White and black is Oreo cake. In search of refined harmony of taste: recipes of Oreo sponge cake and shortcake (with fruit, chocolate, curd)

White and black is Oreo cake. In search of refined harmony of taste: recipes of Oreo sponge cake and shortcake (with fruit, chocolate, curd)

A brand new invention by confectioners is the Oreo cake. This recipe for confectioners and innovators was inspired by the white chocolate chip cookies that appeared in the mass market. There is nothing special about cookies. It is clear that advertising is the engine of commerce, but in the case of the Oreo cake, it also turned out to be an incentive for the new creative idea of ​​confectioners.

Cake "Oreo" is in the initial stages of its creation. Its appearance is very reminiscent of the history of the creation of the Bird's Milk cake, when there was some dessert design, the name was already invented, but until the final, approved version, which has become a classic these days, there still remained dozens of test recipes.

The same thing, right before our eyes, happens with the Oreo cake: there is a name, a general idea, but the final recipe, which will be close to the ideal, has yet to be discovered. Professional confectioners, amateurs, and even, not at all tempted in the pastry craft, housewives are actively involved in these searches.

Let's see what came of it.

Oreo Cake - Basic Technological Principles

The main points that must be observed in the preparation of a cake flow chart are only two: the appearance and taste.

Oreo cake should have a similarity with the popular cookie of the same name: black and white, contrasting and, at the same time, perfect harmony. The chocolate, tighter base of the cake, as in cookies, is combined with a delicate white cream. Nothing extra.

Cocoa, chocolate, cream and other dairy products, eggs, vegetable and cream fats, flour, sugar and flavorings are used for dough and cream in different variations. You can use nuts and dried fruits.

If you really want bright colors, add berries or fruits as decorative elements of the surface. In the end, this cake does not yet have a strict recipe, and small fruit notes will not significantly affect its taste. The taste of the cake should be sustained in the chocolate-cream range. But with the consistency of the base and cream can experiment. Feel free to use the known technology of making cream: custard, protein, cream. These are the main three types of creams, which can also be divided into several subgroups. Use a combination of different types of cream is also allowed. The main requirement for the cream - lightness, soft, melting texture and, of course, white color. For the uniqueness of the recipe, you can add cookies, nuts, dried fruits or chocolate to the cream.

Biscuit and other types of filling dough are ideal for the base: on sour cream, on kefir or yogurt, on milk. It may even be the usual pancake dough, a thicker consistency. The basis for the cake is easy to prepare from products that are currently on hand. But the composition of the dough must necessarily include cocoa, and the dough must have a considerable density in the finished form, a fairly fat consistency. Good shortbread dough? Wonderful. Make a shortbread dough base: in fact, it has the greatest resemblance to cookies, which became the main idea of ​​the cake.

If you don’t have time, just buy a cookie, chop it, add sugar, butter and milk, a little vanilla - and in five minutes you will get the perfect shortbread dough that you don’t even have to bake. Brave improvisation is our everything!

You can cook “Oreo” in American, English or French style: cheesecake, tiramisu, “broken glass” in black and white colors also look tempting and appetizing.

The following recipes are not a dogma, but a stimulus for creative inspiration.

1. Oreo Cake with Delicate Chocolate Sponge Cake

Ingredients for cake layers:

Cocoa 90g

Flour 270g

Egg (d-1) 3 pcs.

Sugar 450g

Milk 240 ml

Vegetable oil 120 ml

Water 250 ml

Baking powder for dough 25 g

Salt and vanilla extract - to taste

For decor:

Oreo Cookies 7 pcs.

Melted chocolate 50 g

For cream:

Cheese, creamy 1,2 kg

Oil 82.5% 390 g

Powder 360 g Essence, vanilla 15 mg


In a deep bowl, combine the dry ingredients of the dough, after sifting the flour and cocoa. Stir the dry mixture. Pour butter, milk into the well, beat eggs (one by one). Stir the dough thoroughly, pour in hot boiled water (95-100? C). Stir again: the dough should be sufficiently liquid, similar to kefir.

Prepare a round detachable shape (24 cm), lining its bottom with baking paper.

Pour the dough and put in the oven preheated to 180 ° C, about 40-50 minutes. Be sure to check the readiness of the cake: its surface should be springy. Inside the cake is checked with a wooden stick.

Put ready-made semi-finished product after baking on the grid for ten minutes. Then remove from the form, turn on the grill, cool. Wrap the sponge cake in the cling film and put it in the fridge for 8-10 hours. After cut into three pieces, horizontally.

Cakes can be baked separately, dividing the ingredients for the dough into three parts, kneading and baking them, one by one.

Oil whisk with powder to a delicate cream shade. Cool cream cheese, and mix with butter cream with a spatula until smooth. Add flavor when mixed (optional).

Combine cakes with a cream, dividing it into 4 parts. With the same cream, cover the side surface of the cake. Put the fourth part in the pastry bag. In the center of the cake, apply the markup in the form of a circle. With melted chocolate, trickle apply a grid on the markup. Around the chocolate mesh from the pastry bag drop off the cream in the shape of hemispheres. In each cream ball, set the cookies “Oreo”. Before serving, keep the cake in the cold for at least three hours.

2. Oreo Cake with Chocolate-Creamy Biscuit and Glaze


Eggs (D-1) 4 pcs.

Oil (72.5%) 120 g

Sugar 180 g


Vanilla essence 4 mg

Flour 180 g

Cocoa 60 g

Chocolate liqueur 100 ml (for impregnation)

Cream soufflé:

Eggs 3 pcs.

Oil 90 g 120 g powder

Pastry cream 300 g

Instant gelatin 30 g

Water 150 ml

Rum and vanilla essence - to taste

For decor:

Whipped cream - 200 g

Dark chocolate, without fillers 150 g

Coconut flakes 30 g

Working order:

Preheat oven to 180? C. Cut out a baking paper circle on the diameter of the cake - 24-26 cm. Lay the paper on the bottom of the form.

Divide the eggs into whites and yolks. Cool whites before beating, and leave the yolks at room temperature. First, thoroughly rub the yolks with cooked sugar. Add gradually the softened butter, continuing to beat. Enter the essence into the same mass, add a pinch of salt. Beat whites until the volume increases by 7-8 times: the foam must be stable. Enter the yolk mass in proteins portionwise, mixing until smooth with a spatula.

Mix into a total mass of cocoa with flour, mix and sift parts into the oil-egg part of the dough. Work with a spatula quickly and carefully, not letting the whipped eggs settle. Put the dough in the form, bake immediately.

Put the sponge cake out of the oven and put it on the wire rack. When cool, remove from the mold. Turn the paper up, remove the parchment. Wrap the biscuit in a film, put it in the fridge for eight hours. Then divide horizontally into three identical cakes. Saturate each of them with chocolate liqueur.

Cream souffle.

Separate the whites from the yolks again. Smash the yolks in a lush cream with oil and powder, add the essence. In warm water (30? C) dissolve the gelatin, strain it to remove lumps.

In whipped to a strong foam whites, enter a thin stream of dissolved gelatin, continuing to whip at high speed mixer. Add the second part of the cream, one spoon each, stirring with a spatula.

Put one cake in a detachable form and place 1/3 part of the prepared cream on it. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Keep the rest of the cream at 25-30? C, so that he did not have time to harden. When the cream on the surface of the cake is compacted, put the second cake, and cover it with the second part of the cream. Again - in the cold for half an hour. Put the third cake on top of the cream, cover it with the rest, and cool. After that, you can remove the cake from the mold and put it on a rotating stand for decoration. Cover the surface of the cake with whipped cream, smooth with a spatula. Seed the rest of the cream out of the pastry bag with the curly nozzle on the side of the cake. Put the cake in the fridge to cool the creamy surface. 50 grams of chocolate rub on a medium grater, and the rest - melt a couple. For shine and plasticity of chocolate glaze, enter 20-30 g of butter and 25 mg of rum (you can use vodka or brandy).

Pour the melted chocolate onto the surface of the cake, in the center, and let it flow freely. Put the cake in the cold again for a few minutes. After that, sprinkle the white cream with chocolate chips, and sprinkle coconut chips over the “spilled” chocolate.

3. Sandwich Oreo Cake

Products for short pastry, chocolate:

Cocoa (powder), 100% 100 g

Flour, wheat (first grade) 240 g

Vanillin, crystalline 8 g

Baking powder 15 g

Sugar, refined 100 g

Oil (or spread) 160 g

Yolks 4 pcs.

For cream:

Gelatin 25 g

Protein 4 pcs.

Oreo Cookies 10 pcs.

Essence 5 mg

120 g powder

Citric acid 1 g

Gelatin 15 g

For decor:

Oreo Cookies 10-12 pcs.

Cream, pastry whipped 100 g

Chocolate decor (medallions, mesh)

Cooking Technology:

In the dough mixer, combine the yolks with sugar and butter, add the vanilla powder. Beat 7-8 minutes. Sift and mix cocoa and flour, add baking powder, pour the dry mixture into the liquid part of the dough. Stir to a smooth consistency. Divide the dough into 2 parts, wrap them in film and place in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Spread baking dish with flour. Preheat the oven to 200-210? C. Roll out the dough round cakes (? 26cm). Using a rolling pin, transfer them to the form. Pierce each cake with a fork or knife in several places. Bake until tender.

Dissolve gelatin in water. Beat chilled proteins to a stable foam. At the end of whipping, add a solution of citric acid (1 g / 30 ml of water), and then pour in gelatin. Combine the finished cream with a small crumb of Oreo cookies. On request, crushed nuts, chocolate chips can be added to the protein cream.

Put the shortbread in a detachable form. Put all the cream on it, smooth it and put the form with the cake in the fridge. On the frozen cream, put a second cake. Remove the hoop, put the cake on the stand. Whipped cream cover the surface. On the side with cream, secure the cookies, after separating them in half, turning the cream layer inwards. On the circumference of the cream with a syringe or pastry bag, draw a border. In the center, draw a chocolate grid, squeezing out the melted chocolate from the cornet, and put round medallions in a staggered manner on the grid (you can use colored chocolate).

4. Oreo cake: add light fruit notes

For cake:

Chocolate cream biscuit (prescription number 2)

“Mascarpone” 300 g

Oil 82.5% 150 g

Condensed milk (8.5%) 400 g

Gelatin 25 g

Water 150 ml

Chocolate, milk 100 g

Vanilla extract 10 mg

For decor:

Whipped cream

Oreo Cookies;

Strawberries, fresh (large berries of the same size) - by the number of servings

Working order:

Prepare a sponge cake as described in the second recipe, but divide it into two shortcakes. Put the butter in the mixer bowl. Beat it until white, then gradually add vanilla extract, condensed milk and cheese (you can use any other cream cheese or curd mass with a high percentage of fat). Dissolve the gelatin beforehand and add it to the cream. Stir well with a spatula. Hold the cream in the refrigerator until it starts to freeze, and then pour the melted chocolate into it and mix in a circular motion, so that a chocolate pattern is formed.

In the form with a removable side, put the first cake. Pour the cream on it, smooth the surface. Let it cool, and then put the second cake on top.

Soak the finished cake in the refrigerator for six hours, remove from the mold, put it on a stand and decorate with whipped cream, whole strawberries and Oreo cookies:

Sprinkle the side of the cake with a crumb of biscuits;

Cover the top with whipped cream, smooth the surface, and spread cookies in a circle. On it from a syringe otsadite turrets of cream. The inner circle is strawberry covered with cream. In the center - a cookie, set in a circle vertically.

5. Oreo cake - soft cottage cheese dessert without baking


Oreo Cookies 500 g

Milk, pasteurized 200 ml

Sugar 100 g

Vanilla 5g

Cognac 40 ml

250 g oil

Curd mass (36%) 400 g

Cream (33%) 350 g (including 100 g for decoration)

Powder 100 g

Chocolate crumbs 100 g

Gelatin 25 g

Warm milk 150 ml

For decor:

Chocolate balls and rings (dry breakfast “Nestle”) 50 g

Cooking Technology:

Grind cookies in any way possible. In hot milk, dissolve sugar, vanilla powder, add brandy. Pour the milk into the crumb from the biscuits, mix, cover the container with a film, and let it stand so that the cookie is well absorbed in the milk mixture. Add soft oil, rub well the mass.

Lubricate the form with a removable board, put parchment paper on the bottom. Put the prepared dough out of cookies on the bottom of the mold and smooth it, forming a cake with a thickness of 1.0-1.5 cm. Put it in the fridge so that the butter will freeze.

Beat the curd mass until fluffy, adding powder and essence. Pour in milk, with gelatin dissolved in it. Stir. Whip cold cream, add cottage cheese cream in them, mix the cream with a spoon again. Pour the chocolate crumb into the cream.

Transfer the creamy mass, which starts to solidify, onto the cake, into the form. Put in the refrigerator. Transfer the frozen cake to the stand. Decorate the sides with whipped cream (100 ml + 50 g of powder). Decorate the surface with corn balls and ringlets.

6. Oreo cake without baking on sour cream with dried fruits

Product Composition:

Prunes, pitted 220 g

Dried apricots 100 g

Raisin 80g

Oreo Cookies 0.5 kg

Sour cream, homemade (36%) 600 g

Gelatin 30 g

Milk 280 ml

Sugar 250 g

Cocoa 100 g

Vanilla essence 5 mg

Cooking Procedure:

Part of the sugar (100 g), combine with cocoa powder, mix and boil the cocoa with milk. In the cooling drink, add gelatin, vanilla flavoring. Beat the sour cream with the rest of the sugar to a fluffy consistency, and pour warm cocoa into it while beating. Take a large bowl of hemispherical shape. Cover it with film inside. Spread cookies on the bottom and walls of dishes in layers, covering each layer of cookies with sour cream and sprinkling with prepared dried fruit. Put the cake in the bowl for twelve hours in the refrigerator.

When it hardens well, turn the bowl on the cake plate and carefully remove the film.

Oreo Cake - Tips and Tricks

If you liked the cake recipe, but there were no Oreo cookies available - it does not matter. Take any shortbread cookies, and it is not necessary that it was chocolate. Add cocoa to the dough for dough, and the decor cookies can be easily “painted” with chocolate icing - this is even more interesting.

Do not forget that for confectionery it is necessary to use only the most products, only the highest grade, especially if they are not subjected to heat treatment.

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