Rhubarb jam: how to cook properly

Rhubarb jam: how to cook properly

Rhubarb Jam - General Description

Rhubarb is considered very useful because it contains ascorbic acid, pectic substances, sugars, rutin, malic and other acids. That is why rhubarb and canned, to feast on not only delicious, but also useful jam.

Harvesting rhubarb and, therefore, canning is only necessary until mid-June. Experienced housewives believe that later it is impractical to do this, since hot weather and a rise in summer temperatures provoke rough petioles. Yes, and oxalic acid begins to accumulate in rhubarb. And she, as you know, is not harmless.

If you collect the rhubarb on time, then you can cook jams, compotes, candied fruits, jelly, stuffing for pies and so on.

Rhubarb jam - cooking utensils

It is important to bear in mind that rhubarb cannot be cooked in tin or copper dishes, as this can lead to oxidation. Pots and bowls of other materials are quite suitable for cooking. Rolling rhubarb jam should be in pre-prepared jars. In particular, glass jars must be cleaned with soda, and then sterilized.

Rhubarb jam - fruit preparation

As already noted, rhubarb must be harvested at the beginning of summer. Cut stems should be cleaned with a knife from a very thin skin. If this is not done, the slices in the jam will turn out hard. And after cleaning, the stalks of rhubarb can be cut into pieces and then cook them.

Rhubarb jam - recipe 1

To make rhubarb jam, you need one kilo of rhubarb and sugar. The cooking method is very simple.

1. Rhubarb must be washed, dried, and then cut into cubes (you do not need to scrape the skin off).

2. Prepared cubes of rhubarb should be folded into a saucepan, covered with a kilogram of sugar, left for a day for rhubarb to give juice. 3. After a day, the contents of the pan should be mixed, and then put on a slow fire.

4. Stirring occasionally, such rhubarb jam should be boiled after boiling for 10-15 minutes - no more.

5. Having waited until the jam has cooled, it should be coldly decomposed in cans and closed with plastic covers.

6. This jam should be stored in a cold place.

Rhubarb jam - recipe 2

Rhubarb jam can also be prepared with the addition of cherry leaves. As ingredients, you must use a kilo of rhubarb, a kilogram of sugar, 100 grams of cherry leaves and 200 grams of water.

The preparation method is as follows:

1. It is necessary to take young rhubarb stalks and wash them. Then cut into small pieces so that the length of the pieces is equal to the width of the petioles.

2. You will need to cook and sugar syrup. In particular, from a kilogram of sugar and a glass of water syrup is brewed. And in the process of cooking it should add a handful (about 50 grams) of cherry leaves. It is worth waiting for the complete dissolution of sugar, and then remove the cherry leaves.

3. Directly boiling syrup should pour pre-prepared pieces of rhubarb.

4. It is necessary to cool the mass, then add another 50 grams of necessarily fresh cherry leaves. And already with the leaves, bring the jam to a boil. Boil until cooked, identifying it by transparent petioles and thick syrup.

5. Even hot jam is packaged in pre-sterilized jars and rolled up. This rhubarb jam has a very pleasant smell of cherry leaves.

Rhubarb jam - recipe 3

You can make rhubarb jam and oranges. Rhubarb and oranges should be taken in a ratio of a kilogram of rhubarb a pound of oranges, that is, keeping the ratio of 2 to 1. You will also need a pound of sugar with a bag of gelling sugar for jam, or a kilogram of regular sugar (but in this case it will take longer). 1. First you need to cut the rhubarb in small pieces of about 1 centimeter, put the chopped rhubarb in a bowl, which will boil the jam and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of sugar.

2. You will also need a single orange peel, which can be removed with a knife or with a grater.

3. Oranges themselves without a crust should be cut into small pieces, while removing all the bones.

4. Oranges, as well as the juice released when cutting fruits, should be added to the rhubarb, then sprinkle it all with a tablespoon of sugar.

5. Dishes should be covered, and then left for 4 hours - during this time the sugar will completely dissolve.

6. After four hours, put the pot on the fire and be sure to add the contents of a bag of gelling sugar (per kilogram of fruit half a kilogram of regular sugar).

7. Bring the mixture to the boil and add the remaining sugar to the pan. Add grated zest to the same place, and then boil the jam again. After that, boil at a low boil and cook for another 5 minutes.

8. Hot jam should be poured into the jars, then immediately close the lids.

Rhubarb jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

There is a very simple way to make rhubarb jam more appetizing. When cooking the jam, when the mass has already reached the boil, it should be removed from the heat and let it stand for about 6 hours. Only after this the jam is put on the fire again. This procedure can be repeated three times, the last time bringing the jam to readiness. This is a more troublesome way of cooking, but the syrup in the jam will turn out to be transparent, and the rhubarb pieces themselves will look like candied fruit.

By the way, you can make the finished jam more fragrant by adding quite a bit of cinnamon during cooking.

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