How to clean the water at home

How to clean the water at home

Environmentalists around the world are sounding the alarm: the water is getting worse every year, and fewer and fewer places are left with clean spring water or just drinking water.

And if a small African settlement with the absence of any water is far, then everyone in the house has pipes through which tap water flows into the apartments. And not always good quality.

Many tenants immediately install filters on the taps, as well as buy special water purifiers, through which they always have clean drinking water available. But, despite the fact that some water purifiers are relatively inexpensive, most of the population they can not afford.

Knowing about the negative impact of not very clean water on health, many are looking for more affordable ways with which you can purify water from harmful impurities and microbes at home.

How to purify water by boiling

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to protect yourself from penetrating the body with microbes that are not very good with water is mandatory boiling. Not for nothing that it is the first condition for the fight against intestinal infections.

But boiling water eliminates not only harmful parasites. Thanks to him, the amount of chlorine, which is used in sewage treatment plants for water disinfection, is reduced. Although in many countries it has already been replaced by safer cleaning methods.

To get rid of excess chlorine, it is enough to boil tap water in a kettle or saucepan with the lid open for fifteen minutes.

But do not immediately drink this water. It is necessary to let it settle, then pour into another dish, and only then can it be used. Moreover, it is necessary to pour it carefully so as not to stir up sediment on the bottom, which is mercilessly poured out with the remaining water. Although in this familiar way there are also disadvantages. The fact is that boiling makes the water "dead." In this water there are no enzymes - biocatalysts, and useful trace elements are modified.

There is a very good way to improve the condition of boiled water. Especially if there are doubts about its quality. It is necessary with boiled and cooled water to pour in any sour berries or fruit - sea buckthorn, lemon, cranberry, apple peel, lingonberry. After insisting such water can be drunk fearlessly.

How to clean water with silver

With the help of silver, people purified water in ancient times.

For example, the Persian king Cyrus disinfected water by storing it only in silver vessels during the campaigns. And in India, for the disinfection of water, a red-hot silver sword was lowered into it.

In Russia, silver coins were thrown into wells, and the nobility drank water only from silver cups and jugs.

The custom to sanctify the water with a silver cross is still preserved.

Silver does not purify water from chlorine or heavy metals, but harmful microbes in such water die. This was proven in the 19th century by the Swiss botanist Negeli, discovering the phenomenon of oligodynamia, in which traces of silver have a destructive effect on microorganisms.

Therefore, cleaning with silver in our time is quite noteworthy.

  • Silver water is used by doctors during washing and irrigation of wounds.
  • It disinfects the water in the pools.
  • Such water is used in factories for the production of juices, water, milk, and oil.
  • For sale is “Silver water” with silver ions.

To get silver water at home, it is enough to drop a clean silver coin, spoon or silver jewelry into ordinary drinking water and leave it for a few hours. By the way, such water does not “bloom”; flakes and another sediment do not appear in it.

How to clean the water by freezing

It is believed that if you freeze the raw water, and then defrost it, then it will become truly miraculous.

To purify water from impurities, proceed as follows:

  • Water is poured into a plastic container and put in the freezer.
  • They are waiting for the water to freeze about 3/4 volume.
  • Then pour the unfrozen water, and ice is thawed and consumed for drinking or cooking.

Such manipulations are explained by the fact that during freezing ice crystals try to displace impurities into unfrozen liquid in order to obtain a normal, “correct” ice structure.

By the way, this theory is advanced by some scientists. Well, ordinary people believe that all microorganisms accumulate in unfrozen water, allegedly trying to prolong their existence. And if this water is poured in time, the rest of the water after thawing will be much cleaner.

How to clean water with activated carbon

Activated carbon is known to everyone. And many have it in the first-aid kit. After all, it is prescribed for poisoning or indigestion to remove toxins from the body, since coal is a good adsorbent.

But coal can not only help the stomach, but also purify the water that they want to use for drinking.

To do this, 5-10 tablets are placed in a gauze bag and put on the bottom of a jar or other container. Pour water and leave it for a few hours. During this time, coal will absorb all the impurities - and the water will become much cleaner.

How to purify water with shungite

Shungite is a carbonaceous mineral. It is believed that he is the best sorbent on Earth. If you put it in water, it will perfectly clean it of impurities, make it transparent. They say that this water is similar in taste to spring water. This is due to his ability to mix with organic and inorganic compounds. At the same time, shungite enriches water with useful microelements.

This effect is due to its unusual carbon structure. Its molecules are called fullerenes.

  • Shungite is washed in several waters.
  • Place it in a jar and fill it with water (3 liters of water are taken for 150 g of shungite).
  • Insist three days.
  • Water is carefully drained and used for drinking, cooking, washing.
  • And the stones are again poured with water and left already for 8-10 hours.

Once a week the shungite needs to be washed well, and every six months the stone should be replaced with a new one, as its effect weakens with time.

Silicon, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, has the same property.

How to purify water by settling

This way of water purification is always used by housewives who have flowers at home. After all, they do not water their greenery with water that they have just collected from a tap.

Hostess pour water into the container and leave for a day with the lid open. During this time, all chlorine will evaporate, and small particles that may be present in the water will settle to the bottom.

Thus purified water and for home use.

The distilled water is carefully poured into another container, and the precipitate is poured. If the water has previously been highly turbid or rusty, the procedure is repeated.

If this method of cleaning is not enough, the transfusion procedure can be carried out through a funnel, in which a small piece of gauze or bandage and cotton wool is put. This will also help make the water cleaner. But this simplest way requires patience and the availability of additional free time.

Interesting Water Facts

  • Water in which there is a lot of limestone is called hard. But in soft water it is not enough. But hard water is healthier because it contains more magnesium, calcium and other trace elements that help to cope with insomnia, headaches, weakness, heart disease and other ailments.
  • And soft water contains a lot of sodium, the excess of which in the body is deposited in the form of salt, at the same time as if pushing out the salts of calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements.
  • People who decide to replace ordinary tap water with distilled water should be aware that it is purified not only from harmful impurities, but also from useful substances. Indeed, in distilled water there are only traces of calcium, fluorine, magnesium and other trace elements. And therefore it is practically useless for maintaining health.
  • If there is no water purification filter in the house, use this method: add one drop of iodine to one cup of unboiled water.
  • Some recommend purifying water with salt. Even if there is a positive effect from this method of cleaning, it is impossible to drink such water, as it damages the kidneys.

Using any of these water purification methods at home, one should not forget about the water that fills the rivers, streams, lakes around. We must do everything possible to maintain the purity of the water and the coastal zone. After all, it may happen that clean water will be worth its weight in gold. And the rest of the water will be so dirty that no cleaning will help.

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