What is added to okroshka

What is added to okroshka

Ice okroshka - the queen of summer vegetable soups. In the old days, it was considered a hangover. As the name implies, it is prepared on the basis of finely chopped ingredients with a liquid dressing. Despite the innovative trends of recent years, the set of its main components does not change - these are vegetables and any protein component, combined with a large amount of greenery.


The main issue of discussions about okroshka is the dilemma - meat or sausage. Both options have their advantages and, therefore, the right to life. Sausage is available at any time and requires less time to prepare. Cooked varieties of high-quality sausage or ham, more preferred for hash, should not contain lard and garlic. But small pieces of smoked meats will become an attractive unexpected highlight of the dish.

The traditional recipe for okroshka involves mixing different types of meat, and this is very similar to okroshka with a spicy hay. Meat should be cut across the grain. As a rule, they combine boiled lean veal and poultry meat - chicken or turkey meat, only the skin is carefully removed. Before cutting the meat should be dried with a napkin or soaked in a colander. An interesting option for use in okroshka can be pieces of meat baked on the coals with the smell of smoke - it harmonizes perfectly with the warm kvass aroma.

The fish is big and small

For cooking fish okroshka, fish with sweetish meat — cod, pike perch, tench — without small bones are chosen: the purchase of ready-made fillets would be an ideal option. It is boiled for not more than a quarter of an hour, and so that the fillet does not boil soft, it can be placed in a gauze bag. Fish okroshka is acidified with lemon juice and decorated with pieces of seafood, lemon slices.

It should be remembered that both meat and fish are cut a little larger than the other ingredients - so less likely that the meat will split and turn okroshka into unappetizing slush. Any meat is cut after complete cooling.

Classics of the genre

Kvass is considered a classic component of okroshka, but a good alternative can be:

  • whey;
  • fermented milk drinks;
  • mineral water;
  • meat and mushroom broth
  • beet broth;
  • vegetable juices;
  • cabbage or cucumber pickles;
  • beer.

Kvass is supplemented with mayonnaise, mustard, black pepper and grated horseradish gruel. The unique taste of okroshka is achieved by a combination of some of the listed components. The choice of kvass depends on individual preferences - there are lovers of the so-called white kvass with pronounced sourness, but many gourmets do not represent okroshka without dark bread kvass with a soft velvety taste. Self-respecting mistress cooks okroshka only on her own kvass. Tips for insisting kvass okroshka do not make sense, because half an hour is not enough for this, and the components are mixed in a chilled form. It must be remembered that okroshka poured with kvass is stored worse than a dry mixture of ingredients - they soak pretty quickly and lose their presentable appearance.

Spicy Accent

A variety of pickles favorably shade the taste of sour dressing, compensating for a fresh note of boiled potatoes, meat and eggs.

In okroshka add:

  • mushrooms;
  • cucumbers;
  • olives;
  • pickled apples;
  • pitted, salted plums.

The necessary sharpness is made by cubes of juicy radish or daikon. Okroshka perfectly complements salted or smoked fish as a snack. In the heat, adding ice cubes to a plate would be a fitting unexpected idea.

Vegetable abundance

Before cutting cucumbers, you need to make sure that the peel does not taste bitter, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the whole dish. To enhance the flavor and maximize the extraction of juice, radish and cucumbers (always with the peel) are rubbed on a coarse grater. With the same purpose, greens - dill, parsley, basil, and even celery - are pre-pounded with a wooden pestle, and complemented by green shoots of garlic to taste. Fresh mint is added to okroshka for smell. But garlic cloves okroshka contraindicated - they are guaranteed to kill the taste of any ingredients. The growing popularity of arugula leads to the fact that today they are beginning to add to the mass of it and her. Potatoes for okroshka boiled in a “uniform”. One potato can be pounded and added to the total weight of ingredients - it adds thickness and attractive starch viscosity to the dish. Combining the ingredients, you do not need to mix them intensively, turning the mass into porridge.

Completely without meat

Vegetarian okroshka is not very different in taste from the usual, because the emphasis of the dish is shifted to vegetables. But it is low-calorie, so the requirements of the supplement or the presence of substantial snacks are inevitable. Brave experimenters argue that mushroom okroshka also has the right to place on the dining table. Its complement with soy and diced black bread.

The finished dish is decorated with half a boiled egg.

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