Pastila at home - a tasty and healthy delicacy. The best recipes homemade pastes: from apple, pear, raspberry, quince

Pastila at home - a tasty and healthy delicacy. The best recipes homemade pastes: from apple, pear, raspberry, quince

Pastila is a delicacy that has been prepared in our country for a long time.

It is tasty and healthy, contains a large amount of vitamins, is stored for a long time.

Like candy and adults, and children.

If you want to feast on natural sweets, cooked with your own hands, you will surely like carefully selected recipes of homemade marshmallow.

Pastille at home - general principles of cooking

Prepare fruit candy from any berries and fruit. The cooking process, though painstaking and not fast - it's worth it - the finished product turns out very tasty, fragrant and most importantly useful, the result of the work will meet all expectations.

To prepare the original product is thoroughly washed and twisted, whipped, fray in mashed potatoes. Next, the mass is boiled, if necessary, adding sweeteners: sugar or honey, and then lined with parchment paper and dried in the sun.

If you want to eat pastila in the winter season, then you can dry the mashed potatoes in the oven, lining it in a thin layer on a baking sheet.

Ready marshmallow becomes dense, but at the same time not hard and overdried. It can be easily folded or bent.

The finished product can be stored for up to 4 months at room temperature in a well-ventilated room in canvas bags.

Recipe 1. Apple mashed fruit at home without sugar


• two kilograms of sweet apples;

• water.

Cooking Method:

1. Apples are thoroughly washed, cut off a thin layer of peel, cut in half, remove the core. Then cut the fruit into small slices.

2. We put the apples in a thick-walled pot, preferably in a cauldron or in a saucepan, but not in an enameled container, otherwise the apples will burn, and the taste of the finished pastille will turn out with bitterness.

3. Fill the fruit with cold water, the amount of water should be no more than one centimeter from the bottom of the pan so that the apple mass does not burn. 4. Simmer apple slices for one hour over low heat.

5. After the allotted time, the apples will begin to disintegrate into mashed potatoes, then we remove the stew pan from the heat and filter the fruit mass.

6. The remaining apple mass is passed through a sieve with small holes, in the end we get a gentle mass of brown color.

7. Lined with parchment paper on a baking sheet, spread applesauce evenly in 5-6 mm.

8. Put the baking tray in the oven preheated to 120 degrees, dry the pastille with the door open for an hour.

9. Carefully overturn the marshmallow, leave for another 2.5 hours, reducing the temperature to 90 degrees.

10. Finished apple pastille we remove from parchment, cut into pieces, ribbons, figures.

Recipe 2: Apple Mash at Home with Sugar


• 300 grams of apples;

• one chicken egg protein;

• 60 ml of water;

• 10 g agar-agar;

• 150 g sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Apples are peeled, cut out the core, cut into slices.

2. Put the fruit in a saucepan, pour a third of a glass of cold water, close the saucepan with a lid.

3. Stew the apples for about forty minutes, until they begin to fall apart.

4. Remove the pan from the stove, cool the apples and rub through a sieve.

5. Add one chicken protein to apple puree, whip until a uniform consistency, the color of the mass should become pale brown.

6. Fill agar-agar with 60 ml of cold water, set aside for 15 minutes to the side, then add sugar and set on slow fire. We warm the mixture to 105 degrees.

7. Cool the syrup to 65-70 degrees, pour in apple sauce, beat the mixture with a mixer at the lowest speed.

8. We lay out a baking sheet with food film, pour an apple mass in an even layer, let the mass stand for 12 hours under the scorching rays of the sun in a well-ventilated room.

9. After carefully removing the film with marshmallow, baking the pan with baking paper, turning the mars leaf over it. You can cut a large sheet in small stripes or squares. 10. Dry marshmallow for another two days in the sun or for one and a half hours in an oven preheated to 100 degrees with the door open.

Recipe 3: Quince paste at home


• 800 grams of sweet and sour apples;

• one and a half kilograms of quince;

• two liters of water;

• 1.3 kilograms of sugar;

• two lemons.

Cooking Method:

1. Quince thoroughly wash and wipe with a towel. Cut into four parts, remove the bone, lay out in a saucepan.

2. Cut the rind from the washed apples, cut the core. Cut the fruit into slices, put the quince in a saucepan.

3. Pour in water, cook on low heat for about an hour.

4. We rub the mass we have got through a sieve, add the juice of two lemons and granulated sugar.

5. Re-expose the slow fire, boil the mass, stirring, 15 minutes until thick.

6. Put the viscous and well-cooked mass on a clean large wooden board moistened with water.

7. Level the mass with a wide knife so that the thickness of the layer is not more than one centimeter.

8. We cover the pastille with dry gauze, remove for a day in a well-ventilated room for drying.

9. After a day we turn the dried marshmallow on a baking sheet lined with paper, dry it in the oven for three hours. In this case, the oven should be heated to 110 degrees in advance, and during cooking, the oven door should remain ajar.

Recipe 4: Paste from jam at home


• one liter of thick fruit jam;

• three chicken proteins.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the jam in the bowl of the blender, whip, wipe through a sieve.

2. Add the whites of chicken eggs into the jam, beat the mixture until homogeneous on slow revolutions.

3. We lay out a mass of jam in an even layer on a baking sheet, lining it with baking paper.

4. Dry the jam in an oven preheated to 120 degrees for one hour on one side, another hour on the other. Do not forget to leave the door ajar to allow air to circulate inside the oven.

Recipe 5: Raspberry Mash at Home


• kilogram of fresh raspberries;

• vegetable oil;

• liter of raspberry juice;

• powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Place the raspberries in a colander, rinse it, leave for some time to glass the excess water.

2. Put the berries in the pan, put it in the oven, simmer in a heated oven for about 30 minutes.

3. Wipe the steamed raspberries through a strainer.

4. Raspberry puree mix with raspberry juice, set on slow fire. Boil the mass, stirring until it decreases by half.

5. We line the form with parchment paper, lubricate it with vegetable oil, pour in raspberry puree, smooth it.

6. Dry in direct sunlight or in an oven heated to 80 degrees.

7. Cut the finished raspberry marshmallow, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Recipe 6: Plum Mash at Home


• kilogram of yellow plum;

• vegetable oil for lubrication form.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly wash the plums, remove the bones, put them in the pan. Grind immersion blender into mashed potatoes.

2. Pour the mashed potatoes into an enamel saucepan, cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the plum mass is 2.5 times smaller.

3. The mass is cooled and poured into a layer lined and oiled form in two centimeters.

4. We warm the oven to 70 degrees, lay out the form with a plum mass.

5. Dry for three hours with the cabinet door ajar.

Recipe 7: Pearl Mash at Home


• kilogram of pears;

• vegetable oil;

• half a cup of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed pears into slices, cut the core.

2. Cook the prepared fruit, pass through a sieve.

3. Add sugar to the pear mass.

4. Mashed potatoes on slow fire. Boil the mass twice.

5. We lay out paper in a form, we grease it with oil.

6. Spread the pear in a thin layer, dry the marshmallow in the oven, heated to 70 degrees, for two hours.

Recipe 8: Apricot Mash in the home with the addition of apricot kernels


• two kilograms of apricots;

• 750 grams of sugar;

• 200 grams of apricot kernels;

• vegetable oil;

• two pinches of cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove apricots from the bone, we twist the fruits themselves in a meat grinder or chop them in a blender, and wash the bones thoroughly and dry them in the oven on a dry baking sheet.

2. We take out the nuts from the dried kernels, grind them.

3. We expose apricot puree to a low heat, bring to a boil, add chopped nuts, cinnamon and sugar.

4. Boil the mass, stirring occasionally, two or three times.

5. Spread hot pastila on a baking tray lined with oiled paper, a layer of 1-1.2 cm.

6. We expose the baking sheet for 4 hours in the oven, heated to 50 degrees.

Pastila at home - secrets, tricks

• Apple peel, which has to be cleaned before cooking, can be used to make homemade compotes.

• It is not necessary that the marshmallow should be from the same type of fruit or berries; you can safely experiment by mixing different fruits.

• Do not forget to open the oven door, if you dry the mashed potatoes in the oven. So the marshmallow grabs faster.

• If you dry your pastilles in the sun, cover it with a piece of dry gauze.

• Store ready pastilles conveniently, cut into long strips or small squares.

• Ready lozenges can be stored not only in canvas bags, but also in dry glass or plastic containers.

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