Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

Are you going to fry potatoes for dinner? Wait, now we will add to it ... a pumpkin! We have already prepared an autumn platter of roasted potatoes with bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes, but now our recipe is different “zest” ... that is, pumpkin! The combination is original, right? And besides, very bright and tasty! Your home will enjoy the new interpretation of the usual dinner, and you will also repeat the recipe for “bis”!

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

All the colors of autumn have gathered in this simple but spectacular dish: red pumpkin, sunny and golden potatoes, red and orange sweet peppers, purple basil, here and there bright green specks ...

It is worth a little imagination and you can imagine that you fell into the autumn forest, admiring his riot of colors. Here's how to diversify such an ordinary recipe, like fried potatoes. By the way, the pumpkin is felt in the company of potatoes very harmoniously - even the sweet variety surely fit into the main dish. The whole secret is that the pumpkin is a very “friendly” product: it is imbued with the taste of its “neighbors” on a dish, but it is almost not felt. Remember how in the recipe for a delicious pumpkin roast?

Here and the potato will be happy to eat even those who do not like pumpkin porridge. And this is despite the fact that among the ingredients there is no meat. But still satisfying and tasty! However, if you want, you can add a set of products with slices of ham, boiled chicken or pork. The dish will only benefit from this.

  • Cooking time: 1 hour
  • Servings: 4-6

Ingredients for oven-baked potatoes with pumpkin and vegetables

7-8 medium potatoes;

200-300 g raw pumpkin;

1 onion;

2-3 bell peppers;

Spice mix (salt, ground black and red pepper, turmeric, dried basil, paprika. A set of spices can be varied, according to your preferences);

1 tbsp. l sunflower oil;

Parsley, dill.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

Cooking oven-baked potatoes with pumpkin and vegetables

My vegetables; we clean the potatoes and pumpkin from the peel, onions - from the husks, sweet peppers - from the tails and middles.

We cut potatoes and pumpkin into blocks, as for french fries. The most convenient way is to use a vegetable cutter: then the slices are even, the correct shape and the same size - it is important that they are cooked evenly. Onion cut into thin rings; pepper - rings or stripes, as you like.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

You can cook potatoes with pumpkins in two ways: fry in a frying pan or bake in the oven. I prefer the second option, since baked food is much healthier, and in most cases more tasty. But still, first it is worth a little fry vegetables - this reduces the cooking time.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

First, pour potatoes into the pan with heated butter, as it cooks longer than other vegetables. Stirring, fry on the fire a little more than average for 4-5 minutes.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

Then add pieces of pumpkin and, stirring, fry for another 2-3 minutes. Pumpkin softer than potatoes, and will be ready faster.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

And the most tender sweet peppers and onions are added 1-2 minutes before turning off the heat under the pan. We salt, we pepper vegetables, we sprinkle with seasonings, we mix.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

If you have a heat-resistant frying pan with a non-consumable handle - for example, cast iron - then you can directly bake everything in it. Alternatively, place it in a baked-in baking dish — glass, ceramic or foil.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

We put the form in a preheated oven and bake at 180-200 ° C at its average level until the vegetables are soft. It will take from 30 to 45 minutes - the specific time depends on the oven and the size of the pieces. We check potatoes with a wooden skewer: if it is soft, then all the other vegetables are ready too.

Taking the form from the oven, sprinkle with mixed vegetables chopped fresh greens. You can add a little grated garlic.

Oven Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin and Vegetables

Oven baked potatoes with pumpkin and vegetables are ready. Here is a colorful autumn dish turns out!

Enjoy your meal!

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