Soy asparagus - recipes for appetizers and hot dishes. Recipes from soy asparagus for every day: with rice, frunchoza, chicken, mushrooms

Soy asparagus - recipes for appetizers and hot dishes. Recipes from soy asparagus for every day: with rice, frunchoza, chicken, mushrooms

Well-known over five hundred years old soy asparagus, also called fuzhu, resembles yellowish plant shoots, but is a product obtained in the manufacture of soybean curd and milk.

In Japan, this film is preferred to be fresh, but more often it is dried throughout the world and stored for a long time as a semi-finished product.

Basic principles of making soy asparagus recipes

The pleasant neutral taste of fuzhu is combined with almost all products, and in dishes the asparagus absorbs their flavoring and aromatic nuances. Recipes for soy asparagus include hot and cold appetizers, salads, soups, and main dishes; it can be boiled, fried, stewed, and marinated. Soy asparagus is especially famous in recipes of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines, so for a variety of time-tested foods, you should refer to them. Before cooking, Fuzhu soaked in cold water, and then squeeze.

Asian-style rice with asparagus


• long grain rice (for example, jasmine varieties) - 2 cups;

• soy asparagus pre-soaked - 200 g;

• 2 eggs;

• 80 g carrots;

• 100 g fresh tomato;

• 40 g parsley;

• a pinch of ground red hot pepper;

• 6-8 cloves of garlic;

• one third cup of soybean sprouts;

• 75 g yellow raisins;

• 50 g of soy sauce;

• 25 g of fish sauce;

• half a teaspoon of turmeric;

• cooking oil for frying.


• boil rice, it should turn out crumbly;

• grate large carrots and fry quickly;

• Cut the garlic cloves in half and fry until golden brown, remove so as not to burn;

• cut the asparagus into small pieces and throw in the pan to the carrot;

• turn down the heat and throw the peeled tomato diced into the frying pan and put it into cubes; put it out for 5 minutes under the lid;

• add soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, chopped parsley, raisins, turmeric and pepper to the pan;

• use the spatula to move the contents of the pan to the side, break the eggs and quickly mix into a crumbly omelet, then mix everything together; • Put the rice in the pan, mix, add the sprouts, mix again and serve.

Fried Creole-style asparagus with beef


• 200 g of beef;

• 150-200 g soaked soy asparagus;

• 50 g red onion;

• 30 ml of red wine;

• 50 ml of orange juice;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of tabasco sauce;

• 30 grams of corn flour;

• 60 g butter;

• 5 g of salt;

• 8 g sugar;

• one third teaspoon of ground pepper mix;

• vegetable oil;

• 60 tomato paste;

• parsley and dill to taste;

• 50 g cashew nuts.


• an hour before cooking, pickle beef, cut into strips and onions, cut with translucent rings, in orange juice and wine;

• fry beef with onions in vegetable oil, onions should redden, but not to burn, and beef, to get a brown-golden crust;

• finely chop the asparagus and send it to roast over the beef;

• Pour the marinade wine-juice in the pan, in which there was beef and bring everything to almost boil, wait until almost all the liquid has boiled off;

• reduce heat, add tomato paste, pepper, add salt and sugar, mix;

• melt the butter, fry the flour in it and send the mixture to the contents of the pan, mix everything;

• Add a Tabasco sauce a few minutes before being cooked and mix everything very well;

• Bring the dish to readiness and serve, sprinkled with fresh chopped greens and chopped cashews.

Spicy asparagus and funchoza salad


• 300 g soaked soy asparagus;

• 100 g funchose dry;

• 150 g carrots;

• 70 g paprika;

• 100 g cucumber;

• 100 g Peking cabbage;

• 30 ml of lemon juice;

• 3-4 cloves of garlic;

• 75-100 g of soy sauce;

• 25 g of cane sugar;

• half a teaspoon of hot pepper;

• half a tablespoon of ground coriander;

• 85-100 ml of vegetable oil;

• half a teaspoon of sesame oil;

• teaspoon sesame seeds.


• Peking cabbage for a minute, immerse in boiling highly salted water, then rinse with ice water - so it will be crispy; • peel and chop the cucumber into thin strips, also cut the carrots and sweet peppers;

• Prepare a dressing from soy sauce, lemon juice, vegetable and sesame oil, coriander, sugar, hot pepper and crushed garlic;

• Boil the asparagus for 5 minutes, then squeeze, cut into medium pieces and cut each of them along;

• put cabbage, carrot, cucumber, pepper and asparagus in one dish, add the marinade and mix everything well, so that the salad ingredients are covered with marinade;

• Put the salad to marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge;

• pour boiling water over funchoza, cover with a lid, let it stand for a few minutes and drain the water, let it cool;

• Mix the funchoza with the salad and serve, sprinkled with sesame.

Soup with greens, asparagus and chicken egg


• 50 g soaked soy asparagus;

• 200 g of potatoes;

• 1.5 l of beef or chicken broth;

• vegetable oil;

• 80 g green beans;

• 80 g of spinach;

• 100 g carrots;

• 30 g onions;

• 10 g of green onions;

• 2 eggs;

• 50 g sour cream.


• grate carrots, crumble onions, finely, too, and save to golden brown;

• soaked asparagus finely chopped, add to the carrots with onions and fry;

• add finely chopped spinach with green onions to the pan and simmer for 3-4 minutes, set aside the pan;

• peel potatoes, cut into cubes and throw in broth;

• 15 minutes after the potatoes have gone to the soup, add beans to it;

• after another five minutes, put asparagus, spinach, zazharku in a pan and cook for 7-10 minutes;

• just before serving, season the soup with egg, whipped with sour cream and quickly mix the additive so that the eggs dissolve into small flakes.

Asparagus with chicken and mushrooms in coconut milk


• 500-600 g chicken fillet;

• 150 g of soy asparagus presoaked;

• 200 ml of coconut milk;

• one or two teaspoons of curry seasoning;

• a tablespoon of liquid honey;

• 200 g champignon mushrooms or shiitake;

• 70 g carrots;

• 50 g onions;

• 30 g of parsley; • teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root;

• 30 ml of lime juice;

• 3 g of salt;

• one third of a teaspoon of red hot pepper;

• a tablespoon of paprika dry ground;

• 3-4 cloves of garlic;

• vegetable oil for frying and marinating.


• To make a marinade, mix 100 ml of vegetable oil with grated ginger root, lime juice, honey, chopped parsley, paprika and hot pepper;

• cut the chicken into medium pieces, roll in the marinade and put in the refrigerator for an hour or two;

• finely chop the onion, rub the carrots on a coarse grater and save them until golden brown;

• slide the fry to the side and fry the sliced ​​mushrooms;

• after the mushrooms, fry the not large chopped asparagus;

• fry chopped garlic in a separate pan, then pickled chicken, until golden brown;

• shift the vegetables, asparagus and mushrooms to the chicken, add a couple of spoons of hot boiled water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes;

• Pour the coconut milk into the dish, add the curry, salt, mix and add the heat to the boil, reduce it and simmer for another 15 minutes, leaving or removing the lid if desired, to see the sauce more or less thick.

Fried asparagus in batter


• 200-300 g of soy asparagus (soaked);

• 30 grams of rice flour;

• 60-90 g of wheat flour;

• 30 g of starch;

• 3 g of salt;

• 2 eggs;

• 180-240 ml of mineral water.


• boil the asparagus in salted water for 5-8 minutes, then squeeze and cut into pieces to size;

• for batter, mix all dry foods, add an egg to them, mix and pour in ice water;

• while mixing the batter, do not worry about lumps remaining - this is how it should be for its resemblance to an appetizingly crispy Japanese tempura batter;

• Heat enough oil in a suitable bowl so that the pieces of asparagus are completely dipped into it.

• dipping pieces into batter in turn, quickly fry them until golden brown;

• Serve hot, with any sauces.

Tips and tricks about soy asparagus recipes

• the duration of soaking Fuzhu varies from 12 hours (if served as a snack, as part of a salad) to 2-3 hours (if the soy asparagus is cooked in the recipe); • Asparagus will be ready faster if, instead of soaking in cold water, pour boiling water for half an hour, but then it will not be so tender and soft;

• sufficient readiness for the next preparation is determined by the fact that Fuju brightens, becomes soft and flexible, and there is no dryness on the fault inside;

• water for soaking can be replaced by milk or broth;

• the specific soy smell of asparagus will disappear if you add lemon juice to the water;

• If you add crushed garlic, soy sauce or coriander to the water, soaking is combined with marinating, giving the spice asparagus;

• dry asparagus can be boiled immediately until cooked, which will take about half an hour;

• Fuju cannot be overdone in water - taste will spoil and will limp;

• you can grind asparagus at any time - break dry, macerated - cut;

• Asparagus, not sliced ​​across, but along, looks more impressive due to its texture;

• for cooking snacks from fuzhu, Korean carrot seasoning is well suited.

• The shelf life of cooked soy asparagus recipes is different, you can rely on the whole dish in this, but the asparagus marinated with vinegar is stored in the refrigerator for 4-7 days;

• With all the variety of products suitable for soy asparagus, fish, poultry and fatty meats, dry white wine, sweet and sour sauces, tofu, eggplants, carrots, soy sauce and mushrooms are especially good in recipes with it.

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