Potato baked with bacon - an accordion and not only. Cooking potatoes baked with bacon - quick and interesting recipes

  • Baked Potatoes with Fat - General Cooking Principles
  • Potato baked with bacon - a classic recipe
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  • Potato baked with bacon on skewers
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  • Potato baked with bacon and bacon
  • Potato baked with bacon and onion in a slow cooker
  • Potato wedges baked with bacon and garlic in the oven
  • Potato “accordion” baked with bacon and chicken
  • Potato baked with bacon - tricks and useful tips
Potato baked with bacon - an accordion and not only. Cooking potatoes baked with bacon - quick and interesting recipes

Potatoes are a versatile and well-loved vegetable.

Prepare from it a huge amount of inexpensive, healthy and tasty dishes. One of these is baked potatoes.

With such culinary processing, the vegetable retains almost all the useful properties and it turns out to be the most appetizing.

Bake potatoes with vegetables, herbs, sausages or meat. But tastes better potato baked with bacon.

The vegetable prepared in this way absorbs the whole taste of fat and its fat. Thus, the dish turns juicy and fragrant.

Baked potatoes with bacon will be a good option for a hearty dinner or lunch. Below are the quickest and most delicious recipes for roasting potatoes with bacon, which even an aspiring cook will cook.

Baked Potatoes with Fat - General Cooking Principles

• Choose pale pink pork fat for cooking.

• Potatoes for roasting choose the young.

• Wash the potatoes thoroughly with a brush before cooking.

• Let the washed potatoes dry or wipe them with a paper towel.

• Add salt to potatoes with lard only at the end of cooking.

• Remove fat from excess salt before cooking. • Cut fat no more than five millimeters thick.

Baked potatoes with bacon - a classic recipe


• five medium potatoes;

• pepper;

• 85 g of salted lard.


1. Wash the potatoes and wipe them.

2. Cut the vegetable into two equal halves and place it inside out on a baking sheet. In each potato, make holes with a fork or a sharp knife.

3. Fat slices three to three centimeters.

4. Place the slices of bacon on top of the potato halves.

5. Pepper each potato and take the pan in the oven.

6. Bake at 200 degrees until ready.

7. Serve the dish with meat chops and vegetable salad.

Potato baked with lard in foil


• four potatoes;

• two cloves of garlic;

• 110 g fat;

• salt;

• two branches of green onions;

• pepper;

• four spoons of sunflower oil;

• A spoon of coriander.


1. Wash the potatoes thoroughly. If the root is young, it is not necessary to clean. If the vegetable is old, it is better to remove the peel.

2. At the fat, remove the hard edges.

3. Rinse green onions and dry.

4. Peel the garlic.

5. Cut the dried potatoes into pieces of two millimeters not to the end.

6. Cut the bacon into plates.

7. Cut the garlic into thin slices and the onion into small strips.

8. Insert lard, onion and garlic into each potato cut.

9. For each potato, prepare a two-layer foil.

10. Place stuffed potatoes in the center of each foil.

11. Pour vegetable oil with sunflower oil.

12. Add salt, coriander and pepper to root vegetables.

13. Wrap the potatoes tightly with foil and place in a baking dish.

14. Bake at 200 degrees 40 minutes.

15. Serve in foil with a slice of bread and a light salad. If desired, remove the foil.

Baked potatoes with bacon, apples and cabbage


• 480 g sauerkraut;

• six potatoes;

• 1.5 cups of broth; • salt;

• 110 g smoked bacon with meat;

• three apples;

• celery and parsley root;

• two bows.


1. Peel the washed peeled potatoes and cut them into slices.

2. Apples also peel and remove the core. Cut the fruit into slices.

3. Rinse and chop celery root and parsley.

4. Peel the onions and cut them into squares.

5. Cut the fat into small pieces.

6. Take the pots and place the lard on the bottom, fry it over medium heat until transparent.

7. Put the potatoes on top of the bacon, then the apples, celery root. After lay onions and cabbage. Sprinkle the top with parsley.

8. Fill the pots halfway with broth, close them with lids and send them to the oven.

9. Set 200 degrees and simmer for 35 minutes.

10. Serve in a pot with a slice of bread and sauce.

Potato baked with bacon on skewers


• six potato tubers;

• a piece of puff fat with pepper;

• vegetable oil;

• seasoning for potatoes;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Peeled washed potatoes, dried and cut into thick circles.

2. Cut the bacon into thin pieces.

3. Take the skewers and alternately feed the potatoes and lard on each one.

4. Coat the potatoes with lard with vegetable oil with a brush.

5. Place the skewers on a baking sheet.

6. Sprinkle all over with seasoning for potatoes and salt.

7. Bake skewers with potatoes in the oven at 200 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

8. If you prefer crispy potatoes, then increase the time.

9. Serve the dish, decorating it with ketchup or mayonnaise.

10. With such skewers with potatoes, a salad of fresh vegetables will go well together.

Baked potatoes with bacon and sour cream


• seven potatoes;

• 75 g salted bacon;

• dried thyme;

• salted cucumbers;

• one bow;

• salt;

• half a pack of sour cream.


1. Wash the potatoes and wipe them with a kitchen towel.

2. Cut the bacon into plastics. 3. Cut each potato into two pieces not fully. Halves should be slightly connected.

4. Smear the baking sheet with vegetable oil and place the halves of the potatoes holding each other on top of it.

5. Grease the inside of the potatoes with a thick layer of sour cream and send the dish to be baked at 200 degrees before browning the sour cream.

6. After that, remove the potatoes and put on each half a piece of bacon. Sprinkle all the thyme and again send in the oven until the potatoes are completely cooked.

7. Serve the prepared dish with peeled and chopped onions and pickled cucumbers.

8. With baked potatoes, if desired, also serve a flat cakes to the table.

Potato baked with bacon and bacon


• eight potatoes;

• vegetable oil;

• 80 g bacon;

• salt;

• butter;

• 50 g fat;

• spices;

• bow;

• red pepper;

• two branches of thyme.


1. Peel the potatoes and wipe them with napkins.

2. Slice the vegetable using a special vegetable peeler.

3. Chop the peeled onion finely.

4. In the microwave, melt the butter. Then add vegetable oil, salt, red pepper, onion and spices to it.

5. Dip the sliced ​​potatoes into this mass and mix thoroughly.

6. Butter the baking dish and place the potatoes vertically in a row.

7. Put the potatoes in the oven for one hour.

8. In the meantime, cut lard and bacon. Fry them in a pan.

9. After an hour, remove the potatoes from the oven and sprinkle them on top with roasted bacon and bacon.

10. At the very top, place the thyme sprigs.

11. Send the dish again in the oven for half an hour. Cook until golden brown.

12. Serve hot baked potatoes with bacon and bacon with black bread and cheese sauce.

Potato baked with bacon and onion in a slow cooker


• four potatoes;

• two bulbs;

• salt;

• vegetable oil; • fat.


1. Rinse the tubers thoroughly and cut them into halves so that they fall apart on one side.

2. Slice lightly along each half of the potato with a knife.

3. Rub the vegetable with salt.

4. Cut the fat into thin slices.

5. Peel the onions and cut into slices.

6. Lubricate the multicooker bowl with vegetable oil.

7. Put potatoes in the first layer. Spread fat on top of it. Sprinkle all the onions.

8. Put the slow cooker into the “Baking” mode and cook for 35 minutes.

9. Let the brewed infuse a lot.

10. Serve it with meat salad or snacks.

Potato wedges baked with bacon and garlic in the oven


• five potatoes;

• salt;

• a mixture of Italian herbs;

• sunflower oil;

• 130 g of cheese;

• salted lard;

• mayonnaise;

• four cloves of garlic.


1. Rinse the potatoes. If it is old, then peel it.

2. Cut each root vegetable into four parts and dry the slices with a paper towel.

3. Put the potatoes in a bowl. Add salt, sunflower oil and a mixture of Italian herbs.

4. Put the potatoes on a baking sheet.

5. Cut the bacon into strips and place it between the potato wedges.

6. Bake the pan in the oven for 20 minutes.

7. While baking potatoes, prepare the sauce. Peel the garlic and pass through the garlic press.

8. Put the squeezed garlic into a container and add mayonnaise to it. Stir.

9. Remove the almost finished potato from the oven and brush it with the sauce. Send the dish back to the oven for 15 minutes.

10. Grate the cheese and sprinkle the potatoes on them five minutes before cooked.

11. Serve the dish with the salad, garnish with all the olives.

Potato “accordion” baked with bacon and chicken


• four potatoes;

• 170 g chicken breast;

• one tomato;

• a piece of bacon with meat;

• salt;

• two cloves of garlic;

• greenery;

• mayonnaise;

• spices.


1. Wash chicken breast thoroughly, remove excess film and dry. 2. Peel the potatoes and wash them with a rosary. Dry it.

3. Chicken breast, washed tomato and fat cut into thin strips.

4. In a container, mix the extruded garlic, herbs, spices, salt and mayonnaise.

5. Do not make cuts on potatoes.

6. In each slit, place the bacon, tomatoes and chopped chicken.

7. Cover the baking tray with foil and place the stuffed potatoes on it. Salt the tubers and pepper.

8. Next, grease each potato with mayonnaise sauce.

9. Close the potatoes tightly with foil and put the form in the oven for half an hour.

10. Five minutes before readiness, open the foil and brown the dish.

11. Serve the “accordion” potatoes as a main course. Add only greens and chopped white loaf.

Baked Potatoes with Fat - Tricks and Useful Tips

• If the fat is too salty, then do not add salt to the dish.

• Choose for cooking lard with meat layer.

• To spice up the dishes, add squeezed garlic to the marinade of potatoes.

• Check the readiness of the potato with a toothpick; it will enter the vegetable effortlessly.

• For cooking, use all sorts of herbs or spices to taste.

• Bake potatoes with lard in foil, on skewers, on toothpicks or simply on a baking sheet.

• To make the potatoes better soaked with lard, make cuts on the vegetable.

• If you are baking in foil, open the dish a few minutes before the meal is ready to brown the dish.

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