Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

Vegan desserts recipes with photos can even surprise a skeptic: they are diverse, tasty, many of them are low-calorie and absolutely everything is very healthy! The basis of such desserts - fruits, berries, various nuts, honey. And most importantly - you will not recover from these sweet desserts, they are easily absorbed by the body, tasty and low-calorie.

Although multi-tiered pastry masterpieces with an abundance of cream and decorations in vegan cuisine are difficult to find, all the recipes for sweet dishes are very interesting: it is easy to prepare and it is pleasant to eat.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

Rafaello candies are cooked at home

This is a popular vegan candy recipe. Sweetness is prepared by the type of Rafaello - round sweet balls with a nut inside, sprinkled with coconut chips. The recipe can be safely called raw food - it contains only natural products without heat treatment.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

How to Make Rafaello Vegan Sweets:

• It will take: 2 bananas, 8-10 dates, 15 almond nuts (raw), coconut chips - approximately 70-80 g.

• Peel bananas, rinse and dry dates. Skip the fruit through a meat grinder or grind in a blender.

• Add 50 g of coconut shavings to fruit puree and mix everything.

• Pour raw almonds with boiling water for a few minutes to easily separate the skin.

• Grind nuts in a coffee grinder, leave a few pieces for the filling.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• Add nut chips to the dough.

• Roll balls of dough. For this it is convenient to wet your hands in water. Inside each candy hide on a nut.

• Roll raffaello in coconut flakes.

• Send sweets to the freezer for half an hour to freeze them a bit.

Pumpkin candied fruits - tasty and healthy

Candied fruits are useful sweets for vegans made from fruits and vegetables, resembling sweets or marmalade. Pumpkin produces bright, fragrant and very healthy candied fruits.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

Recipe for candied pumpkin:

• Per 1 kg of peeled pumpkin - 1 kg of sugar and 200 ml of water.

• First, sugar syrup is prepared: sugar is placed in a saucepan, filled with water. Everything goes to the stove. After boiling, the syrup is cooked over low heat until thick.

• Pumpkin pulp is cut into small cubes.

• A pumpkin is placed in the thickened syrup and boiled down for 10 minutes.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• The mixture is removed from the heat and left for a day.

• Pumped pumpkin pieces should be separated from the syrup using a colander.

• Candied pumpkin is placed on a parchment-covered tray and set to dry for two days at room temperature.

• Ready candied fruits crumble in icing sugar.

Ice-cream based on berries and fruits

Vegans can afford ice cream, though not on cream, but fruity. A minimum of ingredients plus a freezer - and a delicious dessert is ready.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

How Vegan Ice Cream Is Made:

• For 2 bananas - 1 tbsp. l cocoa powder or carob, strawberries or other berries.

• Finely chop bananas and put them in the freezer overnight.

• Grind them in the morning in a blender.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• Split the mashed potatoes. Add cocoa or carob in one half, berries in the other. Grind again in a blender. It turned out chocolate and berry ice cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Who said vegans can't pamper themselves with a full cake? Classic cheesecakes - desserts with fat cheese cream. How to be vegan? As always come to the aid nuts and coconut oil.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

How to make the most healthy strawberry cheesecake: • Ingredients: 150 g dates, 300 g hazelnuts, 1, 5 cups of cashews (raw), 3 cups of fresh strawberries, 200 g of agave syrup, lemon juice from 1, 5 fruits, a glass of coconut oil (food!), A pinch of cardamom, basil - 20 g.

• Soak raw cashews overnight.

• Place pitted dates, hazelnuts and basil in a glass blender, add a pinch of salt. Salt is a natural sweetener that is often used in sweet pastries, including vegan. Grind all the ingredients. The resulting dough to put in a baking dish, covered with parchment. The tank should be with high sides.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• Soak cashews, half of the agave syrup and lemon juice in a blender.

• Melt some coconut oil.

• Mix all and puree until smooth.

• Separate two thirds by moving everything over the first layer of cheesecake.

• In the remaining mass add a glass of strawberries and whip again. Pour layer into shape.

• Smash the remaining berry with 100 g of agave syrup and a pinch of cardamom. This syrup is the last layer of dessert.

• The cake is moved to the freezer to set.

• Frozen cheesecake is easily sliced ​​with a knife in portions. It is removed from the freezer one hour before serving.

Energy Bar: Sweet and Snack

An alternative to store muesli - homemade sweets with oatmeal, nuts, seeds and dried fruits:

• What to take: 500 g of oatmeal flakes, 100 g of dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, etc.), 50 g of sesame seeds, chia or flax, 100 g of nuts, 5 tbsp. l peanut butter, 50 g sugar, 2 tbsp. l starch, pinch of salt.

• Pour oatmeal on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees so that they become brittle.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• Roast nuts and seeds in a dry frying pan to a light aroma.

• Rinse and finely chop the dried fruit.

• Cut bananas into thin ringlets.

• Add peanut butter to bananas. Very tasty with sesame. Pour the trail of nuts, seeds, pieces of dried fruit, sugar and salt. Stir everything until smooth.

• Add dried oat-flakes and starch.

• Knead the cereal “dough”. For a flavor, you can add a pinch of vanilla, for chocolate flavors, a little bit of carob or cocoa.

• Grease baking sheet. Spread the dough in a solid thin layer.

• Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Bake a lot for 20 minutes.

• Ready dough is cut into small bars. It can be cut both hot and cold.

Lemon Orange Jelly

A wonderful dessert for those vegans who love citrus fruits.

Vegan Dessert Recipe:

• It will take 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 20 g of agar-agar, 0, 5 l of water for soaking, 300 ml of honey, 200 ml of water for honey.

Vegan sweets: 6 dessert recipes for the holiday table

• Soak the agar-agar in cold water.

• Squeeze out of citrus fruits.

• Dissolve honey in warm water.

• Bring the agar-agar to a boil and boil for a couple of minutes.

• Mix all fluids. Pour the mass in molds and leave to thicken.

Looking at these recipes for sweets with photos, it is easy to doubt whether they are actually vegan? This kitchen is amazing variety, beauty and benefit. And the most skillful pastry chefs are able to imitate any ordinary dessert down to cakes, pastries and cheesecakes.

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