Meatballs with rice - meat, mouthwatering, favorite! Let's make cooking meatballs with rice: we will please our relatives and ourselves

Meatballs with rice - meat, mouthwatering, favorite! Let's make cooking meatballs with rice: we will please our relatives and ourselves

Meatballs are a dish that both adults and children adore.

This is not only hearty, but also a beautiful dish.

It is prepared for holidays and for a regular dinner.

The main thing is that all the necessary products are almost always in the fridge.

The recipes for cooking meatballs are huge, because they are popular in many European countries. Tasty meat balls have long taken their rightful place in the menu of cafes and restaurants.

They are prepared not only as an addition to soups, but also as an absolutely separate dish. Serve the meatballs and fried, and baked. They pour a variety of sauce, which makes them even tastier.

Meatballs with Rice - General Cooking Principles

Cooking begins with a selection of recipes. You need to decide how to cook the food, and then choose the right products.

The main ingredients in the meatballs with rice are, of course, minced meat and rice.

It is more correct to buy high-quality, fresh meat and grind it yourself. With the help of kitchen assistants (household appliances), this can be done without difficulty.

Of course, minced homemade and more suitable, and its quantity will be more if you add to it other ingredients. But no one forbids to buy ready-made, if in its quality there is no doubt.

For meatballs used pork, beef and chicken. You can combine several types of them. Mixed mince meatballs are even tastier.

If the meat is too lean, it will not hurt to grind a small piece of bacon. In the minced chicken it is better to add butter or cream.

The ground meat is generously seasoned with spices. You can add eggs, garlic, onions, cheese and nuts. It improves the taste of the finished dish finely chopped greens.

Rice before laying most often boiled until half cooked.

All the ingredients of the meat mixture must be thoroughly mixed. After cooking, the meat should be a little stand.

The shape of the meatballs with rice is round, and the size is slightly larger than the walnut.

You can cook the dish for a couple, bake in the oven or fry in a skillet. Used and a combination of these methods. For frying used vegetable oil.

Preparing the dish quickly. Some twenty to thirty minutes, and meatballs with rice are asked on a plate, appetizingly fragrant with spices and nourishing meat.

Garnished with baked vegetables, mashed potatoes, stewed beans.

1. Meatballs with Rice “Classic”

The dish is prepared first in the pan, and then - in the oven. Fragrant and nourishing meatballs can be supplemented with steamed vegetables.


• 0.400 kg of pork neck;

• onion;

• one garlic clove;

• 0.100 kg long grain rice;

• protein from one egg;

• salt - to taste;

• pepper mix - to taste;

• flour.

Cooking Method:

Cook rice almost until ready.

Grind pork once, then another. The resulting stuffing slightly repelled.

Cut onions into small pieces. Squeeze the juice and pour in the stuffing.

Crush garlic with a knife, chop and send to meat. Salt and pepper.

Pour the rice into a bowl of minced meat. Add lightly whipped protein. Stir thoroughly and mold the meatballs.

Roll twice in flour and send to the pan. Cook until thick.

Then load into the oven for twenty minutes (160 degrees).

2. Steam Rice Meatballs

Steamed chicken meatballs - a dietary, but tender and nutritious dish.


• 0,300 kg of chicken fillet;

• one onion;

• 0.100 kg of basmati rice;

• 50 g butter;

• kitchen salt - to taste;

• 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and black pepper.

Cooking Method:

Pour cold water in a bowl and soak the rice for an hour.

Chop the onion and fry until soft. Washed meat cut into cubes. Cut butter in the same way.

Transfer the onion, pieces of meat, oil to the blender and chop.

Salt and add turmeric with pepper.

Leave the minced meat in the fridge for half an hour.

Blind small meatballs.

Drain the water from the rice, dry it with a napkin. Pour on a plate.

Meatballs break in rice. Cook for a couple of minutes thirty.

3. Italian Meatballs with Rice

The original and festive dish will adequately decorate any table and, undoubtedly, will bring pleasure.


• half a kilo of beef;

• 0.100 kg of bacon;

• 50 grams of pistachios and parmesan;

• two eggs;

• 20 g parsley.

For the sauce:

• medium bulb;

• celery stalk;

• carrot;

• garlic clove;

• 0.100 liters of wine (dry white);

• A glass of tomato juice;

• three Art. spoons of olive oil;

• lemon;

• salt and pepper mix.

Cooking Method:

Fry the pistachios in the pan without adding oil. Grind, putting in a sealed bag and pressing with a knife.

Finely chop the parsley.

Cheese cut into pieces.

Cut the meat and kill in a blender. Then fall asleep cheese, nuts and herbs. Turn on the blender and grind all the ingredients.

Pour the meat mixture into the bowl.

Separately, beat the eggs and gradually add to the minced meat. Sprinkle and sprinkle with pepper. Mix.

Blind the meatballs. Transfer them to a greased baking sheet.

Send in the oven about ten minutes (160 degrees).

Pull out a pan of meatballs with rice and pour them over the sauce. Cook for about fifteen minutes at the same temperature.

The dish is especially tasty when hot.

While the meatballs are baking for the first ten minutes, you need to prepare the sauce.

Grind the onion, celery stalk and carrot. Lightly fry, add chopped garlic. Salt and pepper.

Bring wine to a boil in a separate bowl and evaporate it. Pour into a griddle with vegetables. Add tomato juice.

Grate the lemon zest and pour it into the pan.

Simmer the sauce for about twenty minutes, stirring constantly.

4. Meatballs with Surprise Rice

Ordinary meatballs, thanks to the filling, turn into an original dish and with a surprise.


• 0.400 kg of beef;

• two onions;

• half-sheaf of parsley;

• proteins of two eggs;

• 0.150 kg of rice;

• 0.100 kg of prunes;

• kitchen salt;

• a mixture of peppers;

• 80 grams of butter;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• 20 g of beef broth concentrate (demi-glas).

Cooking Method:

Pour boiling water over rice and cook until half cooked. Before the end of cooking salt.

Prepare minced beef. Chop the onion and grind it. Add to the meat.

Separate the whites and whip into a thick white foam.

Chop the parsley. Add to minced meat. Pour whipped squirrels here.

Add minced meat and pepper. To stir thoroughly.

Prune divided into four pieces.

Combine rice with minced meat and stir everything again.

Blind the meatballs and put inside a piece of prunes.

Put on a baking sheet and load into the oven. There they should stay for about fifteen minutes.

In a skillet spasserovat flour in butter and vegetable oil. Add boiling water and beef broth concentrate. Priprichit and salt. The result was a gravy.

Transfer the meatballs from the pan to the pan. To extinguish, not forgetting to water the upper part of the balls with gravy.

Cooking meatballs with rice will take another fifteen minutes.

5. Meatballs with Rice and Cranberry Sauce

Sweet and sour sauce gives meat balls a pleasant taste and original look.


• 300 grams of beef;

• 200 grams of pork;

• onion;

• 0.120 kg of rice.

• Art. spoon of breadcrumbs;

• h. Spoon of sweet paprika;

• 1/2 teaspoon white pepper;

• kitchen salt;

• half a glass of water.

• 0.250 kg of cranberries; • two Art. spoons of sugar;

• h. Spoonful of flour.

Cooking Method:

Cook rice until cooked.

Chop an onion and fry for a while.

Chop the meat into pieces and twist in a meat grinder. Add to the mince croutons.

Grind toasted onions and pour it into the meat mixture.

Put rice and paprika in the mince.

Dissolve a pinch of salt in water and pour it into the meat mixture. Mince intensively stir. Add white pepper. Set aside for a few minutes.

Cook the cranberry sauce. To do this, pour the berries into a saucepan, crush lightly and add sugar. Pour in some water, dissolving a teaspoon of flour in it.

Cook with constant stirring. Cranberries should make juice. The sauce gradually becomes thick. Remove the saucepan from the heat and strain.

Pinch off small pieces of minced meat sculpt balls.

Fry in a skillet, periodically shaking it so that the meatballs with rice turn over.

Pour the finished dish with cranberry sauce.

6. Meatballs with rice in white sauce

A hearty and delicious dish can be prepared for dinner or lunch. Add meatballs with rice sliced ​​vegetables.


• half a pound of minced pork and beef;

• 0.15 ml of milk;

• 0.100 kg of rice;

• two eggs;

• large onion;

• five garlic cloves;

• salt and pepper mix - to taste;

• h. Spoon of coriander;

• a bunch of parsley.

For the sauce:

• 1/3 cup flour;

• 0,250 l 20% cream;

• three Art. melted butter;

• 0.400 l of beef broth.

Cooking Method:

Both mince mix in a bowl.

Whisk the eggs.

Rice boil for about fifteen minutes.

Grind the garlic. Add to stuffing.

Finely chop the onion, fry a little and pour into the stuffing.

Shred greens and send to the same.

Intensively and thoroughly mix all the components of the meat mixture.

Add rice, milk and eggs. Sprinkle, sprinkle with a mixture of peppers and coriander. Stir gently. Make small meatballs and spread them on a baking sheet. Send for twenty-five minutes in the oven (220 degrees).

Melt melted butter in a skillet. After it starts to boil, gradually pour the flour. Stir with a spatula so as not to form lumps.

When the flour is slightly roasted, add a thin trickle of cream.

Then add beef broth and let it boil.

Sauce pour hot meatballs.

Meatballs with Rice - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • The rice for the meatballs must be long grain. Then in the process of cooking the dish will not fall apart. It is boiled to semi-ready with the following proportions: 120 grams of water per 100 grams of rice.
  • Meatballs will be better sculpted if the stuffing beat off a little.
  • The rice may stick together during the cooking process. To prevent this from happening, you need to add a piece of butter to the saucepan.
  • Many cooks do not recommend washing the rice if it is used to make meatballs.
  • To keep the dish in shape, and the minced meat was airy, add egg whites. Before that, they whisk in a thick foam. To speed up the process, proteins are cooled.
  • It’s better to scrape meatballs with rice with gloves or to hold a bowl of water near the working surface. Minced meat almost never sticks to wet hands.
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