Yeast dough for pancakes, lean, sour, without eggs

Yeast dough for pancakes, lean, sour, without eggs

Yeast dough for pancakes, with the addition of milk, kefir, with or without eggs, with fresh and dry yeast, sour or fresh, is considered the classic of pancake treatment. Only it allows you to get lush, airy, extremely tasty pancakes.

Previously, our grandmothers only such a dough and wound up, because the dish turned out the most satisfying. It was a good time, no one counted calories. But to indulge in yeast pancakes and sometimes we can, do not worry, then half an hour on a stationary bike and from pancakes some memories, pleasant, of course.

Yeast Dough Pancakes - Recipes

Pancakes made with yeast have now become less popular due to the long mess with them. But in fact, you prepare the dough for about ten minutes, no more, and the rest of the time goes up. I always first put the brew, just add the whole baking. Habit from the grandmother. Although fast yeast dough is also practiced.

Pancake dough can be made on fresh yeast, in briquettes, and you can take dry, quick. On the second, the opara approaches much faster, even if you are in a hurry, do not wait for the ascent, but immediately start to bake.

I remember my most delicious pancakes as my grandmother cooked in a Russian stove, pulling out a skillet with a gripper. Such pancakes were baked, as in the oven, immediately from all sides. Served with lots of real butter and homemade sour cream.

Yeast dough for pancakes, lean, sour, without eggs

Yeast dough for pancakes with milk

We all know that it is on milk that pancakes are always particularly thin and tender. Yeast - lush and melting in the mouth, such you can eat at least every day.

Prepare the following products:

  • Half a liter of preheated milk
  • A glass with a hill of wheat flour
  • Ten grams of dry fast yeast
  • Two fresh eggs
  • Pinch of coarse salt
  • Sugar as needed
  • Refined sunflower oil

How to make dough:

For kneading yeast dough, I adjusted the plastic low bucket, so the dough will not run away.

First we mix warm milk, half of the volume, salt, we put the yeast to sleep, add a little sugar to make the flour sifted a few spoons faster, so that it works out like for pancakes. We put our brew in the warmest place, do not forget to cover with a towel.

While we are engaged in eggs, they are well broken into foam with the remnants of sugar, after that, when the brew is ready, pour in there and begin to sift the flour. Attention, while not using any blender or a mixer, the yeast like gentle with a treatment.

We also add the remaining half of the milk and butter, everything is necessarily warm, not from the refrigerator. Knead the dough well, break the lumps and set to approach. A couple of times for all the time you need to besiege it, and then bake pancakes.

Dough for pancakes with dry yeast

Want to make airy pancakes fast? Then start the dough with dry yeast, those that are called “atomic”, fast. The dough rises before our eyes and not for a long time to mess around with such baking.

We need to take these ingredients:

  • One and a half glasses of heated milk
  • A glass of warm water
  • Three fresh eggs
  • One and a half glasses of sifted top-grade flour
  • Half a tablespoon of quick dry yeast
  • Three canteens with a spoonful of sugar
  • At the discretion of regular cooking salt
  • Half a glass of refined sunflower oil

Dough Preparation:

In eggs, broken with a fork, you need to enter salt with sugar, beat until frothy and fill up the yeast. We introduce warm milk, knead with sifted flour, at the end add water and oil, gently stir with a spoon until the substance becomes homogeneous. Put the dough into heat, covered with a towel. We give rise, upset once, when it rises again, you can start creating pancakes.

Pancake yeast dough on water

Yeast pancakes on the same water are always obtained. And some people like it more than dairy dough. Try and rate the recipe.

We use:

  • Four glasses of warm water
  • Two glasses of sifted flour
  • Two eggs
  • Two tablespoons of homemade (if possible) sour cream
  • Dining-up spoonful of dry quick yeast
  • For a tablespoon of butter and sunflower
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Tea at the expense of a spoonful of salt

How to make dough on water:

In half the water, slightly warmed, we breed yeast. In another bowl with a whisk, break salted eggs and sugar, add sour cream, butter and one to the other, mix with the dissolved yeast, start to pour the flour, add more water at the end, also heated.

Knead until the flour is completely dispersed and proceed to the pancake pancake.

Kefir dough

Delicate pastries for a family breakfast is made from dough for kefir. Pamper your loved ones with such pancakes and master the recipe, you will not regret.

We charge:

  • One and a half glasses of sifted flour
  • A glass of kefir
  • A glass of warm water
  • A quarter pack of fresh yeast
  • Half a tablespoon of sugar
  • Salt
  • Two tablespoons of refined vegetable oil

How to make dough:

In slightly warmed water, we dilute the yeast, pour in half a cup of flour, stir, leave to warm under a towel.

In another bowl, break the eggs with sugar and salt, pour warm kefir into it, dissolve the brew and butter that has come up, start to mix the flour. Give the dough to come up once and bake the pancakes.

Yeast dough for pancakes, lean, sour, without eggs

Yeast dough for pancakes without eggs

Without eggs, too, make excellent pancakes. And if they are also made on mineral water, they will turn out lush and openwork.

We charge:

  • Half a liter of mineral water
  • Four glasses of flour (+ -)
  • A tablespoon of yeast
  • A pinch of ordinary salt
  • Two tablespoons of purified vegetable oil

Dough preparation technology:

Heat the water a little and pour half into a bowl, dissolve the yeast in it, sprinkle immediately, sprinkle with a little sugar so that the process goes faster. Just immediately begin to sift flour. We start the dough is not liquid, leave it to go, then upset and start to bake.

Yeast dough for thick pancakes

Previously, pancakes with yeast were baked precisely thick, it is now we need sophistication in the form of holes. In such a pancake, you can wrap anything from sweet cottage cheese to black caviar.

What we take from the products:

  • Three and a half glasses of slightly warmed milk
  • One and a half glasses of warm water
  • Three and a half glasses of pre-sifted flour
  • Three canteens without the top of a spoon of sugar
  • Two eggs
  • A quarter pack of fresh yeast
  • Two tablespoons of refined sunflower oil

How to cook the dough:

For this recipe, we will use the sponge method, let's get to the preparation thoroughly. To do this, we heat the water a little warmer than room temperature, dissolve the yeast immediately with sugar and salt in it, add a cup of flour, stir and leave to go for a couple of hours. In general, here it is necessary to look at the temperature, the warmer, the better the opara rises.

When the mixture ceases to rise, you can add pre-broken eggs, sunflower oil. Sift all the flour right in the dough, all at once, but in small portions. Then pour in the same portions of milk and look at the consistency, so that it does not turn out liquid. Next set once warm, and after baking.

Quick yeast dough for pancakes

The recipe is a quick test for the impatient. Well, there is no time for us to wait for two hours of brew, then another dough, we are always in a hurry, and hunting pancakes is delicious. Therefore, keep the recipe.

We take the following products:

  • Half a liter of fresh warmed milk
  • Two glasses of sifted flour
  • Third pack of fresh yeast
  • Tablespoon of granulated sugar
  • Half glass of refined oil
  • Salts as needed

How to make a quick dough:

In a glass of milk, together with sugar and salt, we dilute the yeast. Gradually sift the flour with constant stirring. Add the rest of the milk and vegetable oil, stir and give for twenty minutes to stand, then bake pancakes.

Lean yeast dough for pancakes

Lenten pancakes for posts. After all, in their time, too, I want to pamper myself, and to eat such pancake with jam is even very tasty.

We need ingredients:

  • Two glasses of warm water
  • One and a half cups of wheat flour
  • Two tablespoons tablespoons without slides of sugar
  • One and a half teaspoons of dry “fast” yeast
  • Medium potato
  • Salt to your taste
  • Three spoons of purified vegetable oil

How to put lean dough:

In a wide bowl, mix all the dry products, add the yeast to the same place. In a separate vessel, mix warm water with butter and potatoes, rubbed on a fine grater, or ground into a homogeneous substance in a blender.

Fill the resulting mixture with a dry mixture of ingredients, knead the dough and set to approach. Once upset, then we start to bake pancakes.

Yeast dough for pancakes, lean, sour, without eggs

Sour yeast dough

Sour yeast dough - this is the most common recipe, which is familiar to everyone, but, if not familiar, then read. After all, these pancakes are suitable for everything, for tea drinking or for stuffing. We take the following ingredients:

  • Half a liter of fresh warm milk
  • A glass of sifted flour
  • Quarter pack of fresh yeast
  • One fresh egg
  • A teaspoon of table salt
  • A tablespoon of sugar

How to knead the dough:

Together with a glass of warm milk, dissolve the yeast with sugar and salt, pour half of the flour into the same place. Oparu set aside for the approach. Next, break into her egg, pour vegetable oil and sift the rest of the flour. Dilute with milk residues and give another half an hour to stand. If you want to get more lacy, openwork pancakes at the outlet, then pour in a little water.

Here is such a large assortment of yeast dough for pancakes before the oily week. If you have your favorite recipes, please share them below. I would be glad to all.

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