Air Snickers Cake - crispy meringue dessert! Recipes for aerial cakes from biscuit, biscuit and shortbread cakes

Air Snickers Cake - crispy meringue dessert! Recipes for aerial cakes from biscuit, biscuit and shortbread cakes

If working with dough is not your hobby, but you still want to pamper your sweet home or guests, learn how to make cakes based on meringues.

It is prepared more difficult than many types of dough, but there are quite a few hostesses who prefer to tinker with an airy protein mass, claiming that “it is easier for them”. Well, already ready-made desserts with meringue do not need recommendations, in order to describe all their virtues you have to spend so much time that it is better to use it to make a cake.

Airy meringue cakes - general cooking

• The technology of making such air cakes is based on the proper whipping of proteins with sugar and baking cakes or individual small meringues from them.

• The protein mass after beating should not contain inclusions of poorly dissolved sugar. Therefore, it is better to take small refined sugar and add it to squirrels that have already been whipped into foam in small pieces. The next portion of sugar should not be poured until the previously added one is completely dispersed.

• The protein mass is considered to be finished when, when raising the mixer rims, it stretches behind them with dense peaks and does not flow out of it when tilting the bowl. If protein cakes are prepared with nuts, chopped kernels are introduced at the very end into the ready-made protein mass and gently mixed with a spoon or spatula.

• For baking, the whipped squirrels laid out in a parchment lined with parchment are placed in an oven heated to the desired temperature and do not open the door for the first 20 minutes. In some cases, after a 10-minute heat treatment at a set temperature, heating is reduced and the meringue continues to be dried at a lower temperature (about 100 degrees).

• When self-cooking the cake “Air Snickers” with pastries, the protein mass is spread on sandy dough, evenly distributed over the baking sheet, with low waves, and baked all together as a single cake.

• For the layer using thick oil creams. They do not melt air meringue, allowing dessert for a long time not to lose the airiness and crispness of the protein layer. • Virtually any meringue dessert, including Airy Snickers cake, can be prepared without baking; for this purpose, factory meringue or white meringue are taken as a basis. Sand dough is replaced with crackers, sand biscuits or purchased biscuit cakes. There is a recipe only from meringue and cream, for example, the well-known “Count ruins”.

Cake “Airy Snickers” with boiled condensed milk


• six yolks;

• high-quality margarine - 250 gr .;

• a tablespoon of fatty mayonnaise;

• one and a half teaspoons of baking powder;

• flour with a maximum gluten content - three glasses;

• 1 gr. crystalline vanillin.

For meringue:

• eight proteins;

• 400 gr. refined sugar.

In cream:

• half a kilo of caramelized condensed milk;

• butter, high fat oil - 300 gr.

For the glaze:

• five large spoons of 20% sour cream;

• two 100-gram bars of bitter, high-percentage chocolate.


• one and a half glasses of peanuts.


1. Before fluffy foam, beat the yolks, adding sugar to them. Put the chopped softened margarine, add the flour and the ripper, knead the dough. Wrap in food film, divide it in half and place for half an hour in the refrigerator.

2. Prepare a protein layer. To do this, at low speed mixer whisk proteins. When the mass turns white, gradually increasing the speed and sprinkling a spoonful of sugar, continue beating until it thickens.

3. Remove half the dough from the refrigerator and roll it out in a thin layer all over the pan. You do not need to add flour or pre-lubricate the roaster with butter, the cake will not stick.

4. Put the whipped whites with sugar on top of the dough. You do not need to level the surface of the protein layer, it will be better if it lies down low waves.

5. Place the roaster in the oven, at a temperature set at 160 degrees. Bake for 10 minutes, then set the temperature to 110 degrees and cook another forty minutes. Turn off the heat and soak the cake with the door closed for about half an hour. In the same way, prepare another cake. Still warm cut the cakes in half and cool well. 6. Cook the cream. Remove the oil from the cold beforehand, and when it softens, cut into small bowls in a deep bowl, pour over boiled condensed milk and whisk until creamy. If in the process of whipping cream begins to exfoliate, do not stop, literally after a couple of minutes it will come together and be ready.

7. Peanut calcined for a while in a dry frying pan. Cool, wrapped in regular stationery, clean from the husk. Chop half of the nuts, but not crumb, and the rest set aside.

8. Put half of the first cake on the dish, spread the cream well and sprinkle with finely chopped peanuts. Put the second part on top, cover it with cream too and sprinkle with nuts. Spread well with a creamy mass and sprinkle with nuts, put the halves of the second cake on top.

9. Prepare the icing. Break the chocolate into small pieces and put the fire in a water bath. After it has completely melted, place the sour cream, mix and remove from the stove.

10. Slightly suspend the chocolate icing pour the entire surface of “Snickers” and sprinkle it with whole kernels of peanuts.

11. To soak, place the cake all night in a cold place.

Simple recipe for airy walnut meringue cake with light cream


• sugar - 200 gr .;

• two spoons of white, good quality flour;

• 180 gr. nuts, preferably almond;

• proteins of seven eggs;

• powdered sugar - 6 tbsp. l .;

• spoon granulated gelatin;

• 350 gr. fat, preferably 33%, cream;

• two spoons of brandy;

• instant coffee - 2 tsp.


1. Dry the almonds lightly in a thick-walled pan and cool well. Smash the nuts with a blender to a fine crumb and pour into a bowl.

2. Add 0.25 cups of sugar, add sifted flour at least twice, stir.

3. To proteins, add a pinch of fine salt and whisk with a mixer at low speed to a white mass.

4. Still beating up, and pouring sugar on a spoon, bring the proteins to the formation of stable peaks. So that there are no grains in the protein mass, do not add a new portion of sugar until the crystals of the previously added completely dissolve. 5. Pour the peanut mixture to the squirrels and gently mix it into the protein mass. It is convenient to do this with a spatula and be sure to go upwards.

6. Put the cooked mass on the parchment covered with parchment and place it in the oven, the temperature of which is previously brought to 160 degrees. Bake the nut-and-protein crust for about 50 minutes, then cool and remove the paper.

7. Soak in water, then warm using gelatin in a water bath. Add in it instant coffee, mix until complete dissolution of the latter and cool.

8. When adding icing sugar in portions to the chilled cream, whip and blend a thick cream. At the very end, enter into it the gelatin with the dissolved coffee, pour in brandy, stir.

9. Divide the cooled cake, cut into threads, into pieces - into two or four cakes. Smear them with cream and stack them.

10. Decorate the cake with chopped nuts or roasted almond petals and place in the cold for at least six hours.

Airy meringue cake with custard on yolks - “Senator”


• six tablespoons of dry quality starch;

• twelve eggs;

• sugar - 600 grams;

• butter, fatty oil - 400 gr .;

• a spoon (with a hill) of wheat flour;

• pasteurized milk - half a liter.


1. To make one cake, separate the squirrels from the four eggs. Drain the yolks in a jar, cover with a lid so that they do not light up.

2. First whisk the whites with a mixer until white. Then, constantly increasing the speed, enter to them 3/4 cup of sugar. Dissolve in small portions, adding only after the previously added is completely dissolved.

3. In a dense protein mass, quickly but gently, mix in two tablespoons of starch and transfer it into a parchment-laid form.

4. Bake the cake at the lowest temperature (100 degrees) for forty minutes. Free from the mold and cool, remove the paper only after the blank has cooled completely.

5. While the first cake is baked, you can prepare the protein mass for the next one. Do not whisk all the squirrels at once if it is not possible to bake all three cakes at a time. The protein “dough” will settle down during a long idle time, and the blanks will be obtained not as air, but as stingy. 6. While the cakes will cool, prepare the cream. Grind all the yolks with a glass of refined sugar. Mix a spoonful of flour into the yolk mass, dilute with milk and start to warm up very slowly. Regularly stirring, wait for boiling, remove from heat, cool.

7. Cut the softened butter, put it in a bowl and bring to homogeneity, beating with a mixer. Without stopping the process and gradually adding the cooled brewed base, whip the cream until fluffy.

8. Assemble the cake, richly and evenly spreading the cooled protein cakes and sidewalls with cream. Decorate the top of the dessert with it and cool for two hours.

Cake “Snickers” made of sponge cake with meringue (without baking)


• two factory biscuit cakes of white or chocolate color;

• 200 gr. unsalted crackers;

• bank of caramelized condensed milk;

• 200 gr. peanuts;

• natural butter - 200 gr .;

• white meringue - 20 pcs .;

• dark chocolate bar;

• half a cup of 30% sour cream.


1. Drain the peanuts in the oven, after cooling, remove the husks from the nuts.

2. Beat the soft (not melted) butter with condensed milk. Add the peanuts, cracked into small pieces of crackers, mix well.

3. Brush half of the cooked creamy mass with one of the biscuit cakes, put the meringue on it with the convex side up. Cover with remaining cream and lay the next cake.

4. Put sour cream in a small bowl, put crushed chocolate in it and place the container on the steam bath. Warm up, stirring, achieve complete melting of the chocolate pieces.

5. Chocolate glaze to coat the entire surface of the assembled cake, and for beauty, sprinkle it with crushed peanuts.

Cake “Airy Snickers” without baking from shortbread with meringues


• any shortbread biscuits - 300 gr .;

• half a pack of butter;

• one and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder.

For cream:

• white marshmallow - 6 pieces;

• a tablespoon of 20% sour cream;

• pack of oil.

For caramel cream: • 0.25 cup of sugar;

• butter - 2.5 spoons;

• three spoons of honey;

• standard bank of Gostovskoy whole condensed milk;

• a full glass of peanuts;

• unsalted crackers - 120 gr .;

• 130-150 gr. meringue white.

In the icing:

• powdered cocoa, not containing sugar - 100 gr .;

• five spoons of milk;

• 1.5 spoons of fatty homemade butter;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Grate a cookie on a coarse grater or chop it into a crumb in another convenient way. For these purposes, you can use a meat grinder, blender or food processor. Or you can put the cookie in a tight bag and roll it with a rolling pin.

2. Add to cocoa crumbs, mix. Pour in the melted butter over low heat and mix again.

3. Put the whole mass in a detachable form, spread it over the bottom and tamp lightly. Put in the fridge to set for forty minutes.

4. Break the marshmallow into halves, fold into a bowl in a water bath. When it begins to melt, mix, bringing the marshmallow mass to homogeneity. Then remove overheating, whisk, gradually adding sour cream and butter.

5. Put the cooled marshmallow cream on the sand base, and again put the form in the refrigerator.

6. Put honey in a thick-walled saucepan, add sour cream with butter, put on minimal heat. While stirring, warm the foods until they are completely melted and begin to bubble.

7. Without removing it from the stove, enter condensed milk in a thin stream and continue cooking for about ten minutes. Do not forget to stir, otherwise it will burn. When the cream begins to darken, it will acquire a creamy tint, set aside the heat, cool.

8. Put cured, pre-roasted peanuts into caramel cream mass. Add the meringue, the cracker, broken into pieces, and mix well. Put the mass on the frozen marshmallow cream and again put the cake to cool.

9. To make the glaze, lightly heat the milk in a saucepan and dissolve the cocoa in it. Add butter, add all the sugar and, without ceasing to stir, bring to a boil, then boil over low heat until thick. 10. Remove the frozen cake gently from the mold, and pour over the slightly cooled icing. Let the dessert stand in the cold for about an hour, then serve.

A simple recipe for a cake of air meringue - “Earl ruins”


• a glass of sugar, you can take powder;

• juice from one third of a small lemon;

• four squirrels.

For cream:

• very fat and thick homemade cream - 200 gr .;

• 300 gr. white condensed milk.

For decoration:

• 100 g bar of 93% chocolate;

• 50 ml of milk;

• roasted walnuts - 100 gr.


1. Pour cooled proteins into a clean, dry bowl. Add a little salt, literally a pinch, and whisk. Start at low speed and in the process, raise the speed to medium. When the protein mass starts to foam and becomes airy, pour in lemon juice and beat at maximum speed, adding sugar to the spoon. You should get a thick, dense and at the same time air meringue without inclusions of grains of sugar. It should keep its shape well and not spread.

2. Transfer the protein to the culinary bag with the “rose” attachment and deposit it on a small meringue pan with a parchment filled with parchment. You can use and just a teaspoon. The main thing is that it should be low, with a diameter of about 4.5 cm, “figures”, with pointed tops.

3. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees and set the roaster in the middle level. Cook for about an hour, periodically briefly opening the door to release the heat. The first quarter of an hour, open the oven is not recommended.

4. While the meringue is cooling, prepare the cream. At maximum speed, whip the softened butter until fluffy. Without stopping the mixer, pour in a thin stream of condensed milk, until a homogeneous cream acquires a light gloss. Four minutes will be enough.

5. Lubricating the cooled meringue with the bottom of the cream, form a cake in the form of a hill so that its edges are on the edges. Fill the cavities with cream, forcing it through a pastry bag.

6. Chop the chocolate with a knife and collect in a small bowl. Bring the milk to a boil and heat it hot to the chocolate. Stir everything vigorously with a fork so that the chocolate melts. 7. Pour the cake with warm glaze and decorate it with finely chopped walnuts.

Tips and tips for making meringue cakes

• Beat whites only in dry, well rinsed, hot water, dishes. Impurities of fat and the remnants of products will not allow the protein mass to whip. For safety net, the container can be further processed with strained lemon juice and wipe dry completely.

• To speed up the beating, pour a pinch of evaporated salt to the squirrels and begin to beat it from a slower turn, gradually increasing the speed to medium.

• When drying the meringue, make sure that its sides do not darken. If they begin to redden, but inside they have not dried yet, open the oven for a minute to release the heat.

• Do not use liquid creams for the layer, fragile meringue will instantly soften and the dessert will be spoiled.

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