How the Chinese prepare rice + interesting recipes of Chinese cuisine

How the Chinese prepare rice + interesting recipes of Chinese cuisine

The Chinese from scratch will make a masterpiece, it is known to all without exception. They are very nimble, these Chinese! And they cook not bad. From one only rice can cook about a hundred dishes. I know one recipe for Chinese food. I share it with you.

Chinese rice.

We take a glass of any white rice, wash it, fill it with water at the rate of one to four and set it on the stove to cook. Rice is cooked, and in the meantime we cut into small cubes: 200 gr. dairy sausage, one medium-sized cucumber, a small white onion and one small carrot. All vegetables with sausage lightly fried in a pan. Rice by this time already cooked. We drive in two fresh eggs into a saucepan with rice and mix, immediately add to the saucepan a fried mixture of vegetables and sausage, and also add two tablespoons of canned corn. The contents of the pan mix well. When serving, the table should have soy sauce.

And that's it! Quick yes? This is the most important thing!

The Chinese almost all dishes are cooked over high heat, ten minutes - and you can eat a dish exuding a unique Asian flavor! The dream of any hostess! Fast cooking is not just a time saving, but a way to preserve vitamins and nutrients in foods. It would be nice to have a Chinese wok pan, then you will not burn anything. But if you don’t have it, and you want to pamper your family with something Chinese, a cast iron skillet with a thick bottom will do.

Another quick recipe for Chinese food.

Eggplant with peppers and potatoes.

Slice into medium-sized slices one large eggplant, one large carrot, three medium peeled potatoes, and two large sweet peppers. Cut a large onion head into half rings and chop three garlic cloves. Heat the butter in a frying pan, fry the potatoes first, add the onions in about three minutes, then add the eggplant, put the pepper in the last, fry for five minutes, periodically do not forget to stir.

When the vegetables are ready, pour the garlic into the mixture, then add the soy sauce, approximately one or two spoons, if desired, add chili sauce. The final stage will be the addition of a starch mixture (dessert spoon of starch in cool water). Quickly mix and remove the pan from the heat. Oh! What a fragrance spread throughout the kitchen!

Well, how? Inspired by Chinese food? Try to cook for sure. You will not regret!

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