, measure out a glass of hot water, but pour it into a bowl. Add soda. She will begin to hiss. If you immediately pour the powder into a glass, everything will overflow. 7. Fill hot water with one hand, and the second continue to quickly stir the dough, until it again becomes homogeneous.

8. Form lubricated. If it is detachable, then the bottom can be covered with a piece of parchment.

9. Pour the cooked chocolate dough, set to bake. In the oven, the biscuit according to the above step-by-step recipe is baked for about 40 minutes. The average temperature in the region of 180 degrees.

10. Chocolate on boiling water is excellent in a slow cooker. Grease the bowl, pour the dough, close the device, set the baking mode. Cooking time 80 minutes.

Sponge cake - useful tips and tricks

• Are the yolks fresh? They can be poured into a package, tie and put in the freezer. Just do not forget to sign how many pieces there are. Next time they can also be used for sponge cake, custard or other desserts. After thawing, the quality of the product and its properties do not change.

• If the biscuit on top wrinkled, burned, or turned out to be a curve, all this can be carefully cut off. But before the cake must be carefully cooled.

• Do you wash eggs before use? In fact, this is a very important point. There are a lot of different microbes on the shell, Salmonella may be present. It is better to wash the product immediately after purchase, dry it and only after that put it in the fridge.

• No chopsticks or toothpicks? You can just gently press your finger on the biscuit. If the fossa has recovered, then the cake is ready.

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