Sauce with mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and cook mushroom sauce.

Sauce with mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and cook mushroom sauce.

Mushroom sauce - general principles and methods of cooking

Mushrooms are nourishing, rich in minerals, vitamins, and tasty in the end! And what is their flavor, especially dried. Therefore, they are often used in cooking - they cook soups, fry, add to sauces. Mushroom sauces are very popular. Their popularity is due to the specific, unlike anything aroma, savory taste, availability and ease of preparation. He is able to revive and ennoble the most ordinary and ordinary dish. Pasta, potatoes, rice, porridge with mushroom sauce turn into a holiday dish - bright, catchy and tasty, very tasty. Mushroom sauces are prepared with the addition of cream, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes. Flour most often acts as a thickener. They are served with fish, meat, vegetables, potato patties, casseroles.

Mushroom sauce - food preparation

To thicken the consistency, flour is added to the sauce. In order for it to be well dissolved in a liquid, it must first be calcined, i.e. fry in a dry frying pan. Additionally, the fried flour adds a pleasant nutty flavor to the sauce, and not a paste, like raw flour.

Sauce with mushrooms - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Dried Mushroom Sauce

Now and in the winter is not a problem in the store to buy fresh mushrooms. But real mushroom pickers know that no artificially grown champignons or oyster mushrooms can be compared in flavor and taste with real forest mushrooms. Therefore, they always have in store a bunch of other fragrant forest fungi, and they can easily at any time cook a rich, mushroom-flavored sauce with garlic and cream. It can be screwed with meat and chicken, and a simple boiled potato.

Ingredients: 15-20g dried mushrooms, mushroom broth (broth) - 0.2-0.4 l, parsley (greens), flour - 1 tables. l., salt, pepper, sour cream - 100g, 1-2 cloves of garlic.

Method of preparation

Rinse mushrooms, pour boiling water. Leave overnight. Add to the saucepan, where the mushrooms were soaked with more water and boil in the same place. Strain the water, but do not pour it, it is still needed.

Heat the dry pan and add flour, fry it until it changes color, i.e. will be slightly creamy. Pour the remaining water (mushroom broth), intensively stirring, and then the lumps can spoil all the beauty, I mean a uniform consistency. Pour a glass or two of water to the desired thickness. When the sauce thickens, add the mushrooms, sour cream, salt and pepper. Boil four to five minutes, making a quiet fire. At the end, add chopped herbs and garlic, let stand for a couple of minutes, and can be served.

Recipe 2: Mushroom sauce with melted cheese

This sauce simply gushes flavors - cheese, mushroom, and even a couple of spoons of wine is present. If there is no sherry, any white fortified will do. Well, or completely without him, although it is undesirable. Trifle, and makes a contribution to the bouquet. It is better if you find processed cheese for soup, it dissolves faster and never closes. In general, you can take any cheese.

Ingredients: mushrooms (champignons) - 0.6 kg, processed cheese - 1 pc. (200g), milk - 150 ml, 1 onion, salt, pepper, 2 tbsp. spoons of sherry (wine).

Method of preparation

Shred the onion in half-rings, mushrooms in arbitrary, medium-sized slices, slices or slices and fry it all in butter. Pour the milk, add the processed cheese. If it is soft, like Amber, lay out with a spoon, if it is hard, you need to rub it finely. You can freeze slightly to make it easier to rub. Boil for about five minutes. Curd should disperse without any lumps. Add salt, pepper and wine. Stir, bring to a boil and turn off. All is ready. You can sprinkle with a green onion. Delicious and with meat, and cereals and pasta.

Sample dishes with mushroom sauce

Recipe 1: Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce

It seems to be a simple dish, but tasty. It is quite possible to cook for dinner, in a quick way. Delicate meatballs, spicy mushroom sauce and the whole family are full and satisfied. If the spices do not lead a great friendship, limit black pepper.

Ingredients: minced meat - 0.6-0.7 kg, mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) - 0.3 kg, cream - 0.3 l, 3 onions, flour - 1 tbsp, l., On a pinch of marjoram, cinnamon white pepper.

Method of preparation

In order to not waste time, turn on and heat the oven (200C).

Mince salt, mix with herbs, spices, roll up meatballs and fry them to a crust over high heat.

Onions and mushrooms finely chopped and fry until soft. Add salt, flour, lightly fry, pour in the cream and stew until the sauce thickens.

Meatballs put in any refractory dishes, pour sauce and bake for 15 minutes. Serve with a side dish - mashed potatoes, pasta.

Recipe 2: Meat with Mushroom Sauce

Meat, and even with mushroom sauce. This is already a big application for a masterpiece dish. The recipe specifies dried mushrooms (for more flavor), if not, take fresh grams 300-400. This recipe deserves to be cooked at least once in order to try it as unrealistically delicious. Mushrooms are not cut into pieces, but twisted in a meat grinder. If the mushrooms are fresh, as an option, you can grate large. Pork can be replaced with chicken breasts, but with pork tastier. Ingredients: pork (pulp, tenderloin) - 0.7-0.8 kg, 2 eggs, salt - teaspoon, pepper - 0.5 tsp, breadcrumbs. Sauce: dried mushrooms - 20g, a glass of water, butter - 20g (1 tbsp), flour (1 tbsp).

Method of preparation

The meat is cut into long strips, approximately 10-15 centimeters in length, 4-5 in width, and 1.5 in thickness. It is clear that you do not need to run with a ruler, this is so, the approximate dimensions for a reference point. Lightly discourage, do not need much flattening. If the flesh is tender, you can not beat.

In deep dishes, mix the eggs with salt, pepper and a quarter cup of water (1/4). Put the meat in the mixture, making sure that each piece was soaked with it. At 2 hours leave to pickle.

Pour oil into the pan, generously, without stint. Meat should be immersed in it somewhere at least a third. Roll each piece of meat in breadcrumbs and fry until cooked. To make it otmyaklo, it should be laid out in a dish, covered with a plate or lid.

Grind mushrooms in a meat grinder, add a glass of water and cook for ten minutes. Pour in the egg liquid, where the meat was marinated.

Calcify flour in a dry frying pan until it turns dark golden. Mix it with mushroom sauce, not forgetting to mix intensively. Add butter, salt. Give a minute or two to simmer. Serve meat with meat. Garnish - rice, potatoes, pasta.

Sauce with mushrooms - useful tips from experienced chefs

- To sour cream is not curled in a hot sauce, add a little milk.

- When reheating, sauces lose their taste, so it is recommended to cook them at one time.

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