Fried mushrooms with onions - simple and tasty, fast and beautiful! A selection of popular recipes of fried mushrooms with onions

Fried mushrooms with onions - simple and tasty, fast and beautiful! A selection of popular recipes of fried mushrooms with onions

Mushrooms are original products.

Even in nature, their place is not precisely defined.

Some believe that mushrooms are plants because of the similarity of lifestyle, others distinguish them into a separate subclass. And all because the mushrooms have special differences.

And one of them is a high content of protein, which a plant can rarely boast of. And this quality is combined with a low calorie content.

It is these properties that make mushrooms a very valuable product in cooking.

By the amount of protein, white mushrooms and a number of others successfully compete with meat. In addition to nutritional value, many people appreciate mushrooms just for a pleasant taste.

There are many types of edible mushrooms and, accordingly, a huge number of dishes from them.

The simplest thing is fried mushrooms with onions. But even this recipe has a lot of options.

Basic principles of cooking fried mushrooms with onions

Fried mushrooms can be used as a separate dish, appetizer, side dish, the basis for other, more complex recipes, as well as preparation for the winter.

Based on a huge variety of mushrooms, you can cook almost any of them fried. The most popular in this quality are champignons, whites, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles and many others.

Be sure to make sure before cooking that mushrooms are edible! This applies to collected independently or purchased from individuals.

These gifts of nature must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, grass leaves, and washed well. Many mushrooms are soaked for several hours or even days - this applies to those that contain bitterness.

Most often, according to recipes, mushrooms are suggested to be boiled first - depending on the type within 15-30 minutes. Particularly tender, for example, champignons, boil is not necessary.

Boiled mushrooms are poured in a colander to glass the water, and then cooked in accordance with the recipes. Onions when frying mushrooms will be a great addition. In addition, it is possible to enrich this dish with various other vegetables - potatoes, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes.

Mushrooms with onions are usually fried in vegetable oil, at the end it is very tasty to add a piece of cream or a few spoons of sour cream.

Fry mushrooms with onions should be on a moderately high heat, so that the moisture evaporates, but the mushrooms are not burnt.

For convenience, recipes are given based on the mass of the main product - mushrooms 500 g each. This is enough for two or three servings. If necessary, the number of ingredients can be increased or decreased.

Basic recipe of fried mushrooms with onions

This dish can be the basis for further culinary delights, as well as a great snack or the basis of lunch or dinner. Preparing is easy, the main thing here - mushrooms, onions, butter.


500 g of any edible mushrooms suitable for frying - chanterelles, mushrooms, white mushrooms

Large onion

50 ml of refined oil

Salt, dill.

Method of preparation

Prepare mushrooms - clean, boil, depending on the species, remove excess moisture, cut into slices or cubes.

Chop the bulb into half rings or chop finely - as desired

Heat the oil in a frying pan, put the onion there and fry until transparent.

Send mushrooms to the pan.

Fry, stirring occasionally, until excess moisture evaporates and the mushrooms and onions begin to fry.

Salt, mix well, thanks to the salt from the mushrooms will make another part of the moisture.

Cover the pan and continue cooking for about 10 minutes. Stir periodically.

Turn off the fire, add a handful of chopped fresh dill to the mushrooms, mix again.

Serve with potatoes in any form, rice, pasta, or simply as an independent dish.

Fried mushrooms with onions in sour cream - from the piggy bank of your favorite recipes

Adding sour cream makes fried mushrooms with onions more tender, fragrant, saturates them with additional flavors. Ingredients

500 g of mushrooms, best of all mushrooms, but any other will do.

Large onion

50 ml of sunflower oil, can be unrefined

2 or more spoons of sour cream


Ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

Wash ryzhiki thoroughly, clean the lower lamellar part of the old mushrooms, the young just wash well enough, changing the water several times.

Boil for 20 minutes in slightly salted water, drain, let cool slightly.

Cut into slices or straws.

Cut the onion into small cubes.

In a frying pan with hot oil send onions and mushrooms at the same time, cover with a lid.

After 5 minutes, when the content warms up and gives a lot of moisture, remove the cover.

Salt the mushroom mass and leave to roast.

Monitor the condition of the mushrooms, stirring them occasionally.

When there is no water left, and the mushrooms with onions begin to fry, you need to be especially careful not to allow burning.

Fry the ingredients evenly, add the pepper to taste and add sour cream.

Cover the pan again, hold for five minutes, stir the contents so that the melted sour cream is evenly distributed throughout the dish.

Turn off, hold a couple of minutes and can be served with any side dish.

Fried mushrooms with onions plus cheese - an uncomplicated version of julienne

An exquisite dish that came from French cuisine called julienne is not really that difficult to cook. Ordinary fried mushrooms with our favorite onions are complemented with cream and cheese. Simply and quickly, you can on the holiday table.


500 g mushrooms - champignons or others

Large onion head

Clove of garlic

200-300 g of durum cheese

A glass of medium fat cream

30 ml of olive oil

Black pepper, preferably freshly ground.

Method of preparation

Fry mushrooms with onions as in any usual recipe. If it is champignons, especially store ones, you can not boil them, just wash them.

Cut into large pieces.

Grate cheese. Onion, on the contrary, chop quite finely.

In olive oil, fry the onions until light golden, put the mushrooms in there and hold them for 10 minutes without a lid, stirring.

Salt, pour the cream, pepper, let boil.

To place weight in capacity for further cooking. This may be a form for the oven, special small cocottes, and in the absence of the oven, you can continue cooking in the same pan.

Put a layer of cheese on top. Send the uniform or cocoon into the oven over medium heat.

When the cheese melts and starts a little blush, the dish is ready.

If there is no oven, cover the pan with mushrooms and cheese with a lid and hold mine 10 on medium heat until the cheese melts.

Serve with fresh bread. However, Russian housewives often use juliens as mushroom goulash, serving them with mashed potatoes or other side dishes. Here is a matter of taste.

Fried mushrooms with onions and carrots - the taste of grandmother's caviar

Mushroom caviar from a can with a slice of white or rye bread - for many it is the taste of childhood, the memory of grandmother's blanks. In fact, you can quickly and easily cook this dish from the mushrooms on hand.


500 g of mushrooms, preferably dense - oyster mushrooms, podtopolnikov, chanterelles, mushrooms, honey agaric

2 medium onions

2 medium carrots

3 garlic cloves

Bay leaf

5 allspice peppers

Salt, black pepper

Oil, preferably with the smell of unrefined sunflower.

Method of preparation

Bring mushrooms to half-ready: soak, peel, rinse, boil.

Grind them in a more acceptable way: mince or chop with a knife. You can call for help food processor with a suitable nozzle.

Grate carrots on a medium grater.

Onions chop up.

Add oil to the pan. Crude oil should not be too hot. As soon as it warms up, immediately send the mushrooms and vegetables.

Stir for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, and cover with a lid. After 10 minutes of quenching, remove the lid, salt, put bay leaf, peppercorns and keep on fire until the onions begin to fry.

The last ingredients - ground pepper and chopped garlic - add to the pan, mix, turn off, leave under the lid.

Hot this option of mushroom caviar can also be consumed, but best of all it is warm or cold. Suitable for sandwiches.

Omelet with fried mushrooms and onions

Adding milk and eggs to fried mushrooms with onions, we get a complete nourishing delicate dish. A great option for a hearty breakfast.


500 g of mushrooms - tubular mushrooms like whites, boletus mushrooms and aspen mushrooms are good for this recipe

Large onion

50 ml of sunflower or olive oil

3 or more eggs

Milk at the rate of one tablespoon per egg


Fresh greens.

Method of preparation

Peeled mushrooms cut into small pieces and boil in salted water.

Throw in a colander and hold, occasionally shaking - tubular mushrooms retain a lot of moisture.

In butter, fry onion, chopped into half rings.

When the onions gilt, add the mushrooms and fry, stirring occasionally for 20 minutes.

Mix eggs with milk, add salt, add finely chopped greens into the mixture.

Pour the egg-milk mixture into the mushrooms, gently stir so that it penetrates to the bottom and keep on the fire until ready for about ten minutes under the lid.

You can place the container with mushrooms and egg mixture in the oven and bring it to readiness there.

Serve hot a la carte or cool and cut into pieces.

Kabachkovo-mushroom fried with onions and tomatoes

This dish resembles a vegetable casserole with mushrooms. Nourishing, juicy, rich in various flavors, with spicy cheese note. Due to the butter and cheese, the dish is high-calorie, but the zucchini and tomato make it fresh. Not bad will be combined with potatoes or pasta.


500 g of any mushrooms 2 onions

2 red not too sweet tomatoes

1 small young zucchini

2 garlic cloves

100 g of hard cheese

Spices to taste


Sunflower oil.

Method of preparation

Prepared mushrooms - peeled and boiled - cut into slices and fry in a small amount of sunflower oil. Remove to the side.

Also fry chopped onions. Post to the mushrooms.

Zucchini cut into semi-circles, quickly fry in hot oil, so as not to be fed and was not fat. Add mushrooms and onions.

Thinly chop the tomatoes, crush the garlic with a knife and chop. Add to the rest of the ingredients.

Mass salt and add spices, hold on the fire for 5-7 minutes, gently stirring.

Remove from the stove, arrange on plates or lay out on one dish and sprinkle with grated cheese so that it can melt. Serve immediately.

Fried mushrooms with onions for the winter

Excellent preparation which is well stored in the cool place. Having prepared such jars, in the winter it remains to get one of them and throw the contents into the soup or into the frying pan with the fried potatoes. It is better to take several servings of these ingredients at once, depending on the capacity available.


500 g of forest mushrooms

Medium bulb


100 g pork fat.

Method of preparation

Wash, peel and boil mushrooms.

Cut into small pieces.

In a frying pan, cauldron or pot, melt high-quality pork fat. If it is not available, you can melt it from fresh bacon.

Fat should heat well. Put the onion in it, let it sweat until the moisture evaporates.

Add mushrooms, salt a little stronger than the usual dish requires.

Fry the mushrooms until the moisture is completely evaporated, and the pieces begin to squeeze.

Prepare small jars with a volume of 500 ml or less, rinse and sterilize them thoroughly, and do the same with caps - capron, screw.

In dry jars spread out fried mushrooms and onions and pour hot fat. Mushrooms should be completely immersed in it. Wait until the contents have cooled to prevent condensation, and only then close the lids.

Clean in a cool place. Use as needed, not forgetting that salted mushrooms and salt in the future, the dish needs less.

Tricks and secrets of cooking fried mushrooms with onions

Mushrooms - a kind of product that can adversely affect the well-being. Even under the condition that they are not poisonous. Simply, it is quite difficult to digest food, especially in fried form. So that fried mushrooms and onions do not bring unpleasant feelings, but become a tasty and healthy dish, it is advisable to follow a few rules.

Mushrooms do not need to fry until the crunch, so the protein contained in them loses its structure. No good, only heaviness for the stomach. The same applies to the bow.

To fried mushrooms and onions were not too fat, you need to take oils in moderation. Sometimes the pieces begin to stick to the pan, the hostess adds oil, so as not to burn. In fact, it is advisable to run the mushrooms and onions in hot oil and mix immediately. Then each piece will receive its portion of butter and will not stick.

Mushrooms are carefully given to children, and babies under three years old are not recommended to use them. Care should be taken to treat people with digestive problems.

To make a dish of fried mushrooms with onions more tender, it is good to add at the end of sour cream, cream, a little milk.

Enjoy your meal!

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