Tasty and fragrant canned sweet cherry for the winter. The best recipes for preserving cherries for all

Tasty and fragrant canned sweet cherry for the winter. The best recipes for preserving cherries for all

Cherries are a favorite berry, and both children and adults eagerly eat it in season.

But here in the winter it is harvested relatively rarely.

The reason, probably, is that the conservation of sweet cherries requires some conditions, the subtleties of its preparation are not known to everyone.

General principles of cherry preservation for the winter

To cook really great canned cherries, you need to choose good fruits. They should not be small and crooked: if the berries are tasteless, how can they make a tasty harvest?

Sweet cherry is often wormy. Check for wormholes. If found, do not take the berries from this tray: probably the whole sweet cherry is infected here, it's just not noticeable yet.

Cherry twigs are not removed before sale. If not, they were probably in a very bad condition. Take this berry is not worth it, like the one in which the twigs dried or rotted. Tasty canned sweet cherry from such raw materials can not cook.

To the touch berries of sweet cherry should be dense and smooth. They will be tasty and juicy. Fruits watery or rough are not suitable for the conservation of sweet cherries.

Sweet cherry contains very little acid. To fix this, it is customary to add citric acid or natural citrus fruits to canned sweet cherry.

Cherry jam must be boiled in a few tricks: only in this case, the berries will remain dense, filled with sweet juice. However, sometimes these fruits do not boil at all, but only poured boiling syrup several times: this way canned sweet cherries will taste better.

When preserving cherries often use different spices. This is usually vanilla, but cinnamon, badyan, and cardamom are also often added. This gives the finished dish an indescribable flavor and delicate taste.

Recipe 1. Cherry preservation in own juice


Sweet cherry - 2 kg

Citric acid - 6 g

Method of preparation For this method of preservation, it is necessary to select dense and very ripe berries, without signs of spoilage and not crumpled.

They should be thoroughly rinsed: first put in a bowl with slightly acidified water, and then rinsed, poured into a colander, under the faucet.

Using a special device to free the berries from the bones.

It is very tight to put the prepared sweet cherries in the liter jars, trying to ensure that there are no voids. Now and then you should lightly sprinkle the berries with citric acid.

At the bottom of a large pot lay a towel and pour cold water. Put there the banks of cherries (open, of course), so that they were in the water “by the shoulders”. Pasteurize in boiling water for about 20 minutes, then roll up.

Recipe 2. Canned sweet cherry: compote


Granulated sugar - 400 g

Water - 800 ml

Vanilla sugar - a tablespoon

Citric acid - a teaspoon

Sweet and dark cherries - about one and a half kg; this is indicative, in fact, as much as will fit into the banks

Method of preparation

In an enamel pan, heat the water and pour sugar and vanilla sugar into it. Stir. Warm up to a boil.

Wash the cherries very thoroughly and spread them into sterilized jars.

Pour boiling syrup over the sweet cherry and cover with sterilized lids (do not roll it up!).

Let stand for 5 minutes, then pour the syrup back into the pan and bring to the boil again. Banks, just pouring the syrup, immediately cover with lids, so that the cherry is not very cold.

Pour citric acid into the boiling syrup, immediately stir it and, without delay, re-pour it into the jars with the top. Roll up immediately (the syrup squeezed out by the lid should come out from under the cover), wipe with a damp cloth, turn it upside down. Banks to cover with a towel or something like that and leave it to cool completely.

Recipe 3. Sweet cherry preservation with garden berries platter


Sweet cherry - 1 kg

Mix of berries (strawberry, apricot, red currant, etc.) - 1 kg Granulated sugar - 2 kg

Water - approximately 2 glasses

Peel of orange halves

Method of preparation

All berries very carefully washed first in a bowl, and then running water. To clear from stones, leaflets, twigs.

In an enamel saucepan, heat the water, into which then pour the sugar and chopped orange zest. Heat until boiling, constantly stirring the syrup so that it does not burn.

Berries placed in a bowl for cooking. Pour them with boiling syrup, put on medium heat and bring to a boil, but do not boil.

Let stand for at least 6 hours, then put on the fire again and bring the jam to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes and leave for another 6 hours, then repeat the procedure.

Spread the still hot jam over the sterilized jars and close the lids. Keep the workpiece better in the refrigerator.

Recipe 4. Canned Cherry “Jam with a Surprise”


Lemon - 1 pc

Dark large sweet cherry - 1 kg

Sugar - 1 kg

Almond nuts - about half a cup

Water - one and a half cups

Cinnamon - a teaspoon

Method of preparation

Scald almonds and peel. Divide each nut into several pieces the size of a cherry stone.

Rinse berries well and get rid of twigs and seeds. It is better to use a special device for this purpose, but you can also slightly cut the cherries with the tip of a knife. Inside each berry to put a piece of nut.

In an enamel saucepan, make a syrup from sugar and water, add cinnamon to it.

Pour berries with boiling syrup and let stand for a couple of hours.

Put the jam on the fire again and warm it up, not letting it boil for about half an hour.

Cut the lemon into thin slices. Gently dip the lemon slices into the jam and cook it in the same heat for another five minutes.

Cool, decompose on sterilized jars and store in a cool place.

Recipe 5. Cherry preservation: pickling


Sweet cherry - about one and a half kilograms (as long as it takes to fill the jars)

Sugar - 800g

Allspice - 2-3 peas

Carnation - 2-3 buds

Badian - 1 star

Cinnamon - a centimeter piece of sticks

Acetic acid (80%) - a half tablespoon

Water - 1 liter and 1 glass

Method of preparation

Berry carefully to sort and wash, clean the tails.

Grind all the spices with your hands or a rolling pin and put them in jars.

Spread the cherries in the banks.

In a saucepan (it is better to use enameled) to boil water and pour sugar there. It is better to strain the syrup, then pour the acetic acid into it and stir.

Immediately pour the hot marinade into the jars, immediately place them in a large saucepan, the bottom of which is pre-covered with a napkin, pour the hot water so that it reaches the banks “by the hangers”, and pasteurized the banks covered with roofs, but not rolled up, about 10 (for floors - liter) or 15 (for liter) minutes at the weakest boil (so that the water only slightly trembled).

Roll up the jars, turn them upside down and cover with a terry towel or plaedik. Leave it until cool.

Recipe 6. Canned sweet cherry in the form of marmalade


Sweet cherry (it is better to choose red or black varieties to make the color more beautiful) - 2 kg

Granulated sugar - 1 kg

Medium size lemon - 1 piece

Method of preparation

Lemon should be thoroughly washed with a special brush.

Cherry to sort out with attention, then thoroughly washed and dried.

Free the berries from the twigs and bones (you can use a special device to extract the bones, or you can simply cut each berry and shake out the bone with the edge of the knife).

Fill the berries with a glass of water, mix and let stand for the berries to give the juice.

Pour just a couple of tablespoons of water into the cooking pot, pour out the sweet cherry and start cooking on the smallest fire, shaking the bowl every now and then or stirring its contents with a wooden spoon or spatula. After about five minutes, puree the contents of the basin using a blender and pour another glass of granulated sugar. To boil again, gradually dosypaya remaining sugar.

Separately, grind the lemon with the blender with the peel, but preferably without stones. Put gruel in marmalade and boil some more time, until marmalade becomes quite thick.

Spread the marmalade on pre-sterilized jars and cover with sterilized lids.

Keep this workpiece should be in a cool place.

Recipe 7. Sweet cherry preservation: syrup


Sweet cherry (strictly dark: dark red or black) - about 3 kg

Sugar - about 1 kg

Citric acid - 10 g

Method of preparation

First, you need to wash and sort out the sweet cherry, ruthlessly removing the crumpled and the more spoiled berries. Also remove the tails and leaves, and then the bones, and then squeeze the juice out of the cherries using a juicer, since it should be without pulp.

“Cake” can be boiled separately with sugar and a small amount of water - you get a wonderful gravy for curd or pancakes. And you can cook the jelly, but this is an amateur: it tastes a bit too neutral.

Pour the prepared juice into an enamel pan and heat, pour the sugar into the hot juice and stir until it is completely dissolved.

Cook for about five minutes. Light foam on the surface should not be removed, it is enough just to stir it, but the one that will appear later - thick and dense - must be removed. Syrup by this point should also be thick.

Add citric acid and cook for another five minutes, then turn off, cover and cool. Pour into sterilized bottles, carefully filtering. Close and store in a cool place.

Recipe 8. Canned Sweet Cherries


Water - 1 l

Sweet Cherry - 1 kg (different varieties are possible, but be sure to select large berries)

Citric Acid - Teaspoon

Sugar - 2/3 cup (lovers of very sweet can be more) Vanilla - the fifth part of a small pod

Cinnamon - a piece of about 3 cm

Carnation - a pair of buds

Badian - 1 star

Method of preparation

Rinse and dry the cherries, free them from twigs and stones (you can just cut and shake the bone).

Arrange the berries on the banks, filling them almost to the top.

Dissolve sugar in water, add spices and boil for 2 - 3 minutes. Add citric acid.

Bring syrup to boil again. Pour the berries with boiling syrup, cover (but not close!) With lids, put in a large saucepan with a napkin at the bottom and pasteurize 10 (half-liter) or 15 (liter) minutes.

Roll up, put upside down and cover with a thick towel.

Tips and tips of canning sweet cherry

  • Berries of light varieties do not look very nice. If you decide to take a yellow or pink cherry for conservation, add a little red or black. However, you can use any other berries of bright color: strawberries, black currants ... Cherry just does not really suit: it looks like cherry, but smaller, so it will look unpresentable.
  • In order for the sweet cherry to appear as if it were transparent, the berries should be pinned in several places with a pin (this is only suitable for a dark berry: ugly dots can be seen on the light) and cook at a temperature slightly below the boiling point, and in two or three steps, chilling the jam between boiling.
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