Chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and delicious cook pasties.

Chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and delicious cook pasties.

Chebureks - general principles and methods of cooking

Cheburek, this hot pie with crunchy, bubble dough and juicy delicious filling won the hearts, or rather the stomachs, everyone and everything. He is happy to eat on a hot summer and a frosty winter day. Initially, pasties were made only with unleavened meat filling. Today there are so many options for cooking both cheburechnoy stuffing, and dough. They are molded from fresh, custard, puff, yeast dough. And in a variety of fillings you can get confused. The most beloved and popular - meat. They are also made with potatoes, mushrooms, fish, pumpkin, vegetables, cheese and fried in large amounts of fat.

Chebureks - food preparation

Before you sculpt the pasties, prepare the pre-stuffing and dough. The dough must be kneaded thoroughly with your hands and allowed to rest for at least thirty minutes, preferably one hour. At this time, it reaches a condition, swells, becomes softer, more elastic, then it is easier to work with it. The filling is ground if it has undergone heat treatment, cooled, and the chebureks begin to sculpt.

Chebureks - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Chebureks with meat

Uncomplicated recipe. You can prepare such pasties quite quickly - in 30-40 minutes. The filling is very juicy, and the dough is thin and crispy. In order for the cheburek to retain its juiciness, the dough must be handled carefully so as not to damage the casing and prevent the broth from flowing out. You can take the minced meat or twist the lumpy meat. It is necessary to choose a little fat, for juiciness. Perfect pork. You can take mixed minced meat from different types of meat, such as pork, beef and lamb, or just beef and lamb.

Ingredients: a glass of water, flour - 500g, a spoonful of tea salt and sugar, oil grows. - 50 ml (2 tbsp). For the filling - minced meat - 400-500g, 2 medium onions, pepper with salt, water - 100ml. Method of preparation

Put sugar and salt in water and stir to dissolve. Add flour with butter, knead the dough. Let it rest for about an hour on the table if it is not too hot in the room or in the refrigerator. Cover with a bowl, napkin or wrap in foil.

Twist the meat or take the ready stuffing, salt, pour 100 ml of ordinary water, add ground pepper and chopped onions. Mince knead.

Roll the dough into a thin layer. Cut a rather large tortilla with a mug or saucer, put the stuffing, pin the edges and fry in strongly heated fat or vegetable oil.

Recipe 2: Chebureks with cheese

This recipe is fried pies for cheese lovers. As a filling, two types of cheese are used - hard and soft. They are hard to take Maasdam, or other rennet cheeses - Dutch, Kostroma, Yaroslavl. From soft cheeses - Mozzarella or replace with pickled cheeses - Adygei, suluguni or cheese. Salt in the filling is not worth it, because the cheeses themselves contain it in sufficient quantity. In cheburek to the cheese, you can put a couple slices of tomato.

Ingredients: Filling - 150g Maasdam, 150g Mozzarella. Dough - flour 4 cups, sugar with salt in a teaspoon, 1 egg, carbonated mineral water (savory) - 250ml.

Method of preparation

First make the dough. Mix the ingredients, knead well, leave it to rest a little.

For the filling hard grate grated on a grater, soft - grate or chop into thin strips, mix.

Dough thinly roll out and sculpt the pasties. Edge pinch fingers or pin down the teeth of a fork. Depending on the size, it should be about 12-15 pieces. Pour a lot of oil into the pan, heat it up strongly and fry it. The dough according to this recipe can be used for pasties with a different filling.

Recipe 3: Pumpkin Chebureks

Why not cook pasties with pumpkin. The dough is cooked normal, yeast straight. Pumpkin for the filling you need to take savory varieties. It is grated, but it is not stuffed raw, but is pre-stewed in a pan with fried onions. Sometimes add minced clove of garlic (for an amateur).

Ingredients: filling - pumpkin - 500-700g, salt, 3 onions, vegetable oil, pepper. Dough - a glass of milk or water, flour 2 glasses, 20g of fresh yeast, a little salt and sugar.

Method of preparation

First knead the dough. Stir the yeast with sugar, add a little water and leave for a quarter of an hour so that they begin to ferment, liven up. Add a glass of warm water or milk, a pinch of salt, flour. Mix mass until smooth. Cover the dishes with a napkin or towel and let the dough stand warm.

Pumpkin coarsely grate. Finely chop the onion, fry in the hot oil, add the pumpkin, sprinkle with pepper and salt, stew for 15 minutes. Cool it down.

Dough knead, roll. Blind pasties and fry in a large amount of boiling oil.

Stuffing can be done a little differently. Cut the onion and pumpkin into small cubes, mix, salt, add a couple of tablespoons of fat or chopped in a meat mincer lard and ground red pepper, so that the filling is quite spicy and salt. Put the raw stuffing into circles of dough, connect the edges and fry.

Recipe 4: Chebureks with Potatoes

It seems to be simple, but such a tasty and well-loved filling. It is also convenient because you can use ready-made mashed potatoes, for example, which has been in the fridge since yesterday. Add cracklings, fried onions and filling like new. The dough can be taken any - fresh, yeast. In this recipe indicated brew. It is enough for about 10-13 chebureks. Ingredients: stuffing - a few pieces of potatoes, a couple of onions, 100-150g of lard (smoked or ordinary), salt. The dough - one egg, a glass of water, flour 3 cups, sugar and salt in half a teaspoon, in a tablespoon grows. oils and vodka.

Method of preparation

Peel and put potatoes on the stove. While she is boiling, do the dough. Boil water by adding sugar and salt. Pour in the oil, add flour to two thirds of a glass, mix and remove from heat. Do not cease to interfere, you can whisk or spoon. If small lumps remain, it is not scary, they will later disperse, the main thing is to break big ones. When the mass has cooled to a warm state, drive an egg and pour in vodka, mix and begin to add flour in portions, kneading with your hands. It should be relatively soft. Set aside dough for an hour to come down and rest.

In the meantime, the potatoes have boiled, the water needs to be completely drained, the potatoes are ceilings. Melt the cracklings and fry the onions in the same fat. Mix with potatoes, sprinkle with pepper, cool. Blind pasties and fry.

Chebureks - useful tips from experienced chefs

-To prepare real chebureks, you need to spare no oil. It is poured so much that the pies float in it. They can be fried in a fryer or cauldron.

- To make the dough blister, with a brown crust, and the filling is roasted, the pasties are put in a very hot, hot oil. The lid is not covered so that the water from the condensate does not get into the oil, otherwise it will begin to shoot strongly.

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