Russian pancakes with sour milk: carnival for the whole year! One dough recipe for pancakes with sour milk and a lot of sour milk pancakes with fillings

Russian pancakes with sour milk: carnival for the whole year! One dough recipe for pancakes with sour milk and a lot of sour milk pancakes with fillings

As for Italian pizza, even for Russian - pancakes.

In our kitchen this dish is present for hundreds of years, but no one has bothered until now. Honestly, pancake recipes exist in parallel in almost every national cuisine, but at least dealt with their own.

Russian pancakes existed in the pre-Christian period of Russia.

Is it true that in those days they were baked only with yeast - is unknown. If our ancestors knew something about yeast, then, most likely, it was “wild” yeast, and not the ones that we now see on the shelves in retail chains.

If we consider that real alcoholic drinks, on lees, only appeared under Ivan the Terrible, the version with pancakes on yeast seems very doubtful.

But there were pancakes, and sour milk, of course, was also, because our ancestors were excellent farmers.

Pancakes were baked to perform pagan rituals. They symbolized the face of one of the main gods of Slavic paganism, Yarila. Maslenitsa, the day of the vernal equinox, is a rite that came from our pagan past, symbolizing the victory of light (Yarila) over darkness and cold.

Now this holiday is associated with the last week before Lent, as if legalizing the Slavic custom, but giving it a new, Christian meaning. But Eastern Slavs instilled Christianity with blood, and therefore Shrovetide was also “baptized”, leaving the main pagan holiday, to which the Slavs did not want to say goodbye, even after the adoption of Christianity.

Not to say about the pancakes Mongolian cuisine is impossible. If you are interested in Mongolian pancake recipes, then look for them under the name of “davkhar bin”.

The centuries of the Mongolian yoke, though to an insignificant extent, left their imprint in the old Russian cuisine. Mongolian cakes with meat somehow mysteriously echo the recipe of Russian chicken, pancake pie. After rushing to Russia, searching for a better life, impoverished French rentiers, there were changes in our kitchen again, and this time they were very noticeable - Russian autocrats respectfully treated European culture and culinary traditions.

Although, Russian pancakes began to bake very thinly, in French, only at the court of the sovereign and the nobility, and the peasant pancakes for a long time baked according to the customs of their ancestors.

Since the beginning of the Soviet era, Russian pancakes, while remaining a favorite folk food, have acquired the status of a restaurant dish that foreign tourists still do not cease to admire.

It is noteworthy that the English “pancakes”, Indian “Dosa”, and Ethiopian “Younger” remained dishes of the national cuisine, but when Russian pancakes are cooked in some Western European or Asian restaurant, they are not called “pancake” or “Dosa” , and damn it, and not otherwise.

Probably because we have them are especially tasty, associated with our ancient customs, reminiscent of the sun, the beginning of the Slavic family, the traditions of the ancestors, who remained loyal to the Slavs.

Pancakes on sour milk - the basic principles of cooking

A few more informative facts in order to better feel the love of Russian cuisine, and we turn to the main points of cooking dough for pancakes on sour milk. Although this is not only the history of the origin of the dish and its name, but also, to some extent, elements of technology.

The word “pancake” has Slavic roots, because “Mlyn” is a mill, and the name of the dish tells that it consists of ground grain.

Buckwheat got to Europe only in the fifteenth century, and here it is a favorite cereal long ago, and buckwheat pancakes on sour milk are well known only in Russian cuisine, as well as pancakes made from oatmeal, rye, and millet flour. Pancakes and any pastries made from wheat flour were considered to be festive, because the spelled (wheat) did not take root well in Russia in the northern latitudes - it was a luxury that appeared only on festive tables. That is, the main element of pancakes - ground grain, or flour, and sour milk and yeast - this is a secondary issue. Pancakes can also be cooked in water, but milk will add softness to them, and sour milk will give them pomp. To enhance the rise of the test can be used and yeast. But pancakes are thin and soldered, thicker. It is better to make them so that the refrain would sink in the baked dough, and not stand out from it in the pan, when frying.

For thin pancakes, neither sour milk nor yeast is needed. Their “zest” is that they are wrapped in thin pancakes stuffing - everything you wish. Thin pancakes are baked in milk or water, or a mixture of water and milk. It is even preferable to dilute the milk with water so that the pancakes are more juicy and soft. The normal proportion of water and milk is 1: 1.

It happens that already in the process of preparing the dough it suddenly turns out that the milk is sour. This is not a problem. The dough for pancakes in fresh milk after mixing is kept for 20-30 minutes so that the milk proteins begin to interact with flour containing, in addition to proteins, gluten, carbohydrates. As a result of such a short interaction, the lactobacilli begin to be fed by carbohydrates, and if the dough is left warm for a couple of hours, the fermentation process will certainly begin. If the pancakes in milk are baked immediately after the dough is prepared, then the pancakes will turn out dry and brittle, it will be difficult to wrap the stuffing in them. With easy digestion, lactic acid appears in the dough, and the acid reaction makes the dough more plastic. Pancakes on sour milk are obtained with an openwork pattern, similar to lace.

Thin pancakes on sour milk do not need dough extract. They can be baked immediately, while mixing, reducing the amount of added water to 1/3 of a portion. You can also add yeast to the pancakes on the sour milk with prizikom if desired, but when making dough based on a fermented milk product without using yeast, be sure to add sugar, even if pancakes are not savory, soda, so that the acid-base reaction causes the appearance of carbon dioxide bubbles inside the dough that will provide rise of products when baking. For yeast-free pancakes with sour milk with a brew, you also need to add a little more flour: the yeast is more stable and work better in a more humid environment, and the lactic acid bacteria are weaker, they need extra time for fermentation, they form smaller gas bubbles during fermentation, which quickly and Easily reach the surface of the batter. Therefore, in the dough for pancakes with sour milk you need to add flour so much that it acquires the consistency of very thick cream. In addition, after kneading the dough, it is advisable to cover it tightly, put the container in a warm place and wait until gas bubbles appear on the surface - this will mean that the dough is fully ripe. After that you can start baking. From which flour to bake pancakes for breakfast, decide for yourself. Fill or pripek choose to taste. But to try to cook Russian pancakes on sour milk, water, milk, all sorts of species, with or without reflux, with different fillings, will take a very long time. It is possible that not one year. But it's worth a try.

Recipe 1. Thin pancakes on sour milk, with cottage cheese and raisins


  • Sour milk 150 ml
  • Water 100 ml
  • Eggs 2 pcs.
  • Flour mix (sugar, salt, soda, flour) 140 g
  • Oil, refined 70 ml
  • Fat cottage cheese 250 g
  • Raisins steamed 100 g
  • Sugar and salt (for the filling) - to taste
  • Vanilla
  • Butter (to lubricate the form)
  • Sour cream (25%) 300 g


In a deep bowl, beat the eggs in a strong foam. Gradually add to them yogurt, continue to beat the liquid. Add flour mixture, one spoon, working with a whisk. Ready dough for thin pancakes on sour milk should have the consistency of low-fat kefir. Gradually add water to bring the dough to the required thickness. Pancake a pancake pan (ᴓ 15 cm) with butter and pour the rest directly into the dough and mix well.

Heat the pan and bake the pancakes, frying on one side. Turn the pancakes over a plate, stacking them.

Cottage cheese lightly salt, add sugar to taste. Strain through a sieve and mix with raisins. Stir. Dividing it into equal portions by the number of baked pancakes, wrap the stuffing in semi-finished products, rolling into rolls. Cover the baking dish with foil (or use silicone). Grease the foil with butter, put the pancakes with cottage cheese in one layer and pour them with sour cream. Bake in the oven until rosy color.

Recipe 2. Pancakes with sour milk, with meat (liver)


  • Bulk dough (see recipe number 1)
  • For the filling:
  • Chopped pork 0.5 kg
  • Onion 100 g
  • Extinguishing Fat
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Spices


Bake the pancakes as described in the first recipe, making the same dough.

Heat the oil in a skillet and add the finely chopped onion. Add minced meat to it, fry and, topping up with a little water or broth, simmer until ready. Meat should be juicy.

Wrap the cooked stuffing in pancakes, putting it on the baked side. Semi-finished products can be frozen. Before serving, they need to defrost and fry.

Recipe 3. Buckwheat pancakes with sour milk and mushrooms


For the filling:

  • Wild mushrooms, fried 300 g

For the test:

  • Flour, buckwheat 150 g
  • Wheat flour / s 200 g
  • Eggs 3 pcs.
  • Sour milk 250 ml
  • Salt
  • Ammonium powder 2 g

For submission:

  • Sour cream sauce

Cooking Procedure:

Mix the dry ingredients of the dough. Beat eggs and clabber, add dry mix and fried mushrooms. Bake the finished dough, pouring onto a pre-heated pan with a layer of 0.5-0.7 cm, spreading it in a circular motion over the entire surface of the pan. Grease the pan with vegetable fat before each new batch of dough.

Recipe 4. Pancakes on sour milk with berries and whipped cream


  • semolina 200 g
  • Sour milk 300 g
  • Water 50 ml
  • Eggs 3 pcs.
  • Butter, melted 50 g
  • Dry yeast 1/2 tsp.
  • Sugar 75 g
  • Vanilla 2 g
  • Refined vegetable oil 50 ml


  • Pastry Cream
  • Raspberry, blackberry, sea buckthorn 400 g
  • Sugar powder 50 g

Cooking Method:

Combine warm yogurt with whipped eggs, sugar, vanilla and pour yeast dissolved in warm water. To make the yeast fast, add one teaspoonful of flour and sugar. Pour the yeast into the liquid mass, mix and add the semolina, vegetable oil. Cover the dish with dough with a film and wait until the dough rises. Bake in a pan, as described in recipe number 3. Turning pancakes to the other side, grease with melted butter. When serving each pancake lay out on a portion plate, in the center, place the berry mix, cream. Roll the pancake in half and sprinkle with powdered sugar on top. If desired, decorate the plate with berries and a leaf of fresh mint.

Recipe 5. Thin pancakes with sour milk and caviar

Product Composition:

  • Dough (recipe number 2)
  • Caviar, red

Work Order:

Prepare semi-finished pancakes according to the recipe number 2, but you need to fry pancakes on both sides. Spread on every pancake on a tablespoon of caviar, folding them four times.

Recipe 6. Pancakes on sour milk - Kornik, classic

Kurnik - Russian wedding cake of pancakes with several fillings, in yeast or puff pastry.


  • Pancakes, thin (ᴓ 20 cm)
  • Puff pastry, frozen 0.7 kg
  • Fried Onion 350g
  • Boiled eggs 10 pcs.
  • Fried mushrooms, white 200 g (net)
  • Boiled chicken (pulp) 400 g
  • Raw eggs 2 pcs.


Prepare the semifinished items in advance. The dough needs to be defrosted and divided into parts of 400, 200 and 100 g. Roll out circles from two large parts. From 200 g - a thin circle with a diameter of 25 cm, from a dough weighing 400 g - a circle with a diameter of 40 cm. Leave 100 g of dough for the dough figurines that lay out the surface of the cake for decoration. Wedding kurnik decorated with spikelets of wheat, pigeons or swans, flowers, branches of viburnum, oak leaves. Roll out a small piece of dough, and cut out decorations with the help of shaped hollows.

A sheet for baking, without a side, grease and sprinkle with flour. Start collecting the cake. Place a smaller circle of puff pastry on the sheet. On it evenly distribute pieces of boiled chicken. Put the pancake. The next layer is an onion, then again - a pancake, and eggs on it (in advance it is fine). Then put another pancake, then - mushrooms. The last layer of the filling is meat. Gently take a large circle of dough and cover the assembled cake with them, fasten the edges with the bottom layer of dough, making parallel notches along the edge. Weave incisions bottom in the upper cake among themselves. Grease the surface of the cake with a beaten egg and send it to a preheated oven (180 ° C). When the ruddy crust appears, remove the kurnik. Grease it again with an egg, spread out the cut dough figures on the surface. If necessary, secure them with skewers, and put the cake in the oven again. After 7-10 minutes, remove and brush with an egg again, but this time add a spoonful of butter to the egg mass for gloss.

Pancakes on sour milk - useful tips and tricks

  • Eggs in pancake dough can be replaced with starch. To do this, mix it with flour in equal quantities.
  • If the quality of the flour is not correct, and it “floats”, then brew half of it in water or milk. When cool, add dry flour and knead the dough, as usual, reducing, respectively, the amount of added liquid.
  • For pancakes made from rye flour, mix it with krupchatka in equal quantities. Rye flour has a higher moisture content. Add less fluid. Dough for pancakes on sour milk from rye flour can be cooked overnight. By morning it will ripen for baking. Rye flour interacts very well with malt, but it can be replaced with raisins.
  • Buckwheat flour does not contain enough gluten, so it must also be combined with wheat flour.
  • For semolina pancakes, more liquid is required. This dough must be kept until the cereal is completely swollen.
  • The amount of liquid added depends on the moisture content of the flour, so appealing recipes need to be tested with regard to this indicator, making a correction in the recipe in the direction of increasing or decreasing the specified amount of liquid.
  • For making pancake dough, it is convenient to add flour using a small sieve, sifting and smoothly moving it around the circumference, over the dishes in which the liquid part is located, while mixing the base with the other hand. This simple technique will save time on additional breaking of lumps of flour.
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