Pancakes on kefir are thin: a step-by-step recipe, cooking secrets. Learning to cook delicious thin pancakes on kefir

Pancakes on kefir are thin: a step-by-step recipe, cooking secrets. Learning to cook delicious thin pancakes on kefir

Many experienced housewives, preparing pancakes, prefer to use kefir instead of milk. No wonder, kefir pancakes are tasty and tender.

Step-by-step recipes for thin pancakes on kefir: general principles

To prepare the dough take kefir, flour, eggs, soda, a little sugar and salt. These are the main components, but other ingredients are often added, for example, vegetable oil, milk, water. For a special taste use spices.

All prepared ingredients are thoroughly mixed or whipped, achieving a dough consistency of liquid sour cream. After giving the dough a little "rest", mix again and proceed directly to baking.

Prepare thin pancakes on kefir on a greased hot pan. Scoop dough ladle, distribute it over the entire surface of the pan, holding utensils tilted and making rotational movements. It is important that the frying pan is well heated, then the dough will spread well, without being crumpled in one place, and the pancakes will turn out thin, openwork.

Each pancake is baked first on one side until the dough sets, then turned over with a long knife or a special spatula on the other side, brought to readiness.

Ready-made thin pancakes on kefir are put in a pile, putting a piece of butter between each pancake.

Pancakes are served with sour cream, honey, jam, condensed milk, fresh berries, canned fruit, melted chocolate.

Also, pancakes on kefir are perfectly combined not only with a sweet addition, but also salty, meat. For example, pancakes on kefir can be stuffed with cottage cheese, grated cheese with greens, roasted meat, mushrooms, eggs and other ingredients.

1. Traditional thin kefir pancakes: a step-by-step recipe


• medium-fat kefir - 400 ml;

• 20 grams of wheat flour; • a couple of eggs;

• pinch baking soda;

• lean oil - 30 ml;

• sugar - 40 grams;

• salt - 5 grams;

• ghee for greasing pancakes fried - 50 grams.


1. Sift flour into a small plastic container.

2. In a slightly heated yogurt, add soda, mix thoroughly.

3. In another bowl, whisk the eggs with a whisk, adding salt, to a thick white consistency.

4. Pour the beaten eggs into the flour, stir well.

5. Add kefir, mix everything thoroughly.

6. Cover the dough with a clean dry cloth and leave for half an hour to infuse.

7. Add oil, stir.

8. Lubricate the pan with vegetable oil, pour the floor of the batter, distribute it, bake the pancakes on moderate heat.

9. Baked hot pancakes grease creamy melted butter, roll four times and put on a flat portion dish. In a separate bowl, serve sour cream.

2. Pancakes on kefir (thin, openwork): a step by step recipe


• kefir with any percentage of fat content - 300 ml;

• milk - 300 ml;

• wheat flour - 150 grams;

• two eggs;

• salt, soda, vanillin - 5 grams;

• sugar - 30 grams;

• 9% acetic acid - two teaspoons;

• 60 ml of sunflower oil;

• sour cream for serving - 50 grams;

• 120 grams of butter for greasing fried pancakes.


1. In a plastic bowl of a suitable size, whisk the eggs with a whisk, adding sugar and salt.

2. Add milk and whisk well.

3. Pour in vanillin.

4. Pour the egg-milk mixture into the sifted flour with hydrated acetic acid soda and mix thoroughly.

5. Pour in the kefir, whisk until the dough becomes a smooth, uniform consistency.

6. Pour in some vegetable oil.

7. Pour some cooked dough into a hot, oiled pan, distribute, bake pancakes for several seconds on both sides over moderate heat.

8. Hot pancakes grease with butter.

9. When serving, place the pancakes on kefir on portions plates of four per serving, and if desired, pour sour cream or jam.

3. Custard pancakes on kefir thin with holes: a step by step recipe


• medium fat kefir - half a liter;

• egg - two pieces;

• salt, baking soda, sugar - 15 grams;

• vegetable oil - 35 ml;

• flour - two glasses;

• one cup of boiling water;

• three large spoons of any jam to serve.


1. Pour kefir in a bowl, break eggs there and mix well.

2. Pour kefir with eggs into a blender tank, add salt, sugar and whisk well on medium power.

3. Pour the mass you have into a metal container, set on low heat, bring to a boil.

4. In a dry cup, sift the flour.

5. Pour the hot mixture into the prepared flour, mix thoroughly in a blender until tender and watery consistency.

6. Dissolve soda in boiling water.

7. Continuously stirring the dough, pour boiling water with soda into it, stir well.

8. Pour in vegetable oil, stir.

9. Pour a small amount of cooked dough into a hot, oiled pan, bake pancakes with moderate heat for several seconds from all sides.

10. When serving, roll up the pancakes with a roll, put on a portioned flat plate, pour in any jam.

4. Thin pancakes on kefir: a step-by-step recipe for buckwheat flour without eggs


• buckwheat flour - 150 grams;

• kefir with any fat content - 350 ml;

• ten grams of baking soda and salt;

• granulated sugar - 40 grams;

• 40 ml of vegetable oil;

• some butter for greasing fried pancakes (optional).


1. In a large bowl, mix the kefir with buckwheat flour.

2. Add all other dry ingredients, mix well.

3. Add vegetable oil, mix. The dough should turn out delicate watery consistency.

4. Pour a small amount of cooked dough into a hot, oiled frying pan. Fry for a couple of minutes on one side, after the same amount on the other.

5. All hot pancakes grease with butter and put on a portion of the plates for three or four pieces per serving, if desired, pour the jam.

5. Vanilla-brandy pancakes on kefir thin: a step-by-step recipe


• two eggs;

• kefir - 6 glasses;

• 155 grams of sugar;

• salt, vanilla - ten grams;

• cognac - 30 ml;

• baking soda - ten grams;

• flour - 16 tablespoons.


1. In a deep bowl, break the eggs and beat a little with a fork or a whisk.

2. Pour all the dry ingredients, except the flour, mix thoroughly.

3. Add brandy, stir well again.

4. Pour the flour, sifting it beforehand, stir to the consistency, like thick sour cream (in case of lack of flour, you can add a little).

5. Pour three tablespoons of dough on a hot buttered pan, bake pancakes, turning from one side to the other, five minutes until golden brown.

6. When serving, roll the pancakes with an envelope or a roll, put it on a flat serving dish, pour some jam, sour cream or condensed milk.

6. Thin kefir pancakes: a step-by-step recipe with poppy


• two village eggs;

• kefir - 350 ml;

• Mac - 40 grams;

• 300 grams of wheat flour of the first grade;

• vegetable oil - 20 ml;

• salt - ten grams;

• sugar - 50 grams;

• half a liter of ordinary purified water;

• a small piece of butter for greasing fried pancakes.


1. Break eggs into a plastic or metal container, mix with sugar and whisk with a mixer until thick and tender.

2. Pour in kefir and half of the required amount of water, add salt, mix well.

3. Pour the sifted flour in small portions, stirring all the time, whisk to a gentle homogeneous consistency without lumps.

4. Mack soak in boiling water for fifteen minutes.

5. Add the swollen poppy to the dough and mix well.

6. Pour in the remaining water, whisk with a mixer.

7. On a hot, oiled pan, pour a little dough and bake the pancakes, turning from one side to the other for a few minutes until a slightly brown-golden color appears. 8. Hot pancakes grease with butter.

9. Serve on a flat portion of the plate, next to put a small amount of any jam or sour cream.

Step-by-step recipes for thin pancakes on kefir: tricks and helpful tips

• If you make thin pancakes without holes, and you want them to be openwork, just pour a little mineral carbonated water into the dough.

• Do not forget to sift flour, there the dough will turn out to be more homogeneous, with oxygen bubbles, and then the pancakes will turn out beautiful, thin, openwork.

• To make pancakes on kefir especially tasty, beat the proteins separately from the rest of the ingredients, only after you achieve a stable foam, inject the protein mixture into the bulk.

• Dessert pancakes on kefir served with sweets will be more fragrant and tastier if you add some cinnamon or vanilla to the dough.

• You can put a bit of spicy herbs in the dough for pancakes that are used for serving with hearty fillings.

• You can experiment and put in cocoa dough, then you get chocolate pancakes on kefir, they can be served with a dessert of banana and chocolate.

• To prevent pancakes from floating in the oil while frying, grease the pan with silicone pussy. No tassels? It does not matter, you can use a piece of gauze or just take a half of the potato, oil it and hold it on the surface of the pan. In order not to have to smear the pan, use cast iron utensils or with non-stick coating.

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