Lenten menu: delicious lenten meals for every day and on holiday - the best recipes. Principles of creating a Lenten menu and the secrets of delicious Lenten dishes

Lenten menu: delicious lenten meals for every day and on holiday - the best recipes. Principles of creating a Lenten menu and the secrets of delicious Lenten dishes

Now, when we recall our roots and traditions, many people observe Orthodox fasting, trying to keep a fast menu; delicious lean dishes for every day and on a holiday, the best recipes of which we bring to your attention, it is not so difficult to cook at all.

General principles of the fast menu

Recall that in the period of fasting believers eat only food of plant origin, excluding meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs from the diet. As for fish and seafood, they are allowed on certain days of fasting, and on some days are prohibited; You can clarify this issue in the Orthodox calendar. The same applies to other subtleties: whether vegetable oil (Churchly Slavic oil), heat-treated food, etc. is allowed?

In the process of cooking lean menu should not use butter, it should be replaced with vegetable. Do not get involved in soy-based substitutes: lean mayonnaise, soy meat and similar products. They often contain many harmful additives. It is possible and without them to think over the excellent Lenten menu: delicious lenten meals for every day and on a holiday, their best recipes are recipes for healthy and healthy food.

Many dishes can be prepared according to the usual recipe, with the exception of animal products; others are tasteless with such changes. You shouldn’t be upset: for centuries our people have created a varied fasting menu, tasty fasting meals for every day and holiday - the best recipes have been used often, after all, there are even more fast days a year than non-apostles.

What can replace meager products in a lean menu?

Butter - vegetable.

Milk - water or peanut (almond, coconut) milk.

Meat - legumes or mushrooms, sometimes eggplant. Legumes are very nourishing, contain a lot of protein, replacing meat in terms of nutritional value; eggplants and mushrooms make the dish more tasty and satisfying; not in vain in ancient times mushrooms were called “forest beef”. Guided by these principles, it will be easy to create a fasting menu, picking up delicious fasting meals for every day and on a holiday; the best recipes we offer in this article. In the process of cooking Lenten dishes should follow the usual principles:

• Wash vegetables and fruits well with a brush in a bowl, and then under running water;

• forest mushrooms must be washed well, put in a small amount of cold water, boiled for 5 minutes, then drain and fill with fresh; only after that you can start cooking in accordance with the recipe; forest mushrooms should not be offered to children and the elderly;

• wash mushrooms and oyster mushrooms well enough;

• fish must be cleaned; squid free from films and cartilage;

• before cooking the dough flour should be sifted;

• Oil and water should be heated to room temperature if the dough is yeast.

That's actually all that is needed to have a Lenten menu on your table - delicious Lenten meals for every day and on a holiday, the best recipes of which will delight both children and adults.

And, of course, before starting work, you need to remember to pray.

Recipe 1. Cabbage salad “Colorful”

Of course, Lenten menu, delicious Lenten dishes for every day and on a holiday, the best recipes of which we are now considering, are inconceivable without salads and cold appetizers. Some of them are familiar and suitable for every day, others are more likely for a festive table.


White cabbage - 0.5 kg

Carrots - 1 large

Apple sweet or sour-sweet - 1 piece

Bulgarian pepper - 1-2 pieces, better multicolored

Fresh cucumber - one small

Vegetable oil, better odorous, such as mustard


Cumin, peanuts, spicy greens - if desired, this is an amateur

Method of preparation

Cabbage thin shred; grate a carrot on a coarse or special grater. Salt and mash, rubbing with hands until it gives plenty of juice. If you do not like this way of “softening” cabbage, you can try mashing it with a pestle or some other device that is usually used to mash potatoes in mashed potatoes. They say it turns out too.

When the cabbage and carrots give the juice, set them aside for a quarter of an hour and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Bulgarian pepper thinly chop, cucumber cut into thin semicircles, and the apple - into small slices. Combine all the vegetables, mix and fill with oil.

Various additives will help to significantly change the taste of this dish. You can, for example, sprinkle the salad with fresh dill or cilantro, and you can - cumin or toasted and chopped peanuts.

Recipe 2. Waldorf type salad

Lenten menu, delicious Lenten dishes for every day and holiday, the best recipes for Lenten dishes are hard to imagine without this tasty and healthy salad, suitable for a daily table, and for a festive occasion.


Celery celery - 5-6 pieces

Green sweet apples - 2 large fruits

Cucumber - 1 small

Sheet salad to taste (except for arugula not suitable for this) - 2 good handfuls

Canned or fresh pineapple - 3-4 washers

Pineapple juice (can from a jar) - a couple of spoons

Lemon - Slice

Walnuts - Handful

Vegetable oil - a pair of spoons

Mustard, can be grain - a full teaspoon

Method of preparation

Rinse the celery with a brush and peel it off the skin and coarse fibers. Cut into thin slices across the stalks. Pineapple chopped or chopped. Peel the apples and the middle and rub them in large, immediately sprinkle with lemon. Cucumber thinly chopped or grate too. Salad tear hands pretty shallow.

Mix the oil with pineapple juice and mustard and season the salad. Sprinkle with nuts.

Recipe 3. “Olivier” with herring

Of course, I want to somehow diversify the Lenten menu, delicious Lenten dishes for every day and holiday, the best recipes of which can always be useful, will decorate any table, if you show imagination. Therefore it is worth trying and unusual versions of the usual dishes.


Boiled potatoes - 6 medium tubers

Boiled carrots - one rather large

Pickled cucumbers - 2-3 large

Fresh cucumber - 1 medium

Apple - 1 medium size

Salad red onions - 1 head; can be replaced with a leek stem

Green Peas - Glass

Canned corn - half a cup, optional Herring large - 1 fish or medium package of preserves “Herring in oil”

Greens to taste

Lemon - Slice

Mustard, can be grained - 1 tsp. With top

Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons (you can take the oil from preserves)

Method of preparation

Boil the potatoes and carrots in a uniform until ready, cool in the peel, then peel and cut into small cubes.

Onion shred. If you choose leek, then cut it with thin rings.

Cucumbers cut into small cubes, rub the apple finely.

Peel the herring or remove it from the oil and cut it in a rather shallow way too, trying to avoid getting into the bones salad.

Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl, salt slightly (do not forget that the herring is salty!). Butter from the preserves or the usual good beat with a fork with mustard, add a few drops of lemon juice. Season the salad with this sauce and let it stand. If desired, sprinkle with chopped greens.

Recipe 4. Salad with cod liver “Filippovka”

This salad may well be used as a lean holiday dish, because it is very tasty and surely will appeal to all guests, except perhaps the most capricious.


Cod liver - 1 standard can

Black Toast Bread

Salad onion - 1 head

Pickled cucumber - a pair of medium-sized pieces

Method of preparation

Remove cod liver from a jar, shake off excess oil and gently separate with a knife or fork into small pieces.

Cut the bread into small croutons and dry them well in a dry frying pan.

Salad onion cut very fine, salted cucumber, too, to grind, you can even grate.

Very carefully mix all the ingredients, if necessary, add a spoonful of oil from the jar.

Of course, if we talk about the Lenten menu, delicious Lenten dishes for every day and on a holiday, the best recipes are far from salads, but also hot dishes, and pastries, and desserts. To cover everything is simply impossible. However, we still offer you a few examples of hot, lean dishes for every day, some of which are quite suitable for a festive table.

Recipe 5. Stuffed Squid

This, I think, is one of the most spectacular Lenten Christmas dishes (that is, for the Advent), which can decorate the New Year's table for those who do not want to break the fast this night.


Cleaned squids - 2 pieces

Long grain rice - glass

Cooked-frozen shrimps - 2/3 cup peeled

Garlic - 1 clove

Tomato paste - 2 spoons; it's for color. You can add a little curry or saffron.

Vegetable oil

Shrimps can be replaced with a glass of vegetables: chopped bell pepper, grated carrots, peas, corn, and so on.

Method of preparation

Cook crumbly rice, mix a spoonful of tomato or a little curry into it to give it a beautiful color.

Shrimp peel, cut each into three parts. Garlic very finely chopped. Heat the oil in a deep frying pan and heat the garlic in it, trying not to fry it. If it didn't work out, just catch it on a saucer, it will be needed later. In the garlic butter, add a little shrimp, literally a minute and a half. Mix with garlic and rice.

Stuff the rice with prepared squid. Put them in a saucepan or saucepan and pour hot water over it, stirring into it a spoonful of tomato paste or a drop of curry for color. Cook over low heat under the lid for 2 minutes.

Recipe 6. Cabbage rolls with salmon

For the winter, Rozhdestvensky, fasting basis of the fasting menu, which includes delicious lenten dishes for every day and during the holiday, the best recipes are hearty dishes with fish, seafood and cereals. One of them - stuffed cabbage.


Natural salmon - 1 can

Rice - half a cup

Carrots - 2 small roots

Cabbage - the required number of leaves; You can use Chinese cabbage.

Vegetable oil

Tomato Paste

Method of preparation

Boil rice until half cooked with one carrot, grated on the smallest terke.

Prepare the cabbage leaves: select large enough whole leaves, cut off the rough parts with a knife, if necessary slightly beat off. If you use salad, this is enough; White cabbage leaves must be dipped for a minute in boiling water. Remove the salmon from the jar, remove the bones and mash the fish with a fork. Mix with rice. Stuff the cabbage rolls with this stuffing, roll up with envelopes and stew in a deep saucepan or low saucepan, pour over the sauce.

For the sauce, mix tomato paste, salmon jar juice, vegetable oil and a second carrot, grated or sliced ​​into slices.

This dish has many options. For example, you can not wrap the stuffing in cabbage leaves, and cut the cabbage into squares, mix everything, pour the same sauce and stew. You can take other canned goods. Instead of fish, you can add a mixture of vegetables to rice or even just fried onions.

Recipe 7. Vegetables “Tasty pods”

Excellent fasting dish for every day, inexpensive and healthy.


Frozen green beans - 200 g

Frozen champignons - 200 g

Frozen sweet peppers - 100 g

Vegetable oil

Garlic - 1-2 cloves, optional

Onion - half an onion, optional


Method of preparation

Put all the vegetables in a saucepan with vegetable oil, salt and simmer under the lid until the beans change color. If desired, you can then open the lid and lightly fry the vegetables. Some people also like to sprinkle the dish with ground croutons and lightly fry them already.

Of course, this dish can be prepared from fresh vegetables, not from ice cream. But then the beans must be pre-boiled and cut into small pieces.

Recipe 8. Pearl “Nourishing”


Pearl barley - glass

Dry mushrooms - a handful (can be replaced with mushrooms and champignons, 300 g)

Vegetable oil

Peanut - half a cup

Method of preparation

Dry mushrooms soak. Fresh - wash and, if necessary, clean.

Soaked dry mushrooms, rinse, chop and boil until cooked in a little water. Rinse the pearl barley, pour it into a thermos and pour boiling water for an hour. Then take out into the pot, add boiling water, mushrooms and salt if necessary. Cook until the cereal is ready - usually about 30 minutes.

Season the finished porridge with butter and sprinkle with roasted peanuts.

Instead of mushrooms or together with mushrooms, you can spice up the barley with any stewed vegetables or fried onions.

Recipe 9. Carrots and beetroot zrazy

Usually this dish is popular with children, because it turns out pretty sweet.


Carrots - 2 large root vegetables

Beets - 2 medium

Raisin without stones - a glass

Dried apricots - a glass

Semolina - half a cup

Flour - 3-4 tablespoons (or less)



Vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Cook carrots and beets, skip them (individually!) Through a meat grinder or chop them in another way, for example, grate them on a fine grater.

Mince and dried apricots (if it is tough - after pre-soaking). Mix with a small amount of carrots. This is a filling for beetroot.

Raisin soak is a filling for carrots.

In the beets and carrots to fill the semolina, a little bit of salt, mix and let stand. If the resulting “dough” is not glued, add flour, but not very much.

Form “cakes” from carrots, put raisins, close zrazy and roll in breadcrumbs immediately. Also form zrazy from beet stuffed with dried apricots and also breaded.

Fry zrazy in vegetable oil until a beautiful crust.

Recipe 10. Potato casserole with mushrooms


Potatoes - 6 pieces of medium size

Mushrooms or oyster mushrooms - 300 g

Onions - 1 large onion

Vegetable oil


Method of preparation

Peel the potatoes and cut into thinner slices.

Onions cut into thin semi-circles, mushrooms - in small pieces. Salt and simmer onions with mushrooms and butter.

In a buttered baking dish lay out, lightly spitting, half the potato slices, on them - mushrooms and onions, cover with a layer of potatoes, also lightly salt.

All bake in the oven at 150 degrees under the foil before cooking potatoes, then remove the foil, increase the temperature to 220 degrees and wait for a beautiful crust.

Recipe 11. Snack Cabbage


Water - 6 glasses

Vegetable oil - 1 cup

Vinegar 9% - 1 cup

Salt - 3 tablespoons

Garlic - 1 head

Cabbage - 4 kg

Carrots - 4 pieces Beets - 2 pieces

Black pepper peas, allspice, bay leaf - to taste

Method of preparation

Water combined with vinegar, oil, salt, add bay leaf and pepper, boil. Cabbage is arbitrary, but cut into small-sized ones, grate carrots and beets large, you can on a special grater for carrots in Chinese. Mix vegetables and pour them with hot marinade. Lightly press (do not ram!) And leave in a warm place for a day.

Recipe 12. Carrot-Lemon Cupcake

There is no doubt that in the Lenten menu, since these are delicious lenten dishes for every day and holiday, the best baking recipes should also be included. After all, something tasty for tea is a real pleasure for the whole family.


Flour - 200 g

Carrots - 200 g

Olive (corn) oil - 10 table. spoons

Lemon - half of the average fruit

Sugar - 1 cup

Walnuts - a glass of peeled (can be replaced with candied fruits or raisins, or even put all together)

Soda - half a teaspoon or less

Method of preparation

Peel the carrots and grate them very finely. Remove the zest from the half lemon and chop it. Squeeze the juice out of the same lemon halves, put a small amount of soda out, pour the rest into a bowl. There to pour a glass of water, butter, slaked soda, pour flour and sugar and knead the dough.

Dry the nuts in a frying pan and chop with a knife. Add the zest and nuts (candied fruit, raisins ...) to the dough, mix and put into a greased form so that the dough rises a little in the baking process.

Bake at 180 degrees for about an hour. Willingness to check the torch.

Recipe 13. Berry sorbet


Any frozen berries (you can, of course, and fresh) - 400 g

Sugar - to taste, but usually around a glass

Method of preparation

From a liter of water and a glass (or more, if you want a sweeter dessert), cook sugar syrup.

Wash berries, without defrosting, under running cold water and pour into a hot syrup. Bring to a boil, mash the berries and let cool under a lid.

Strain the cooled broth in a container for freezing and put in the freezer. Every 15 minutes, remove the container from the freezer and carefully mix the ice cream with a fork until it reaches the desired consistency.

Lenten menu, daily specials. Tips and Tricks

  • Perhaps the most important thing in the fasting menu is to cook so that the dishes are sufficiently rich, contain the necessary vitamins and have a distinct taste.
  • More legumes should be used: they not only quickly saturate, but also contain a lot of protein, and it is usually the fasting and vegetarians who suffer from its lack.
  • Crumbly cereals are a great solution for fasting. Their taste can be supplemented with fried onions, pickled cucumbers, chopped greens, mushrooms, stewed or fried vegetables. For example, rice goes well with carrots and peas, buckwheat with onions or pickled cucumbers, any porridge is good with mushrooms. It makes sense to pay attention to such cereals as couscous, quinoa or bulgur, they are very useful and are perfect for the post.
  • Vegetables should not be subjected to too long heat treatment, then they will have more vitamins.
  • Do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruits, they need to complement any meal, then the post will be a joy, and in favor of the soul.
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