How to store red caviar

How to store red caviar

Many on the tables have red caviar - an infrequent guest. Indeed, because of the rather big prices, people buy it for a holiday, or when they really want to feel like a completely wealthy person.

But many, trying to stretch the pleasure, forget that caviar is a perishable product. And in the end, she finds herself in a trash can, as its further use becomes hazardous to health. But this would not have happened if people knew the rules for storing this delicacy.

But first you need to choose it correctly.

How to choose high-quality red caviar

This question is very relevant, because now not only real red caviar is sold on the shelves of the stores, but also artificial - alginic, which is obtained when processing kelp brown algae. And it is so skillfully made that it can be easily confused with the present.

  • But if you look at natural caviar, you can see that each of its eggs has black dots - the eyes of future fry.
  • If caviar is sold by weight, then it must be tried. Firstly, it is possible to determine its taste, and secondly, the real eggs burst when biting. With alginic caviar this does not happen, because its “eggs” are filled with gelatinous mass.
  • If the caviar is sealed, then you need to examine the information on the label. It must contain the address of the manufacturer, the composition of caviar and the time of manufacture.
  • It is desirable that the composition of caviar was minimal - caviar, salt. And without dyes and any E. But this is as lucky.
  • Manufacturer's address is important. After all, if caviar is packaged away from the sea, then this means that it was brought there from somewhere. And it is still unknown how many days and in what conditions she traveled to her destination. And the more time she was traveling, the less she would be stored.
  • Both the packaging date and the storage period must be indicated on the label.
  • If there is no information on the label, then the purchase of such caviar should be discarded.

Tara, in which caviar is packaged, also matters. After all, now it can be put not only in glass jars with a sealed lid, but also in tin, as well as in plastic containers.

By the way, in plastic containers it is undesirable to buy caviar for the simple reason that it very often opens easily. And it is still unknown whether someone opened it to a potential buyer.

Very often red caviar is sold by weight. In this case, do not buy caviar from an unfamiliar seller or in places of elemental trade. There they can often slip a poor-quality product or even mix real caviar with artificial ones.

It is advisable to buy caviar in places where they are engaged in fish processing. There definitely will not sell bad goods. The advantage of buying caviar in such a place is also in the fact that, upon request, they can show both a certificate and permission to trade. By the way, this condition must be met at any point of sale of red caviar (and not only her).

If everything went well with the purchase of caviar, you also need to be able to save it.

How to store red caviar in a closed jar

If a jar of caviar is not going to be opened immediately, but they want to save it for an indefinite time, then storage problems usually do not arise.

After all, on the jar given a clear instruction about the temperature at which it is necessary to store the eggs and for how long. But the shelf life usually ranges from six months to a year.

How to store red caviar in an open can

If a jar of caviar was opened, but after a meal there was a little caviar left in it, then proceed as follows:

  • If caviar was sold in a can, then it must be transferred to another container so that the product does not oxidize. Firstly, it is harmful, secondly, the shelf life is reduced, and thirdly, it is simply not tasty if caviar gets the taste of iron.
  • Take a small glass jar. After all, if you put the caviar in a large jar and there is still a place unfilled with caviar, then the same thing happens with canned vegetables when they remain in the can on the bottom - they sour. This is due to the large accumulation of air in the jar, which contributes to fermentation.
  • Therefore, the main condition is to block the access of air to the calf. This can be done with vegetable, and even better - olive oil. Clean and dry the jar smeared with oil inside. Then, the eggs are carefully shifted into it, trying not to crush the eggs, because the shapeless caviar mass is stored worse. When the jar is filled with caviar, oil is poured over it. This oil film will serve as a protective barrier between the roe and the air.
  • The jar is tightly closed. It is not recommended to use for this tin lids (due to oxidation). Therefore, it can be closed with a plastic, glass, nylon cover, or it can be well sealed with food film.

Where to store red caviar

Red caviar is stored only in the refrigerator. Temperature mode of storage delicacies - from -2 to -6 °.

In the refrigerator, the temperature ranges from 0 ° to + 6 ° in the plus compartment and -12-20 ° in the freezer.

So, you need to find the best place to store a delicacy. It is not recommended to keep caviar in the freezer, because then the eggs are frozen to each other and the caviar turns into one continuous frozen mass. After thawing, the caviar loses its original appearance, and its taste deteriorates. But it does not spoil. And so many housewives still resort to this method of storage. And as you know, if there is a demand, there will be supply.

Therefore, if you still want to freeze caviar, then it is packaged in small closing containers so that you can take a single portion. Since the caviar is not subject to re-freezing.

If they still decide to put red caviar in the plus compartment of the refrigerator, then they choose the coldest place. It depends on the type of the refrigerator and the location of the freezer compartment in it, which can be located either above or below.

A jar of caviar is placed on a shelf closest to the freezer and pushed to the wall. In this position, caviar can be stored for one week. This is on condition that all the rules for product handling, transportation and storage have been observed prior to purchase.

But you can slightly extend the shelf life of caviar, if you put the jar in a container filled with ice. But in the plus compartment of the refrigerator, the ice melts and it will have to be replaced all the time with a new one.

Information slips on the Internet that an open can filled with oil can be stored for up to 6 months. But you should not experiment with your health. After all, if consumed caviar is eaten, then you can get a strong poisoning. Therefore, the best option is not to reserve for future use. And if, nevertheless, a jar of caviar was opened, it should be eaten within five to seven days.

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