How to drink absinthe

How to drink absinthe

Absinthe is not an ordinary drink, its name is surrounded by legends, the French call it the “green fairy” (in some translations the “green witch”). It is known that he was favored by many creative people, they say that they even took inspiration from the bottom of the glass. This is due to the special composition of the drink. Absinthe is made by distillation of alcoholic infusion on herbs, wormwood is the dominant herb (Latin Artemisia absinthium). This plant contains the narcotic substance thujon capable of causing hallucinations. Today thujone in a number of countries is under a ban, in others its maximum content in absinthe is strictly regulated, because of which the hallucinogenic effect is practically reduced to zero. The taste and aroma of a drink containing a large amount of esters is multifaceted, it has a magical effect, forcing him to taste it again and again. However, to evaluate its organoleptic properties to the full, it is necessary to know how to drink absinthe correctly. To date, there was a certain culture of its use, which has many subtleties.

General rules

Absinthe strength can reach 85 degrees. It is believed that with a low alcohol content, he simply will not be able to hold multiple esters inside. Therefore, the main rule when drinking is to know when to stop. But there are a few subtleties prescribed by etiquette and the characteristics of the drink itself.

  • Absinthe is drunk from special glasses, which look like two vessels arranged one above another and interconnected. The volume of the lower part is 30 ml, absinthe is poured into it. The rest of the space is filled with water or another liquid, which is diluted with a strong drink. Such dishes will not be found in every home, so it is permissible to serve ordinary absinthe stacks or tulip-shaped cognac glasses under absinthe. The first option is suitable when using the drink in its pure form, the second - to drink it diluted. Separate ways to use absinthe may require the use of other utensils.
  • The classic method of drinking absinthe involves the use of a special spoon for sugar, which has a perforated bottom through which the liquid passes easily. Sometimes they use a device called a “fountain”: this is a kind of decanter with several faucets, which is filled with ice and clear water. Absinthe can be diluted through taps at the same time in several glasses. The device can come in handy when absinthe is tasted in a large company, but its cost is so high that it often goes without it.
  • Undiluted absinthe holds esters, which is why it does not have a bright aroma and is clearly bitter. They drink it in its pure form rarely, although it is not prohibited by etiquette. In this case, the drink is served as an aperitif in a chilled (to zero degrees). Drink it in one gulp and be sure to eat a piece of fruit, most often lemon or orange. The portion of the drink should not exceed 30 ml. Dilution of absinthe with pure water contributes to the release of esters, makes the taste and aroma bright and rich. One part of absinthe often requires from 3 to 5 parts of water. Diluted absinthe and cocktails based on it are served as the main drink.

There are no other rules for the use of absinthe, but there are several ways to drink it, which are widely used.

What a snack absinthe

Undiluted absinthe necessarily requires a snack, diluted can not snack.

Fruits are considered the best snack, while preference is given to citrus. Fruit slicing on the table will be more than appropriate. Fruits can be sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar. Chocolate is also used as a snack for absinthe.

If you definitely want to submit something more substantial than sweets to absinthe, you can offer guests seafood dishes, even though this option is not an ideal snack.

Olives and blue mold cheese are considered as a good snack.

Some enjoy snacking absinthe with pickled mushrooms.

Popular ways to drink absinthe

In our country, several ways of using absinthe are popular, allowing to make this process spectacular and at the same time reveal the unusual taste of this drink.

  • The classic version. You will need a piece of refined sugar and pure ice water. Absinthe fill the glass to the mark (if you use usual, then pour 30 ml). A spoon with holes is placed on top, and sugar is placed on it. Water is poured onto sugar until the esters are released. A change in the color of the drink (from green to yellow-green) and its clouding will indicate this. This effect is called Louche, before it will take about 120 ml of water. After this, the spoon is removed and the drink is drunk. Often this method of using absinthe is called French.
  • Czech method. On a glass for absinthe put a special spoon with a leaky bottom, put on it a piece of pressed sugar. Absinthe poured sugar, filling them with a glass of not more than a quarter. Sugar is set on fire and waited for it to melt and flow down. Spoon stir the drink and dilute with cold water in a ratio of 1: 3, after which the drink is ready for use.
  • With citrus fruits. A slice of lemon or orange is dipped in absinthe and rolled in sugar. Holding tongs over a glass with absinthe, set on fire. When all the syrup is drained into the glass, the drink is diluted to the desired consistency.
  • Russian method. Absinthe is mixed with pre-cooked sugar syrup. The ratio is chosen to taste. Then diluted with cold water, also focusing on your own taste.
  • Bar option. This method is also an invention of our compatriots and resembles the method of using sambuka. You will need two glasses (Rox and Cognac), a cocktail tube, a saucer, a napkin, a lighter, cold water or a sprite. Water or sprite is poured into a glass, absinthe - in a cognac glass. The tube is placed on a saucer, threading its short side through a small hole in a paper napkin. Absinthe is set on fire for 15 seconds, then poured into a glass with a sprite. Cognac glass bottom up placed on a saucer, covering them with a straw. Having inhaled through the straw of the vapor, they drink absinthe diluted with water or sprite.
  • “Two glasses”. Looking for a rox and a small pile. Stack put on the bottom of the rock. Absinthe is poured into it. Cold water is poured into a stack with a drink until the drink overflows and only clean water remains in the stack. A stack is taken out, diluted absinthe is drunk.

Popular uses of absinthe are related to diluting it. Interesting combinations can be obtained by mixing it with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Cocktail “Cheerful Milkman”


  • milk - 30 ml;
  • whiskey - 30 ml;
  • absinthe - 30 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Cool drinks.
  • Place in a shaker, shake for 30 seconds.
  • Pour into a beautiful glass on the stem.

Drink a drink in small sips, slowly enough.

Cheshire Cat Cocktail


  • absinthe - 30 ml;
  • apple juice - 60 ml;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Put ice cubes on the bottom of the glass, filling it by about a quarter.
  • Pour in the absinthe. Wait until the ice starts to melt.
  • Add juice. Serve without stirring.

Cocktail prepared according to this recipe should be drunk quickly enough, but, of course, not in one gulp.

Cocktail “Death at Lunch”


  • absinthe - 30 ml;
  • dry champagne - as needed;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Put ice in a glass, cover with absinthe.
  • Slowly pour in the champagne until the drink becomes milky.

There is an opinion that Ernest Hemingway was not indifferent to this drink.

Orange Absinthe Cocktail


  • absinthe - 20 ml;
  • orange absinthe - 20 ml;
  • vermouth - 40 ml;
  • orange - 1 slice for decoration.

Method of preparation:

  • Mix the drinks and fill the resulting martini glass.
  • Decorate with an orange slice or spiral of orange peel.

This variant of cocktail with absinthe is especially popular with women.

Green Bull Cocktail


  • absinthe - 25 ml;
  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • Red Bull or a similar energy drink;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • A cocktail glass half filled with ice cubes.
  • Pour in vodka.
  • Gently pour absinthe into the spoon. To prevent the layers from mixing, use a spoon.
  • Just carefully pour the energy drink from above.

Drink served with a straw. He likes lovers of hard liquor. Most often, preference is given to him by the representatives of the stronger sex. If you do not consume energy drinks, replace Red Bull with strong sweet coffee.

Absinthe is a mysterious drink that has not only a curious history, but also unique organoleptic qualities. Many of its properties are due to the use of wormwood for its manufacture. Fully absinthe taste is revealed when it is diluted with water. It is based on this most popular ways of using it. Interestingly reveals the taste of the drink in cocktails.

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