Pancakes with meat: step-by-step recipes for milk, kefir and yeast. Cooking pancakes with meat or pripeykom (step by step)

Pancakes with meat: step-by-step recipes for milk, kefir and yeast. Cooking pancakes with meat or pripeykom (step by step)

Pancakes are a dish of Russian cuisine, traditionally served on the table on the holiday of Maslenitsa. The dough is prepared for them on a very different basis, it can be medium-fat milk, dairy products or just water. Yeast pancakes are very popular. Usually pancakes are baked from wheat flour, but buckwheat or corn flour can be added to it to improve the taste.

There are not only various cooking methods, but also many options for serving dishes. As a rule, they are served on the table immediately after baking, folded in a pile, complemented with sour cream, jam, honey, and natural condensed milk.

We offer to cook pancakes with meat, step-by-step recipes that are readily available for repetition. In this article, two options are described in detail: with the filling and with the brew, with pancakes with filling in two versions at once. The first, in which the minced meat is wrapped in pancakes already prepared, in the second case it is added to the dough during frying.

Pancakes with meat - the general principles of cooking

• The dough for delicious pancakes with meat can be made on milk, water, or a mixture of both, and often dairy products are used as such basis. The taste of pancakes in any form is slightly different, the difference can only appear in the thickness of the pancakes. Dough on fermented milk products is usually thicker, and pancakes, respectively, are baked thicker. To get a more rare mass, it is enough to dilute it with a small amount of water. Often, pancakes with meat are prepared with yeast, the dough for which is also diluted with water.

• Cooking meat pancakes with step-by-step recipes, described below, involves the use of meat as a cake or filling. In any form of meat, twisting in a meat grinder, minced meat is prepared, sometimes chopped with knives. Raw meat mass is fried and only then wrapped in pancakes or mixed with dough. Minced boiled meat is not fried. • To make pancakes you need a thick-walled metal pan or the same pan with a non-stick coating. Before pouring the dough, the pan is well heated with vegetable oil. Pour it a little, so that it only slightly covers the whole bottom. “The first pancake is lumpy” is only if the oil and the pan itself are not sufficiently heated. Butter is used only before baking the first specimen; you do not need to do this for subsequent pancakes, and without this they will move well from the pan.

• After baking, the surface of the pancakes must be oiled with butter. To do this, a small piece of it is punctured with a fork and quickly passed them over a hot, freshly baked pancake. This makes them softer and more elastic if you need to wrap meat stuffing in a pancake.

Thin stuffed pancakes with meat: a step-by-step recipe for milk

The classic dough variant for thin pancakes with milk is universal. Instead of milk, you can use water or whey. Dairy product can be replaced with fermented milk: kefir or ryazhenka. It is important to properly adjust the thickness of the dough - the less it will be, the thinner the pancakes will come out. In a step-by-step recipe for pancakes with meat, fried minced meat is used, which is wrapped in a pancake. Before serving, the stuffed pancakes are fried in a cheesecake.


• medium-fat milk - 700 ml;

• 300 gr. wheat flour;

• non-aromatic oil;

• two fresh eggs;

• spoonful of sugar;

• some fine salt.

In the filling

• 250 gr. pork neck;

• half a spoonful of pepper;

• lean veal (pulp) - 250 g;

• small onion.

For breading

• a tablespoon of 20% sour cream;

• breadcrumbs (white) - 50 gr .;

• 40 grams of “Dutch” cheese;

• two eggs;

• 50 gr. flour


1. Pour the eggs into the bowl. With a knife or fork we pierce the shell holding the yolks and add half of the indicated milk rate to them. Add sugar and salt, whipping bring the mixture to homogeneity. 2. Stirring the milk base with a whisk, in a circle, gradually pour over the peeled flour into it. Do not rush, add two spoons and mix well each new portion. So it will be easier to achieve a uniform test.

3. Having entered all flour, we pour out and the remained milk, we add two full spoons of the refined oil, we mix well. Give the pancake dough to stand for at least half an hour. During this time, the flour will give away all the gluten, and the dough will become thicker.

4. We wash pieces of pork and beef. If the pulp has dense films - be sure to remove them. Cut the meat into chunks and chop into minced meat, twisting in a meat grinder. It is advisable to install a grate with small holes and pass the pulp through it twice. The meat grinder, tuned to medium chopping, allows to prepare a more homogeneous meat mass, in which after roasting small pieces of meat will be felt.

5. Put the stuffing on a dry frying pan, put on a small fire. Fry, stirring constantly, until the meat mass changes in color - becomes brown. When frying, mince will be collected in lumps to get a crumbly and uniform filling, they must be constantly crushed with a fork. Put the finished meat in a bowl.

6. Dice, cut into small onions. In a clean, dry frying pan, pour a half spoonful of butter, pour the onion. Occasionally stirring, fry on low heat to an amber shade. Be sure to cover with a lid, when frying in open form, onions can dry out before reaching the readiness, and the filling will turn out dry.

7. Put the onion to the fried meat, add the ground pepper and mix thoroughly. Add some stuffing to your taste, cool it.

8. Take a bowl of dough and mix it well, so that the settled part is mixed with the main mass.

9. On a small fire, we put a thick-walled pan. If there is none, take a dish with a non-stick coating. Pour oil, it should not be much, make sure that the fat per millimeter covered all the bottom. We warm up.

10. After keeping the pan on the fire for about a minute, check the hot oil. We throw in it several large salt crystals. If they start to crackle, you can start frying pancakes. 11. We take a small scoop, scoop a little dough. Remove the pan from the stove and pour the contents of the ladle onto its center. In the process, shake the pan a little from side to side so that the dough spreads along the bottom in an even layer. Omit the pan on the stove, fry the bottom until light browning. We turn over the pancake and only slightly browned the other side - it should be noticeably paler. Pour oil into the pan only for the first pancake, in the future this is not necessary. Ready-made pancakes are stacked on a plate, rubbing the surface of each freshly baked pancake with a piece of butter.

12. The filling is cooled, all the dough is baked - we proceed to the formation of envelopes with meat filling. We take about two spoons of minced meat and place it in the center of the well-browned side of the pancake, flatten out a little in the shape of a rectangle. We first wrap the bottom on the filling, and then both side free edges of the pancake and cover everything with its upper part. Fillings can be put and less, depending on the size of pancakes.

13. Next, pancakes with meat filling should be fried in breading, but if it is not planned to serve them immediately, it is better to postpone this step. In this case, the semi-finished products must be put in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and stored in the refrigerator until the desired moment.

14. Grilling pancakes with meat, step by step. Cooking fill, which will dip pancakes. Pour the sour cream in a wide bowl, put two raw eggs, beat.

15. In the same spacious container finely rub cheese. Pour white breadcrumbs out of crackers to it and mix thoroughly. Pour flour in a separate deep plate or bowl.

16. We arrange the prepared containers on the left side of ourselves in the following order: a plate with flour, a bowl with an egg-smetanny mass. We put the container with the cheese mixture closer to the stove next to you.

17. Set the pan with poured non-aromatic oil to warm up on high heat. Butter should be well heated, as for pancake dough.

18. Turn off pancake envelopes with meat stuffing in flour alternately, completely submerge in the sour cream mass, then roll it down already in cheese breading and immediately dip into the heated butter. Turning over in time, quickly fry until you get a golden crust.

Yeast pancakes with meat: a step-by-step recipe for kefir

Yeast dough for pancakes with meat in a step-by-step recipe is kneaded on warm kefir. Be sure to pre-place the fermented milk product and eggs from the refrigerator, and before using kefir, warm up additionally so that the yeast can be activated. In the minced meat, boiled meat is twisted, and it is laid in the filling when frying pancakes.


• selected eggs - 2 pcs .;

• flour with a high content of gluten - 300 gr .;

• 300 ml of kefir (replaceable with whey or ryazhenka);

• spoonful of granular “instant” yeast;

• 250 ml of water;

• two spoons of sugar;

• 400 gr. boiled pork or beef, as an option - chicken breast;

• four large onion heads;

• refined oil of the highest grade.


1. Start the dough with a dough. Pour 100 ml of sour milk into a small bowl. Put it in a wider container filled with hot water, warm it up. Dry yeasts are inactive and they need to be diluted with warm liquid in order for them to “work”. If milk or water can be heated on the stove, then you need to do it more carefully with a fermented milk product, otherwise it will roll up. In a warm kefir pour yeast, add sugar to speed up the process, mix thoroughly. If the dry ingredients are not fully dispersed, mix again. Put the bowl with the yeast mixture for a quarter of an hour in the heat.

2. The remaining kefir is poured into a wide bowl and also heated slightly. Then add a little salt in it, pour in eggs and sprinkle some sugar. Beating, bring fermented milk base to homogeneity.

3. Check the yeast mixture. If she began to bubble intensely and rose with a froth, pour it into a bowl with kefir, mix. Pour in flour parts and, stirring with a spoon, prepare a thick pancake dough. Add warm (not hot!) Water into it, stir well and set aside to fit it a bit.

4. Prepare the filling for pancakes. Meat should be boiled in advance, it is desirable to do this in the evening, so that it cools in the broth. Boiled meat cut into small cubes. You can twist in a meat grinder, but not chicken. Shred the onion, fry it in oil to an amber shade. Mixing the meat mass with onion roasting, add some salt, season with ground pepper. 5. Take a bowl with the dough that came up, pour in two spoons of oil and stir until smooth.

6. As in the above step-by-step recipe for pancakes with meat, we warm up a small amount of vegetable oil well in the pan. When it is hot enough, pour a little dough and shake the pan, spreading it evenly across the bottom.

7. As soon as the bottom seizes well, evenly lay out the filling on one side and immediately wrap the free edge of the pancake on it. Pressing the surface of the pancake with a spatula, fry the lower side of it until it is browned, then turn it over and, also pressing it, fry it from the other side.

Pancakes with meat: a step-by-step recipe with the refrain

Pancakes with meat - a step-by-step recipe for pancakes with bit of chopped meat with prunes and herbs. Prepare fast and easy. Finely chopped meat is replaceable with any stuffing, milk - kefir or other fermented milk product. The dough for pancakes with meat on this step-by-step recipe is prepared a little thicker than for thin pancakes.


• large onion;

• 300 gr. pork pulp;

• creamy, “Farmer” oil - 50 g;

• 10 dried fruit prunes without pits;

• sugar;

• lean, highly purified oil - 50 ml;

• a glass of wheat flour;

• two eggs;

• 200 ml of milk or water;

• fresh green basil, green onion feathers.


1. Dry thoroughly washed meat. We chop very finely with knives or cut them into tiny cubes. Putting the frying pan on medium heat, melt some butter in it, about a spoon. Fry the pulp for a quarter of an hour. Stir frequently and try not to overcook - the pieces should remain soft. Put the meat in a bowl.

2. In a clean pan, drown the same portion of oil again. Scald with prune with boiling water, cut berries into medium-sized slices and dip into melted fat. Fry for about a minute, until soft. Put the prunes in a separate bowl.

3. Melenko shred bow. In a frying pan, on which prunes are fried, spread the remaining butter and onion. Fry, stirring, until golden staining onion slices. Chill the roast by transferring from the pan to a suitable bowl. 4. Rinse and dry the herbs. Lay out basil leaves and onion feathers on a towel, let it dry well.

5. Cooking dough for pancakes. Pour the eggs into a deep bowl, add vegetable oil, sugar and a little salt. Beat with a mixer until lightly foaming. Mix the egg mass with milk. Pouring small portions of flour, prepare the dough of a thicker consistency than for thin pancakes. Milk can be replaced with water or existing fermented milk product: kefir, ryazhenka, whey. It is important that the dough is homogeneous and consistent with the desired consistency. In the dough, mixed with water, it is desirable to put a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream, pancakes will be more tender.

6. Cut the dried greens into small pieces and, together with the roasted prunes, meat and onions, put them in the dough. Stir until smooth. The listed ingredients can be mixed and twisted in a meat grinder, pancakes will turn out even more fragrant and tastier.

7. In a small thick-walled pan, heat the oil. Raise it a bit and pour a small portion of dough from a ladle into the center. Slightly tilting, make the pan a fast circular motion so that the dough is evenly distributed, put it back on the stove. Fry on medium heat for about thirty seconds until the bottom is browned. Turn over, bring to readiness another 10 seconds. For the next pancake, do not pour oil into the pan.

8. Putting hot pancakes in a plate or dish, we grease them not too richly with butter.

Cooking tricks and helpful tips for step-by-step recipes for pancakes with meat

• Despite the fact that pancakes are prepared with meat, do not neglect the addition of a small amount of sugar to the dough. It will not give much sweetness, but the taste will noticeably improve.

• Pancakes will be finely porous, if you put quite a bit of soda in the dough, kneaded on milk, water, or any fermented milk product.

• The first pancake does not stick to the pan only if it is well heated. Do not rush to pour the dough, first check the hot oil with salt, throwing a few crystals in the pan. From the well-heated fat, they should bounce, and in contact with it crackle. • Baked on a step-by-step recipe for pancakes with meat in the filling can decorate the holiday table, if they are originally designed. Put minced meat in the middle of the pancake, sprinkle it with grated cheese. Lightly stick the edges of the pancake around the circumference above the filling, tightly tie them with green onion feather. Get an original bag of meat stuffing.

• Pancakes with filling can be prepared for future use. Preparing pancakes with meat according to the first step-by-step recipe, do not fry them in batter. Fold in a bag in one layer and place in the freezer. Fry such pancakes only after complete thawing and not necessarily breaded. Heated in butter, they are no less tasty.

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